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TIS Chapter: 2


The streets in the city were not too wide; Qiao Zhao followed the man with low eyebrows and pleasing eyes, keeping an eye on her surroundings and the movements around her with her peripheral vision.

Once or twice, the man seemed to loosen his guard, but she still resisted the temptation to try and escape.


Seeing the man’s slightly raised eyebrows, Qiao Zhao felt a chill in her heart.


As expected, in this place where people come and go in masses, the man would only look at her more strictly, and the seemingly loosened guard was just to see if she was being honest or lying.


The man then stopped suddenly and pointed to a wine shop by the road and said; “Let’s go eat there.”


Qiao Zhao didn’t move nor did her expression change.


The man frowned, thinking that the little girl had still not given up.


“Come in quickly, we’ll be on our way very soon.” The man urged, and stretched out his hand to drag Qiao Zhao.


The little girl raised her hand and pointed to a three-storey restaurant not far ahead, her voice soft like a glutinous rice wine that was fermenting a little in her heart; “You said you would take me to a good restaurant for dinner. ”


The man’s face darkened.


That was the best restaurant in Baoling, and the meals were not cheap.


With his hesitation, the little girl’s clear eyes were immediately filled with tears, and she said stubbornly; “You lied, saying that you would take me to a good restaurant. This restaurant is not good at all!”


It was dinner time, and there were a lot of people coming in and out. The little girl’s voice was slightly raised, and many people came to look at what was happening. The guy standing at the door of the restaurant obviously heard what had transpired, and his face changed, immediately raising his feet and rushing over to chase the onlookers away.


The man’s face changed slightly.


He remembered the good clothes this little girl had on when he had kidnapped her at the Huachao Festival in the capital. He knew that the little girl was from a rich home and it was normal for her to dislike a roadside wine shop like this.


“You promised that I would eat at that restaurant. Who knows if this restaurant is clean? What if flies come out of the kitchen?”


The bartender had already begun approaching them in two or three long steps and said angrily; “Go, go, don’t eat here and don’t stand at the door!” He screamed and glared at the man; “How do you manage this child?”


Qiao Zhao ignored what the man said and exclaimed; “Oh look, there are oil stains on the fingers of this uncle, and the sweat towel around his neck is already blackened.”


Her voice was tactful and clear. Although she spoke fast, people entering and leaving the restaurant could still hear her clearly. Immediately, two of the customers heading in hesitated at the front door for a while. They had initially planned to go in for dinner, but raised their feet and turned to another wine house.


The restaurant was not big and the proprietress, who came out to find out what was going on, took out the stick pinned to her waist and rushed over.


Qiao Zhao was young, making the proprietress not care about her but run straight to the man with her stick in hand.


Seeing that the situation had gotten worse, he dragged the chattering Qiao Zhao and ran away.


The two ran to the restaurant in one breath and stopped. The man pointed at Qiao Zhao, so angry that he was speechless.


Qiao Zhao looked at him innocently; “I’m hungry.”


The man exhaled.


Although the food and drinks in Zuixianju were expensive, the girl will earn back everything he spends on her.


“Go in!” The man glared at Qiao Zhao fiercely.


The two were dressed in ordinary clothes, so, they sat down in the vacant seats in the hall.


“What do the guests eat?”


Before the waiter at their table could speak, a delicate voice sounded; “Jiangmi stuffed duck.”


The man was taken aback for a moment, and he couldn’t help but look at the man who had spoken.


“I want to eat duck stuffed with Jiangmi.” Qiao Zhao also looked at the man with a persistent gaze.


The man’s hands went numb and he asked the second man “Is this dish available?”


“Yes, yes, but the wait is longer.”


Before Qiao Zhao could speak, the man waved his hand and said; “This is what I want, and I will also take two side dishes and drinks as well.”


Not long after, the wine and food ordered by the man came. He picked up his chopsticks and started eating while Qiao Zhao sat up straight and waited.


After about two quarters of an hour, only the cups and plates were left on the table, and the duck stuffed with Jiangmi and rice was finally served.


“Girl, eat it!” The man lowered his voice and gritted his teeth.


