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TATSD Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“Are you all right?”

Ji Wei hugged Liu Yimian and let go when he saw that he was standing firm.

Liu Yimian shook his head and exited Ji Wei’s arms.

When standing beside Ji Wei, he made a face at A Qiu.

“Originally, I didn’t want to disturb you, but I see it’s getting late. I want to ask A Qiu if you plan to eat here?”

“No.” A Qiu shook his head and walked towards the door, “I sneaked out. It’s really getting late, so I have to go back to cook, so I won’t stay here to eat.”

As they were leaving the house, Liu Yimian insisted to send A Qiu off. Holding his arm and walking together to the gate of the yard, only then did he realize that A Qiulai brought him a fish.

He was moved, but he didn’t know what to do in return. He took out a small purse from his pocket, counted ten pennies, and handed it to him, “A Qiu, I know you are kind, but this fish was taken out secretly after all. In case your husband finds out, what if he beats you again?”

Liu Yimian would tell A Qiu all about his things, and A Qiu also talked to Liu Yimian about his family matters.

When Mao Lintie is in a good mood, he is very good to A Qiu.

But if he is not happy, then A Qiu will not be happy.

They were all miserable, but A Qiu was slightly better than Liu Yimian back then.

“Oh, you already have your own money.” A Qiu stared at Liu Yimian’s small purse, and unconsciously brought out a bit of envy when he spoke.

The purse is bulging, and there are thirty or forty coins in it.

It’s not that he hasn’t seen money before, but Mao Lintie seldom gives him so much. Most of the time, Mao Lintie sells fish on the street and he will buy whatever food the family needed. A Qiu is in charge of cooking at home, and he seldom goes to the streets, so he has less chance to hold money.

Liu Yimian touched the purse, with a very gentle expression on his face, “Brother Ji said that if the house needs something, I could just buy it myself, so as not to keep asking him for money. He also wanted me to help him manage the accounts, but I refused. What if this money is lost?”

“If he wants you to manage the money, then you should do it.” A Qiu stomped his feet anxiously, “I want to manage it, but I wasn’t given a chance. You should know how much money he has, so that he doesn’t go out and mess around. I thought you could write. Just write the number down, how difficult is it?”

Liu Yimian was thoughtful about it.

Seeing that he was a little moved, A Qiu persuaded again: “He is changing now, but who can say for sure what would happen in the future? Today came the third sister Lin, what happens if another fourth sister, the fifth sister appears in the future? What should you do? I think you should hurry up, and urge him to marry you soon.”

That is Liu Yimian, who is very passive in nature. If A Qiu is in Liu Yimian position, regardless of how a gentleman is Ji Wei, he would had seduce him and made the marriage happen as soon as possible.

All talk alone is useless, it’s more important that you have an actual status at home.

He looks alright at home now, but he didn’t bear any children. If Mao Lintie were to bring another woman to his house in the future, he will not be able to do anything about it.

Liu Yimian hummed softly, opened A Qiu’s palm, and stuffed the copper coin into it, “If you take this money, you could tell him that you sold it to us. I will visit your house when I have time, go back now. I’m afraid you’ll be scolded again.”

A Qiu spread out his hands and counted the coins.

That crucian carp is almost sold for this number, and this excuse is quite sufficient.

Before this, he saw that Liu Yimian was really pitiful, so he often steal food from the house to help him. Since his life is much better now, he could take the money without any guilt.

A Qiu accepted the money with peace of mind, and patted Liu Yimian’s hand which was holding him tightly, “Didn’t you ask me to go? How can I go if you are holding me so tight?”

Liu Yimian smiled shyly, released his hands, and placed them behind his back, “If you have any difficulties in the future, come and tell me. I can help you too.”

“Well, well, definitely.”

A Qiu waved his hand, said nothing, turned, and left.

Liu Yimian was at the door and kept watching until A Qiu was totally gone before he closed the door and went back into the house.

“What did you two talk about? You were out there for a long time.”

Ji Wei had just put the rice in the pot, and now that he is free, he took out the neglected hawthorn, washed it again, and ate it casually.

The hawthorns were plucked from the branches before they were ripe. It’s been a few days and they have become a little soft, but they still taste sour when eaten dry.

Ji Wei was thinking about what to do with the hawthorn when Liu Yimian came back.

Not long ago, Liu Yimian was still looking unhappy, and after chatting with A Qiu for a while, his expression became lively again.

One must still have friends.

Ji Wei wondered if he should sign Liu Yimian up for a private school so that he would not be bored at home with no one to accompany him.

It’s just that most of the private schools are filled with children. If Liu Yimian enters at this age, he might be excluded by others.

After thinking about it, there is no good way.

“I see that you and A Qiu are very close. It’s good for you to go to his place more often.” Ji Wei thought about it. He has been here for nearly a month. Except for going to the street with him, Liu Yimian doesn’t seem to go to other places. He stays at home all day long, it’s even alright to call him an otaku.

“I’ve been to A Qiu’s house once.” Thinking of that experience, Liu Yimian was a little embarrassed, “But A Qiu’s husband didn’t welcome me very much, so I didn’t go from then on.”

He could not afford to bring any gifts during that visit, so he went there empty-handed. Unexpectedly, Mao Lintie happened to be at home. Saw him come to look for A Qiu and was asked to stay for dinner. During his stay, Mao Lintie was treated with a cold attitude, spoke less than three sentences with him, and scolded A Qiu very often.

After thinking about it after returning, Liu Yimian decided not to go to A Qiu’s house, so as not to cause him any more trouble.

