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TSVJWTL Chapter 3

Finds the difference

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From the school gate to the second-grade teaching building, first you had to pass the playground, then pass through the administrative building, and then go up a few steps.

Zhu Tong happened to be stuck in the position where he was going to go up the steps after leaving the administrative building.

Three people were blocking his way. Except for Yuan Shaozhou, who had a big back, the other two had dyed their hair.

Not bad at first sight.

Zhu Tong calmly said: “Is something wrong?”


The moment he raised his head, the three impeding people were stunned at the same time.

They got the inside information from Class 3.

Although the girls said that the new transfer student was good-looking, Yuan Shaozhou didn’t take it seriously at first because those girls always liked to exaggerate.

To his surprise, the girls did not overdo this time.

It was a pity that he was a sick child.

But sick seedlings were fine.

Good to seize.

Yuan Shaozhou smiled coldly and charmingly. “I heard that you were assigned to share the table with Shao Ming?”

Zhu Tong trembled at his laughter.

It’s not scary, it’s oily.

Although Yuan Shaozhou was also one of the fans’ suitors, he was just cannon fodder for the fans, not even a spare tire.

He looked average, and his character was even low.

He smiled suddenly, looking as oily as his big shiny back.

Zhu Tong’s stomach began to churn again, and he stepped back half a step: “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Yuan Shaozhou secretly laughed internally as he watched his backing action.

Good, now you know how to be scared.

“It’s okay, I just want to tell you that the seat next to Shao Ming is not for you to sit. Be smart and find the teacher to change your seat, otherwise, I can’t guarantee what will happen.”

He looked at Zhu Tong sternly.

The two younger brothers behind him had already walked beside him. Gongshui No. 1 Middle School did not have that many transfer students. In the past, almost all of those who sat at the same table with Shao Ming was selfish and intentional, and they were not willing to give up Shao Ming’s seat at first.

But so what? Didn’t they have to change seats in the end?

As long as the transfer student hesitates a little, they will let him see the price of hesitation.

However, they were disappointed. 

Before the two younger brothers began to encircle the prey, Zhu Tong said indifferently: “Oh, I see.”

Yuan Shaozhou: “…”

The two little brothers: “…”

So happy?

The development was unexpected, and the trio was stunned.

Zhu Tong continued: “Is there anything else?”

Trio: “…”

Zhu Tong: “Then can I go?”

They didn’t move, and Zhu Tong directly bypassed them and walked toward the teaching building.

Yuan Shaozhou felt aggrieved as it was like he punched cotton. He subconsciously wanted to stop him, but a teacher came not far away, and his outstretched hand was forcibly withdrawn.

While walking up the stairs, the voice of the system sounded in Zhu Tong’s brain: “Does the host plan to change seats?”

Zhu Tong said: “What seat should I change to?”

“But you just…”

“I said I got it, but I didn’t say I agreed.”

666: “…”

And even if you promise, who says you have to do it?

It’s just that Yuan Shaozhou’s language was not very good.

Moreover, Yuan Shaozhou threatened him to change seats, but it was the white moonlight!

He returned to the classroom with the desktop stickers.

He went out through the front door and entered through the back door.

But no matter how he entered, he would inevitably become the focus of the whole class.

“The transfer student is back.”

“He looked the same as when he went out.”

“He’s back in his seat.”

“He still has the time to stick them to the table?”

“Didn’t Yuan Shaozhou find him?”

There was a startling voice in the classroom.

Zhu Tong was still deaf.

All he saw was his desk.

Even Shao Ming had already sat back in his seat, and Zhu Tong didn’t even look at his tablemate.

Shao Ming saw that he was scrupulous.

The one and only thing Zhu Tong liked was pursuing perfection, he went so far that he even wrapped the corners of the table with stickers, folded the excess parts, and stick them with glue.

He was meticulous and patient.

He was not in a rush, and he didn’t talk much.

Shao Ming thought: If such a person sits at the same table as him, it seems that he is not distasteful.

Shao Ming supported his head with one hand. He took the mobile phone in one hand and turned it in the palm of his hand. The mirror of the mobile phone case reflected sunlight, and a ball of light swayed regularly on the classroom ceiling with his movements.

Others got bored looking at Zhu Tong sticking to the table and had already turned their heads back.

The classroom was in groups of threes and twos, and the voices became noisy again.

The relaxed atmosphere didn’t last long. The evening self-study approached, and the classroom was almost full. There was a sudden “bang”. Following the front door of the classroom, the back door was kicked open with the same foot.

In the back row by the door was an irritable little brother who was dozing off. He was abruptly woken up by someone and yelled, “Who the hell…”

Before he could finish speaking, he turned his head and saw the person appearing by the door. His voice then became stuck in his throat.

Yuan Shaozhou didn’t pay any attention to him. He directly fixed his eyes on the back row by the window, and when he saw the two desks still placed side by side, his eyes were green.

“New here and you dare to play with me?!

Even the table was packed!

Dare to ignore him!

Yuan Shaozhou’s sudden appearance made a lot of noisy Class 3 classroom fall silent again.

