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TSVJWTL Chapter 1


Special thanks to Editor/proofreader – Ange Angela




“Hurry up and call the doctor, the young master is coughing up blood again!”

“Bring the mouthwash!”

“Change all the sheets!”

“Do we need alcohol disinfectant?” 

“Bring the air purifier…”

In one of the villas in the east district of Xuancheng, in the early dawn, the servants were very busy under the instructions of the housekeeper.

The busyness of one bedroom caused the whole villa to be noisy.

The person who caused the commotion was a pale, sickly, and weak boy.

His forehead was slightly long, his eyes were very light, and his delicate facial features were a little lazy because of the lack of energy in his eyes. 

He was wearing pajamas that resemble a hospital gown, kneeling at the bedside, and calming down from coughing with slightly messed up breathing.

The servants left the room one after another. But there were a few people still there in the bedroom.

Zhu Tong lifted his eyelids and looked at the few people surrounding his hospital bed or his bed.

One of them who was standing was his father. Next to him was his newly married wife who had become his stepmother after his mother’s death, and his stepmother’s son who was a few years older than him.

Because he suddenly coughed up blood, these people looked very different from usual.

His father looked worried and hesitated. His stepbrother frowned slightly and gave a complicated look.

His stepmother’s eyes were slightly red like she was about to cry and burst into tears, and the distress in her eyes almost overflowed.

All emotions were in place.

God-level acting. The oscar statuette should be awarded to her.

If it wasn’t for his weak body, Zhu Tong would want to jump up and give her 666 for her Oscar award-tier acting!

The strange silence was finally broken, and Zhu Shoushan frowned and said, “You just came out of the ICU the day before yesterday, and you sent your sister away yesterday. Now today you are going to transfer schools again. You want to go to that kind of remote place with your current body, don’t you care for yourself? Do you want to die?”

“Don’t talk to children like that.”

Before Zhu Tong spoke, his stepmother Qin Manwen stood up first. “Tong Tong must have his reasons for doing this, Tong Tong, please explain your reason to your father.”

She was as always soft-spoken and kind.

A gentle image of a good wife and mother.

If it wasn’t for a “part” called the system in his head that night, Zhu Tong would have not been able to see the wolf-eye son and mother’s ambition until he died.

Qin Manwen and her son Qin Junhong, from the moment they entered Zhu’s house, had fulfilled their duties and never acted as demons.

Qin Manwen was always generous to the servants and took good care of Zhu Tong and his sister. During the few years they lived together, they did not reveal any flaws.

Do you think they want to be harmonious and adore each other as a family?

They just want to be bigger.

After Zhu Tong’s death, Qin Junhong took advantage of the situation and looked after Zhu Tong’s twin sister as her elder brother. Finally, he prescribed medicine to his sister which became irreversible and married her. 

Zhu Tong: “…”

His fist hardened.

He gave Qin Junhong a cold look. Before the person noticed it, he lowered his eyes and said, “I’ve already died once.”

Zhu Shoushan suddenly choked.

The night before the doctor diagnosed him with a critical illness and was declared dead after the operation. 

Seeing that his father was moved, Zhu Tong struck once again while the iron was hot. “I have only two regrets in my life. One is my grandfather. My grandfather only had my mother as his daughter. And she died before she could be filial to the old man. Now I do too…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Your illness is only temporary and will get better sooner or later.”

Zhu Shoushan suddenly raised his voice, and the people in the bedroom were stunned at the same time.

Zhu Tong smiled reluctantly. “Of course, it’s good if it gets better, but if it doesn’t, I also want to leave without regrets. I want to send my sister to my grandpa’s house because I wanted her to do filial piety. And I also want to go out and explore for myself.”

Zhu Shoushan said complicatedly: “Even so, you don’t have to go to such a remote school.”

Zhu Tong: “…”

Do you think he wants to?

But the system said the person he was looking for will be there!

In that school. That’s his mission, it’s about his little life!

He couldn’t explain, he could only look up at Zhu Shoushan and say, “Dad, I want to go.”

Zhu Shoushan: “…”

Having never been watched by his son with such expectant eyes, Zhu Shoushan hesitated.

Qin Junhong looked at the father and son pair next to him, his brows which were slightly frowning furrowed even tighter.

He looked at the boy on the bed. In the past, Zhu Tong and his father often had conflicts, but his attitude was always indifferent and he always took a cold approach. It was not uncommon for the father and son to be deadlocked for a week.

But now… when did Zhu Tong learn to play the emotional card?

He also sent his sister to his grandfather’s house yesterday.

What is he trying to do?

The sudden abnormality made Qin Junhong a little concerned.

But soon he was relieved. No matter what Zhu Tong wanted to do, he couldn’t let his sister live in his grandfather’s house for the rest of her life.

Since he wanted to torment himself so much and go to a broken school, he didn’t mind adding more to the flames.

Seeing Zhu Shoushan was pondering and not speaking, Qin Junhong stepped forward and said, “Uncle Zhu, since Tong Tong wants to visit, why not let him go? I promise I will let someone take care of him.”

