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TSVJWTL Chapter 5



Special thanks to Editor/Proofreader – AngeAngela

Within a few nights of self-study, Zhu Tong finished reading the entire novel.

“Waiting for the day you fall in love with me” tells the story of a girl who bravely pursues a male god. The female protagonist was beautiful, and the male protagonist remembered her with just a single glance. Since then, every move of the female protagonist had impacted the male protagonist’s mood.

This novel was too simple. The female protagonist’s strategy for the male protagonist was simply smooth sailing.

But why was his treatment so different? Zhu Tong didn’t have any lovey-dovey feelings like the heroine for the male protagonist, he just wanted to become friends with him so that Zhu Tong could save his life.

But why was Shao Ming so difficult to satisfy? Zhu Tong was puzzled: “Why was my mission target, Shao Ming?” This was the question he had always wanted to ask. What does the heartthrob’s white moonlight have to do with him?

Why was his life tied to white moonlight’s favorability?

The system who has automatically listened to his dilemma and answered Zhu Tong. “Because Shao Ming was the only person who was related to the male protagonist and who was not attracted to the male protagonist halo.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

In the original book, Shao Ming’s attitude toward the male protagonist was similar to Zhu Tong, or should he say that Shao Ming behaved much worse than Zhu Tong. But in the end, Shao Ming’s ending was the exact opposite of Zhu Tong’s.

After graduating from high school, Shao Ming went to City A. To get rid of the entanglement of the male protagonist, he single-handedly brought down the company of the male protagonist’s family.

No one knows how Shao Ming managed to do it. But in the end, he did it. Once he achieved it, not only Shao Ming was not hunted down by the protagonist’s admirers, but he also left the country safely and went abroad to live and work in peace and contentment.

The world was so unfair. So just because of Shao Ming’s excellent luck and personality, Zhu Tong, the villain, must hug White Moonlight’s thigh if he wants to survive?

Zhu Tong sighed deeply again. Anyway, this was the only way in which he could prolong his lifestyle. Zhu Tong quietly turned his head and looked to the side, only to find that the seat beside him was empty.


Zhu Tong was startled: “Where’s Shao Ming?”

666: “By the time you read the finale of the novel, he was already out of the classroom.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

Zhu Tong could only simply pack his things and go back to the dormitory first.

The dormitory of No. 1 Middle School, Zhu Tong had seen it on the campus briefing before transferring to another school.

Although it was an eight-person dormitory, the space was not small, the beds and lockers are neatly arranged, and the environment can also be considered clean.

Since Zhu Tong came to this school, he still has to learn to integrate into campus life. It’s just accommodation, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Zhu Tong thought.

Listening to his host though the system felt: His host was still too naive.

At the door of the dormitory, Zhu Tong realized that there was a big problem! He didn’t care how narrow the corridor was, and he didn’t care how noisy the dormitory building was before the lights went out.

But where did the clean and tidy dorms on the briefing go?

Of the eight beds in the dormitory, only six had quilts. Except for the one near the door, the quilt was folded. The bed with the quilt folded seems to be the bed that the head teacher arranged for Zhu Tong.

Someone just came out of the bathroom with water dripping from their hair, and stepped into the dormitory with their water-soaked slippers, each step leaving with a watermark.

In the middle of the room, two people set up a small table squatted directly on the ground, and ate malatang with great enjoyment. The smell of chili oil spread throughout the dormitory.

The other two slept on the top bunk, playing with their phones while hanging their legs on the edge of the bed, dangling their feet.

Zhu Tong: “…”

Young Master Zhu, who had never seen such a battle, was dumbfounded.

It happened that someone saw Zhu Tong at this moment and greeted him warmly: “Zhu Tong? Here? Want to eat malatang?”

“And here are some hot dog sausages, would you like some?”


Zhu Tong’s face turned pale. He tried his best to put a smile on his face. He politely said: “No, you eat, I… I suddenly remembered that I had left something in the classroom, I’ll go get it.”

