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The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much – Chapter 8

Chapter 8


In the city center, a wide, long paved road leads to a castle with six spires at its end.

The main body was blocked by a huge wall and only a third could be seen, but its size and majesty were depicted.

“Is it okay to lay the road like this?”

The road leading directly to the castle between the two watchtowers protecting the city was beautiful, but it seemed unsafe.

Belfry, who spoke closely next to me as I watched with my mouth open, replied proudly.

“If you want to break into the imperial castle of Heineken[1] through this route, you must first be prepared to be crushed by dozens of turrets, and then prepare to throw yourself into a river full of dangerous things.”

Even if he managed to survive and break into the castle, it would be difficult to get out of the castle, which is the fortress itself, so if you are curious, you can try it.

Belfry’s explanation continued for a long time.

When he saw Belfry explaining the thickness of the castle wall, starting with the degree that increased hardness by mixing volcanic ash with lime, the Crown Prince scolded, “If Lindbergh invades Heineken, you are the first to lay down your life, you loyalist.”




The horses stood in a row on the floor.

The sound of rubbing against the ground was soft and pleasant to hear.

People stare this way with a mixture of curiosity and awe, but they did not stop what they were doing and run to them or create confusion.

They knew well what order and moderation were.

Someone chanted the name of the Crown Prince, and he responded.

The children even threw flowers.

It was easy to see how much they liked their country and their leader.

If Lindbergh’s royals were to do this, first of all, the wheels of the carriage would be broken on the unpaved roads, and when the carriage stopped, people would notice and steal the tied horses and flee.

Of course, he will be caught by the guards who pursue him and lose his life.

Excessive hunger makes that kind of thing easily overlooked.

Continuing to sigh, I felt the Crown Prince’s back touch my cheek.

“I understand why you make such a face, but for now, give the people of Heineken a little smile. Everyone is looking forward to it.”

As the crown prince said, people are looking up.

What would I look like in the twinkling eyes of the children?

I smiled awkwardly and raised one hand, and the children laughed and hid behind the adults.


My heart, which had been heavy all along, felt a bit lighter.

My heart warmed when my cheek touched the Crown Prince’s back.

Only then did I find time to relax and look around slowly.

Among the crowds, there were several scenes that caught my eye.

Two people kissing each other, and holding hands affectionately under the table.

A couple holding a child and waving their baby’s hand in this direction.

People hugging and celebrating on the street for what good things are happening.

They are all people of the same gender.

To be honest, I was very surprised, but I didn’t show it.

Originally, if a country was to develop, it was necessary to abandon prejudice first.

A former co-worker complained about what kind of development he would pursue with a stiff head.

I remember being quite empathetic at that time.

Yes, true freedom comes from throwing away prejudice.

I think Lindbergh is old-fashioned.

Yes, of course.

Love has no borders, no age, no gender.

“It’s a dream country in many ways.”

As if he could hear me muttering, the Crown Prince glanced back and smiled.

The Crown Prince smiled and then looked ahead, and did not look back until we arrived.

As the Imperial City got closer, the prince’s body odor became stronger. His back was hot as if he had a fever.

Were you very tired from running in the morning?

When I suddenly turned around, I saw Marco who turned white and Elizabeth, who opened her mouth and made a panting sound.

Maybe it’s because this journey has been stressful.

I came here in the form of a hostage over the rise and fall of the country, so I did not want to be treated as a distinguished guest, but I wanted Leia[2] and Marco to get a place to rest.

“……and so. His Majesty the Emperor built a separate wine cellar in the east, and he brought dozens of magic stones into it. In addition to controlling temperature and humidity, we can also activate protective magic, so we can use it as an air-raid shelter.”

Belfry Hendrick, are you not done yet?

The veins next to the Crown Prince’s ears are protruding.

It was clear that he was gritting his teeth.




Belfry’s lecture on ‘The Architecture and Development of the Imperial Castle of Heineken’ continued until the drawbridge came down.

