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TATSD Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Pork belly is originally composed of pork skin, fat and lean meat. After being baked in a high-temperature bakery, the color of the pork skin is now red and crispy, and the fat is white as snow, with a sizzling oily sheen flowing along the meat wall. It gives out a temping yellowish color.


    The meat strips that had just been taken out from the bread kiln were still shiny on the surface.


    Ji Wei used a knife to cut the crispy pork belly into small cubes and placed them neatly on the wooden board. The pieces of meat that had been brushed with honey were amber in color. He took a piece of pork belly with the chopstick and brought it towards his mouth. As the meat was reaching his mouth, he paused and transferred it to the boy’s mouth.


    Ji Wei looked at Liu Yimian with a smile, “Come, have a taste.”


    “I…” Liu Yimian was a little stunned and panicked. After looking around for a long time, he looked overwhelmed, “I’ll do it myself, Brother Ji, you should eat first.”


    “I’ve already brought it near your mouth, is it so hard to open your mouth?” Ji Wei feigned anger, Liu Yimian panicked, with a blank mind, he opened his mouth and obediently took the meat.


    When he bites down on the meat, first he felt the crispy skin, then the soft and delicate fatty meat, and finally the lean meat with a firm and chewy texture. Crispy and soft, coupled with the sweetness of honey, the spiciness of bell peppers with just the right amount of saltiness. Different tastes bloom on the tip of the tongue one after another.


    The more Liu Yimian chewed, the more fragrant it became. He chewed for a long time before he was willing to swallow it.  He looked at Ji Wei with bright eyes and he had only one thing left in his mind.


    This is the best meat he had ever eaten! !


    “You can eat as much as you want, go ahead, we are not short of meat.” Ji Wei took a piece of pork belly and tasted it himself. He had to agree with emotion that the meat baked in this bread kiln was really better than those cooked in the oven.


    The pork belly was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Served with spicy and delicious shredded potatoes, accompanied by the cold and refreshing green bean soup cooled by well water, sitting in the yard, the cool breeze of summer night blowing at them, it was truly enjoyable.


    In his previous life, Ji Wei had been busy for more than ten years before winning the award. There were very few opportunities like this in which he could stop work and sit with his friends or family to enjoy a simple meal, drink, and chat.


    Ji Wei had been busy for the whole day and started to feel tired. In addition to the high summer temperature, his body was perspiring profusely. When the wind blew, he was all sticky and greasy, and he felt uncomfortable all over his body.


    The two had agreed before that one would cook and the other would wash the dishes.


    Today’s meal was done by Ji Wei, so Liu Yimian would naturally have to clean up the dishes.


    Ji Wei went to the well and drew a bucket of water.


    All the while, he would take a bath in the kitchen, or a quick shower in the yard when Liu Yimian returned to the bedroom.


    But now there is someone in the kitchen, so he has to do it in the yard.


    Ji Wei tore off his belt, rolled up his clothes, and threw them on the edge of the well. When it was his turn to take off his underpants, he slowed down.


    These underpants were the so-called underwear in ancient times, but they were different from the later comfortable short underwear. They were long and wide, and they looked like ordinary trousers. They were made of thin-layered material worn at the innermost part, which was close to the skin. Although the material was soft, it’s still better to stay inactive, cause it felt very inconvenient when you started to move, it’s almost useless.


    At least in Ji Wei’s view.


    When he first arrived, he tried very hard to get used to it.


    But to this day, he still hasn’t gotten used to it. It would be nice if he could have some proper underwear.


    Ji Wei was taking off his underpants when he suddenly patted the wellhead!


    “I’m really stupid.” He had forgotten that Liu Yimian’s needlework was very good, and if he was to ask him to help make a pair of underwear, there should be no big problem.


    The more Ji Wei thought about it, the more reasonable it became. He immediately picked up the gourd ladle and poured water on himself.


    The cold well water on the skin took away the heat of the day. Then he took the pancreas and rub it on his body, rinse it off with water, and he felt a lot more comfortable.


