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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Hearing this, Qu Yang couldn’t help frowning. It was the first time he saw Jun Yilie get so angry and say such irrational words.

He glanced at Yu Xinruo again, thinking that she would be very angry, or cry and make trouble because of it. Nor did he know that she didn’t care at all, as she reach out and casually brushed Jun Yi Lie’s collar, she smiled and said: “My cousin’s heart is really cruel, but fortunately, I, Yu Xinruo, had asked the Empress Dowager for a decree in advance before leaving the palace, otherwise I will really be in great troubles.”

“What decree?” Jun Yilie slapped her little hand off with his palm and asked through gritted teeth. It was the first time someone saw him this furious but yet could face him calmly. More so, she is a woman. He couldn’t help feeling a little defeated. . He is feeling that this girl had become more and more elusive.

“Of course, it’s a decree that allows me to marry another man after I leave the palace, and not only that, I can marry as many men as I want.” Yu Xinruo rubbed her little hand that was slapped and smiled smugly and with a hint of deceit. This decree was what she asked for from Empress Dowager in order to prevent Jun Yilie from regretting it later. She even wrote the content of the decree herself, and then took it to Ci’an Palace for Empress Dowager to take a look and placed her approval stamp on it.

“You!” Jun Yilie was so angry that he was speechless, and could only stare at her fiercely, as if he was going to devour her alive. He only cared about arguing with Yu Xinruo and forgot the girl beside him.

Qu Yang saw his angry appearance, and when he looked at Yu Xinruo, he could only see a sly smile on her face as if a child was proud of being able to grab the candy.

The corners of his lips could not help but rise slightly, like a tree with peach blossoms blown by the spring breeze.

“Yo, the Qu mansion is really lively today. Even the emperor, who is in charge of so many important tasks, come to enjoy the flowers here.” At this moment, a voice with a lazy smile suddenly reached everyone’s ears, Jun Yilie frowned but was glad for it. He was at the losing end and this happened to provide him with an opportunity to move away from the situation. Otherwise, he didn’t know whether to send someone to pull her down and beat her, or what.

However, when he saw the purple-clothed robe and the folding fan swaying gently, his eyes sank, and then he returned to calm, a warm smile appeared on Jun’s face, and said, “Brother Qihuang, What brings you here today? What a coincidence.”

He has a total of ten brothers and sisters in the palace, and he is the eighth. Among his ten siblings, after him, this Seventh Prince is the smartest, most capable, and most ambitious. He holds a strong army in the south of the city. Therefore, although he is afraid of this Seventh Emperor Brother in his heart, he wants to get rid of him quickly, so as to prevent him from conspiring to usurp the throne. But he couldn’t find any faults in him, and he also cares about the brotherhood. Although there are ministers secretly admonishing him to get rid of the Seventh Prince, he has been hesitant and leaves the matter aside. And his relationship with the Seventh Prince still maintains the pretense of being harmonious and affectionate on the surface.

The seventh prince, Jun Aoyun, shaking his folding fan, glanced at the girl beside Jun Yilie, and came over to bow to him: “Aoyun pays my respects to the emperor. The emperor must be feeling very relaxed today, such that he brings along his beautiful lady to come out to play. Unlike Aoyun, I am still alone.”

Jun Yilie couldn’t help but patted his shoulder lightly and said with a smile, “Everyone in this capital knows the reputation of the Seventh Prince, so you should stop pretending. Why are you here in Qu Mansion today?”

Jun Aoyun smiled, his eyes swayed towards Yu Xinruo, and he said with a gentle smile, “I’m here to pick up Xinruo for a walk, to relieve her of her boredom.”

Jun Yilie heard him calling Xinruo name with such intimacy, and felt uncomfortable again. He turned his head to look at Yu Xinruo, and sneered: “I did not expect that my former queen to be so capable, not only she is with the young master of Qu Mansion, it seems that she has even hooked up with my Seventh brother.”

Jun Aoyun straightened his face and said seriously: “Your Majesty, it’s not right for you to say that. Xinruo and I are not called hooking up, it’s called a fair lady is what every gentleman pursues. Xinruo, do you agree.” He then looked at Yu Xinruo with affection.

Yu Xinruo kept calm and watched with a cold eye. The situation here is really lively today. The emperor came to look for her, and the seventh prince is also there. Let’s see what the hell is he up to.

Hearing what he said, she couldn’t help but rolled her eyes. Wanting to seduce her? He should first find out who is the one that really caught her eyes.

Yu Xinruo deliberately shyly and timidly glanced at Qu Yang, then looked at Jun Aoyun and smiled casually: “Thank you for your kindness, the seventh prince, but unfortunately, I am quite interested in the title of the young lady of the Xiangfu. I am not interested about the title of the seventh princess, so the seventh prince should take your interest back.”

Hearing this, Qu Yang frowned slightly, but he still didn’t say a word, just stared blankly at her.

When Jun Yilie heard the words, his anger rose again, but it was not situtable to rebuff her in public, so he could only stare at Yu Xinruo with gloomy eyes.

Yang Fei’er snorted coldly in her heart, secretly thinking, with your qualifications, you still dare to choose between men! Really shameless!

Jun Aoyun’s face was brushed, but he didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He waved his folding fan and smiled and said, “I believes that sincerity could turn stone to gold.”

Yu Xinruo smiled back at him: “I have given my heart to Qu Yang, nothing can change that. If the prince does not believe it, please wait and see, and see if I, Yu Xinruo, will be the young lady of the Xiangfu or your seventh prince’s concubine in the end!”

Hearing this, Qu Yang’s heart shuddered, and the softness in the deepest part of his heart seemed to be hit hard by her words. He couldn’t help but raise his head and look at the girl with a confident smile in front of him. Up till now, this was the first time that a woman had expressed her sincerity to him so bluntly infront of others.

Jun Aoyun’s face turned a little dark. He had been courting girls for several years, and this was the first time he had been rejected by a woman in public, and in front of his beloved woman and the emperor, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

Jun Yilie watched Yu Xinruo express his feelings for another man infront of them. Him, as his ex-husband, the emperor, was ignored. His face gradually turned blue with anger, his fists clenched. Damn it! You dare not take him seriously! She must be tired of living!


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