Zhu Tong almost ran away. “System system system system!” He summoned 666 as he scurried down the hallway.

The 666 system responded promptly: “What’s wrong with the host?”

Zhu Tong said: “Didn’t you say that Shao Ming was a person who pays great attention to his image? He lives in such a place?”

The system said: “When did I say that Shao Ming lives here?”


“If Shao Ming doesn’t live here? Then where does he live?”

666: “Don’t you know that there is a kind of thing called day-study?”

Zhu Tong: “…”

Zhu Tong went to boarding school from childhood to adulthood. And he didn’t go to school more than a few times throughout the year.

The hospital was Zhu Tong’s second school. What was day study? He hadn’t thought about it at all!

Zhu Tong also precisely clarified to his grandfather that he shouldn’t give him any special treatment!

What has he done?

Zhu Tong suddenly decided: “I’ll go to the principal.” He was also going to do day study.

The system reminded him: “It’s night.”


Zhu Tong suddenly remembered this. He can’t go to school at night. Except for privileged students. What would Shao Ming think of Zhu Tong when he found out about this?

Zhu Tong looked at only 5% favorability left.The progress bar was already not prosperous, and moving out would probably make things worse.

The system comforted Zhu Tong and said, “Is accommodation more important or life is more important?”

Zhu Tong said truthfully: “It’s just as important as life.”

System: “……”

In the end, Zhu Tong had to compromise, and he reluctantly went back to his room. After the lights were turned off, he lay on the hard wooden bed, all the cells in Zhu Tong’s body were restless.The bed was too hard and uncomfortable. The snoring sound was unpleasant.The foot odor in the air had an unpleasant smell.

Zhu Tong couldn’t sleep at all! After lying down till the middle of the night, Zhu Tong couldn’t bear it anymore he quietly got up from the bed and stood on the balcony. The moment Zhu Tong breathed the fresh air, he suddenly felt that he was alive again.

Zhu Tong took out his phone and checked the time.

Four o’clock sharp. Very good, there are only two hours more before the morning self-study.

Zhu Tong has decided not to sleep.

In the early self-study, Zhu Tong appeared in the classroom with two dark circles under his eyes. As soon as Zhu Tong sat in his seat, he slept directly on the table.

Many people in the classroom were afraid of being late and came to the classroom early to catch up, so Zhu Tong’s sleeping was not weird.

At first, no one noticed that something was wrong with Zhu Tong until after a whole session of self-study, the crowd in the cafeteria trampled the teaching building like an earthquake, and Zhu Tong remained unmoved.

Tang Nuan who just finished reciting a text and was about to go for breakfast. When she looked back and saw Zhu Tong still lying on the table, she smiled helplessly and pushed Zhu Tong’s arm. “Zhu Tong, let’s go to dinner.” 


Tang Nuan got no response.

Tang Nuan was slightly startled, and called out again: “Zhu Tong?”

“Hmm.” Zhu Tong tilted his head and responded with a grunt.

As soon as Shao Ming took off his hearing earphones, he heard someone nervously calling someone’s name. When Shao Ming lowered his head to look at someone, he saw an abnormally red face.


Zhu Tong was short of breath and was having difficulty breathing.

Shao Ming has not seen Zhu Tong just for one night and he feels that Zhu Tong was much weaker than before. 

Zhu Tong reached out and probed his forehead. He frowned slightly and said, “I have a fever.”

“Fever?” Tang Nuan was startled and reached out his hand subconsciously. “Oh my God, why are you so hot?”


Zhu Tong was finally awakened completely, and he waved his hand weakly: “It’s okay.”Maybe it was due to a cold wind last night and he didn’t sleep well yesterday.

Shao Ming: “…” Where does this look like it’s okay?

Tang Nuan also hurriedly said: “You are all burning up like this and you say it’s okay, let’s go, I’ll take you to the school doctor’s office.” She was a responsible class leader, and also an activist.

As Tang Nuan spoke, she walked around to Zhu Tong’s desk and reached out to help him up. Tang Nuan tried to tug Zhu Tong but it did not help.

