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TSVJWTL Chapter 2



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Cleaning a desk was no problem for Zhu Tong.

When he was at home, he didn’t want helpers to come into his room frequently, and so often he would clean his room by himself.

Although it took others half an hour to complete the work, he often took several times longer to complete it.

But it doesn’t matter to him, since he liked to be occupied anyway.

Everything was then set to be used.

He slowly put on disposable gloves while the whole class watched, with alcohol in one hand and cotton in the other, and he began to wipe down the seat that he would sit on.

The whole classroom was stunned by his sudden operation.

“Transfer student, he is so particular about cleaning?”

“And not to forget. He’s pretty well equipped.”

“A very professional cleaner.”

“The way he rubs seems pretty regular too, and watching him clean is extremely comfortable.”

The surrounding students whispered.

Zhu Tong didn’t heed them, he focused on the task at hand, and turned a deaf ear to other people’s reactions.

When Shao Ming came in through the back door of the classroom, Zhu Tong had just finished cleaning the stool and was sitting on it to clean the tabletop.

He had wiped the desk so carefully that not even a single corner was missed, and even the holes in the table were thoroughly cleaned.

There was a faint smell of alcohol lingering around in the classroom.

“I’m telling you, this buddy is a bull,” Rosso said, standing next to Shao Ming. “The table was cleaned by him so much that it could be used as a mirror. Brother Ming, you both are the same type of person!”

Shao Ming: “…”

Shao Ming held a mobile phone in his hand. The screen of the mobile phone was off, and the mobile phone case was like a genuine mirror.

He raised his eyebrows with interest.

The young man who was addicted to cleaning the table looked down at the table at this time. His eyebrows were delicate, his eyelashes were slender, and the side profile of Zu Tong was very pale, showing slight morbidity.

A sick beauty indeed.

Shao Ming bent his lips unconsciously.

“Congratulations to the host for gaining the white moonlight’s favorability +5%.”

Zhu Tong: “!”

Accompanied by festive background music, the system prompts sounded in the brain.

Zhu Tong was dumbfounded.

Why did he suddenly get a good impression from?

He looked up blankly and quickly found his target at the back door of the classroom.

It’s him.

The brightest star in the crowd!

Let everyone be fascinated by the white moonlight that can’t beg for it!

No wonder Zhu Tong could see him at a glance, as Shao Ming’s face was too conspicuous in the crowd.

The system had explained to him that the white moonlight of the protagonist was a person who paid great attention to his image.

Among a group of high school students with casual hairstyles, Shao Ming was wearing a Korean version of a black short-sleeved shirt with a slightly open neckline that was abstinent and seductive, and even his hairstyle was deliberately taken care of.

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, and his outfit was already outstanding in temperament, and not to mention he had a face that was more outstanding than his temperament.

Others came to the school to study, but he seemed to have come to the school to make his debut.

Zhu Tong only glanced at him and then concentrated his attention on the table.

His reaction was calm, and the system was puzzled: “Aren’t you going to say hello to him?”

Zhu Tong: “It would be too deliberate to greet now.”

“When will it not be deliberate to say hello?”

“First, let me clean up the table.”

System 666: “…”

He, the host, has the greatest health in the world.

His little life was not as important as hygiene!

666: “Aren’t you curious where the favorability has come from?”

Zhu Tong paused when he sprayed alcohol on the edge of the table, thought for a while, and said seriously, “Probably the sympathy between handsome guys.”

666: “…”

The system was helpless.

Because Zhu Tong was right.

Shao Ming was a face con!

Shao Ming was originally standing at the door. Seeing that his new deskmate had wiped the table clean and refused to stop, he decided to simply lean against the door frame.

He looked at Zhu Tong up and down, his expression unclear.

Seeing him settling by the door, Rosso wondered, “Brother Ming, aren’t you going in?”

Shao Ming said: “The view looks good from here.”

Rosso: “…”

Is this your new hobby? 

Watching your new table mate from a distance?

Was he a peerless white lotus? That can only be viewed from a distance and cannot be played with?

Rosso didn’t understand. He was too lazy to stand guard at the door and planned to enter the classroom.

Just as he was about to go in, the sick beauty who was burying his head and cleaning the table suddenly stood up.

Zhu Tong stood and stared at the desk he finally wiped clean for a while. Then looked up in the classroom, his eyes locked on the desk in front of a girl, and he walked forward.

He was the focal point of the whole class, but at this moment when he suddenly moved, everyone’s eyes moved with him.

The girl who was locked in his eyes watched him get closer and closer to her, and her heart thumped involuntarily.

Finally, Zhu Tong stood in front of him and politely said, “May I ask where you bought this desktop sticker?”


The girl who was asked had a short-circuit in her brain for a while and followed his gaze to her desk.

To keep their desks clean, many students wrap their desks with desk stickers.

It turned out that the transfer student took a fancy to her desk stickers.

The girl was stunned for a moment, and immediately said, “It’s available in the first stationery store on the right side of the school gate.”

Zhu Tong nodded: “Thank you.”

After thanking her, he turned around and went out of the front door of the classroom.

