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L1M Chapter 8

And Yet More Absorbing

Before I’d thought to look for another way up yet again, the fact that I’d gained skill points along the way floated into my mind. With skill points comes new skills and the ability to raise their levels, but how I was supposed to go about doing that? It wasn’t like it was written on the status window anywhere. Well, I might as well take my chances and see if I could strengthen “Identify”, at least.

In my head, I called out, “Level up ‘Identify’!”

“Raising ‘Identify’ to Level 2 requires 10 skill points. Proceed?” the words chimed in my head in return.

Well, it looked like I was on the right track. If I remembered correctly, I had around…14 points built up. It would set me back a bit, but it seemed like a skill that would definitely come in handy in the future, so why not?

With that, “Identify” was now at level two, which meant I only had four skill points left. I’d been planning to level up “Meteorite”, too, but that called for 20 points, which absolutely was not happening.

Whatever. It was time to find a way out. I’d gotten a lot stronger than before, but that didn’t mean there weren’t monsters out there that were even stronger. I had to be on the lookout for anything that came my way.

Taking stock of the situation and looking all around me, I started moving forward.


Not too long after, I came across some kind of lizard demon…thing. Its skin a rich shade of purple, the lizard was of a monstrous size, bigger even than a crocodile. That aside, there was nothing crazy about the thing, besides the fact that it was a giant, purple crocodile.

I used “Identify” on it.

“Poison Lizard (F), 11yrs, Lv 14/29; a deadly poisonous crocodile.”

It gave me a description of the beast, but said nothing of its stats. Honestly speaking, it didn’t give me much information to go off of, but it was only level two, so it wasn’t like I hadn’t expected that. The age was popping up now, too, but I didn’t give a single rat’s ass about that. The fact that it was poisonous did bother me, though.

The crocodile looked like it was on the slower side, so I’d just fight from afar using “Meteorite”.

Speaking of, I decided to put some distance between myself and it. The second I thought that, though, the beast opened its large mouth and shot a bunch of purple liquid over at me. Dodging by the skin of my teeth, the liquid splashed against the rocks behind me. The rocks made hissing sounds and started dissolving.

Seeing that made every strand of hair on my body stand on end.

What was I supposed to do after evading that?! Was I supposed to defend against it? Was my defense even high enough to try?

Doubtful, I had zero resistance against poison. And, since I didn’t, if that stuff hit me, I was going to kick the bucket just like those rocks behind me…

Yep, this wasn’t happening. My cowardly self chose to run away from this situation as fast as light. The crocodile blasted one burst after another of the purple liquid, but I was able to dodge each and every one somehow. Since I was faster, I was able to get away from it.

Hiding in the shadow of some rocks, I peered around, waiting for the poison lizard to come around. I wasn’t sure, but it had to have been looking for me – it kept looking around in different directions.

It took some time, but it finally gave up in its effort. So, now what?

I should probably kill it, since I might gain some poison resistance if I absorb it. I needed to have some kind of resistance as soon as I could, considering the type of person I was. Well, I guessed we were doing this.

Killing it off in one shot with “Meteorite” would be the most ideal, if possible. I’d just have to aim for the head and hope for the best.

With my sights set on the crocodile’s head, I threw down the meteor. The boulder fell down on the unsuspecting lizard’s head, splitting it open with a giant splat. Blood and guts filled to the brim with poison splattered against the rocks, absolutely painting them.

Staying away from the areas with poison bubbling, I cautiously crept up to the poison lizard. My hand stretched out towards it before I hesitated with realization. Was this really something I should have been touching? Wouldn’t my hand start dissolving the moment I did? The boulder looked to be in good shape, but…I was a bit concerned.

I plucked one of the hairs on my head and held it out to touch the lizard.

Hm. It didn’t dissolve.

It was probably okay, right?

Yeah, I could probably touch it. Right? It was okay, right?


This one seemed okay, but I bet there were monsters out there that I couldn’t touch. That was the one disadvantage I could see about this skill.

I absorbed the lizard.

HP +8, MP +2, Attack +2, Defense +1, Speed +1, Skill points gained: +1. Gained skill: Level 2 Acid Shot. Gained Level 1 Poison Resistance.

Yes! Got my poison resistance, and another skill, too! Huh, must’ve been what this big crocodile must’ve been using against me. My stats didn’t change much, but the skill and resistance were a huge bonus in my book.

All right! Let’s keep this up, find an exit, and absorb more monsters along the way!



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