Everyone looked at Zhu Tong at the same time but did not dare to say a word.

It turns out that Yuan Shaozhou had already found the transfer student.

What happened between them?

Some people couldn’t help but start to worry about Zhu Tong.

But all they could do was only worry. Yuan Shaozhou had been domineering in the school as far as they can remember. He not only had a good family background but also had contacts with gangsters outside the school.

It was okay in school because there were teachers, but if they were hated by him, it would be troublesome if he got revenge outside the school!

But there were always people who were not afraid of power and wanted to stand out.

Rosso saw that Yuan Shaozhou was not pleasing to the eye, and immediately jumped out and said: “Hey, why, do you dare to play? After a few days with others outside of school, do you think of yourself as a king?”

Yuan Shaozhou turned his head to look over, and his face changed suddenly.

“Rosso, it’s nothing to do with you today, don’t mind your business!”

Then he pointed to Zhu Tong again: “You, get out!”

Zhu Tong had just put the stickers onto the table and was packing up the things he had used. Hearing that, he turned his head to look, then looked back, taking Yuan Shaozhou’s words as a fart.

He ignored him dignifiedly. Yuan Shaozhou glanced at the person next to Zhu Tong and he was jealous of Shao Ming. But now he was swept away by the anger, and rushed directly into the classroom, kicking over Zhu Tong’s desk. The desk flew off the ground and went straight to the wall behind the classroom.

With a loud “bang”, the timid girls in the classroom suddenly screamed in fright.

Yuan Shaozhou stood in front of Zhu Tong.

Everyone held their breath and looked at Zhu Tong nervously.

Zhu Tong was still holding a bottle in hand when he saw that the desk he had finally cleaned hit the wall and bounced back to make close contact with the dirty floor. He thought to himself: This desk is quite sturdy.

Yuan Shaozhou roared, “Didn’t you hear me talking to you?”

Shao Ming didn’t know when he had turned his body on his side. He leaned back against the windowsill and faced the battlefield, watching the movement and stillness in front of him.

Zhu Tong indifferently turned his head: “Oh, what did you say?”

The whole class: “…”

This answer… this was a naked provocation!

Yuan Shaozhou was provoked. “You…”

His face was almost the color of pig liver.

He clenched his fists with both hands, the veins on the back of his hands burst out and glared at Zhu Tong for a long time. He suddenly reached out to grab his collar, as if he was going to drag the person out.

Someone subconsciously exclaimed.

Shao Ming sat behind Zhu Tong, leisurely moving his long legs as if planning to stumble on people at will.

It’s just that he didn’t move. But the person in front of him suddenly raised his hand, pressed his fingers lightly, and some kind of liquid was wildly sprayed at Yuan Shaozhou’s face.

Yuan Shaozhou’s breathing was blocked, he instinctively raised his hand to defend himself and took a few steps back.


He waved around for a long time, only to find that the spray had stopped.

In a panic, he didn’t distinguish what the spray was and looked at Zhu Tong with vigilance.

Zhu Tong still held the bottle of liquid and explained kindly: “Diluted saline, it doesn’t hurt the skin.”

Yuan Shaozhou: “…”

“Pfft, I was scared like this by a bottle of physiological saline.”

“I thought it was an anti-wolf spray? Boys have to protect themselves these days.”

“The transfer student even sprayed him with saline, do you think he is poisonous and needs to be disinfected?”

“Ha ha ha ha.”

The laughter followed up one after another. Yuan Shaozhou’s face was so ugly that he almost wanted to devour all of them.

He squeezed a few words between his teeth: “You are courting death!”

He stepped back with his elbows, and his merciless fist just wanted to greet Zhu Tong’s face.

At this time, Shao Ming’s long legs, which had been idle for a round, finally came in handy. He stood up and stretched his legs inadvertently, tripping Yuan Shaozhou into the floor.

“Congratulations to the host for receiving white moonlight’s favorability +5%, and the current favorability is 10%.”

Zhu Tong: “…”


He doesn’t need to be in the ICU anymore?

Zhu Tong’s eyes brightened slightly, and he looked back at the person behind him.

Sure enough, it was right for Yuan Shaozhou to come to the classroom to find him.

An enemy of an enemy is a friend.

This wave was not bad!

Seeing him looking over, Shao Ming smiled and said, “No thanks needed.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

When the two looked at each other for a moment, Yuan Shaozhou was already struggling to get up from the ground. “Shao! Ming! I will beat the hell out of you!”

He rushed towards Shao Ming with red eyes.

“Yuan Shaozhou! What are you doing?!”

The front door of the classroom screeched in shock and anger, and a figure rushed in at the speed of sprinting 100 meters.

“It’s you again! What are you doing in the classroom of Class 3? Bullying a new classmate? If you don’t want to stay in school, get out of this class as soon as possible!”

Yuan Shaozhou’s beating action was forcibly stopped, and before he could speak, he was sprayed with saliva.

Yuan Shaozhou: “I fucking…”

“Who the fuck are you talking to? Do you fucking think I didn’t see you hitting a new classmate? Why don’t you apologize!”

