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TATSD Chapter 25

Chapter 25

  Why did A Qiu steal the fish? It has to do with what happened in the morning.


    Mao Lintie does not go out to fish every day, he only goes out every four to five days.


    He will catch enough fish to sell for several days at a time.


    As soon as he went out in the morning, Mao Heilin came.


    Mao Heilin is Mao Lintie’s younger brother. Unlike Mao Lintie, who was kicked out of his family early to start a family, Mao Heilin was doted on by his parents since he was a child. Everything he needs was given to him. When he grew up, he even became addicted to gambling.


    It was still fine when their parents were alive. After the two elders passed away a few years ago, and the wife who entered the house is an obedient woman who didn’t dare to speak out loud.


    Now that Mao Heilin had no one to control him, he gambles every day in the casinos, and even his young wife, who had just been married to him for a few years, was used as a bet.


    If it wasn’t for Mao Lintie, who had paid back the money for him and redeemed his wife, Mao Heilin would be all alone now. No one would want to marry him, let alone give him a big fat boy for the family.


    Yes, Mao Heilin came to the house to talk about this.


    He wanted to thank Mao Lintie and ask him to come to see his new nephew. Knowing that Mao Lintie listened to A Qiu’s words very much, he brought a basket of eggs to ask A Qiu to speak nicely for him in front of Mao Lintie, and be sure to persuade Mao Lintie to go to his house.


    As he talked, he spoke about Ji Wei incident.


    Mao Heilin said that he happened to be passing by West Street yesterday, and saw the chaos there, Ji Wei and the others were all covered in blood. They were later taken to the county government’s office. He heard that he didn’t come back that night.


    Mao Heilin applauded this matter. When he was a gambler, he suffered from Ji Wei on many occasions in the casino, and now he can’t wait for Ji Wei to suffer. When he mentioned this, he even scolded him a few words in front of A Qiu before he was willing to leave.


    As soon as he left, A Qiu’s heart was confused.


    He thought about it and recalled the lunch he had with Ji Wei when he went to Ji’s house that afternoon. He had heard people say how bad he was, but seeing it with his own eyes, it is not the case at all. He is good to Liu Yimian, has a good temper, and is willing to spend money. With such a person, even he can’t help but envy Liu Yimian.


    But now he was beaten and taken to the county government’s office.


   Has he come back from the county government’s office? How sad Liu Yimian would be?


    After thinking about it all morning, he just couldn’t sit still.


    It just so happened that Mao Lintie was lucky, he caught a lot of fish today. So even though he might have taken one away, it should be okay.


    Even though he was a little jealous of Liu Yimian, in the end, A Qiu still had compassion in his heart. He couldn’t watch the “brother” he befriended wiping tears at home all alone.


    With regards to Liu Yimian, he knows him best.


    Though he was walking fast all the way, it took half an hour to reach Ji’s house.


    The door of Ji’s courtyard was half-closed, and it was not closed tightly, a few words could still be heard floating out of the house.


    There seems to be a female voice.


    A Qiu was a little puzzled, he pushed open the courtyard door and walked in.


    Standing outside the kitchen and looking in, he saw a woman whom he doesn’t know, sitting at the dining table and looking at Ji Wei.


    She was facing the kitchen door, when she saw A Qiu, with a very strange smile on her face, “Yo, another guest has come. I’m afraid he is also here to see you?”


    Ji Wei sighed, “Who else would come to see—” He turned around and saw A Qiu, stunned for a moment, and immediately pointed to the next bedroom, “Mianmian is in there.”


    Since the arrival of the widow, Lin Sanjie from West Second Lane came, Liu Yimian made an excuse to hide in the room. He didn’t dare to stay in the kitchen, afraid that he might say something wrong or do something wrong, which might make Ji Wei unhappy. So he simply locked himself in another room to make room for Ji Wei.


    Who knew that Ji Wei didn’t need him to be so considerate at all? He actually wished that he would be there so that  Lin Sanjie could be restrained and not say excessive words.


    But he didn’t dare it out.


    As soon as Liu Yimian left, Lin Sanjie immediately leaned her body towards Ji Wei. So scared was Ji Wei that he took three steps back, and shouted that the unmarried male and female were not supposed to be so close to each other, which made Lin Sanjie laugh.


    At first, she thought he was just making fun, but when she found out that he was real, her face changed. She sat on the stool and stared at Ji Wei without saying a word, her eyes were like saying that he was a heartless man.


    But what can Ji Wei do?


    It was the original owner who had an affair with her, not him!


    Does he have to take over this mess for the original owner?


    When Ji Weiyi thought of this, his scalp tingled immediately.


    The original owner owed her a lot, and he couldn’t chase her out of the house.


    Looking at the row of soft tofu on the table, Ji Wei could only smile bitterly.


    The two sat for a while, but fortunately, A Qiu came to visit and broke the embarrassing situation.


    “Brother Ji, who is this?” A Qiu felt that as a good friend of Liu Yimian, he could be considered a half family. Seeing a stranger, a woman who is quite beautiful, in the same room with Ji Wei, no matter what, he must ask.


    Ji Wei was a little embarrassed, “This is Lin Sanjie from West Second Lane. She also heard about my incident and came to visit me.” He saw the crucian carp in A Qiu’s hand, and said doubtfully, “You too… …”


    A Qiuyuan had wanted to say the same, but when he glanced over, seeing the expression on Lin Sanjie’s face, he didn’t want more.


    “I was afraid that Mianmian is at home alone, so I come to see him specially. I didn’t expect Brother Ji to be home, you seem to be fine.” A Qiu put the crucian carp on the stove and when he passed by Sanjie Lin, he suddenly remembered, “I remember, you are the widow Lin Sanjie from West Second Lane. I was wondering why your name sounds familiar.”