Thanks to this, I feel like I learned very quickly about the structure of Heineken’s castle.

Surprisingly, there was one person who shut Belfry’s mouth before the Crown Prince, and that was Princess Leia.

“Young Lord Hendrick, my maid can’t speak. Seeing your lips moving incessantly makes my bones shrivel with envy.”

Her eyes, which gently stroked the maid’s back, were really sad, so even Belfry, who was watching, closed his mouth with a startled expression.

Belfry’s face and personality seemed to be playing separately.

With his subtle and beautiful eyes, and small nose bridge, he gives me an impression of coyness, but I had no idea he talked so much.

As soon as we passed through the castle gates, I heard the loud shout of the soldiers that stood in line.

The form in which the bladed sword with blades on each side was raised to the sky and then put in order as the Crown Prince passed by reminded me of my life as a former army honor guard.

I was so cool back then, too, even though I was rotten inside because I left my little sister alone and suddenly got into the army.

Thousands of thoughts came to mind. Let’s stop, right now you’re Carl Lindbergh.

The knights escorted the party all the way to the main gate and then disappeared in perfect order.

Belfry, who had been delayed in the paperwork, disappeared as soon as he gave a word to the servant.

“I thought my neck was going to fall off. Your Highness.”

An elderly man walked out slowly. He was a nice gentleman with the wrinkle around the eyes and the hairstyle that was turned into a pomade, like the classic of romance gray[3].

His rustling clothes were not wrinkled and he was wearing a light cloak.

“I ran without stopping for a moment and thought of you. Count Bourbon.”


My eyes widened, and Count Bourbon bowed down and said, “This is the man of the rumor.”

I watched the scene of older men gathering and boasting about their concubine for half a year, but because it had been a long time since I saw an adult act like an adult, I forgot where I was and hurriedly bowed down to greet him.

It wasn’t until I straightened my back again that I realized what was wrong, but it was already spilled water, so I just laughed it off.

Neither the Crown Prince nor Leia could hide their surprise, and Count Bourbon suddenly laughed out loud, “You are quite different from what I’ve heard.”

Carl, Heineken, Hendrick, and now Bourbon?

I can’t wait to see how many different drinks will come out.

“You’ve walked a long way, so you must be very tired. Would you like to take a rest first since the outer castle has been cleared?”

Count Bourbon smiled warmly and suggested a rest.

I bowed down again at the sound of the pleasant news.


[Change to 3rd Person’s POV]


The Count’s laughter grew louder, Leia’s face wrinkled, and Marco closed his eyes tightly.

Carl Lindbergh’s cheeks flushed red as he bent over.

Adrian Heineken really couldn’t tell who this person was in front of him.

After Count Bourbon had his attendant take Princess Leia and Carl’s servant, Adrian reached out to the prince.

“Would you like to talk to me for a moment?”

Carl nodded.

His cheeks were still red.

His peach-colored cheeks were so lovely that he wanted to kiss him.

Adrian strode ahead first to resist the strange impulse.

Carl Lindbergh never stopped looking around as he chased him busily.

It was like seeing a duckling that had just woken up from its egg.

Baby ducks are cute but not pretty.

Is he a soft kitten that smells like milk?

Surprised by the sudden tickling sensation, the Crown Prince placed his hand on his chest and lowered it.

The prince kept his gaze here and there, uttering a peculiar exclamation: “Oh, oh, ohhh.”

Seeing this, the maids passed by smiling happily.

“Wow, Heineken is so lively.”

When Adrian stared at him, Carl said, unable to hide his embarrassment.

Is ‘lively’ all he can spit out as an appreciation while he looks around so vigorously?

He felt like he was going to laugh again.

Although there was absolutely nothing to laugh at, this prince kept making him laugh.


TL Notes:

          [1] I only realized it now that it was Heineken and not Heneken.

          [2] Changed Lea into Leia since I was an idiot who didn’t notice it right away. Haha…

          [3] A fine elderly gentleman with gray hair.


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