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TSVJWTL Chapter 4

Xia Yang

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After stirring up the muddy water, Yang Can left.

Zhu Tong never thought that the person he thought was reliable would turn out to be a pig teammate.

Moreover, Yang Can did not speak in a low voice.

The few words he said later were heard by almost the whole class.

All the gossip’s eyes were focused on him.

Fortunately, the class bell rang in time, and Zhu Tong temporarily avoided being stared at by the whole class.

He secretly glanced at Shao Ming.

Shao Ming looked calm as if he didn’t take the teacher’s words to heart at all.

But the dropped favorability parameter says something else!

If Zhu Tong had known this would have happened. 

He would have not told the principal that he wanted to share the table with Shao Ming.

Anyway, why to cry over spilled milk? 

There was only an empty seat next to Shao Ming.

No one likes a purposeful approach from someone they don’t know!

Zhu Tong sighed deeply.

It’s a misfortune.

He looked at the sticker on the desktop scratched by Yuan Shaozhou.

It was not pleasing to the eye as it was before.

Fortunately, he was well prepared. He bought two rolls of stickers.

Shao Ming only heard the sound of “torn”, and when he turned around, he saw the sticker that his deskmate had worked so hard to put on, he was tearing it off cleanly.

He watched him get another roll of stickers from his bag. 

Shao Ming: “…”

If Yuan Shaozhou saw this, he would have spit the mouthful of blood. 

The humiliation Yuan Shaozhou had to bear while wiping the stickers clean. 

Eventually, they were torn apart and ended up as garbage.

Shao Ming couldn’t help but smile.

Is this guy doing this to catch his attention?

With the prior experience, the second time was much neater.

Before the head teacher entered the classroom, Zhu Tong completed his job of dressing his desk.

The head teacher of the third class was a gentle male teacher named Shi Wenshu.

Probably because he was teaching Chinese, he had a strong bookish air.

When Shi Wenshu walked into the classroom, his eyes went straight to the last row of the classroom by the window.

He had just heard from the director that the new student in his class was bullied by Yuan Shaozhou.

Since he came a bit late, he planned to appease the new student.

He directly called up Zhu Tong: 

“Before we start the class, let me say one thing first, Zhu Tong, come up on the podium.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

Standing on the podium, Shi Wenshu smiled.

“Everyone must know that there was a new student who has recently been transferred to our class this year, Zhu Tong, come up and introduce yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the following girls began to whisper.

“So his name is Zhu Tong?”

“Even the name is so cute.”

“Congratulations to our third class for a new handsome guy.”

Zhu Tong did not suffer from stage phobia, so immediately he said: “Hello everyone, my name is Zhu Tong, the child of fairy tales.”

The whole class smiled silently, waiting for his next words.

However, after saying this, Zhu Tong was silent.

He looked from the podium.

The classmates below look at him.

Eyes wide open, looking at each other.

This…. He was done?

Shi Wenshu smiled helplessly. “Is there anything else you want to tell everyone?”

Zhu Tong turned his head towards him and blankly said: 


Shi Wenshu: “…”

“Like, where are you from? What do you like?”

Zhu Tong said: “I’m from City A.”


Shao Ming was sitting with his mobile phone on the table, tidying his bangs against the mirrored phone case.

When he heard the word “A City”, he immediately looked up at the podium.

There was a little more attention in his beautiful eyes, and the color of his eyes darkened.

The classroom was also silent for a moment because of the place name he suddenly said.

“City A? 

He also came from City A?”

“A City again? 

I remember Xia Yang. He also came from A City, right?”

“He didnt come here for Shao Ming, right? The charm of the god of learning was infinite.”

“It must be, didn’t Teacher Yang say it? He came for Shao Ming.”

“This is a good show to watch now.”

Shi Wenshu didn’t know much about campus gossip. 

Seeing that Zhu Tong said something along his lines, he was speechless again. 

He just thought Zhu Tong was a little cautious in the new environment and didn’t want to embarrass himself.

“Everyone be quiet.” 

Shi Wenshu stopped the students’ discussion. 

” Zhu Tong was new here. You must help each other. In addition, I would like to add that classmate Tong’s health was not very good. Everyone should take more care of him, do you hear?”