Yuan Shaozhou: “…”

When the fuck did he hit his new classmate?

The injured person was him!

The sudden appearance made the Class 3 collectively relieved.

Zhu Tong also looked at the hero who rushed in.

At the age of more than 40 years, with a national character face and a hairy chin, he looked very intimidating.”Yang Can, the grade teacher of our grade.”

Shao Ming kindly helped him introduce himself.

Zhu Tong glanced back at him and silently exchanged the anti-wolf spray he had just taken out of his pocket back to normal saline.

Shao Ming raised his eyebrows and smiled when he saw himself-concealed little movements.

Earlier, Yuan Shaozhou had been completely scolded by Yang Can for being a bully.

He wasn’t afraid of being expelled.

Getting him out of school wasn’t easy.

But the second-year grade teacher, who was a fucking retired from the army, was super capable!

Yuan Shaozhou’s anger was quenched by spittle.

Yang Can look at Wu Qing, who fell out of his forehead, and looked at his new classmate who was pale and weak, and asked, “Tell me, what’s going on?”

Yuan Shaozhou said, “I…”

“Mr. Yang, Yuan Shaozhou came to our classroom for no reason and kicked the new classmate’s desk over. The injury on his forehead was because he accidentally tripped when he tried to hit someone!”

Warrior Rosso jumps out again to bring justice to his new classmates.

Yuan Shaozhou’s face sank: “Rosso, you fucking…”

“Teacher if you don’t believe me, you can go to the surveillance!”


Yuan Shaozhou couldn’t say anything to refute.

As long as you look through the monitoring, everything will be understood.

Even if he was tripped by Shao Ming, he deserved it.

Yang Can saw his blue and white face, what else was unclear?

“Apologize to the new classmate.”

Yang Can push him in front of Zhu Tong.

Of course, Yuan Shaozhou refused to apologize, he snorted coldly and turned his face away.

Yang Can said: “If you don’t apologize, you will stay in the classroom of Class 3 today and stand guard!”


Stand guard?

Stand out to be a laughing stock?

Yuan Shaozhou turned his head to protest, but Yang Can said, “What are you staring at? Should I make you stand!”

“…” There was not even a chance to sneak around.

Yuan Shaozhou could no longer think about why the grade teacher came up here.

He was so embarrassed that he was about to explode!

In the end, he could only reluctantly apologize.

Zhu Tong was expressionless the whole time as if the person who had just been targeted and apologized to was not him at all.

Yuan Shaozhou apologized and turned to leave without waiting for him to respond.

“Wait a minute.” Zhu Tong said suddenly.

Yuan Shaozhou said gloomily, “What else do you want?”

Zhu Tong: “Move my desk back.”

Yuan Shaozhou gritted his teeth: “You don’t have to go too far!”

Zhu Tong was unmoved: “Wipe the dirty place for me.”


For a person like Yuan Shaozhou, the punishment of the school rules would not have any effect on him.

It was better to let him pay for his mistakes, even small things like putting the desk back in place, and wiping the desk could make him remember for a while.

It was a compromise, a surrender.

Very shameless.

And people like Yuan Shaozhou cared most about their faces.

Under the supervision of the grade director, Yuan Shaozhou was forced to bring back the desk he kicked over in front of Class 3. He wiped the dirty table edge with his sleeve.

He was embarrassed.

There were undisguised laughs from several people, led by Rosso.

Yuan Shaozhou’s face was ashen. He looked at Zhu Tong and said, “Are you satisfied?”

Zhu Tong looked at the desktop stickers that he had scratched and couldn’t say two words of satisfaction.

Finally, to give a face to the grade teacher, he said in a low voice, “Enough.”

Yuan Shaozhou had the heart to kill him now.

He thought bitterly in his heart: Newcomer, wait for him!

When they left the classroom, suppressed laughter broke out in the class.

The others exhaled.

Zhu Tong looked at Yang Can. He stepped forward and politely thanked him.

Yang Can’s impression of this child was quite good, but after yelling at Yuan Shaozhou, his voice was hoarse: “Your name is Zhu Tong, right?”

Zhu Tong nodded: “Yes.”

“That’s right.” Yang Can smiled and said, “The principal told me that you transferred here to study hard. You also applied to sit at the same table with Shao Ming. It’s a good thing to have this kind of self-motivation. The teacher is optimistic about you.”

He said with a look of relief, but Zhu Tong’s heart suddenly burst.

He didn’t even dare to say hello to him! Why was it sold so suddenly?

When he turned around, he saw Shao Ming looking at him in surprise.

Zhu Tong’s heart sank and turned to explain: “Teacher, you misunderstood, I didn’t transfer for Shao…”

“Okay, don’t be embarrassed.” Yang Can interrupts him: “Shao Ming has always been the first in the city. He is also a helpful person. If you have any questions, please ask him for advice.”

Zhu Tong couldn’t say: “I…”

“The white moonlight’s favorability has dropped by 1%, and the current favorability is 9%. Please make persistent efforts from the host.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

He seemed to see the ICU reaching out to him.

Sister save him!




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