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The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much – Chapter 9

Chapter 9


“The capital city center is more lively. It is also possible to go out and explore at a suitable time, so ask if you need it.”


Carl Lindbergh’s face lit up when he said he could get out. The gloomy and tense appearance of Lindbergh was nowhere to be seen.

Embarrassed by the Crown Prince’s gaze, he scratched his head and added.

“Ah, well. Lindbergh’s atmosphere is a bit chaotic. So it wasn’t fun.”

It wasn’t fun? Did you just pick me for a hobby because it wasn’t that fun?

Surely, he must have been the one who enjoyed living in the castle the most.

Adrian couldn’t bridge the subtle gap between the Carl Lindbergh he ‘knows’ and the Carl Lindbergh in front of him.

He wanted to know about it, so he took his time to find out, but he gradually became unaware of it.

Without knowing the Crown Prince’s heart, Carl chattered.

“All the people who come and go were old people, so I didn’t even have a chance to make friends my age, and it was even more so because the employees were forbidden to interact with royalty.”


Trying to make friends with the employees?

“Of course, it’s okay because I have Marco, and ah. There’s Elizabeth. I had a sister too, so I was able to endure it.”

The weather here is pleasant and there are a lot of young friends. He looked at the young servants chattering with envy.

Carl Lindbergh muttered under his breath, folding his fingers with a sullen expression on his face.

“Well, that was it.”

His fluttering eyelashes hung as he pretended to be calm.

The Crown Prince laughed, pretending to be a kind person.

“If you want to make friends, coincidentally, we’re the same age, so we can get to know each other gradually.”

Prince Carl’s slender shoulders looked lonely, so he said it on impulse.

Technically, they may have a stronger relationship than friends, but since there is a friendship between a couple, the prince could do that much if he wanted.

“Yes? N, no. How could I make friends with His Highness? Hahaha.”

Is it something to refuse while waving your hand?

The offended Crown Prince looked at the prince, who was acting like a commoner, with suspicious eyes.

Since when did the prince’s face become so toned? In the portrait sent by the spy, he was skinny every time.

The frizzy hair that couldn’t be hidden even with oil, and even the corners of his eyes, which were always pointed, were not to the Crown Prince’s taste.

What was the ten-year-old prince like?

At that time, he was still quite a plump and beautiful boy.

Once every two months.

The Emperor and Empress, who would be cooped up in their bedrooms for a week, boasted their golden age and are one of the leading royal families in history.

Having been raised by such parents, the Crown Prince eagerly awaited an Omega to love him in the same way.

What is dominance and passion? Just when it was difficult to find a match, news came that Prince Carl Lindbergh had been identified as a dominant omega among the dominant.

Every day he looked at the beautiful boy in the portraits Lindbergh sent him, and on his 10th birthday, he traveled all the way to visit him, and what was there was a finely dressed doll.

A doll with a cold face like a frost queen and a hint of arrogance.

The Crown Prince of the Empire came, but no one greeted him, so the entire delegation was embarrassed, and in the center of it, Prince Carl waved his hand heavily.

To Carl, who was urging Adrian to reach out with one hand and kiss him, Adrian said, “I can’t do it because I am disgusted”, and Carl slapped Adrian hard on the cheek.

He meant it when he said disgusting.

Young Omegas do not emit pheromones.

But the young Carl had a foul smell of roses, as if it was piercing his nose.

When the Crown Prince was slapped, no one stopped him. Kitchener, who was also a Chancellor at that time, rebuked the young Crown Prince for not having proper manners.

Heineken’s knights were angered, but drawing a sword in a foreign country without the Crown Prince’s command was tantamount to a declaration of war. Therefore, they had no choice but to calm down and return.

Over the years, the prince’s atrocities had reached a level that he could not turn a blind eye to. Therefore, the Crown Prince had vowed to catch and kill Lindbergh while the Prince was here.


What was in front of him now was the ideal Adrian had pictured.

His eyes, which had lost all their poisonous energy, shone like the Strait of Eugenie, one of Heineken’s leading resorts.

