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The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much – Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Adrian closed his eyes slowly and opened his eyes in response to the furious prince.

The princess’s growth was remarkably fast. She went through a rut before Adrian and endured it brilliantly alone. She was probably around 15 or 16.

An alpha’s first rut, if he’s lucky, would spend it with an omega who would be his mate, but usually suffered from the rut in the absence of a mate.

The pain was beyond a Beta’s imagination, so it was common for those in power to force an Omega or a Beta, who would be an Alpha’s partner[1], to be pushed into the spot.

The problem was that in cases like a Beta, the burden on the body was so severe that it often resulted in permanent injuries, and the Omega leads to a loveless marriage.

At Heineken, a fairly long period of time was invested in solving this problem, and finally, a pseudo pheromone effect and a calming technique were studied.

Most of the magic stones are imported from Heineken, but it was only twice that the princess purchased the magic crystals with the same formula.

The fact that she had only used two Magic Stones so far, whose effects are halved after a certain period of time, means that she was mostly in control of herself whenever her estrus came.

If such a princess grows in strength.


Adrian’s eyes, hidden by his eyelids, burned with instinctive fighting spirit.

He had a premonition that he would have a good rival.

Carl Lindbergh was still angry.

“Twenty-one and fifty years old. It’s about my father’s age. Does that make sense?”

The hand that slammed the table with a stern look in his eyes was quite strong.

He was familiar with the news that the prince laid on the floor and stopped the princess’ marriage.

The Crown Prince said coldly, holding back his rising laughter.

“So, what’s the point?”

“Ah, so the main point is to hand over the entire right to mine magic stones in the Mochu Mountains, so please join forces to rescue the people of Lindbergh.”

The prince, who spat out at once, looked nervously at Adrian’s slowly opening lips.

“How can the prince hand over the mining rights of the Magic Stones? The king is still alive. You’re not telling me to cut your father’s neck, are you?”

When the Crown Prince asked, Carl Lindbergh explained the plan as if he had memorized it.

“I’ll bring you the Royal seal.”

“Royal seal?”

Carl nodded solemnly.

“When a piece of paper is stamped with a Royal seal, it becomes an official document that no one can ignore. Because it’s a Royal seal with magic on it.”

Very few people know what power the Royal seal contains, so how did the prince who had been “crazy” for twenty years know?

“My father’s political life is already over.”


Adrian knew better the King of Lindbergh was addicted to the strange hookah[2] brought by the Chancellor, but he deliberately dug into what has prompted his words.

“My father lost both his health and trust because of the drug. Buy me a little time to turn Kitchener’s eyes, and I’ll go get the Royal seal.”

Carl Lindbergh, who grew up wrapped in the skirts of the king and queen, was calm even as he exposed his father’s disgrace.

“Do you know how to use the Royal seal?”

“……If you could tell me that for free, I’d use it well.”

His tone and eyes were determined, but the sweat on his nose showed how nervous he was.

“Let me think about it first.”

The Crown Prince drank the moderately cooled tea and offered it to the prince as well. The prince drank the tea in one breath.

For a moment, Adrian wanted to hold his trembling hand.

The 20-year-old Crown Prince, who had grown up on the borderline of neither a child nor an adult, could not hide his troubled heart after Prince Carl came to this castle.


* * *


“What’s that?”

Marco returned to the room with something in his arms.

The sweet and savory smell came out of the thick paper bag, so I felt empty even though I just ate.

With a smile on his face, Marco proudly opened the bag.

“The big sister maids gave it to me.”

The rustling sounds delicious too. I didn’t know what it was.

“I was walking Elizabeth and some sisters came and asked how old I was. And they asked me if I had eaten and gave me cookies.”

Marco, who had never been shown kindness from anyone other than the prince, couldn’t hide his joy as his face flushed.

“Wow, awesome. This is a Sangtu Gwaja[3]!”

I want to hug the person who gave the bag.

A snack that is baked by kneading the egg yolk and milk in almond powder and squeezing it into a chestnut shape.

The light brown soft cookies made my mouth water.

It’s Marco’s, but I proceeded to take a bite and I can feel the taste of the sweet sediment from my hand.

“Wow, they made this right.”

I couldn’t even hear Marco’s voice calling out, ‘Prince?’ and shove three of them into my mouth in a row, and I choked. Still, it felt good.

I used to eat this a lot when I was young, but I didn’t expect to see this here.

“How does the prince know about these cookies? Heineken’s traditional sweets are said to be eaten by commoners.”

Pounding my chest, I barely swallowed the cookies and said, “Uh, I think I ate a lot when I was younger. I must have been mistaken, it tastes a little different.”

