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The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much – Chapter 3

Chapter 3


The next step was to walk through the thick curtains that contributed greatly to making the room as dark as midnight, even though it was in broad daylight.

Marco discouraged me from getting dust on my hands, but it was also too much for the two of us to clean up the long and heavy curtains.

“Prince hates the sun because it hurts your skin.”

Marco added an explanation with a look of regret for the prince with amnesia.

I don’t think it was a very good master-slave relationship, but I couldn’t understand how he could be so blind.

After removing all four window curtains, I had to sit down for a long time because my whole body was exhausted.

While wiping the sweat on my forehead, I looked at the pale forearms with blue veins and clicked my tongue.

The body that would not have the strength even when using medicine was too pathetic to be a prince of a country.

When asked if I had a congenital disease, Marco laughed for the first time.

“It’s not because of a disease, it’s because you don’t eat much. You insisted on a vegetarian diet once a day.”

No wonder. I had no energy and my hair was rough.

I couldn’t hide my surprise.

“Does that make sense? There are nutrients and calories that people need to live.”

Marco tilted his head.

It was cute like a boy of my age.

“I don’t know about calories or nutrients, but you said you didn’t like the feeling of being full……”

I’ve never met such a crazy person. What, feeling full? Even models who film diet videos constantly take three meals a day.  I was so upset that I couldn’t even speak.

“If you gain weight on your belly button, you won’t get children easily. Andyou said that if you gain muscles, you will lose popularity.”

The tip of my lips quivered.

The prince was abusing not only Marco but also himself.

I knew that obesity, regardless of gender, may be the cause of infertility, but before the protagonist in the novel kills the villain, I had to prevent this body from dying of malnutrition.


* * *


When my younger sister, Jeon Jae-young, acted as if she would lick the illustration, I said that she was pathetic to hang herself on a guy who couldn’t even come out of the screen.

But now I might be in a situation where I’m begging him for my life.

After coming here, I often had dreams.

The scene of Carl Lindbergh struggling under the sword of Crown Prince Adrian Heneken.

I got up, stretched, and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

A typical western idol face.

He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a look that seemed to stay at the top of the Billboard charts in the 90s, but it wasn’t a very good impression because of his skinny body and the wrinkles on his forehead that seemed to still have a grumpy face.

I raised one hand and stroked his neck.

The young man in the mirror strokes his neck with melancholy eyes.

The place I touched was tingling and static electricity rose.

Now I am Carl Lindbergh, and Carl Lindbergh is me.

Jeon Woo-young, who protected his little sister with a big age difference, gave up dating and marriage, and lived like a villain, really died and disappeared.

“Prince? Does your head hurt? Should I call a doctor?”

“No, I am thinking of something.”

“Don’t try to force your memory back. It may come up naturally over time.”

Marco’s worry, which was full of sadness, only made me squirm and laugh.

I don’t even have to remember Carl Lindbergh’s memory.

There’s something else I must think of.

When, how, why Carl Lindbergh dies.

“What kind of person is Adrian Heneken?”

“I’ve only heard rumors about him, but he’s a dominant Alpha. The prince forgot everything, but you were so engrossed in him that you still remember his name.”

Alpha? You mean the predator leader.

The ticklish title, which refers to the male protagonist, only made me laugh.

“Will I ever have a chance to meet him?”

If possible, it is better to lead a peaceful new life without encountering him. I asked with anticipation, but Marco shattered my expectations.

“I’ve heard others say that Heneken and Lindbergh are inseparable. They also said that they would discuss national marriage soon. Wouldn’t that be the reason you’ll see him?”

“National marriage? Is the Crown Prince still single?”

Marco nodded.

The female lead had not appeared yet.

I should have asked more inquisitively then.


* * *


“Prince, I brought you lunch.”

Marco, who was pushing the wagon, narrowed his eyes because of the dazzling hair of Carl, who was lying on the floor and looking hard at something.

Wearing a loose-necked shirt and baggy trousers, Carl, lying face down on a piece of paper, and keeping his eyes on it, suddenly made a strange pose.

It was a movement of holding up on tiptoe with both elbows on the ground, and Carl gave it the same name as the cook.

