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TATSD Chapter 28

Chapter 28

   Ji Wei was busy with the division of manpower, after everyone was tasked, he went back to do something on his own.


    In the modern day, the indispensable thing in business is advertising!


    The so-called advertisement is to advertise it widely so that everyone can understand what it is.


    After the pancakes, the next thing he plans to launch is cookies.


    It’s just that over here, no one has heard of cookies, and no one has eaten them. Even if he were to tell people that he wanted to sell biscuits, it was estimated that he would need a long time to get it going.


    After thinking about it, he decided to do some publicity first, then sell the cookies.


    After returning from Zhao Lame’s house, Ji Wei locked himself in the bedroom and specially instructed Liu Yimian not to let anyone come in to disturb him.


    He sat down at the table, the stationaries were lined up side by side, after staring at the white paper for a long time, he picked up the pen to write.


   My taste is unique


   My food is absolutely delicious


    He didn’t just want to sell desserts.


    Ji Wei still wants to leave his unique footprint in this world.


    That is to form a brand.


    When people mention it, they will think of him.


    Ji Wei thought about it for a long time, decided on the brand name, and formulated the related slogan.


    The slogan should not only be easy to remember, but also catchy.


    He looked at it and was quite satisfied.


    After all, his forte is cooking, and it’s already very good that he was able to come up with such a slogan.


    In addition to the brand and slogan, Ji Wei also added details of the product “Original Cookie”, including raw materials, taste, and price.


    Looking at the piece of paper, it can be regarded as a crude version of ancient flyers.


    All information was listed, and he believes that anyone who is literate can understand what this is.


    But thinking of literacy, the smile on Ji Wei’s face faded.


    Changliu Town is just a remote town, and only one or two people are literate. Most people don’t know how to read or write, so how can they understand the words on this paper?


    After much deliberation, he still needs the help of manpower to shout it out.


    “History books tell the truth.” Ji Wei murmured.


    It was written in the book that the ancient people sold all their goods by shouting. Besides the language being understood by everyone, other means will inevitably fail to achieve the intention of getting the effects!


    However, Ji Wei still copied dozens more of the sheets. When his hand was sore and the paper was used up, he put down the pen.


    As soon as he opened the door, Liu Yimian ran up and asked him to check the prepared goat milk.


    “Everyone has already completed the first batch, I don’t know if it’s up to standard, so I didn’t dare to do more.” Fortunately, we had just completed it, we are just resting our arms, and they are not being lazy.


    Ji Wei followed Liu Yimian around and checked their end products. Only two of them were not good enough, they were sent back to re-shake and warned not to cut corners. If it were to happen again, they will be paid the wages and asked to leave.


    All morning, the men in the yard were shaking milk.


    The weather is hot, and this work is extremely physically demanding, everyone is sweating from exhaustion. Anyway, there are no women in the yard, so they removed it and tied them around their waists.


    The sound of liquid slapping against the crock could be heard all over the yard.


    In about an hour, everyone made three batches of milk. Most were so tired that they slumped on the ground, panting with sweat as if they had just been pulled out of the water, and didn’t even have the energy to speak.


    Liu Yimian held a chopping board in his hand, and there were small bowls on it. He was sending mung bean soup everywhere. After the mung bean soup was depleted, he changed it to cold boiled water. He was so busy that he didn’t have the chance to stop at all, and he was exhausted.


    When Ji Wei saw this, he deeply realized that he had made a mistake, it was impossible to treat people like machines.


    Ten robots who don’t understand tiredness may be enough, but ten ordinary people are absolutely not enough.


    When they had rested enough, Ji Wei took out a large basket of copper coins and paid them one by one.


    Those who collected their money were smiling so hard that they couldn’t close their mouth.


    Those still waiting for their money were craning their neck and staring straight at the basket full of copper coins.


    After the twelve men including Zhao Hu had finished receiving the money, Ji Weicai stood up and clasped his fists from them: “I know everyone is tired, go back and rest well.  For those who still have enough energy, come back in the afternoon. For those who can’t come, let your relatives and friends know. In short, everyone can make it together.”


    After listening to Ji Wei’s words, many people showed reluctance on their faces.


    After all, who would be willing to let people take a share of such a good errand?


    Ji Wei looked into their eyes and smiled.


    “Don’t think too much about it, everyone. If you look at it in the morning, you have only prepared about ten jars of goat milk. There are still more of it here, not to mention that Zhao lame has not shipped the rest here yet. Go ahead and recruit more people, this could go on for a long time, you do not have to worry about running out of money.” Ji Wei’s voice became louder and louder, and the men became more excited. They almost wanted to step forward and hugged Ji Wei.


    No one remembers that when they first came, they all looked like they were afraid that he would cheat them.


    But Ji Wei is not worried.


    Just as this group of people was sent away, another group came shortly after.


    Ji Wei reiterated the techniques and showed them the finished product. Such a simple task, even for those men who have never read any books, they could do it after a few glances.


    The milk that has been milked is continuously delivered from Zhao Lame’s house.


    In Ji’s yard, new men continue to come in.


    It was only when the sun was almost setting that Ji Wei and Liu Yimian had time to stop and take a rest and give out the wages to the people who had worked for the day.


    “Mianmian, do me a favor.” Ji Wei went back to the house and took the stack of papers he had written all afternoon, and handed it to Liu Yimian, “Help me go to the street to find someone.”


