Fierce chirp~chirp!
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Fierce chirp~chirp!

Read Fierce chirp~chirp!.
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Gline Shaou Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Fierce chirp~chirp!

In the interstellar era, a family of ferocious beasts, who had not had a cub in 100,000 years, got a golden egg from the oracle. It is said that it will crack a ferocious beast that has not been seen in many years!  Under the attention of the public, the eggshell cracked, and the next second a pair of small furry wings popped out, and the fat chirp on the eggshell and the family of villains stared at each other. 

Qiu Qiu: QAQ tweet?  

The big brother of the family hesitated: …a ferocious beast?  

# I have never seen something so outrageous in my life # The whole family are brutal carnivores, but the youngest son is herbivorous! ?  In this regard, everyone on Star Network: poor cub, it is probably weak. 

Until the photos of the transformation period were accidentally exposed, the whole universe was crazy after seeing the young man who was held by a big family, holding a small dragon, and looking back shyly with lavender eyes!  

Boiling interstellar citizen: Woohoo, help! What ferocious beast? I hurried over to recognize my father-in-law! !  Regarding this, Qiu Qiu’s Dad V: Scram! Don’t be beaten by Lao Tzu, don’t even think about it! ! Immediately hurrying back to Emperor Star to clean you up! 

While the whole internet was full of grief, there was a rare low laugh from the palace and the black dragon’s tail wrapped around the sleeping boy’s waist.  


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