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The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much – Chapter 1



Birds sang as they enjoyed the season, and a rainbow hung in the cloudless sky like a painting.

The garden of Heneken Imperial Palace was of an imperial scale, and flowers and trees that had never been seen were fluttering in the spring breeze.

The flowers soaked in moisture from last night’s rain gave off a delicate scent.

It was sunny after the rain, and the entire outer castle where guests were staying was buzzing because of a man who caught people’s attention.

“Oh my, is he the one from the rumor?”

A maid who works at the castle covered her mouth with her hand.

“That’s right. He is the prince of the Kingdom of Lindbergh.”

The maid working at the outer castle shrugged her shoulders proudly.

However, dark clouds hung over the chest of Prince Carl Lindbergh, who was squatting in the center.

Every time the prince sighed, a butterfly flew from somewhere and danced.

The maids, who watched the scene like a landscape painting, blushed, and the palace guards were mesmerized.

The two siblings, who came to the Heneken Empire from the Kingdom of Lindbergh a week ago, were the talk of the town. It’s been a long time since long-term guests came to the castle, which was completely empty, and one of them was Heneken’s next emperor.

Whenever the wind blows, the prince’s hair, which flutters, reflects the sun, and his blue eyes glow like a well-refined sapphire.

It was like a flower dancing in the sunlight thanks to his translucent skin and long, slender limbs, as if covered with a thin layer of white cloth.

The fuss of the maids was even worse because the main character of a novel that was popular a long time ago was just like him.

“I thought the rumor was exaggerated, but what a beauty.”

The palace guards nervously gulped their saliva as they watched the prince, who was chasing away the butterfly.

They could see his fluttering eyelashes every time he opened his eyes as if it were bright.

“He looks more miserable today.”

“He seemed like a very lively person, but did something happen?”

The gardeners whispered as they watched the prince crouched among the grasses.

The prince, who was entrusted to Heneken for some reason, went out every day and unintentionally attracted people’s eyes.

He wanders around the training hall together with his big dog, or sits on the terrace overlooking the garden all day.

The prince does not hesitate to roll up his sleeves to help the gardener or to carry the work of other maids.

Every time he went for a walk, he was interested in everyone he met and was smiling or talking to them.

Seeing such a prince, the servants of the outer castle bet on the fact that the Lindbergh Kingdom had imprisoned Carl Lindbergh until now.

And the prince, who was always sweet and lively, sat in the corner of the garden all day today with a gloomy expression on his face.

His visage, which sighs deeply and sometimes bursts into tears while looking at the sky, seemed unusual.

The maids whispered with worried faces.

“His Highness the Crown Prince came yesterday and left, and he has been like that ever since.”

The younger maid said to the older maid.

“Did the two fight? I didn’t hear them raise their voices.”

“It’s not like that, but I think he seems to be shocked by something.”

“Oh my, what do you think is going on?”

It wasn’t a topic for them to talk about because it was done by high-ranking people, but it was inevitable that their interest would rise as if it would pierce the spire.

In the end, when the prince scratched the floor like digging a tunnel, the maids made a fuss even more.

“Oh my, hey, you go and ask what’s going on.”

“What if I made him angry?”

“You’re the best in the Imperial City to be easygoing, so don’t tell me that’s true.”

“He’s known for being easygoing in the Imperial Palace, so there’s no way, right?”

From afar, the prince stopped digging at the sound of the prince’s dog crying as if looking for its owner.

“I heard that Lindbergh is very anxious these days, maybe that’s why.”

A palace guard said, stroking his beard. But another palace guard waved his hand.

“No way, I heard that he was not interested in politics at all in his life. I know that his face is not normal, but his personality. You’ve heard of it, right? A walking explosive.”

As the other palace guards whispered, the maids shed the two men at once.

“Where did you hear such false rumors? What are you going to do if the prince hears?”

The palace guard, embarrassed by the stinging eyes of the young maids, waved his hand.

“No, um. You know that. There were so many people who died in the hands of that fragile-looking prince that he only had one servant.”

“Look here, Sir Knight, Watch what you say. Not only the prince, but also his sister, Princess Lea, came here with only one maid. Haven’t you heard that the current situation in Lindbergh is not as good as it sounds, and that His Highness the Crown Prince brought him here in a hurry?”

The maid who was cleaning the prince’s bedroom put her hand on her waist.

The palace guard clicked his tongue.

Looking at the current prince, he couldn’t believe it himself, but according to his seniors, he had a lot of problems.

