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The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much – Chapter 2

Chapter 2


* * *


I had a normal life except that I had no parents since I became a middle school student.

It was half a year ago that I opened my eyes here at the young age of twenty-seven, as if the past years had been a dream.

I still vividly remember how I was panting as I lay my cheeks on the cold floor right before I died.

I prayed briefly, ‘I haven’t done any good deeds in my life, but I haven’t done anything bad, so I’ll avoid hell.’

They tried to decorate the place nicely, but the splendor and crude space was like a distant dream.

When I got up quickly, my back and hips felt like they were going to fall out.

I rubbed my back, asking where the hell am I, and I saw a fair and thin hand first.

Heok, holding my breath and fumbling around my face, I could feel curly blonde hair and delicate, soft facial features.

“What, what?”

I tugged at the drooping hair.

I feel pain as my scalp is pulled. The one attached to my body was right.

This time, I slapped both cheeks hard. It was classic, but I couldn’t help it.

When the weak palm touches the face, I feel a bit of pain.

At the same time, someone screamed.


A skinny boy in shabby attire that did not fit in with the glamorous place approached.

Then, he began to pull out tears as if he had turned on a faucet.

“Prince Carl, Prince. You can’t die.”

He was Marco, a boy with red hair and cute freckles, and an ugly doll in my grandmother’s house.

And next to him was a yellow dog with tangled fur, no, Elizabeth.

Marco called me ‘Prince Carl Lindbergh’, and rummaging through my memory for a familiar name, I found a trace of memories with my little sister.

〈What are you enjoying reading?〉

〈Don’t talk to me because this is an important moment. 〉

〈What is it? 〉

〈At last, Carl Lindbergh went to hell.〉

He’s dead, but at the same time he’s not dead.

Worried that my young little sister would go somewhere and hear people saying ‘don’t be obvious that you don’t have parents’, I gave them an earful.

My younger sister, who would normally respond harshly to her older brother, only exhaled and snorted once, and focused on what she was reading.

And after going to the bathroom, she began to chatter and explain the contents of the novel with a smile on her face.

She mainly explained how bad the character named ‘Carl Lindbergh’ she hated was and how nicely the main character executed him.

To be honest, I didn’t have much interest in novels, but I listened to the fact that my younger sister, who was not that affectionate, talked to her older brother.

“Carl Lindbergh…….”

When I muttered a little, Marco fell down and cried.

Haa, a sigh came out of my mouth.

I died and woke up in a novel, so it was clear that I had gone crazy due to the shock of the accident.

I tried to remember the contents of the novel by tracing my memory, but after spitting out a few names, my hazy and foggy mind calmed down.

The genre.

Fantasy, romantic, no, fantasy romance?

I think it was something like that.

I think there was a main character with a handsome appearance. I think it was about love overcoming adversity.

Ah, there was also the point that the character’s name was strangely reminiscent of alcohol.

It’s not the novel I read, but the novel that my sister read. Among them, who helped increase the sweet potato[1] section by bothering the main character for a dirty long time?

The only correct fact was that it was Carl Lindbergh, who I had taken over.


* * *


At any rate.

I’m not the main character, but I don’t know if I’ve become the villain who bullied the main character.

What kind of villain would this prince be with a weak impression who was too thin to use his strength.

“How old am I now?”

15? 16?

“……You just came of age.”


Let’s think about me before.

When I was 20 years old, I joined the military, but my arms were twice as big as this.

This appearance is more like a princess, not a prince.

I was stunned as if I had been hit hard in the back of my head.

As I sat on the bed, fumbling and mesmerizing for a while, Marco sniffled and shouted to kill himself because it was his fault that I fell off the horse.

Looks like Carl Lindbergh fell off his horse.

Unfortunately, it seems that your master is dead.

Judging by Marco’s skinny appearance and atmosphere, it seems like he wasn’t a very good master, but Marco cried and cried so much that I clicked my tongue, feeling sorry for him.

“Is it because killing is not enough? Then hit me on the back!”

What’s wrong with him?

Even before I could hide my embarrassment, Marco took off his clothes. He even handed out a whip with clear bloodstains.

I was at a loss for words.

There were countless scratches on the naked back of the child who turned around.

It wasn’t a scar from being beaten for a day or two.

From old to new wounds, it drew clear traces of time like the rings of a tree.

What the hell was this damn prince doing?

“Stop it, I won’t hit you or kill you.”

I felt a throbbing pain in my tailbone when I got out of bed.

It’s hard to see, but I’m sure it’s bruised.

With a sound, I placed the whip deep under the bed and stood in front of the mirror, admiring Carl Lindbergh’s face.

Just in case, I groped the front of my pants.

Marco’s face grew paler and paler.

“Prince, you are very angry.”

The dog, who was contemplating at the same time, whimpered and fell on his feet and watched.

It was crazy.

“I mean, Marco? I’m not angry.”

I purposely spoke in a soft tone, but a boy and a dog became completely frozen.

“P, Prince, my, n, name.”

If not your name, what should I call you?

When I quickly turned my head to look at Marco, he was trembling like an aspen tree.

Even the big dog was like that, so I was at a loss for words.

No, a person can do that, but why is the dog doing that, too?

Marco’s tears fell like rain and made dots on the floor, and eventually he started exhaling hard as if he was having trouble breathing.


Only after I screamed did Marco stop hiccuping and crying.

“I’m fine except for a little pain in my butt, so don’t cry. Okay?”

After soothing Marco and petting the dog, I suddenly lost strength and stumbled.

“It’s not okay. Prince. I’ll call the doctor right now.”

“No, I need your help now rather than the doctor.”

Marco’s face suddenly flushed red when I quickly grabbed his hand as he was about to run out of the room.

“P, Prince, my, h, hand.”

Marco, who was shaking as if he was starting a game, hardened when I grabbed both of his shoulders with a desperate heart.

His face turned red in an instant, and then suddenly I saw Marco’s face and my head turned vigorously.

How the heck can I get past this difficult time from the start.

It seems like a dream, so why not jump out the window first? Then I might wake up from the dream. I glanced at the tightly closed window, as if no air could pass through, and shook my head.

Let’s forget it, it’s a problem if this body dies and if it gets hurt, it’ll traumatize the innocent Marco.

Even if I said, ‘I’m a person from the outside world who came into the novel due to circumstances, but because I’m a villain, I will be killed in the end.’, this guy couldn’t help me.

While contemplating on what to do with this situation, Elizabeth licked her chin wet.

As if on purpose, I coughed and placed the responsibility on the shoulder of the boy I was holding on to, using the relationship between us.

Marco stared at me, patting my shoulder with a puzzled face.

After coughing, I mentioned a disease that was usually used a lot, though not a plausible one.

“Look, I think I lost my memory when I fell off the horse.”

There was no other way to explain it other than that.

Marco, who came to his senses at the words and said, “Are you saying you have amnesia?” I nodded furiously.

Amnesia. It was fortunate that humans had such a disease.

Even Marco wouldn’t have dared to imagine that I had only come here with my soul from another world, but I didn’t like it when things got bigger.

The first thing I did was to cut the fluttering hair that was moving around my waist.

It was annoying every time I moved, and my scalp was so heavy that it gave me a headache, so I grabbed it roughly and cut it off, but Marco shouted and said he would do it.

Marco was quite talented. My hair, which was straight and bobbed like a character from an old cartoon, turned out nicely.

Even though he kept bowing over and over, saying he was so obliged to put his hand on my head.


TL Notes:

[1] 고구마 or Sweet potato means situations that are so frustrating and annoying that you feel stifled.


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