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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 31

Chapter 31

“Have we arrived at the station?”


Qu Yang raised his eyebrows in confusion and said, “Arriving at the station? Are you referring to the picnic place?”


Yu Xinruo looked at the handsome face that was so close to her, she suddenly felt a little fascinated. She stared at the handsome sexy lips and wondered: “How would it feel to kiss it?


“Miss, why are you still in a daze? The emperor and the seventh prince have already got off the cart, let’s get down quickly.” Just as she was slowly approaching Qu Yang’s lips, Xiaoli’s voice sounded just at this moment.


Only then did Yu Xinruo woke up, she saw Qu Yang staring at her with wide-eyed eyes, his handsome face seemed to be stained with a red cloud. She was like a cat caught trying to steal. Her pretty face turned red, and she awkwardly said: “Let’s get off the cart” and stood up. Just as she tried to step over him to get off, she unexpectedly tripped over something under her feet and fell straight forward.


Qu Yang was very quick, he managed to reach out and grab hold of her. He then glanced at her, and without a word, he carried her and walked out of the cart.


Yu Xinruo was nestled in his arms, smelling the smell coming from his body, listening to the slightly rapid heartbeat close to her ear, she felt warmth in her heart.


Jun Yilie put his arms around his chest, looked at their intimacy, and sneered: “Yu Xinruo, don’t you have legs? Or are you trying to take advantage of Qu Yang?”


Qu Yang put Yu Xinruo down and replied: “The emperor has misunderstood, the cart was too crowded, I was afraid that the princess would fall, so I carried her down.”


This damn boy, he likes to find trouble with her whenever he has nothing to do! Yu Xinruo glared at Jun Yilie fiercely and sneered: “Your Majesty, if you are not used to what this girl is doing, you can turn a blind eye and pretend not to see. Or else I will think that you are jealous of me again.”


“No way! I won’t get jealous over a woman like you!” Jun Yilie snorted coldly from his nose and turned his head, feeling half-dead in his heart because of her words.


Unexpectedly, before he was finished with his anger, a fat, greasy chicken was stuffed into his arms, soiling his precious robe: “Why are you still standing there? Your honorable emperor, this is not the palace. There are no servants to serve you! Do it yourself! You will be hungry if you don’t do it yourself!”


The bunch of chattering words suddenly made Jun Yilie’s face change color, he held the big fat chicken in one hand, pointed at his own nose with the other, and looked at Yu Xinruo in disbelief, “What? What did you say? You want me to cook the food myself?”


Yu Xinruo blinked her eyes slyly and said with a smile: “Of course, otherwise who do you want to serve you?”


“You!” Jun Yilie felt that every time he saw her, he would get very mad with her.


Seeing this, Yang Fei’er hurried over and took the big fat chicken from Jun Yilie’s hand and said with a smile: “It is natural for a woman to do things like cooking. I don’t know what the princess wants me to do with this chicken. “


Yu Xinruo curled her lips displeasedly, “Miss, this is his job, and you have your own business to do too! Return the chicken to him and go find Xiaoli to do it.”


“This, this, this is not very good.” Yang Feier gave Jun Yilie a careful look, and the latter’s nose was almost crooked. Does this woman really want the Ruler of a country to do this kind of work?


“I’ll do it! What’s the big deal!” Jun Yilie snatched the chicken from Yang Feier’s hand, and shouted, “Tell me, what to do with this chicken!”


He was so angry that he even changed his self-proclaimed.


Yang Fei’er walked towards Xiaoli Xing’er embarrassedly, resenting Yu Xinruo in her heart. She, Yang Fei’er, has been the jewel of the family since she was a child. She has never done anything other than knitting. It’s really hateful to be instructed like a servant!


Yu Xinruo looked at Jun Yilie’s funny appearance carrying a big fat chicken in a rage and almost broke into laughter. She forced herself to hold back her laughter and acted like a teacher in front of Jun Yilie: “Your Majesty, there is a small river in front of you, and there is soaked mud by the river, you can just cover the whole body of this chicken with the wet mud. Okay, That’s it. Do you understand? But don’t pretend to understand if you don’t. If you don’t do well, you won’t have anything to eat. Also, don’t stare at me, and don’t say no. There are so many people watching, Your Majesty, you are the king of a country, and you have to set a good example of being hard-working in front of us little people!”


When she said the latter sentence, Yu Xinruo smiled brightly. Are you angry? Then be angry, it is best to be angry! It was so easy to trick him, after all, he is still an immature child.


Jun Yilie’s face was ashen and did not speak, he just stared at her fiercely. Looking at the sly smile in her bright eyes, her delicate face showing a tender pink in the sun, her plump and seductive eyes, her petite cherry lips, the depressing feeling in his chest suddenly melted. He suddenly wanted to rush up, hold her tightly in his arms, and kiss her fiercely to show her punishment for playing tricks on him. But as soon as this thought came to him, he was startled by himself, and quickly retracted his gaze, and fled with the big fat chicken to the river.


Jun Aoyun watched the emperor who had always been arrogant and self-confident being tricked, he was laughing so much that he had to cover his face with a fan and squatted down. He almost fell and roll all over the floor.


“Seventh Prince, what are you laughing at? Are you laughing that the emperor has a job to do but you are free?” Before he finished laughing, Yu Xinruo’s words sounded in his ear with a faint sarcastic tone.


Jun Aoyun quickly stopped his laughter, coughed twice, stood up from the ground calmly, shook the folding fan, and said with a pretentious smile: “Where, where, the princess must be joking. Even the emperor is working, how can I stay free as a mere prince? What do you want me to do? I will definitely live up to the high expectations of the princess!”


So thick-skinned! Yu Xinruo rolled her eyes and pointed to a few fat chickens and fish piled up beside her: “Here, you bring all these chickens and fish to the river, and cover them with mud with the emperor.”


“…” The corners of Jun Aoyun’s mouth twitched a few times, when he managed to find his own voice, “Well, is there any other work? I’m afraid that my clothes might be stained… Uh, don’t stare at me, I’ll go. Anyway, I have the emperor beside me, so what do I have to be afraid of!” After that, he tied the folding fan to his waist and walked toward the pile of chickens and fish with a bitter face.



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