Tang Nuan turned her head and said, “Shao Ming, help me quickly.”

Shao Ming: “…” Is his helpful image too deeply rooted? Shao Ming smiled wryly and stood up resignedly.

Zhu Tong’s body was suddenly lifted, and the unfamiliar breath made Zhu Tong subconsciously struggle. “It’s okay, I can walk by myself…”

As a result, before Zhu Tong could break free, he stumbled under his feet and fell back heavily.

Shao Ming caught Zhu Tong subconsciously, and the two were stunned at the same time.

Zhu Tong leaned into Shao Ming’s arms, an unfamiliar aura came over him, he seemed not as disgusted as he thought.

Shao Ming supported Zhu Tong, the scalding temperature clinging to his body, Shao Ming was unable to tell why he was not repulsed by Zhu Tong’s closeness. Instead, it was comfortable. 

“Where are you going? What are you trying to do at this time?” Tang Nuan scolded Zhu Tong, interrupting the momentary weird atmosphere between the two.

Young Master Zhu, who had never been spoken harshly by anyone, was reprimanded by Tang Nuan for the first time. 

Zhu Tong was helped out of the classroom by two people in a daze.

In the school doctor’s room, Zhu Tong arranged for the school doctor to lie down on the bed.

The condition that dragged on for a morning seemed to have deteriorated, and when Zhu Tong lay down on the bed, his consciousness started to be a little blurry.

“If you have a cold hang two bottles of drip and you’ll be fine.”

The school doctor briefly checked, and then took a look at Zhu Tong’s collar. “It seems like you have some skin allergies, so better pay more attention to hygiene.”

Tang Nuan had gone out long ago when the doctor said he was going to be examined, and now only Shao Ming was guarding the bed.

Shao Ming watched as the collar of the person on the bed slid off, revealing a delicate collarbone, and a few patches of redness and swelling. They were particularly obvious on the pale white skin.


Looking at the person on the bed, a few words popped up in Shao Ming’s mind: petite and weak. At first glance, this kind of young master who grew up in a greenhouse, why did he transfer to their school to suffer?

Shao Ming was sure that he had never seen this person before.

What was the purpose of Zhu Tong in becoming his tablemate? For learning—this kind of rhetoric, he doesn’t believe a word of it.

An inexplicable burst of irritability surged in Shao Ming’s heart, he frowned inaudibly, but he quickly regained his indifference.

Shao Ming didn’t stay long in the school doctor’s office and left after the doctor put saline on Zhu Tong.

With a cold and skin allergies, Zhu Tong did not return to the classroom all morning.

“I heard that your roommate is very ill?” In the school cafeteria at noon, Rosso and Shao Ming sat face to face at the dining table. 

Shao Ming’s movements were much more elegant as compared to Rosso who was speaking with a mouthful of rice. He took a piece of potato and put it in his mouth, chewed it slowly, and said, “Fever, thirty-eight degrees three.”

Also skin allergies.

Thinking of the red mark on the man’s neck, it seems quite easy to cause misunderstanding.

Tsk Not knowing what to think, Shao Ming’s face suddenly became strange for a moment.

Rosso looked at him and said, “Why do I feel that you are not very friendly to your new deskmate?”

Shao Ming smiled and said, “No, he’s okay.”

Rosso: “…”

Well, what does it mean?

Rosso took another bite of the meal, and suddenly stared at Shao Ming: “Could Zhu Tong come after you?”

Shao Ming was silent and said, “He came from City A.”

“What happened to the one from City A…” Rosso said for a while, frowning, and said, “You suspect that Zhu Tong is your father…”

Shao Ming glanced at him suddenly.

Rosso immediately changed his words: “Is he arranged over there?”


Shao Ming did not speak.

Russo said: “Impossible, it was just a while ago that we found one last time and they dare to repeat the same trick? They want to monitor you and arrange to be at the same table as you. Are they stupid?”

Shao Ming smiled again and said, “Maybe, maybe not. Maybe Zhu Tong came here because of me? After all, I’m so handsome.”