Fortunately, the good-natured and loyal Marco laughed it off saying if the prince said so.

“I’ve never had anything like this before.”

His ecstatic face, like looking at gold, is clearly seen overflowing with wonder the moment he puts the cookies in his mouth.

“It’s soft. It’s savory and sweet. I like it better than the cookies the prince gave me from time to time.”

“Me, too. It’s really delicious.”

Marco and I sat there, eating a bag of cookies and passing it along.

“The sister who gave me this looked at me and asked me why I was so skinny, and she said that I had a hard time. So I said it was nice to be around the prince because I was happiest.”

Marco patted his belly and smiled, so I hugged him tightly.

“Huh, P, Prince. All of a sudden!”

Marco widened the area of his nose, as if he was about to lose his breath. Either way, I feel like I’m going to die because I feel sorry for him.

There were times when he looked like me when I was young, and I also felt human sympathy for him.

“Marco, I will repay you and Leia for as much as I have done wrong.”

“E, even now, I am.”

I put my index finger to Marco’s lips, who murmured that he was happy.

“You’re mistaken. Beating or harassing someone for no good reason and saying that you are the best with your mouth alone is neither true friendship nor affection. You will learn it here from now on. Understand?”

Marco nodded wordlessly.

Speaking of which, my thighs felt empty. I don’t have the warm, soft Elizabeth I hug every day.

“Come to think of it, where’s Elizabeth?”

“Oh! While talking to the big sister maids, I spotted His Highness and it ran over……”


The garden is quite large, is that okay?

Elizabeth, who had been in Prince Carl’s room since she was born, was a Hamheung Chasa[4] when she went out for a walk after coming here.

Still, Marco and her were always together, so it was okay.

“Don’t worry, Elizabeth likes the prince as much as I do, so she’ll come back no matter what……”

As he spoke, Marco’s face paled.

Astonished by the ghostly expression on his face, a bundle of brown fur swooped into us, and the voice of the Crown Prince, like ice, flew in.

“I never imagined that you two were in that relationship.”


* * *


Certainly, a well-off country was different.

The atmosphere was loose, but so were the knights with clean sleeves in each uniform, and the skirts of the maids who worked there had no wrinkles.

It’s been half a year since I possessed this body, and it’s been a week since I moved to the main character’s country.

I noticed the difference in welfare levels in just a week, paying tribute to the author’s intentions, which is quite biased.

“Isn’t the tea to your taste?”

A man sitting across from me suddenly asked me, who was immersed in my feelings.

“Nope. It’s very delicious. Maybe it’s because the atmosphere here is good.”

Or is it because the male lead’s face is famous? I laughed to myself.

The face of the man that Jeon Jae-young used to talk about every day.

The man nagged that his face wasn’t everything, but when I saw the person in front of me, his face mattered.

A prominent nose, nicely raised forehead, green eyes, and dimples on one cheek. He had an impeccable face.

There is even a strangely smiling expression that seems to be a monopoly patent, so it is a very, very free pass for the meeting.

I glanced at the Crown Prince while sipping tea.

If Jeon Jae-young had entered this novel, she would have gone crazy.

After all, it’s her favorite. It’s perfect.

Just the face?

Wide chest with wide shoulders, thick chest and firm thighs. Since ancient times, chest and thighs have been said to be symbols of strength.

Even if I turned into a weak and corrupt villain, once I succeeded in hooking up Leia and the Crown Prince, I was going to start working out in earnest.

When I lie down for an hour just because of 10 push-ups, I miss my old self, who had forearms and bronzed skin that had been compacted by years of physical labor, even though my face was normal.

Also, learn skills and study some other things.

Save money and travel. I’m going to look for good restaurants.

My shoulders trembled when I thought about my life in Lindbergh, which was like a prison without bars, and my past life when I had a fallout with my only younger sister.


TL Notes:

          [1] Not as a mate, but as a s*x partner when the rut happens.

          [2] Hookah is a tobacco pipe of Near Eastern origin with a long, flexible tube by which the smoke is drawn through a jar of water.

          [3] Sangtu Gwaja (상투 과자) –  “Sangtu” means a married man’s haircut – a topknot. “Gwaja” is a type of snack food like cookies or chips. Since these cookies look like topknot haircuts, Koreans called them “Sangtu Gwaja.”

          [4] Hamheung Chasa (함흥차사) is like a lost messenger who does not come back from certain tasks. It is an idiom meaning that a person sent away on an errand does not return without ever contacting the sender or responding to the sender’s messages; the messengers to Hamheung are those sent by King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty to persuade his father King Taejo to come back home to the palace from self-imposed exile in Hamheung after relinquishing the throne to his son (Korean-English dictionary).


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