Someone immediately responded.

Zhu Tong returned to his seat at the suggestion of Shi Wenshu.

It was just that the atmosphere in the classroom seemed to have changed a bit since he introduced himself.

Zhu Tong didn’t know why, until the headteacher left, he was approached by a girl in the front seat.

“Hello Zhu Tong, I’m Tang Nuan, the monitor of the third class. You can come to me if you need anything in the class in the future.”

Tang Nuan was a typical black hair and beautiful girl, with neat bangs and big bright eyes.

It makes people feel comfortable.

Zhu Tong nodded and politely replied: “Hello.”

At this time, Tang Nuan’s table mate also turned around and said directly, “By the way, are you really from City A?”


They wish this boy would say more than a light response.

He didn’t know how to deal with this kind of girl who didn’t even ask questions about self-introduction.

The girl talked again: 

“Then do you know Xia Yang? He was also from City A, and he was also a freshman in our school.”


Xia Yang simply doesn’t know too much.

Just why suddenly asked Xia Yang?

Zhu Tong suddenly had a bad premonition.

Tang Nuan didn’t expect that her deskmate would suddenly ask about Xia Yang, so she hurriedly said, “Tian Man, don’t talk nonsense.”

Tian Man was dissatisfied: “What’s the matter? Why shouldn’t I ask?”

Tang Nuan: “You…”

She glanced hesitantly at Shao Ming next to her, not knowing how to stop this.

Zhu Tong also looked at Shao Ming and saw that his expression was normal, he hesitated: “Who are you talking about Xia Yang?”

Tian Man immediately said emotionally: “Xia Yang is a handsome guy from the first year of high school. He was transferred before you. The reason why he came here was due to study god. His pursuit of Shao Ming was a good verse for the whole school. Teacher Yang said that you are too…”

“Tian Man!” 

Tang Nuan suddenly interrupted her sharply.

Tian Man paused, she glanced at Tang Nuan, and then at Shao Ming, who was always silent, curled his lips unwillingly, and turned back to his seat.

Tang Nuan said embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, Zhu Tong, she always speaks without any filters. Please don’t mind her.”

Zhu Tong smiled and nodded.

Tang Nuan was so embarrassed that she was too ashamed to talk to him again.

As soon as the two turned around, the smile on Zhu Tong’s face disappeared.

He finally knew what the problem was!

The class seems to have misunderstood something.

Because both he and Xia Yang came from City A, this timeline was when Xia Yang fanatically pursued Shao Ming.

And now that he has transferred over, he has asked to sit at the same table as Shao Ming.

With Xia Yang’s lessons, it was inevitable that people will mistakenly think that he too has some ulterior motives for Shao Ming.

In the original text, the white moonlight pursuit of heartthrobs has always been an attitude of ruthless rejection.

And Xia Yang’s pursuit of Shao Ming has always been persistent.

Although Shao Ming maintained his demeanor in front of others.

He was very annoyed behind the scenes.

So what does Shao Ming think of him now?

“White moonlight’s favorability was reduced by 4%, and the current favorability was 5%. Request the host to make persistent efforts.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

Make what?

How should he do it?

Zhu Tong felt that he had to explain Shao Ming clearly.

So he looked at Shao Ming, who was burying his head in the questions, he hesitated for a long time.

He spoke to Shao Ming more than a word: “I’m different from Xia Yang, Don’t worry.”


Shao Ming’s problem-solving action paused slightly.

He raised his head, and the smile on his face made people feel like a warm spring breeze: “Well, I believe you.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

You don’t look like you believe me!

The favorability level hasn’t risen at all!

Zhu Tong said in his heart, “He has a smile on his face, but distrust in his heart?”

System: “Yes.”

Zhu Tong: “…”


What did he do wrong?

Why should he be a suspicious person?

Zhu Tong wished Tong Tong would not dare to provoke him again at this moment.

He turned his head, intending to look for a book to pretend, but when he opened the drawer, he found that he didn’t have a book.

He’s new here.

And he doesn’t know which way to go for textbooks and workbooks!

So he fumbled around in the canvas bag he brought, and by fumbling around, he found a novel that he hadn’t read before he was discharged from the hospital.

Zhu Tong: “…”

Fine. Take it quickly and move on.