‘Did he say F, Frank?’

Marco brought the wagon to the table and quietly moved the meal.

He doesn’t know what that move means, but it won’t hurt his body because he’s been working hard on physical training these days.

Marco, who was distressed at first, tried to dissuade him. But Carl didn’t budge, and Marco has now given up on interrupting.

Carl, who was holding out like a villain with a groan, finally laid down on the floor, panting, only after he turned red as if his face would burst.

“Haa, haa. You’re here?”

“Yes, but I think today is about 10 seconds longer than yesterday.”

“Right? It’s increasing noticeably. It’s good to be young.”

While looking at the prince he likes with puffy cheeks, Marco’s heart suddenly tickled and he turned his head, saying, “Stop eating now.”

Carl, who eats meat and vegetables evenly at every meal, has become quite plump compared to before.

To say that he’s still thin and is now chubby is an understatement, should it be said that he is stronger than before?

Anyway, he looked much better.

“You must attend the banquet tonight.”

Carl, who was poking through the quail with a special sweet sauce, wrinkled his face.

‘I guess he doesn’t like it.’

In the past, he used to hurry from the morning when it was a banquet, but Marco was awkward with the transformed prince, but he didn’t hate it.

“What kind of banquet is it when the country is like this?”

“Lindbergh has always been like this.”

“That’s the problem. Marco. If you make it a problem, it’s a problem, but if you don’t take it as a problem, you’re just waiting for it to screw up.”

As Marco tilted his head at the words that sounded like a spell, Carl tapped his chest.

“Do you think it makes sense that more than half the population are peasants? What’s with this huge tax? It’s like threatening the people not to think about doing anything within the bounds of the law. Could it be that the mortality rate is as high as the fertility rate? Yes?”

The prince spoke aloud instead of eating.

“Look at the huge crime rate in the capital and border areas. They are all thieves and pickpockets. It’s even sadder that beggars are poking each other’s pockets. It would be better to gather and open up the warehouse of the fat nobles.”

Marco, who was a famous pickpocket kid in the neighborhood until he entered the palace, was surprised by his words.

Robbing a nobleman’s warehouse. It was not what the prince should say.

Didn’t Carl repeatedly emphasize “blue blood”?

“Yes? If they do that, they will all die.Who would risk their life for such a thing?”

Carl used to brainwash him every day, saying that the nobles of Lindbergh, which encompasses royalty and nobility, and the common people themselves were different.

It’s not the present Carl, but he used to be.

“You have to fix it first. Who gives the right to pass the judgment at will.  It’s all the fault of the nobility or the royal family that the country looks like this, but who judges it? Ah, I’m a prince, but why can’t I do this!”

The prince slammed the table and blew on his first as if it hurt.

“Do you know what makes me more angry? It’s all external data. Dozens of people starve to death every day, but what does Lindbergh do on his own? Everyone is busy playing and eating. Do you know who the model of this damn country is? Those public officials who should be exemplary but are corrupt.”

Marco stood up quietly as he watched the enraged Carl drink cold water and chewed and swallowed rice as if it were a battle with his meal.

“While the prince eats, I’ll take Elizabeth for a walk.”

As soon as he heard the word ‘walk’, the prince, who jumped up and looked at his favorite Elizabeth with envious eyes for a moment, nodded his head.


* * *


Marco looked up at the sky as he walked through the desolate garden where even a little ant cannot be seen.

Carl, who was sometimes hysterical, but very graceful and neat, was now becoming just an ordinary young man, who said that corruption and physical strength were national power.

Today’s Carl reminded him of his boss[1] when he was wandering the streets.

A little cheeky, a little cranky, and takes good care of his younger siblings, but his loathing of the nobles reached its peak, so he really attacked and went missing.


Elizabeth pulled the string as if she wanted to stop his bad thoughts.

Of course he didn’t hate it. It’s just that the prince who doesn’t beat him and doesn’t throw things is a bit awkward.

Furthermore, his relationship with Princess Lea has improved a lot.


TL Notes:

[1] 대장 형님 (대장 is the leader of a kid’s group and 형님 or big brother). 


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