Zhu Tong’s eyes were slightly cold, but when he raised his eyes, he restrained all negative emotions. “Thank you Elder Brother for your kindness, but my grandfather has already arranged it for me.”

Qin Junhong’s expression suddenly stiffened.

When Zhu Shoushan heard him mention his grandfather, his eyes hesitated and shortly compromised. “Since your grandfather has arrangements, then let’s listen to him.”

Zhu Tong bowed his head and smiled.

I knew that my grandfather’s name would be useful.

His grandfather was a famous business tycoon who ranked in the top ten on Forbes World Rich List.

This was also the main reason why the mother and son duo did not hesitate to use drugs to get his sister.

Want to be his grandfather’s grandson-in-law? Is he even fit to be so?

Qin Junhong’s “kindness” was not received and so he forced a smile. “In that case, Tong Tong, you have a good rest, and I will help you go through the relevant procedures for transferring to another school.”

As he was about to go out, Zhu Tong suddenly stopped him and said, “By the way, Elder Brother, the card I asked you to give to Xiao Xin the day before yesterday…”

He stopped as he spoke, admiring Qin Junhong’s momentary loss of control.

Zhu Shoushan wondered: “What card?”

Zhu Tong smiled and said: “Forget it, it’s nothing, it’s the card you gave me to store pocket money. I was in the hospital the day before yesterday, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it through, so I wanted my elder brother to hand over the card to Xiao Xin. “

Zhu Shoushan looked at Qin Junhong again.

Qin Junhong responded quickly and immediately made an expression of sudden realization: “Oh, I didn’t even mention Tong Tong, I’ve been busy in the hospital for the past two days and I haven’t had time to hand it over to Xiao Xin, and it’s still in the drawer of my room. It’s in there.”

Qin Junhong was calm on the outside but he was panicking on the inside.

After Zhu Tong handed over the card to him, he secretly had someone check it, and the money there was close to 10 million!

He originally thought that Zhu Tong couldn’t survive the night before, so he didn’t mention this card to anyone.

He thought that once Zhu Tong died without any evidence, he planned to take that money for himself.

But who would have thought that someone who had been diagnosed with a critical illness and declared death would come out of the hospital alive again?

What he didn’t expect was that Zhu Tong would ask directly in front of Zhu Shoushan!

He was in a dilemma for a while.

Looking up, Zhu Shoushan was already looking at him with scrutiny, Qin Junhong wanted to explain but couldn’t speak.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Qin Manwen immediately turned her head and said, “What’s the matter with you, Junhong? How could you forget such an important thing? Why don’t you return the card to Tong Tong…”

“No need.” Zhu Tong waved his hand promptly. “The card was originally intended for Xiao Xin, but now that she has gone to our grandfather’s house, it is estimated that the card will not be used. Since it was given to Elder Brother, let Elder Brother hold it… “

“Then how?” Zhu Shoushan frowned and said: “Your things are yours, and that money is from your grandfather, how can you let others take it?”

As soon as these words came out, the mother’s and son’s expressions changed at the same time.

Other people?

It turns out that in this family, they are still “others”!

Qin Junhong clenched his hands tightly.

Qin Manwen’s rank is much higher than his. Though her heart was overwhelmed, she spoke without any confusion: “Yes, my son will settle the account. Junhong, hurry up and get the card.”

Qin Junhong felt as if blood was dripping from his heart.

Ten million!

His flesh hurts so badly, but he can only do it.

When Zhu Shoushan saw Qin Junhong leave the bedroom, his face became better.

Instructing Zhu Tong to take a good rest, he took Qin Manwen out of the room. 

Soon Qin Junhong brought the card back to Zhu Tong.

Zhu Tong sprayed disinfectant on the card’s face in front of him, Qin Junhong’s face twitched with anger, but he didn’t dare to retort at all.

The bedroom door was closed again, and Qin Junhong stood in the corridor looking at the closed door, his eyes almost bleeding.

He thought fiercely: As long as you get out of City A, there are ways to kill you!

When the time comes, the Zhu family will be his, Zhu Xin will be his, and their grandfather’s property will also be his!

The sound of footsteps outside the door was far away, and as soon as the bedroom was clean, Zhu Tong pouted.

Who’s brother is whose? 

Can you forget a card with a balance of 10 million in your hand? Is he not too greedy?

If he had not changed before, he would not have embarrassed Qin Junhong so much.

But now, the mother and son can never take advantage of him!

If it weren’t for his body being unable to withstand the toss, he would have liked to drive mother and son out of the house right now!

It’s still important to save your life.


He spoke in his head.

With a “ding” in his head. “System 666 serves you, has the host considered it?”


The night before yesterday, the system told him that the world he was in was a book, a heartthrob novel, and he was a cannon fodder villain in the book. The protagonist of the fans was opposed and provided the heroes in the text with the opportunity to save the beauty.

According to the description in the novel, he became the target of public criticism for humiliating the protagonist at a dinner party and Xia Yang’s failure to respond and clarify. After he completed the role of cannon fodder, he was retired within a few days and was sent to the ICU.

He was impressed by this episode.