    He took the soiled clothes and wiped off the water droplets on his body, only to realize that he had forgotten to prepare new underpants. In desperation, he had no choice but to wrap himself with his coat indiscriminately, draping his wet hair behind his head, and go to the back of the yard to get some dry clothes and underpants.


    Liu Yimian, who was hiding behind the door, waited until the sound of the water in the yard stopped, then came out with a blushing face and the unwashed dishes.


    He crouched by the well and started to pull water from it.


    As a brother, Liu Yimian has a smaller frame and less strength than ordinary men. In addition, he hasn’t been fed well previously, so he was malnutrition and there was not much meat on him.


    He was struggling to pull the nearly full bucket of water and didn’t notice anyone approaching.


    There seemed to be water dripping on his neck, and it suddenly became cold.


    Liu Yimian subconsciously let go of one of his hands to touch it, and the bucket of water that was about to be pulled up fell down.


    He opened his mouth and exclaimed, a strong and powerful arm stretched out diagonally and grabbed the hemp rope over him.


    “Pull hard.”


    Ji Wei’s low voice rang in his ears, Liu Yimian’s ears burned so badly that even the fingers pulling the rope became weak.


    However, Ji Wei was strong and he pulled up the bucket in twos and three pulls.


    “Are you OK?”


    He had planned to go back to the house to wear his underpants, but he heard Liu Yimian’s short breathing and asked casually.


    “I’m alright!” Liu Yimian called out, his voice lowered again, the darkened night hiding his blushing cheeks.


    “Brother Ji, leave these clothes for me to wash tomorrow. You’ve been tired all day, so go back to the house and take a rest.”


    He suddenly reached for Ji Wei’s trousers. Ji Wei didn’t expect it and his underpants were dragged away. He doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Mianmian, these are the clean underpants I’ve just collected from the rope. If you take them away, then what am I supposed to wear?”


    “Ah?” Liu Yimian subconsciously looked at Ji Wei’s body. When he thought of the fact that he is not wearing any underpants, he hurriedly took her eyes away. He was ashamed that he couldn’t speak properly, “I don’t know, Brother Ji, go and change your pants!”


    After speaking, he immediately turned around and poured water into the basin, and stopped looking at him.


    Ji Wei touched his nose and looked inexplicable.


    Is this little guy feeling shy?


    But he is not naked.. What is there to be shy about?


    Ji Wei remembered the time when he was in school, he and a bunch of shirtless boys used to crowd in the bathroom to take a shower. Sometimes, they even helped each other to rub their backs. Thinking of this timid and shy boy again, he suddenly felt a little emotional.


    Could this be the brother’s characteristic here? And are there any differences in the physical structure between the brother here and the ordinary man?


    Ji Wei gave it a thought, and couldn’t help but secretly spurned himself.


    Going back to the house and changing into his underpants, he almost broke out a sweat again. He couldn’t help but miss the good thing about the air conditioners.


    Let alone an air conditioner, this deserted place doesn’t even have a fan.


    Thinking of this, Ji Wei couldn’t help sighing.


    In the last life, ice cubes were so cheap, but over here, ordinary people could not afford them. Not to mention Ji Wei, in the memory of the original owner, no one in Changliu Town has ever eaten ice cubes. 


    It’s hot both at home and outside.


    Ji Wei intended to go out for a walk, so he blows out the candles. Passing by the shelf, he saw a stack of paper pressed underneath. Out of curiosity, he pulled it out. The writings on the top were crooked and untidy, and it looks like the handwriting of a beginner.


    In this family, besides him, it can only be Liu Yimian.




    Ji Wei’s expression gradually became serious. On this stack of paper, in addition to excerpts from the Book of Songs and the Analects of Confucius, the names of Liu Yimian and Ji Wei were written.


    From the immature at the beginning to the rudimentary shape later, we could see his intentions.


    Ji Wei thought about it, took out the pen, ink, paper, and inkstone from the shelf, and arranged it on the table. First, he ground the ink block, then pour some cold water, and after the ink was thinned, he opened the Analects and start excerpting from it.


    He had been copying a full ten pages before he stopped writing and moved his sore wrists.