    As soon as he said these words, Lin Sanjie’s face instantly turned ugly.


    This is clearly to remind her that, as a widow, she behaves badly.


    Lin Sanjie clenched her silver teeth and stared at A Qiu, but she was speechless.


    “Ji Wei! I used to think you are a jerk, but you were an honorable person, and I respect you for that! Now it seems that you are nothing but a turtle with a shrunken head!” When she got up, her fair and delicate face was a little distorted, “and you, don’t be complacent! You thought you could get to him without me? Ji Wei is a heartless thing. Without me, there is you. Without you, there will be others.”


    A Qiu stared at Lin Sanjie with a frown. Hearing her blatant words, he felt a little disgusted. Just as he was about to say something, Ji Wei spoke ahead of him.


    “It’s better to make it clear.” Ji Wei’s expression was gentle, but his tone was decisive, “Lin Sanjie, I know you care about me, but Aqiu is indeed Mianmian’s friend and has nothing to do with me. I hope you can be careful in your words and deeds, and don’t make things out of nothing and mislead others.”


    “When some people don’t behave themselves, she thought that everyone else will be like her. It’s ridiculous.” A Qiu said rudely, looking up and down at Sanjie Lin sarcastically, turning her face flushed with shame, anger, and anxiety. For a moment, she couldn’t hold back anymore and rushed out of the kitchen.


    As she ran, you can still vaguely hear cries.


    Obviously crying.


    Ji Wei couldn’t bear it, but he was very grateful to Aqiu for his help. After all, from his standpoint, it’s really hard to say anything serious.


    “Thank you for your help, if it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know what to do.”


    “What’s so difficult about this, if you really want to drive her away, just say a few words like this.” A Qiu was sullen and a little uncomfortable in his heart. He remembered what Liu Yimian said at the beginning, Ji Wei has a lot of affairs outside, and he thinks this is one of them.


    Ji Wei cupped his fists, “Aqiu, you are so articulate, I’m ashamed of myself. Sit here and I’ll get Mianmian out.”


    “Brother Ji…”


    As soon as Ji Wei walked to the door, he was stopped by A Qiu, he turned around, “what’s the matter?”


    A Qiu looked at the bruises on his face, the yellow stains left on the medicinal wine, and the fresh cut on his neck that was not bleeding, but had not yet scabbed over, he almost felt the same way and shook, “Is your injury better now?”


    “It’s no big deal, I just need to rest it for a few days.” Ji Wei smiled at him and said indifferently, “But Mianmian has never seen such a situation before, and he was very worried, and told me not to go out for the next few days. Tell me, I’m a big man, how can I be so weak.”


    Aqiu lowered his eyes, “Don’t bother Brother Ji, I’ll find Mianmian myself.” Then he passed Ji Wei’s side and walked quickly to the bedroom to look for Liu Yimian.


    As predicted.


    As soon as he entered the room, he saw Liu Yimian wiping tears.


    A Qiu was a little angry that he was so weak, he stepped forward and grabbed Liu Yimian’s wrist, and said bitterly: “What’s the use of crying, the widow had come all the way into the house, and you are still hiding in the room. What if things do happen between them, what are you going to do?”


    Liu Yimian glanced at A Qiu, threw himself into his arms, and said in a hoarse voice: “But A Qiu, I haven’t married into this house yet, and Brother Ji doesn’t mate with me. What identity can I use to speak…”




    A Qiu stared dumbfoundedly at Liu Yimian’s head, and after a long while, he choked out a sentence, “You mean that both of you have… never shared a bed?”


    How could that be!


    Men are anxious about sex, A Qiu has a deep understanding of this. He didn’t believe anything he said. With Liu Yimian’s pretty appearance, he had been in Ji’s family for more than half a year, but they had never once mated.


    “Could it be that he has some hidden disease?” As soon as this thought appeared, A Qiu was terrified and frightened, “This is not possible, Mianmian, if this is the case, you have to find a doctor immediately, how can you hide it!”


    “What are you saying?” Liu Yimian rubbed her eyes and said angrily, “Brother Ji said I am too young, there’s no hurry to it.”


    A Qiu looked at Liu Yimian, and feel that it was true.


    Both of them are “brothers”, but only one year apart. A Qiu is much taller than Liu Yimian. Although he is thin, he is not weak, and he does not get sick very often, and his body is very healthy.


    If this is the true reason, he felt admiration for Ji Wei.


    A Qiu patted Liu Yimian on the shoulder and motioned him to stop crying, “Pack up and get ready to go out.”


    Liu Yimian straightened his hair, wiped his tears with his sleeves, and smiled at A Qiu, “I’m so happy that you came to see me, A Qiu.”


    He was sold here, although Daxi Town is not far away, but he could not go back to his home.


    In Changliu Town, except for a few people, he has no acquaintances at all.


    “I brought a crucian carp. You are to stew the soup tonight, so you can help Brother Ji recover faster.” A Qiu pinched Liu Yimian’s cheek and said thoughtfully, “You seem to have grown some flesh recently.”


    Liu Yimian blushed slightly, “Stop laughing at me.”


    “Why should I laugh at you? I’m hoping that you could grow taller, so that you can marry into this house earlier. Do you want to be eating and living together, but not having a status in the house? Even when the widow came all the way here, you have no right to fight her.” A Qiu poked Liu Yimian’s head hard, saying that he is still not enlightened yet.


    Ji Weiyi entered the house and saw this scene.


    A Qiu quickly put his hand down, walked behind Liu Yimian, and pushed him.


    Liu Yimian wasn’t prepared for this, he fell forward and bumped directly into Ji Wei’s arms.



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