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TATSD Chapter 11

Chapter 11

 “You are?”


    A Qiu was a little reserved, “I’m here to find Mianmian, I’ll leave now.”


    Ji Wei looked at A Qiu and saw that he was also very thin. He was wearing a blue cloth shirt, with delicate features and a red mole between his eyebrows, so he is also a “brother”.


    No wonder.


    Ji Wei’s face immediately showed a warm smile, “What are you talking about, since you’re here, let’s stay for lunch. Ah, by the way—” He smiled at A Qiu embarrassedly, “Excuse me. “


    He has a strong body, handsome facial features, and a very masculine smile, which is very different from A Qiu’s fisherman husband. Looking at him, A Qiu couldn’t help blushing and turned his body to make way.


    Ji Wei put the clay pot on the table and went back to the cart to get the pork belly strips that he forgot.


    “I originally bought this meat for dinner tonight. Since there is a guest at home, we’ll have it for lunch. What’s your name?”


    Ji Wei’s manner could be considered friendly, A Qiu was a little flattered. He lowered his voice unconsciously, “You can call me A Qiu.”


    “A Qiu, come and sit here, what are you doing standing all the time?” Ji Wei pulled Liu Yimian up, who was at the stove making a fire, “He came to see you specifically, but you are starting a fire here? I’ll do it, go take care of your friend.”


    “No, I’ll just…”


    Ji Wei said: “The food will not be ready so quickly. Go ahead and pour a bowl of goat milk for Aqiu and talk to him.”


    As soon as Liu Yimian approached A Qiu, he was pulled to one side, staring at Ji Wei who was busy with work, he lowered his voice: “Mianmian, is he really that bully Ji Wei?”


    Liu Yimian pursed his lips and grimaced unhappily.


    A Qiu knew that he had said the wrong thing, and immediately changed his words: “Mianmian, when I first entered got married, my husband also told me to take a good rest and not to busy myself doing housework. But I still got up early to cook and do laundry. You mustn’t believe what a man says.”


    Seeing that Liu Yimian didn’t speak, A Qiu became anxious, “They said you don’t have to do it, but if you really don’t, they’ll say you’re lazy. Besides, Ji Wei is… and has a bad temper.”


    Liu Yimian defended in a low voice: “A Qiu, Brother Ji has really changed, he won’t.”


    A Qiu pinched Liu Yimian’s arm angrily, “Why don’t you listen to me? We as “brother” is not like a woman, we may not be able to give birth. If you don’t work, what if he kicks you out of the house?”


    “I’m telling you this for your own good!”


    Liu Yimian pulled out his arm and said lightly, “I know, I will pay attention to it in the future.”


    A Qiu looked at him in disbelief, “Then why don’t you go over and help?”


    “Brother Ji doesn’t like me to disturb him when he cooks.”


    “You really are…” A Qiu stopped talking.


    The two sat on the stools in silence, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.


    A Qiu saw that Ji Wei was the only person doing all the work, one moment he was cutting meat, next moment he was tending to the wood fire. So he simply left Liu Yimian and ran to the stove to ask him if he needed help.


    “No, just chat with Mianmian, I’ll do it alone.”


    A Qiu took the initiative to sit on the side of the stove. When he saw that the fire in the stove was getting low, he poked it with a fire stick, “It’s okay, I often do these at home, and it’s very easy.”


    Ji Wei saw that he didn’t listen to him, it’s not so nice to pull him away, so he let him be. But looking back, Liu Yimian was sitting there alone, looking a little gloomy.


    They were probably loggerheads with each other, Ji Wei chuckled.


    First, he poured the potato pork rib soup that was simmering into the big bowl, then he wiped the iron pot clean. After that, he poured hot water over the cubed pork belly to rinse off the blood on it. Once done, he placed rock sugar and oil in the pot, heated until the rock sugar started to melt, he then quickly stir fry the pork belly until the color on the pork is even. Subsequently, he adds the white onion, ginger slices, garlic cloves, star anise, cinnamon, soy sauce, and water. After it started to boil, he covered the pot and continued cooking with low heat. Very soon, the small kitchen was filled with the fragrance of rich sauce.


    The three of them only ate a simple breakfast in the morning, they felt hungry all of a sudden.


    A Qiu stared at the pot greedily and swallowed his saliva.


    “Drink some soup before meals to warm the stomach.” Ji Wei pushed the soup in front of A Qiu and motioned him to drink it. Then he snatched the spoon from Liu Yimian’s hand and looked at him unhappily.


    A Qiu thought it was Liu Yimian who had taken too much meat, which made Ji Wei angry. Just as he was about to say something, he heard Ji Weixun say: “It’s not that we can’t afford meat at home, so why are you just putting onion into your bowl? Come! I’ll take it for you!”


    As he spoke, he picked up two spoonfuls of ribs and put them in Liu Yimian’s bowl.


    Liu Yimian wondered, “That’s too much—”


    Ji Wei glared at him, “Finish it”


    A Qiu watched from the side.


    In the beginning, he was worried for Liu Yimian, but as time went by, seeing the almost sweet coexistence between the two, a trace of inexplicable envy mixed with jealousy gradually grew in his heart.


    They are both “brothers”, and he is good-looking. He is also a good housekeeper. Why does the gap between the two of them suddenly become so big?


    In the past, although the fisherman was not as strong and as good-looking as Ji Wei, he was still practical and capable. He could always have fish and meat at home and new clothes every season. Compared Ji Wei, who only knows how to beat and scold people, doesn’t care about the family, and he is always glad that he had married the right person.


