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The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much – Chapter 4

 Chapter 4


Carl persistently visited Princess Lea and was finally forgiven for his previous actions.

The Prince said.

〈She is my dear sister. I should also do my best to be kind to my sister. Right?〉

He doesn’t know what he means, but if the prince says so, then it is.

Anyway, the prince, who has set a route for the common people these days, was insisting on wearing a modest outfit for this evening’s banquet.

It is regrettable that one of the pleasures of dressing up the prince himself was taken away. Marco sighed deeply, but the corner of the boy’s lips raised softly.




It’s a banquet I must attend, damn it.

Looking at Chancellor Kitchener surrounded by nobles as if he had become a king makes me nauseous.

The Chancellor’s first son is getting married, so I don’t know why the reception is held at the royal castle instead of his own house.

Among the other plump and greasy nobles, the Chancellor, with his straight back and balanced body for his age, was like a noble crane among crows.

He is more like a king than a king who sits on a throne.

Furthermore, the queen and the Chancellor were congratulated together. I bet my left pinky nails that they are in some kind of relationship.

I naturally frowned. Somehow, the Chancellor was displeased from the beginning.

He had a high-handed way of speaking, and I hated the glare of his eyes that couldn’t hide his disdain for others even if he pretended to be expressionless.

Ever since I became Carl Lindbergh.

Several months have passed since I stayed in my room trying to figure out how to avoid death and live freely because I don’t want to be found out that I didn’t lose my memory but changed as a person.

The only time I was out was to meet my sister, Lea Lindbergh.

Even so, it is inevitable to avoid large events that must be attended, banquets that even local nobles attend, or even the king’s call.

This is truly a prison without bars. It’s the perfect environment to drive me crazy if I don’t do something about it quickly.

Stretching my tight-necked clothes, I avoided the young nobles and stuck close to Lea.

People talked about the appearance of the two people who looked better than before, but it was out of consideration.

“They just pretend to be too friendly outside.”

Lea covered her mouth with a fan and whispered softly.

“I just came to escape, too. It’s suffocating over there.”

“Well, that stench isn’t ordinary. The smell of laziness and greed.”

Lea nodded her head as if she understood it a hundred times and made a small smile, but her eyes weren’t smiling at all, so the nobles wouldn’t even know she was smiling.

I couldn’t help but smile, so I got a little closer to her.

The two of us snuggled close to the wall close to the terrace to breathe in the natural breeze from outside.

Lea, who wore a simple sapphire necklace just like the color of my eyes, was really a goddess herself.

Even with the tacky, heavy dress and the frills that are stuck together, it still did not ruin her beauty.

I was convinced that she was the heroine of this novel.

The first time I met the fussy parents’ attitude that is always defending the prince and the princess with a calm but dark expression, I seemed to know how Carl Lindbergh turned into a villain.

The prince, who grew up at the center of all kinds of benefits, has been tormenting the princess in the form of abuse.

The parents, who were only interested in the prince, neglected it, and it must have continued to traumatize the princess.

If I hadn’t become Carl Lindbergh, he probably would have done more terrible things.

Carl Lindbergh could have remained a villain until the very end because he was her younger brother.

No matter how much the heroine hates this guy, it must have been difficult to punish him personally.

Whether she was the heroine or not, I had to apologize to her for being Carl Lindbergh.

The crime of taking away her only hobby, horseback riding, because of excessive greed, and the crime of filial piety by talking like she’s just an old friend.

Even if it wasn’t something I did, I couldn’t ignore it.

For the first time, neither she nor her maidservant looked suspiciously at me, who visited her and offered an apology. But when I added the explanation that my memories come and go after the fall, she laughed lightly.

Since then, we have been talking more often and we have become closer.

Of course, I didn’t have to tell everyone that I had changed, so we met secretly, but she was the same age as my younger sister Jae-young, and I felt a resemblance to my sister, so I quickly began to get fond of her.