    “Who are you looking for?” Liu Yimian didn’t know many people in Changliu Town.


    “Go to the Stationaries store on South Street and ask the shopkeeper to introduce you to a good painter.”


    “What are you looking for them for?”


    “Do you still remember the biscuits I gave you before?”


    Liu Yimian nodded, of course, he remembered. How could he forget something so delicious?


    “Ask him to draw it for you, draw it here.” Ji Wei pointed to the blank space on the flyer, “It needs to be realistic.”


    “This is—” Liu Yimian was literate, but after reading it several times, he didn’t understand what was written.


    “Just get him to paint it. It has to look real. Show it to me when you’re done. When I think it’s fine, I will let him make 200 copies.”


    Liu Yimian exclaimed, “Two hundred copies?”


    “Yes, I will pay a tael of silver, which is quite a lot.”


    A family of three would need to work for a month non-stop to earn a tael of silver. If the painter is diligent, he could complete the production in less than ten days.


    This is a lucrative deal!


    Although Liu Yimian was murmuring in his heart, he knew that Ji Wei was a person who knew something. Since he has this requirement, it means that he will never lose out.


    He has confidence in Ji Wei.


    After Liu Yimian left, Ji Wei began to process the semi-finished butter.


    He has to boil water and stir the butter again & again, it was exhausting.


    It was almost dark when the butter was completed. He packed it in a small bucket and quickly put it in the well to keep it cool.


    “Actually, there’s no need to make it yourself, they don’t know the recipe.” Ji Wei was so tired that he slumped on the stool and laughed at himself for being stupid.


    The weather was hot, and after a tiring day, he was terribly hungry, but he has no appetite.


    He took out the jar of hawthorn jam he made yesterday, took some flour, goat milk, sugar, and eggs, mixed it with the prepared semi-solid butter, poured it directly into an iron pan with a layer of oil, and fry it.


    Waffles need special molds, but the conditions here are simple and they do not need to be so rigid.


    He fried it in the pan till both sides were slightly yellowish round cakes, then Ji Wei eats it with the hawthorn jam.


    Homemade buttermilk is very fragrant and coupled with the sweet and sour sauce of boiled hawthorn, it is the best appetizer in summer.


    After taking a bite mixed with jam, the saliva in his mouth was secreted frantically. Ji Wei couldn’t hold it back. He ate the palm-sized waffle in two to three bites, and then ate three more pieces in a row, and finally stopped his good appetite.


    If he continued to eat like this, he was afraid that when Liu Yimian came back, he would have nothing to eat.


    Ji Wei hurriedly went to the house and poured the sweet mung bean soup, and he felt full after drinking a bowl.


    After cleaning the messy yard, Liu Yimian, who had been out for more than an hour, finally got back


    “Brother Ji, take a look, can this painting work?” He is a good painter. It was recommended by the shopkeeper when he knew that you are the one looking for a painter.


    It’s just that he has not eaten a biscuit or seen one before. The description from Liu Yimian is still a bit abstract. In addition, after he knew that it was for Ji Wei, he tried very hard to do his best. He kept asking Liu Yimian for help, and then finally came out with something about 80% similar.


    It was already dark outside, Ji Wei went back to the house to light the lamp and looked at the paintings.


    Although it was somewhat different from the cookies he had in mind, it was quite a novelty to the people who had never seen cookies.


    And this painter’s painting skills were quite good, the yellow tone was neither too strong nor too light, and some scattered light pink petals were painted on the edge of a row of biscuits, which was refreshing and attractive.


    “Yes, this is worth a tael of silver.” Seeing that Liu Yimian’s forehead was covered in sweat, Ji Wei stretched out his sleeves and wiped his forehead, pulling him to the table, “You’ve been tired all day, let’s eat something.”


    Since morning, the two have only eaten some mung bean soup.


    Although they have been eating all day, it is not something that can fill them up. When they started to get busy, they became hungry.


    Just as Liu Yimian wanted to reach for the waffle, he was a little shy, “Has brother Ji eaten yet? I’m not very hungry.”


    “I have eaten three pieces, you must finish them all.” Ji Wei spooned a spoonful of hawthorn sauce, spread it on the waffle, and held it to Liu Yimian’s lips, staring at him.


    Liu Yimian could not reject Ji Wei, blushed, and bit the waffle.


    On the first bite, it tastes sour.


    Liu Yimian’s small face was wrinkled into a bun, his mouth tightly closed. But when he thought that Ji Wei made it, he endured the acid and continued to eat.


    After having a few more bites of the sweet and sour mixes, he gradually got used to it, he actually felt a little addicted and quickly finished the waffle.


    “What is this?” Liu Yimian’s eyes were bright, and he looked very surprised.


    “I call it a waffle, and taste best with jam.”


    “I like it.” Liu Yimian murmured, and couldn’t help but eat another piece.


    Compared with the slightly dry taste of the biscuits, the waffles were dipped in jam, soft, light and moist, sweet and sour, and give you a summer feeling.


    Because that painter was recruited by Liu Yimian.


    After the meal, he did not listen to Ji Wei’s words to stay home to rest. Instead, he took the sheets of paper and hurriedly look for the painter. He asked him to make 200 copies within five days.


    It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, in Liu Yimian’s heart—


    Brother Ji’s efforts to make money can’t be delayed even for a moment.


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