A week ago, he met Xia Yang at a charity dinner hosted by the Xia family and was accidentally splashed with red wine by Xia Yang.

Because of his cleanliness addiction, he refused Xia Yang’s rush to use a tissue to help him wipe it.


He just took a half step back when Xia Yang stretched out his hand. Then he turned around and left when Xia Yang wanted to apologize… When did he humiliate the protagonist?

Just because of his cold attitude, did he accidentally hurt Xia Yang’s poor self-esteem?

Just because he was the villain, he must be sent to the ICU?

Just because the protagonist was a heartthrob, the person who opposes him can’t even live?

Maybe the heavens thought this plot was too outrageous, so they threw him a self-help system.

Zhu Tong said: “After thinking about it, what should I do?”

The system said: “The time limit is one year. The host needs to find the white moonlight of the protagonist within one year, and brush favorability. The system will provide rewards to the host according to the favorability value. If the favorability value is negative, the host will die immediately.”

Zhu Tong: “…What’s the reward?”

“When the favorability is 10%, you can leave the ICU.”

“When the favorability is 30%, you can prevent minor illnesses and disasters.”

“When the favorability is 50%, you can repair major diseases such as lung disease and heart disease.”

“When the favorability is 80%, you can have a strong and invincible physique.”

“With 100% favorability, the host can get the ultimate reward of the system.”


Zhu Tong’s current body was weak.

So weak that he could catch a cold when the wind blows, and when he coughs, he vomits blood.

A fall will lead to a fracture, and a quarrel will lead to a heart attack.

Zhu Tong was admitted to the ICU the day before yesterday because of a heart attack.

Therefore, these rewards were the ultimate temptation for Zhu Tong.

Who wants to die if you can live?

When you can be healthy, who wants to be sick?

What’s more, if he dies, what will Xiao Xin do?

Let the Qin family’s mother and son succeed in their tricks, and leave his younger sister in dire hardships for a lifetime.


Zhu Tong slapped the mattress hard, “The task, I’ll take it!”

As a result, he accidentally bangs on the edge of the bed, causing a tingling pain in his palm. He raised his hand to see… it was bleeding.

Two days later, at Gongshui County No. 1 Middle School.

It was the beginning of September when the school started, it was full of people and the people came and went into the teaching building.

As soon as Shao Ming walked under the teaching building, he was stopped by a girl.

The girl standing in front of him nodded and lowered her eyebrows with a shy face, holding a pink envelope in her hand. “Senior, I… I’ve liked you for a long time, can you date me?”


Shao Ming looked calm, raised his eyebrows slightly, and said, “What do you like about me?”

The girl was startled, looked up, and said, “I…”

“I know.” Before anyone could speak, Shao Ming said to himself, “You like me because I’m good-looking, don’t you? I also know that I am good-looking, but if you like a person, you can’t just covet his looks. For a beautiful girl like you, it shouldn’t be so superficial.”

Saying that he bypassed the girl directly and entered the corridor of the teaching building.

The girl: “……”

Rosso, who was walking beside him, looked back at the girl who was stunned in place, and turned to give Shao Ming a thumbs up: “Brother Ming, you are as ruthless as ever.”

Shao Ming glanced at him. “Where is the ruthlessness? Wasn’t my rejection very good?”

Rosso: “…”

Rosso shook his head, suddenly he thought of something, and said, “By the way, Brother Ming, you may have a new deskmate this semester.”

Shao Ming: “Same table?”

“Yeah, I saw with my own eyes the seat arranged by the old man, it’s right next to your desk.”

“Oh.” Shao Ming replied lightly, “Does Yuan Shaozhou know?”

“I don’t know. I heard that the new buddy is a sick beauty, and the girls are already aware of everyone in the school?”

Shao Ming said: “Sick beauty? How beautiful?”

Rosso: “I don’t know about it, but I’ll know if I go up and take a look. I just don’t know if Yuan Shaozhou and the others have called the police.”

Shao Ming did not speak.

Yuan Shaozhou’s group, because they were jealous that Xia Yang liked him, planned to isolate him from all the students in the school, and they would trouble whoever was at the same table with him.

Instead of having the same tablemate, he was happy to sit alone.

He just doesn’t know which unlucky person was it this time.

In the third class of high school science, there was a lot of commotion in the classroom because of the appearance of the new student.

“He’s so handsome.”

“Are the current transfer students selected based on their looks? I think he is better-looking than Xia Yang.”

“But his face doesn’t seem very good, is he uncomfortable?”

“It couldn’t be Yuan Shaozhou, what did they do? I didn’t see anyone who was sitting at the same table with Shao Ming for a week.”

“He’s been standing still at the desk for two minutes. What is he looking at?”

Zhu Tong came to find someone, but before he could find them, he encountered a major test first.

Zhu Tong, as the pampered young master of the Zhu family in City A, his living environment and cleaning had been the standards of five-star hotels since childhood.

For the first time, he saw what dust looked like.

There was a thick layer of it on the table.

After silently confronting the dust for a long time, he was defeated and heaved a long sigh. He then took out his weapons – alcohol, disposable gloves, and cotton cloth from the canvas bag he was carrying.



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