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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Yang Fei’er felt the anger of the king, and also saw her sweetheart Jun Aoyun in an embarrassing situation, and all this was caused by the bitch Yu Xinruo, she couldn’t help but feel a trace of jealousy and resentment in her heart. Then she saw Qu Yang, the unparalleled young master of the Xiangfu Palace, looking at Yu Xinruo thoughtfully, with a hint of tenderness in his cold eyes, and she became angrier. How can a woman who is not as beautiful as herself attract the attention of three outstanding men at the same time?


Yang Feier finally managed to suppress her anger, stretched out her hand, and hold Jun Yilie’s hand. She then smiled sweetly at Jun Aoyun: “Cousin Yun, I have to give it to you. As soon as you arrived, you play such a big joke on the princess. She had just stepped down from her throne and is exhausted physically and mentally and hadn’t had a good rest for a while. How can she have the mood to fall in love with you? Besides, the princess is a girl. If you like her, you will have to put in some effort to court her. Besides, when it comes to marriage, what you want is mutual affection, how can you be so aggressive, you must not scare the princess away.”


After that, she raised her head again and looked at Jun Yilie with a coquettish smile, and said, “Your Majesty, you said that you would let Fei’er have a good time today. I wonder where would you bring me to?”


A small leak will sink a great ship. Bitch! I will let you off for the time round, and I will definitely repay you ten times in the future!


Jun Aoyun touched his nose and resumed his unrestrained smile. He shook the white jade folding fan, glanced at Yu Xinruo, and said with a smile: “Cousin is right, I am being too hasty. However, If I wanted something, the something will definitely not be able to get away.”


Hearing his suggestive words, Yu Xinruo gave him an angry look.


Jun Yilie retracted his gaze and shook Yang Feier’s hand, smiled stiffly, and said, “I said I would have a good time with you, I will definitely not break my promise.” Then he turned to Qu Yang and smiled, “Anyway, you are free today, accompany me for a walk.”


The tense atmosphere finally eased.


Qu Yang nodded, took Yu Xinruo together, and said lightly: “The princess is also very bored in the mansion alone, she should join us.”


Jun Yilie snorted coldly, and gave Yu Xinruo a vicious look, but he didn’t object. He took Yang Feier’s hand and walked out.


Jun Aoyun patted Qu Yang on the shoulder, and smiled meaningfully: “Since my future concubine is going, I will naturally have to be her bodyguard.” He handed Yu Xinruo a charming smile. , shook the folding fan, turned around, and walked ahead.


At this time, Yu Xinruo was very excited about Qu Yang’s words, the cold Young Master took the initiative to invite her out together! She took Qu Yang’s hand and shook it, then smiled brightly at him: “Thank you.”


Seeing her cute appearance, Qu Yang couldn’t help but smile, the corners of his beautiful lips rose slightly, and he asked worriedly, “Your injury is not yet healed, can you take a carriage?”


Is he concerned about her? Yu Xinruo’s heart was even more elated because of his words, and she hurriedly said: “It’s ok, this little injury won’t get in the way. But, where are they going? It doesn’t seem like it’s interesting to just go strolling.”


“Then what do you suggest?”


Yu Xinruo frowned and pondered for a while, then a flash of light suddenly appeared in her mind, and she said to him with a smile, “Brother Qu Yang, why don’t we go for a picnic today.”


In modern times, she often meets with her classmates and colleagues for a picnic during the holidays. The lively and warm interaction between everyone was especially memorable. Especially so for her as she is the only child in the family.


“Picnic?” Qu Yang hadn’t heard this word before in his life, and couldn’t help looking at Yu Xinruo suspiciously.


“Picnic means eating in the wild.” Yu Xinruo explained with a smile.


“Oh.” Qu Yang nodded in understanding, and then asked curiously, “Then what are we going to eat in the wild? Should we ask the kitchen to bring the meal?”


Yu Xinruo couldn’t help laughing when she heard the words, this curious baby is really cute. She couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and lashed out at Qu Yang’s handsome face which was as white as jade, and said with a narrow smile, “Haven’t you heard the saying that you will have enough food and clothing if you are willing to work? If you bring your own food, what’s the point of that? Besides, the weather is hot now, and the food will turn bad easily. It’s will not be as good as the dishes that we make ourselves.”


“Everyone cooks with their own hands?” Qu Yang’s eyes twitched when he heard the words. Looking at the magnified smiling face in front of him, he couldn’t help but froze, and immediately avoided the pair of small hands that were wreaking havoc on his face. He was surprised by her proposal. Does she mean that the emperor and the seventh prince will have to cook the food themselves? If those two noble masters who had their clothes and food brought to them in their entire life knew about Yu Xinruo’s proposal, they would be so angry!


Yu Xinruo reluctantly retracted her hand, stuck out her tongue mischievously, her bright eyes flashed across his face, and she said with a narrow smile, “Why, can’t our young master of the Xiangfu not cook? Hey, you, don’t worry, I’m here. If you really don’t know how to cook, I’ll cook it for you, I won’t starve you to death! Alright, wait for me in the car, I’ll ask Xiaoli and Xing’er to prepare something, I will be back soon.”


After that, Yu Xinruo ran into the house happily like a dancing butterfly.


Looking at her slender back, the corners of Qu Yang’s lips could not help evoking a gentle arc. This woman always seemed to be so confident, even if she was injured, she was still full of energy.


In the luxury carriage, Yang Fei’er was cuddled in Jun Yilie’s arms, and she was overjoyed, but she suddenly heard Jun Yilie mutter dissatisfiedly: “Damn girl, why is she so slow, we are just going out for a walk, is she going to bring along all her belongings!”


Yang Fei’er’s eyes flashed, and she glanced out the carriage window. In front of the carriage in Qu Mansion, Qu Yang, who was as cold as the moon, was waiting alone. At a glance, she knew that he was waiting for Yu Xinruo. She couldn’t help but feel a trace of envy and contempt in her heart and smiled calmly: “The emperor said is right, this is the first time I met the famous former queen, but I didn’t expect her to be more arrogant than the emperor. Now! As a mere princess, she is making the emperor and the seventh prince waiting for her.”


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