It wasn’t until the other person disappeared at the door of the classroom that the girl who had just talked to him broke out with a howl and hugged her deskmate. “He’s really good-looking!!”

The tablemate whose eardrum was stimulated: “…”

However, before her deskmate could respond, the front door of the open classroom was kicked open with one kick, and a boy with the same big back as Harry Kane shouted at the door and said: “Where is the new transfer student?”

His kick was too loud, and the classmate closest to the front door was so frightened that he subconsciously said, “Just… just went out.”

The big-backed boy glanced at him and snorted. He then turned around and left.

Complaints erupted in the classroom at the same time.

“Fuck is Yuan Shaozhou sick?”

“Scare the hell out of this old lady!”

“Why is he looking for a transfer student?”

“Fuck transfer student will be fine, right?”

“It’s true that there are no tigers and monkeys in the mountains to dominate.” At the back door of the classroom, Rosso also complained, “It seems that you played lightly last time, this kid Yuan Shaozhou is too arrogant… What do we do now? What should we do?”

Shao Ming said indifferently: “What should I do?”

“Save your new deskmate!”


Shao Ming turned his head over the guardrail and glanced at the location of the school gate, then withdrew his gaze and said, “No need, let them toss.”

Although the sick beauty wore a low-key dress, almost all of them were famous brands.

Yuan Shaozhou wanted to trouble the transfer student, but between the two he could not tell who would suffer.

Rosso: “…”

“You are so cold.”

So ruthless to “people of the same way”!

Shao Ming smiled and looked at him.

Rosso straightened his back and stretched his hand forward. “Please.”

So Shao Ming walked into the classroom as if nothing had happened.

Outside the school gate, as soon as Zhu Tong walked out of the school gate, the smell of all kinds of snacks and oily fumes rushed through his stomach for a while.

He struggled to get around a few carts selling cold noodles, roasted gluten, and wolf-toothed potatoes. He bought two rolls of tabletop stickers at the store pointed out by his classmates, and returned to school. But then he suddenly received a call from his grandfather.

“Are the formalities done?”

Zhu Tong answered with his mobile phone. “It’s done.”

Grandpa: “Have you brought the medicine?”

Zhu Tong: “Yes, I brought all of them.”

Even though it was useless to bring them.

He had the halo of the villain, and if that fundamental problem was not solved, taking medicine will not help.

But to make his grandfather feel at more ease, he still carried a large bag.

 “I will ask your principal to pay more attention at school.”

Zhu Tong said: “Okay.”

“Call Uncle Liu and let him pick you up.”


“Tell your cousin if you encounter trouble, and she will handle it for you.”



The call fell silent again.

Zhu Tong paused, then stopped and said, “Grandpa, is Xiao Xin okay?”

He didn’t say the reason and directly sent his sister to his grandfather’s house, and his sister didn’t give him a call after that. She was probably pissed off.

Just as he was thinking about it, a young girl’s voice came over the phone. “Brother is stinky. He hasn’t talked to me for three days!”


Zhu Tong: “…”

The phone was hung up.

He didn’t say anything and secretly transferred money to Xiao Xin so that she would be less mad.

What surprised Zhu Tong was his grandfather’s attitude towards him.

Grandpa was such a shrewd person, so he must have seen that he transferred to such a remote small county not to “Go out and have a look”.

But he never asked anything.

He also kindly helped him arrange everything.

When the matter is over, he will explain it to his grandfather.

After finishing the call with his grandfather, he still has a lot of unread messages on WeChat.

The first was his dad’s.

– Remember to call Dad back when you’re done.

Zhu Tong stared at the conversation box for a while, then directly exited the chat interface.

In all fairness, Zhu Shoushan was not bad to him and his sister.

He gave them a prosperous life and gave them a lot of caring and greetings. To take better care of them, he also married Qin Manwen.

But he didn’t think the two of them would have anything to say when he called back, as Zhu Shoushan was busy with work and didn’t even show up for his transfer. So he just pretended he didn’t see it and continued to scroll down the news.

The actor Mr. Huang once said that when you become famous, the people around you are good to you.

In the same way, as one of his grandfather’s only two direct heirs, after hearing about his transfer, there were inevitably people who rushed to care about him.

Quickly swiping through a bunch of “friends and relatives” whose faces he couldn’t remember, Zhu Tong clicked on a familiar note.

[Cheng’s Young Master Loves Criminal II]: I heard that you ran away from home just after you left the ICU.

[Cheng’s Young Master Loves Criminal II]: He is a ruthless man!

[Cheng’s Young Master Loves Crime II]: It’s exciting enough to play!

Zhu Tong: ……

He ran away from home.

And it was exciting to play?

He was about to reply when a huge obstacle suddenly appeared in front of him.

“You are the new transfer student, right?”

Someone spoke in front of him.

Zhu Tong looked up and saw a boy with a big back.

At the same time as his eyes met, the system provided him with the character’s personal information in time.

Facts had proved that people really couldn’t play with their mobile phones while walking. It was easy to step in the air and fall, and not to mention they might run into a fool.

Yuan Shaozhou was one of the most popular suitors in the original text.

This visitor was not good.





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