    Liu Yimian entered the room with the clean clothes he had collected and saw a stack of papers on Ji Wei’s table. He stepped forward quickly, wanting to appreciate his works. As he approached, he saw that there was still a stack of paper on the stool, with crooked and ugly characters on it, which was obviously his hidden practice.


    “Brother Ji, I put them away, why did you take them out?” Liu Yimian put the clothes on the bed, grabbed the stack of papers, and hid it behind him in embarrassment.


    Ji Wei smiled and said, “Why are you so embarrassed now? I’ve read it several times, and it’s useless to hide it.”


    He stood up in front of Liu Yimian, against the small Liu Yimian who only reached his shoulders.




    Liu Yimian couldn’t help but glance at Ji Wei’s words. They were extremely strong and powerful, neat and beautiful, which makes him envious. The rebuttal words that were about to be said were blocked at the throat.


    “But what, little fool.”


    Ji Wei scratched Liu Yimian’s nose and said mildly, “Learning calligraphy is not done in one day, it takes years of practice. You haven’t practiced calligraphy systematically before, so naturally, your writing is not good.”


    Liu Yimian bowed his head in shame, his expression extremely gloomy.


    How could Ji Wei not know Liu Yimian’s thoughts?  He took out the papers from his hand, “Let’s do it this way, you can write a few words first, and you can write whatever you want.”


    He vacated the table, placed a blank piece of paper on it, picked up the brush, and handed it to Liu Yimian. He then stands aside and waited. A posture that tells Liu Yimian, if he doesn’t start writing, he would keep on waiting.


    Ji Wei raised his eyebrows, “Come on, what are you afraid of?”


    Liu Yimian took a deep breath and took the pen. His palms were sweaty and slippery, making his writing a little awkward. He quickly raised his eyes and glanced at Ji Wei. Seeing encouragement from his eyes, most of the nervousness inside his heart dissipated in an instant. He wiped the sweat from his palms on his body and wrote a sentence with the brush.


     Since Ji Wei gave the book to him, Liu Yimian studied it every day. As the saying goes, reading a book a hundred times is self-seeking. Not only that, but he also used these two books to practice calligraphy. Therefore, the sentences from the Analects of Confucius could be written out easily.


    He wrote slowly, a sentence that he had learned and written.


    Ji Wei also copied this sentence earlier on, so he has some impressions of it.


    Although he has been out of school for many years, after all, he has studied systematically, and he naturally knows the meaning of this sentence. He felt that these words were the true portrayal of Liu Yimian, so he couldn’t help but look at him. He met Liu Yimian’s eyes, who was nervously waiting for the result.


    “Writing posture is very important. I see that when you write, your wrist is shaking slightly, not very stable, and the words you wrote were a little crooked. It’s called a pillow wrist-” Ji Wei stretched out his left hand and made a gesture of leaning his right wrist against the back of his left hand. “You’re a beginner, don’t use the suspended posture. The arm has no support off the table, although it is more flexible, but not for beginners like you.”


    Ji Wei asked Liu Yimian to try again. Although the effect was better, it was not much. So he simply held Liu Yimian’s palm and write on the piece of paper together, familiarizing himself with the correct writing posture.


    It took half an hour to finished write one sheet.


    Ji Wei was fine, but he was startled when he saw Liu Yimian’s face flushed red when he let go of his hand.


    “What’s wrong? Are you feeling very hot?”


    He quickly opened all the doors and windows in the house so that the evening wind could blow in.


    Blown by the cool wind, Liu Yimian’s messy mind sobered up a lot. Before Ji Wei turned around, he quickly raised his hand to wipe the fine sweat on his forehead, covered his pounding heart, and whispered, “Thank you, Brother Ji.”


    Ji Wei said heartily: “What’s there to thank for? It’s just a small matter.”


    “Brother Ji’s, your writing is so good, why haven’t I seen you write it before?” Liu Yimian was puzzled, even the couplets during the New Year were written by a scholar who was hired for help.


    Brother Ji’s words are much prettier than that old scholar’s.