    But now this old bastard has turned over a new leaf, he is gentle and considerate toward Liu Yimian, and can still make money. In such a comparison, the one at home is far inferior…


    A Qiu subconsciously rubbed through his sleeve, and the tingling sensation from his arm made him grit his teeth.


    He was feeling a little unhappy!


     After a bowl of soup, Ji Wei quickly got up and took the braised pork out of the pot.


    The red and oily chunks of braised pork were sprinkled with a handful of chopped green onions. The red and green complement each other. Just looking at it makes you feel hungry.


    When Ji Weiyi brought it to the table, Liu Yimian swallowed hard, and even A Qiu, who was beside him, looked startled.


    Although he was not short of meat to eat, he can have meat every six or seven days. The meat was cut into tiny strips each time they were put into the pot so that they could last for three to five days. There was absolutely no such thing as big chunks of meat like this unless it is a festival!


    Although A Qiu always felt that his life was good, after this meal, he felt that he was nowhere near.


    Ji Wei put the braised pork in Liu Yimian’s bowl and asked A Qiu to eat his meat.


    As there was an outsider at the table, so there was a lot of silence.


    At the end of the meal, Ji Weicai suddenly remembered something, “Mianmian, I need you to follow me this afternoon, let’s go to the street to buy some cloth.”


    Liu Yimian hummed and obeyed.


    He was not surprised as he thought it was for making the short pants requested by Ji Wei.


    On the contrary, A Qiu was a little surprised, seeing Liu Yimian’s calm face, but also a little resentful.


   Every time his fisherman husband gave him money to buy new cloth, he would always happily serve him well for a few days. After all, it’s hard-earned money. If he could make his husband happy, there will be future benefits for him.


    As “brothers”, they must know how to take care of their husbands.




    After the meal, Liu Yimian took the initiative to clean up the tableware and went out of the yard to fetch well water with a wooden basin.


    A Qiu didn’t follow him.


    He stood beside Ji Wei curiously, watching him stir the goat milk in the jar with chopsticks, and a thin layer of white paste was attached to the chopsticks. Then he closed the lid of the jar, covered it with another layer of cloth, hugged the jar, and shook it constantly.


    A Qiu looked at him and felt very distressed, “Brother Ji, this good goat’s milk, the way you shake it, wouldn’t it turn sour?”


    Ji Wei laughed, “No it wouldn’t if you handle it properly.” This is the goat milk he exchanged with Zhao Lame using six pieces of pancakes.


    Zhao Lamei’s family has a lot of goat milk. He does not rely on this milk to earn money, as he thinks it is too troublesome. He only drinks a small part of it, when he was in a good mood, most of it was given away.


    Sometimes if it had been left there for a long time, it would sometimes turn sour.


    After you minus the jar of goat milk given to Liu Yimian, there were two jars left. Ji Wei specially picked the milk from yesterday, the one that had been left to stand for a day, which was very suitable for refining butter.


    After shaking for only a quarter of an hour, Ji Wei’s arm was very sore.


    He put down the jar to rest, A Qiu, who had been watching, said, “Brother Ji, let me help you.”


    “No, I’ll do it by myself later.”


    A Qiu rolled his eyes and said in a soft voice, “I have eaten your braised pork, so I should do something. The “brothers” that are available in town could be counted with one hand. I treated Mianmian as my younger brother. Brother Ji, let me help you.”


    As he said that, he reached out for the jar. However, Ji Wei quickly hugged the jar and walked away, a little embarrassed, “I really don’t need your help, A Qiu, this jar is very heavy. I felt strained even when I’m stronger than you. if it falls, this jar of goat milk will be wasted.”


    A Qiu didn’t hear what Ji Wei meant and thought he was only worried for him. He took another step closer to him, and his words became brisker, “Brother Ji, is this goat milk also for Mianmian?”


    “His milk is fresher, I milked the goat myself.” To get the milk, Ji Wei milked for the first time in his life and made some embarrassing scents, which made Zhao lame laugh. He even gave Ji Wei the jar to hold the milk free.


    “Brother Ji is so kind to Mianmian, how nice if he is a girl.” A Qiu couldn’t help but said.


    “Why do you say that?


    “If he is a girl, it would be easier to have a child. As “brothers”, it is difficult for us to conceive and have a child. If it weren’t for the non-requirement of a dowry, I’m afraid no one would want us. Mianmian got you, it’s really a blessing from his previous life…” A Qiu said, thinking of his own destiny, he became sadder and sadder, even the circles of his eyes turned red.


    Ji Wei listened, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he didn’t know what to say.


    So what if he is “brother”? At least from the original owner’s memory, there was no clear statement that “brothers” are not allowed to study and take the imperial examinations. Must a  “brother” take care of his husband and give birth to a child?


    In the 21st century, Ji Wei, who has been influenced by the concept of equality for all since childhood, feels incredible.


    He disagreed: “Mianmian is still young, so I have no plans to let him have children.”


    A Qiu nodded and felt that with Ji Wei’s standard, there would not be any problem for him to find a woman to be his wife in the future. After all, which rich man does not want to have three wives and four concubines. Liu Yimian is just a “brother”, it’s already not bad for him to be a concubine.


    “—At his age, he is just right to study, and maybe he could become a scholar or something. For other things, it’s up to him.”


    After Ji Wei finished speaking, he picked up the jar and shook it again.


    A Qiu was stunned for a while, studying? Can “brothers” also take the exam?


    He had never heard such remarks and thought Ji Wei was absurd.


    A “brother” should obey his father at home, and obey his husband when he gets married. It is considered lucky for him to be able to marry a man and be the first wife. In the future, if he were to have a son, even if his husband wants to take a concubine, she will not be able to shake his status. As for being a scholar? That’s only for men!


    This Ji Wei, is really whimsical



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