She was thoughtful and clever. It was especially true that she didn’t pinpoint the mistakes of Carl Lindbergh in the past, perhaps because she cared for me, who lost my memory.

The righteous protagonist meets a beautiful princess and somehow falls in love with her, and then punishes Carl Lindbergh, who continues to do bad things. I thought it would be a story that Jeon Jae-young, a genuine manga fanatic, would like.

Finally, after Carl Lindbergh, the villain, died, she waited for the day to see the two main characters happy, but unfortunately, she closed her eyes without seeing the completion of the novel.

〈What do you mean a hiatus at this point! Show me more happy things!〉

Her last words, which resembled a scream, lingered in my ears.

“What are you staring at so much?”

“My sister is more like a flower today.”

“Your way of complimenting is outdated. I am a person who wants to be a sword rather than a flower.”

Nevertheless, the raised corners of Lea’s smiling lips collided with Jae-young’s image.

We were apart for a long time, and even after reuniting, I forgot how to be a kind older brother because of how busy I was, but you were the whole of my world that smiled without embarrassment at my silly jokes.

I’ll make that wish come true for you.

It was the moment when a new goal was created in a bleak and desolate new life.

Maybe I fell into this novel because of her wish, tired of the long years of torment?

Or was I sent to fulfill Jae-young’s will?

A hero who is so perfect, with such a wonderful heroine next to him. Applaud and then leave.

Maybe that’s the role the world wants me to play.

At that moment, the scent of lemongrass emanating from Lea’s body lingered in my nose rather than the smell of money or tobacco that people exhaled.

It is a fragrance that comforts and soothes an unstable mind.

In the end I was sure.

What was I sure of?

Even if the heroine isn’t Lea Lindbergh, I’m sure Adrian Heneken, the male lead, will fall in love with my sister.




After getting close to Lea Lindbergh, I made plans step by step.

What’s the plan? The plan is called Escape from the Afterlife, no, ‘Escaping the Novel Number One.’

Instead of trying to change the future where the protagonist kills me, I wanted to take this damn Lindbergh surname off first.

The scruffy attire, dark expressions, and sunken cheeks of the employees first caught my eyes rather than the splendid and lavish exterior of the castle or the feast served at every meal.

As the days got colder, smoke rose from various places as the guards endured the four seasons without proper armor and with a leather uniform covered with copper plates.

Upon opening the door, nobles like pigs descend from carriages with intricate patterns.

Even if I didn’t see their expressions as they hid behind the nobles, I could guess what they were thinking.

In this life, their hearts are filled with anger that they cannot bring to light and just like an ember, they consume it until it flickers out on its own.

That fact gnawed at my heart every day.

Surprisingly, the royal family was prohibited from leaving the castle by national law.

When the royal family leaves the castle, they either die or get married.

I was sick and tired of it all.

There was also an option to run away recklessly, but I was not confident that I could avoid the eyes of numerous employees, and I felt like I could not overcome my conscience.

And what happens to my remaining sister if I run away?

The old nobles who are aiming for Princess Lea will rise up at this time.

In the midst of marriage talks with the Empire, the nobles are desperate to prevent the princess from becoming the Empress of Heneken.

There are a lot of crazy people in this world.

I wanted to do something about the country that is similar to beggars.

But I have no political affiliation, no knowledge. The only faithful servant to help is Marco, who is still young, so success is impossible.

It was a total mess.

Eventually, after grinding and squeezing my brain cells……

To attract the male protagonist, I just need a spoonful of boldness and two spoonfuls of recklessness.




“T, they’re really here!”

Marco burst through the door and made a fuss.


Unlike me, who jumped up from my seat, Lea moved the chess piece calmly.

“Double Attack.”

Her white knight is in front of the black king.

“It is true that my memories are fuzzy. I didn’t know everything else, but I think I learned hard to play chess, saying it was the height of elegance.”

A slender finger held three pieces at once and removed them from the chessboard.


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