“When you go back there again, bring some gifts.” Ji Wei pursed his lips to the stove, “A Qiu also brought a fish, and it’s there.”

“I know.”

Liu Yimian sat next to Ji Wei, hesitated, and said, “Brother Ji, when A Qiu left just now, I gave him ten pennies and paid for the fish.”

“You wouldn’t blame me, would you?”

This is the first time that Liu Yimian spent money without asking Ji Wei.

Although the money was given to him to use, he was still not at ease with it.

“You did nothing wrong, why should I blame you?”

Ji Wei laughed and said: “Although A Qiu is your friend, he always takes things from home to help you. Of course, his husband would complain. It’s also because I didn’t think about it, I should have given him money long ago. You did a good job, How can I blame you?”

Liu Yimian’s heart finally settled down after hearing these words. He breathed a sigh of relief and saw the hawthorn on the table, and then he remembered that he has gone to Aunt Zhou’s house before, and she gave them this plate of hawthorn.

It was put there for the last two days, they were so busy that they forgot about it.

“Do you want to eat some hawthorn?” Ji Wei handed it over, but Liu Yimian waved his hand quickly.

“I have weak teeth and can’t eat them. Brother Ji, help yourself.”

Since no one would eat it, maybe we could make it into jam.

With Low-temperature storage, it could be kept for a long time.

There was still some porridge in the pot, since they are free, they removed the stem and core of the hawthorn and smashed the pulp. When the rice porridge in the pot is cooked, they added the same quantity of sugar and water, and boil it together with the smashed hawthorn in the pot. After the water is dried up, the hawthorn sauce is considered ready.

Ji Wei dipped his chopsticks to taste it, the sweetness and sour taste were just right.

Hawthorn jam is very appetizing on a hot summer day.

Ji Wei asked Liu Yimian to wash the tofu, put the hawthorn sauce in a crock, and put it in the well. He was bending over the well when he heard a knock on the door.

He murmured in his heart, no one comes to his house previously. Since returning from the county government’s office, the house became very lively, people kept coming to visit him.

Don’t know if they are here to watch the show, or are they really sympathize with him.

Of course, still muttering in his heart, compared to before when everyone was resentful of him, this is still a good sign.

Ji Wei quickly finish the task at hand and went over to release the bolt.

When he saw that it was Zhao lame, he was startled, as he never thought that he would take the initiative to come find him.

“Aren’t you inconvenient with your legs and feet? Why did you come here to find me?” Ji Wei quickly turned to his side and made space, “Come in, come in, you are a rare visitor.”

Zhao lame was holding the little puppy in his arms, and it barked when he saw Ji Wei. It is small and its voice is not loud, but when he sees Ji Wei, he barks, and Zhao lame was also a little puzzled.

“Duduo doesn’t bark very much.”

Ji Wei was depressed, “Could it be that it hated me for not giving it food last time?”

Dudou barked twice again.

“Little brat, come to your brother Ji.”

Ji Wei picked up the back of the puppy and slipped it directly into his arms. Pressing on its furry head, he rubbed it a few times.

The two appeared in front of Liu Yimian together, after cutting the tofu, he was scaling the fish. He looked up and was startled, and the big kitchen knife almost fell off his hand.

It was only after Ji Wei shouted that he regained his senses.

“Brother Ji, who is this?” It’s no wonder Liu Yimian didn’t know him. First, Liu Yimian seldom goes out, and secondly, Zhao lame didn’t like to deal with people.

Both of them were very homely people. If it wasn’t for Ji Wei’s sake, they might not have met each other in their entire lives.

Seeing the puppy in Ji Wei’s arms, Liu Yimian exclaimed in surprise, couldn’t help putting down the kitchen knife, looked at Ji Wei eagerly for his approval, and reached out to hug it after he agreed.

“It’s so young, it’s only a month old, what’s it called?”


“Du…what?” Liu Yimian was a little surprised, but after looking at the puppy, he thought the name was very interesting, “Duduo, the name is interesting.”

Ji Wei squinted at Zhao lame, he did not expect him to take his random suggested name seriously.

Ji Wei dragged out two stools and sat opposite Zhao lame.

“You are here to see me today for?”

“I heard that you were escorted to the county government office. And you are now back, I just stop by and have a look.”

As for whether it was on the way or not, Zhao lame knew it in his own heart.

Ji Wei didn’t reveal it either.

“I came back at noon, had a rest, and several people came. I thought that no one else will be coming and planned to cook, but you are here.”

“To be honest, are you here to eat?” Ji Wei teased.

The corners of Zhao Lame’s stiff mouth grinned, looking like a smile, but it disappeared quickly, “I thought about what you said the other day, and it makes sense.”

“You have figured it out? You want to cooperate with me?”

He had long guessed that he would agree, but he didn’t expect him to agree so soon.

This timing could not be better. He can take advantage of these few days at home and accomplish a lot of things.

“What are you going to do with it?”

“Make food.”

“Not pancakes?”

“You know I’m doing a small business now, and selling pancakes is not difficult as you’ve seen. It won’t take long to sell it, but I won’t make much money. I’m thinking about selling something interesting.”

Ji Wei said slowly: “When you start a business, you have to do something big. Small business will not make it in long term.”

Zhao lame had seen Ji Wei sell pancakes with his own eyes, and naturally understood what he meant.

Although selling pancakes is good, it is not a long-term plan.

Since he plans to do some serious business, he really has no reason to reject the opportunity to earn money.


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