“It is widely rumored in the knights these days that he has been eccentric since he was young, and that he will soon reveal his true colors, although it is exaggerated to some extent.”

The guard’s voice crept inward.

It was because the expressions of the maids were as cold as frost in the middle of winter.

“You wouldn’t be able to say that if you see how good the prince is to the servants like us.”

“He shows respect to the old maids.”

“He makes his bed every morning and takes a bath by himself, and it’s not like that for a day or two. He is diligent and warm-hearted.”

The maids were united for the first time in a long time and fired back.

The distraught palace guard made an excuse, saying, “I don’t mean to harm the prince,” but they didn’t budge.

“There is no one among us who is not envious of how kind he is to the servant he brought with him.”

“Everyone has sensitive moments when they are young. Sir Knight?”

The maids thought that the Prince of Lindbergh had a heart as fine as his beauty. The room was so neatly used that they didn’t have to organize it, and he tried to help the maids whenever he had time, so he was scolded by the maidservants.

Moreover, what about Princess Lea Lindbergh.

She had charisma and knowledge, and was kind to the mute maid. The sight of her tucking her hair behind her ears and reading a book on the terrace fascinated both men and women alike.

For that reason, the servants of the outer castle were completely captivated with the two siblings in just a week.

As the maids raised their voices in unison, the palace guards scratched their heads.

“Ah, um, you can’t believe the rumors as expected. Haha.”

A maid who was older than him held out her finger to the awkwardly smiling palace guard.

“Whatever the prince did in the past, he now has dignity and intelligence. So keep your mouth shut.”

The palace guard nodded indignantly.

There was also a slightly different reason why they defended the prince.

The fact that Crown Prince Adrian of the Empire is handsome is a truth that even a small child in a passing village knows, and Prince Carl Lindbergh is also a formidable handsome man.

Crown Prince Adrian, the idol of all people, and the prince fit together like a painting, and has caused vicarious satisfaction among the maids.

Whenever the two were in one place, their hearts were pounding, and in the Imperial Palace, even popular novels featuring the two were circulating.

It has been twenty years since the dominant Alpha Crown Prince did not even pay attention to other Omega. It must have been close to the truth that the two of them would become a pair, since such a prince is an Omega who has been personally brought by the Crown Prince himself.

One of the maids raised her voice, believing that the reason why the prince has a dazzled expression was just because of shyness whenever the Crown Prince sets foot on the outer castle.

“On the day when the Prince becomes the Crown Princess, you will be in big trouble!”

They were so engrossed in raising the dynamism of the prince that they did not see the fair prince behind the terrified palace guards.

The prince scratched his ear with an expression of disbelief and eventually fell back.

When the prince fell on his buttocks and sat down, the gardener who had been watching the prince from nearby came running in contemplation, and the maids were scattered by the maid who came in late and returned to their places.


* * *


〈On the day when the Prince becomes the Crown Princess……〉


As I grabbed my head and screamed, Marco, the servant, approached me in surprise. Elizabeth, who was lying at my feet and enjoying the sun leisurely, also jumped up in surprise.

The conversation between the maids fueled the embers lit by the Crown Prince yesterday.


“Marco, pinch me.”

I hurriedly grab Marco’s trousers.

But Marco, with a frown on his forehead, shook his leg and pulled me away.

You’ve changed. You used to pretend to die if I told you!

“You, you’re doing it again. How can I touch the prince’s body? I’ll be punished by heaven.”

The Crown Prince will beat you up first, not the heavenly punishment. And getting more annoyed by Marco’s pouting lips, I buried my face in the cushion again and screamed, “Ahh!”

If someone tells me that this is just a dream, I’d like you to come out now, clapping your hands and saying that everything from being Carl Lindbergh until now has been a hidden camera.

“Prince, drink some cold water and calm down. Ah, shall I bring you a hot chocolate drink? Eating sweets will make you feel better.”

Placing the glass of water on the table, Marco clapped his hands and disappeared out the door.

Instead of him, I hugged the fluffy dog sitting next to me.

I felt a little relaxed listening to the heartbeat that was slightly faster than a person’s.

“Elizabeth, do you know? How hard it was for me to get here.”


“That’s right, you already know. Because you’re my only friend who knows my secret.”

Because she cannot speak, Elizabeth, who is acting as a bamboo forest, poked me in the cheek with her snout.

When my agitation subsided due to the moderately elevated body temperature, my eyes slowly closed.


«────── « ⋅❀⋅ » ──────»


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