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L1M Chapter 17

Giant Golem

We continued heading towards the exit.

Our fear from the jet-black soldier from before still fresh on our minds, we hardly exchanged any words as we walked.

“Oh, yeah,” I murmured as a thought popped into my head, “do you think that soldier thing might’ve taken down the Giant Golem?”

“…That’s a good point. The golem sits down in front of the entrance, and there’s no getting by without killing it, so it could very well be dead, yes.”

“Oh,” said Lenya, “so we won’t have to fight it then?”

It’d be a nice stroke of luck if the soldier took the golem out for us. Maybe it was for the best for that soldier thing to come rolling around.

And, just as I felt more reassured…

“There it is…”

We stepped out of the cave to see a giant golem directly in front of us. I couldn’t say I knew how, but that black soldier had found a way around the golem to get into the cave.

The golem was ridiculously huge, and looked like a man-shaped rock. Just one look at it, and I knew it was the Giant Golem. It looked as tall as a three-story building.

“J-just a guess, but that’s the Giant Golem, right?”

“That’s right,” answered Mec.

“And you think we can take that thing down?”

“It’s nowhere near as strong as it seems.”

“…That a fact?”

I used “Identify” on the monster.

“Giant Golem, 33yo, Lv 42/46. A giant monster made from rock.”

As usual, it gives me the most obvious of obvious description, but of all the monsters we’ve encountered so far, it had the highest level.

“Lenya,” Mec instructed, “time to use ‘Beast Mode’.”

“Aw, do I really have to? I hate using that because I get so exhausted…”

“Wait,” I started. “What’s ‘Beast Mode’?”

“It’s a skill native to the Beastman tribes. They take on a beast-like form and their stats rise sharply for a limited window of time. After the effects wear off though, they become deeply lethargic and incapable of fighting further for a length of time. You should defeat it while she’s transformed.”

“How much time do we have?”

“Approximately ten minutes. I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

Ten minutes? Could we take it down in that short of time? I’d just have to place faith in Mec’s words for now.

“All right,” Lenya shouted, gearing up. “Here we go. YAAAAH!”

As she yelled, black fur sprouted up from her skin, and she grew larger in size, and looked like a tiger with black fur as dark as night.

“Here we go!”

Lenya leapt at the Giant Golem, and it didn’t seem like her transformation had affected the sound of her voice any.

The Giant Golem rose from where it sat once it noticed Lenya racing towards it.

“Tetsuya,” Mec called, gaining my attention. “Do you see that red orb in its chest?”

I noticed it as soon as she pointed it out. It was definitely red and definitely an orb.

“That’s called a golem core. Smash it, and the golem dies.”

“Gotcha. I’ve got to aim for the red thing. No problem.”

“Not so fast. There’s a barrier surrounding the orb, so it’s not as easy as you think it’d be to break it. First things first: aim for the head.The head controls all of its faculties, so once it’s targeted, the barrier should dissipate. Drop a meteor down on it.”

“Roger that.”

With the belief that she was a bit too knowledgeable about how to kill a golem, I attempted to use “Meteorite” on the golem, but found I couldn’t. It was simply too big, and even though I didn’t have the cave ceilings to worry about, I didn’t have the space to navigate around the golem to target it with a meteor.

“Sorry, it’s too big and I can’t drop anything on it.”


“What now?”

“…Good question. I suppose you could aim for its legs and try piercing through its knees. It might go down then?”

That, we could probably do.

“Lenya, attack its legs! Aim for its knees!”


She circled around the golem and launched herself at its legs. The golem stretched its arms out to its side and spun around in a circle, catching Lenya as she closed in.


“Lenya!” I shouted out, seeing her go flying.

Mec looked unamused. “Something of that caliber won’t take Lenya down,” she said as Lenya stood up energetically. “Still, she won’t find an opening to attack so easily at this rate.”

“I’ll give it something to look at,” I said as I moved out in front of it and launched “Flame Ball” at it.

The Giant Golem’s gaze zeroed in on me. Lenya, perhaps sensing I had a plan, fell back a bit. I sent one ball of fire after another at the mountain of rock. It didn’t seem like it was doing any damage, but it definitely seemed like the golem was getting irritated by my barrage. It lifted a leg and tried to stomp it down on me.

That was the very moment when Lenya threw herself towards it from behind. She charged at the leg still on the ground at full speed, letting out a groan as she hit it.

It lost its balance and started to topple down, but I was concerned about Lenya. Was she okay?

She seemed all right – when the golem fell, she dodged out of the way.

I used “Meteorite” to send a flaming rock down onto the golem’s head. It let out a deafening roar as the meteor struck it. Looked like leveling the skill up by just one increased its power substantially.

The golem fell still after getting hit by the meteor.

“Now!” yelled Mec. “Destroy the orb!”

I sent one of my balls of fire at it and Lenya raised hell with her claws. With that, the red orb shattered. The second it did, the golem fell apart into crumbling rocks, becoming just one giant mound of them.



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