He turned the novel to the bookmarked page and put it on the table.

Shao Ming glanced at him unintentionally, and then unintentionally swept his glazes to the cover of his book.

“Waiting for the day you fall in love with me”.

Shao Ming: “…”

In the classroom, there were only a few people who were interested in learning, while most of the people’s attention was focused on the forum.

Today, Yuan Shaozhou came to the third class to find a new student, but he had to go back with disappointment, and this has already been posted on the forum.

[Transfer student was not afraid of death and he became famous in just one battle! 】

[He was a fighter who wasn’t afraid of tigers. This was the first student in this school who dared to shout directly at Yuan Shaozhou! 】

[I’ve never seen Yuan Shaozhou so embarrassed → Attached is a funny picture of Yuan Shaozhou’s forehead. 】

[Didn’t Yuan Shaozhou always call himself a lieutenant colonel? I heard that the new transfer student was sick. Even a patient can do it, it’s a shame!】

[Don’t look at the person as a patient, this patient was unusual. The person came from City A, and the seat was arranged by the principal. 】

【A City? For Shao Ming? What was his relationship with Xia Yang? 】

[It is estimated that he was a rival in love, hee hee hee. 】

[Then the question was, who do you think the scholar will choose? 】

[He doesn’t choose any of them hahahahahaha]

【Student God: Indifference.jp】

Outside the forum, Xia Yang looked at the insults of others on the forum, and his heart turned sour.

Everyone in the school knew that he liked Shao Ming.

But everyone in the school knew that Shao Ming didn’t like him.

He left the favorable private high school in City A for Shao Mingcai’s sake and transferred to this small countryside.

He was harassed in the bar, and it was Shao Ming who punched the face of the bar gangster who was trying to forcibly drag him away.

He fell in love with that brave, handsome and handsome boy at first sight.

But no matter how hard he tried, Shao Ming refused to accept his intentions, instead, he became more and more indifferent to him.

In the end, Shao Ming was disgusted by him.

Why doesn’t Shao Ming like him?

“Yangyang, what do you think?”

A girl next to him interrupted his thoughts.

Xia Yang subconsciously locked the screen, looked up, and smiled: “Ah? Nothing, what’s wrong?”

The girl said: “Ah, it’s okay, I just wanted to ask you, have you gone through the forum?”


Xia Yang said: “No, what happened on the forum?”


The girl sat down beside him and said, “I heard that a new senior has been transferred in the second year of high school. He was very handsome, and he was someone who knew Shao Ming. Do you know him?”

On the forum, gossips were spread, and Yang Can’s words had completely changed in other people’s ears.

Of course, Xia Yang knew who she was talking about, but he deliberately wondered, “What senior?”

“That’s this.” The girl handed him the phone, which was a candid photo taken by the third class.

When he saw that face, Xia Yang’s subconsciousness tightened for a moment.

Zhu tong!

He and Zhu Tong only had one meeting at the banquet.

In his impression of Zhu Tong, there was only one impression of an indifferent look in his eyes when he left.

As if full of disdain for him.

Why did Zhu Tong suddenly come to Gongshui County?

Why did he have to sit at the same table as Shao Ming?

What does he want to do?

A sense of crisis arises spontaneously.

He looked up at the girl, smiled, and said, “He was Zhu Tong, I know him, what’s the matter with you?”

The girl’s eyes lit up: “Really? Can you give me his contact information?”

Xia Yang’s face froze suddenly.

The girl seemed to realize something and hurriedly said: “I have no other intentions, I just want to get to know him. Is that okay?”

Xia Yang lowered his head, seemed embarrassed, and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t give you his contact information, but I will help you convey your thoughts.”

“Really? Thank you Yangyang.” The girl was beaming, “Then I wish you to catch up with Xue Shen as soon as possible. 

You are so good-looking, your academic performance was good, and your family conditions are so promising, Xue Shen will definitely like you.”

Xia Yang’s words were very useful.

“Thank you,” he said sincerely.

Yes. It must be that he didn’t try hard enough.

As long as he works harder, Shao Ming will see his sincerity.

He clenched his phone tightly, unlocked the screen again, and looked at the picture of Zhu Tong thoughtfully.


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