    Ji Wei coughed, “What’s so good about this, I didn’t need to write before, I don’t even have paper and ink at home, and I’m too lazy to write.”


    This made sense, Liu Yimian stopped asking.


    “However, although my handwriting is not as good as everyone else, it is still considered neat.” Ji Wei took out the stack of copybooks on the stool and put it in front of Liu Yimian, “I wrote some copybooks for you just now, in the future, you could just copy it.”


    The ink marks were light and suitable for copying. Just like the calligraphy posts of later generations. According to the description, lots of practices will always help you improve.


    This is only for the initial stage of writing, so it is good to practice like this. In the later stage, it is best to find a system everyone uses and follow along.


    However, Liu Yimian didn’t see it that way. He raised his head, his big eyes shining with happiness.




    Ji Wei said with a straight face, “Really! But don’t think it’s over. This is a task I gave you. You need to copy two pages a day, and I’ll check it in five days.”


    “Brother Ji…” Liu Yimian pursed his lips and didn’t say the rest.




    Liu Yimian’s eyes were red, and he look like he wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.  but it took a long time to hold back half a sentence, “I’ll help you massage your shoulders.”


    Ji Wei turned his wrist, “No need, I’ll just stretch myself will do.”


    He looked at Liu Yimian, who was holding the stack of copybooks like a treasure, and hesitated for a while before saying, “Mianmian, can you make me a pair of pants?”


    Liu Yimian, who studied sewing with his younger sister Liu Piaoxu since he was a child, is better than her younger sister because of his quiet and delicate temperament. In addition, he is diligent and honest in his work. Before he was sold to Ji Wei by his father, he took care of all the sewing in the family.


    So when he heard Ji Wei’s request, he immediately brightened up, “No problem, but I will need to measure your size. Please wait for a moment.” After that, he turned to the closet to get a measuring tape.


    Ji Wei hurriedly stopped him, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, it’s not those kinds of pants. I want you to make me some shorts, that’s all, not too loose.” He placed his hand on his thigh and showed him where he wanted to length of the shorts to stop.


    There was no stretch fabric in this era, if it is too tight, it will not be comfortable, so a little looser will make movement a litter easier.


    “Brother Ji, these shorts…is it a little too short?” Liu Yimian hesitated.


    “The underpants are too long and too wide. I often need to go out to do things, which is very inconvenient.”


    “How could it be? Everyone else who goes to work in the fields also wears the same type of underpants.” Liu Yimian had never heard of such complaints, his delicate and slender brows were slightly wrinkled, a little puzzled.


    Seeing that he was still puzzled, Ji Wei changed to a simpler explanation.


    “It’s getting hotter and hotter nowadays. If I go to bed at night, it doesn’t matter if I were to wear shorts at home. The worst case is that you might see my stuff, you have a problem with that?” Ji Wei smiled wickedly and asked.


    But after he finished speaking, he wondered whether what he just said would be considered flirting or not?


    “Of course not!” Liu Yimian’s eyes were erratic, and he took another look at the position where Ji Wei had just gestured.


   This is too short, even if… even if it is only worn at home, it would be considered indecent.


     Ji Wei was only joking, he didn’t plan to wear shorts in front of Liu Yimian.


     He was very comfortable with other men, but he was always a little more cautious with Liu Yimian, and he didn’t know if it had something to do with the original owner’s memory. Even if Liu Yimian looked like a normal man, he couldn’t completely treat him as a man.


     In order to prevent further misunderstanding, he quickly opened the cabinet where the clothes were placed and rummaged through it.


     Whether it was light summer clothes or heavy winter clothes, there was no suitable material. They were either too thick or too rough, not very suitable for summer close-fitting wears. After thinking about it, he decided to pay a visit to the cloth store. At the same time, he was thinking to buy some fabrics for Liu Yimian to make some new clothes.


     “I don’t see any extra cloth at home. When I’m free, I’ll take you to buy some cloth.”


     Liu Yimian didn’t think much about it as he thought it was just to choose the cloth to make shorts and acknowledged softly.



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