Every time his lips drew an arc, Adrian smiled along without realizing it.

Looking at the neckline that fell from his chin to his rounded shoulders in a neat line, he gulped.

And the faint scent of violets.

The Crown Prince had never forgotten that he was an Alpha, but he rarely realized it.

But seeing the Omega, who was as innocent and soft as a child, come to him, he instantly realized that he was an Alpha.

His pheromone, which had started leaking from him holding it down, screamed that it wanted to mix with him right away.

Carl Lindbergh, ignorant of the desires wriggling in the heart of the Crown Prince, smiled at the young maids who had gathered together and laughed as if a father was looking at his daughter.

The Crown Prince naturally grabbed his arm and escorted him.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the maids, unaware that his arms were being held.

Somehow feeling angry, Adrian had Prince Carl sit down on a nearby patio.

“In any case, let’s be honest now. What does the prince want to do?”

The quick-witted servants moved in unison, supporting the cushions on the backs of the two of them and putting tea and fruits in front of them.

The prince, fiddling with his warm teacup, spoke up after a moment of silence.

“First of all, thank you for bringing us to Heineken even though I couldn’t explain everything in the letter for fear of being caught.”

Adrian wanted to understand Carl Lindbergh’s black heart, but failed miserably.

Even more so because he didn’t expect him to say thank you first.

“That’s enough of that gratitude. About us.”

“Haha, is that so?”

The prince’s eyebrows drooped down.

Adrian tilted his head. He kept looking at his face, wondering if his impression could be changed just by lowering his eyebrows, which had always been raised.

Even the face of young Carl Lindbergh from 10 years ago, who made him gnash his teeth and reminded him every night, was fading.

They certainly looked alike, but somehow they were different.

‘But I can’t explain exactly where he changed.’

The corners of his lips wriggling as if he was trying to choose a word were also impressive. Carl Lindbergh was always direct, saying what he wanted to say too bluntly.

After a moment’s patience, Adrian looked possessed as he watched his red lips chewing and spitting out a word.

“In Lindbergh, the people can’t live anymore because the tyranny of the nobles is getting worse day by day, right?”

He has a pretty good grasp of it.

Lindbergh was like a place full of pus.

Even a gap the size of a small needle will cause angry commoners to spill out.

In fact, this ‘fake riot’ was also intended to induce it.

It would be kept a secret from the prince for the time being, but there could be no bloodless rebellion as the prince had hoped.

The Crown Prince tapped the table with his finger, and the prince continued.

“Everything in the Treasury is for the royal family and the nobility, not for the people. It’s embarrassing to say, but I’ve been ‘crazy’ for a while, and now I’ve come to my senses. I couldn’t find a way out of this situation myself.”

You said you were crazy?

When Adrian’s eyes widened at the unexpected choice of language, Prince Carl gave an awkward laugh again.

“I know. Everything I was doing. I’m ashamed of that, and I want to turn back.”

The prince seemed genuinely regretful and repentant.

“On top of that, my sister’s marriage was suddenly decided, so I didn’t have enough time to solve the scattered problems.”

The prince looked at Adrian’s reaction.

“Princess Leia’s marriage? Hmm, that sounds like a story close to a happy occasion?”

Adrian said wryly. His gaze landed on the prince’s twitching fingers.

“……Well, the marriage was not a common marriage. First of all, the other person was a nobleman of the border who had just received the title of Viscount, and he was fifty years old and ugly.”

As he spoke, the prince’s voice rose slightly.

It was understandable.

Chancellor Kitchener would have wanted to block every path she could take to stand out as an alpha.

In Lindbergh, there were also many commoners who did not even know the existence of traits.

Once she is pushed to the periphery, even the greatest Alpha will not be able to enter politics easily.

Apparently, the prince had no knowledge of the details, and he simply did not want to see his beautiful sister married as if she were being sold.

As if he couldn’t stand it, he clenched his fists tightly and his eyes glazed with tears.

“No matter where he is, whatever his age is, whatever his appearance, if my sister really loves him, then I have no authority to stop it. However, not a single one of my sister’s will was reflected in the marriage!”


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