Rosso: “…”

Rosso pouted and said again: “If you want me to say. Brother Ming, you are too sensitive, there are so many people in City A, you can’t be so vigilant to everyone in City A, right? The rest of City A didn’t provoke you.”

Shao Ming said: “It is better to cherish your brain and stay away from City A.”

Rosso: “You are geographically discriminating.”

Shao Ming did not deny it either.

Rosso felt that Shao Ming would not talk to him, so he concentrated on eating.

Shao Ming put down his chopsticks and waited for Rosso to finish eating.

Shao Ming was not biased. It’s just that he had too many bad memories from people associating with City A that it was inevitable to have slight biases toward them. And Shao Ming doesn’t like the sudden uncertainty around him.

Zhu Tong was coming here with a purpose.

If that person came to learn and not provoke Shao Ming, and if Zhu Tong doesn’t touch his nerve, then Sho Ming wouldn’t mind maintaining a friendly relationship limited to the classroom. But if it was the opposite of what Shao Ming was expecting then that’s another story.


In the school’s office, Zhu Tong went to Shi Wenshu as soon as he finished his drip. Because of skin allergies, the school did not even ask the reason, so they went through the day-study procedures for Zhu Tong.

It saved Zhu Tong from having to go to the headmaster. After class in the afternoon, Zhu Tong asked Uncle Liu to help him find a place to live off-campus.

Uncle Liu, being very efficient, had arranged things to his taste quickly. After the evening self-study was over, Zhu Tong followed the navigation sent by Uncle Liu and found the place that had been set.

It was going to be a homestay not far from the school. Set with B&B and a courtyard-style design. Although the conditions of the house were not as good as that of a five-star hotel, it was cleaned very well and was much better than living in that dormitory.


The owner of the homestay was a woman in her thirties. She took Zhu Tong to the reserved room. After unlocking the door, she pushed it open the door and said, “Little handsome guy, are you also a student in No. 1 Middle School?”

The room was on the first floor, facing the courtyard. Zhu Tong followed her in. He nodded and said, “Yes.”

“It’s just a coincidence.” The proprietress smiled and said, “The room next to you is also a student from No. 1 Middle School. He is in  Class Two and Three. Which class are you from?”

Zhu Tong was about to say, “I’m also in the second and third class of high school”, but he was stunned for a moment when he suddenly thought of something.

It wouldn’t be so coincidental, would it?

When he went to go through the day-study procedures today, he casually asked, and it seemed that there was only one person in the third class who was still staying outside beside him.

Zhu Tong’s heart tightened: “Can I ask, what’s the name of that student…?”

“Oh, his name is…”

The proprietress was about to speak when the courtyard door was suddenly pushed open from the outside, and a person walked in pushing a bicycle from the outside.

The owner’s eyes lit up immediately: “Hey, Shao Xiao, come here quickly. Shao Ming, we were just talking about you.”

Zhu Tong’s heart sank suddenly.

Madam, can you not speak ambitious words?

“You,” said it, not “we,” said it!

Zhu Tong, who doesn’t even know that Shao Ming lived here?


Shao Ming was standing at the gate of the courtyard, and when he looked up, he saw his deskmate standing beside the owner.

Shao Ming was stunned for a moment, and a trace of coldness flashed across his eyes.

He smiled and said, “Zhu Tong? Such a coincidence?”

Zhu Tong: “…” Yeah, what a coincidence. What a coincidence! How would he explain that it was really and merely a coincidence?

Zhu Tong roared furiously in his heart, yet on the outside, he appeared calm. Zhu Tong paused for a minute when he was about to speak when a system prompt sounded in his mind: “White Moonlight favorability has dropped by 5%, and the current favorability is 0.”

Zhu Tong: “…”  

Zhu Tong was about to explain this coincidence meeting. But after getting the System message he didn’t bother. Because it was not even trying. Was his fate predetermined? Was Zhu Tong going to see the King of Hell sooner than later?


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