Qiao Zhao took out a handkerchief from her sleeve, asked the man for a glass of water, and wet the handkerchief to use and clean her hands.


The man couldn’t help muttering; “What are you doing? Won’t we still be sleeping out in the dirt as we go?”


Qiao Zhao raised her eyes and smiled sweetly at him; “Of course you have to make yourself comfortable when you have the conditions to do so.”


The man was dazzled by the smile that suddenly bloomed from the young girl and smacked his tongue secretly; “You are so good.” The smile almost made him lose his mind.


He coldly watched Qiao Zhao eat her meals slowly, and the more he watched, the happier he became.


‘This little girl is very poor now, but when she grows up, she’ll be able to make whoever buys her eat this way. With such potential, he could naturally sell her for a good price.’


Thinking about it this way, waiting didn’t seem so boring to him anymore.


The man’s response was not what Qiao Zhao expected. What she wanted to do was to eat this meal slowly. The man felt that she was valuable, and because he wanted to get things done fast by selling her quickly, he didn’t want to have any more twists and turns, so he would naturally be impatient with her.


Qiao Zhao ate very slowly. Occasionally, her eyes would pass from the hall and inadvertently stop at the stairs leading to the second floor for a moment, like a dragonfly on water.


She didn’t know how long she waited, but when the man had finally gotten fed up with her wasting time, footsteps were suddenly heard from the second floor, and soon enough, three people stepped onto the wooden stairs and walked down.


The three were like magnets, instantly attracting the attention of everyone in the hall. There was a sudden silence in the hall and even the man who had been guarding against Qiao Zhao’s escape, for a moment, forgot to blink, as he stared at one of the men in purple.


The man was tall and long, his skin was as white as jade, his facial features were as delicate as top-quality porcelain, and the smile at the corners of his brows and eyes seemed to be holding a spark of brilliance.


“Xi Xi, it seems that I really can’t walk out with you anymore.” The blue-clothed man whispered to the purple-clothed man.


“As soon as you appear, men, women and even children will only stare at you, making the rest of us look like crooked melons and jujubes.” Another man named Tsing Yi continued.


The man in purple folded his hands and said with a smile; “I thought you were used to it.”


The other two rolled their eyes in sync.


The three of them had come into the hall while talking and laughing. They walked out leisurely and the people in the hall had watched the three of them in awe.


The corners of Qiao Zhao’s lips curved up.


The person she was waiting for had finally arrived, and it was worthwhile for her to sit so close to the aisle.


When they were outside the restaurant, she saw these three people entering the restaurant at a glance, and knew that the opportunity she had been waiting for had come.


She happened to know the man in purple, who was the only son of Princess Changrong.


Even if her appearance had changed now, with Chi Can’s demeanor, at least she wouldn’t have to worry about being robbed.


This thought flashed past, and seeing that the three had already reached the door, Qiao Zhao no longer hesitated. She threw the chopsticks in her hand, quickly stood up, and rushed towards the men.


She moved suddenly and the people hadn’t recovered from the shock brought by Chi Can Zhuoran’s demeanor, when they saw a little lady chasing after them, they all thought to themselves; ‘Sure enough, there is a little lady chasing after the men, it was not surprising to say the least.’


The man nodded and suddenly realized.


‘Wait, that girl chasing after them…’


His face changed drastically, he got up and tried to run after her, but was immediately stopped by the waiter; “Sir, you haven’t paid your fees yet.”


And this allowed Qiao Zhao to chase after the men smoothly.


“Wait a minute!” she screamed.


The three stopped and turned around, seeing a thirteen-year-old girl chasing after them. They both winked at Chi Can at the same time.


Chi Canchong walked to Qiao Zhao, who was already in front of him, raised his eyebrows and smiled; “Little girl, is there something wrong?”


Although he was infinitely charming, if such a young girl were to confess to him, he would have to firmly refuse.


Qiao Zhao did not dare to delay for a single moment.


She had planned for so long just to get the timing of this right, so that she could have the opportunity to simply speak out about the abduction.


Qiao Zhao stepped forward, grabbed Chi Can’s sleeve tightly, raised her head and begged; “Uncle, save me! Please!”


The three people, including Chi Can, were instantly petrified at the words.



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