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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 27

Chapter 27

He has always been on good terms with Qu Yang and is also a frequent visitor to this Qu Mansion, so he knows his way and soon arrives at Xinlan Garden, where Yu Xinruo lives.


Just outside Xinlan Garden, he heard voices coming from inside. he couldn’t help but stop to hear what they were talking about. His visit this time, on the front is to look for Qu Yang, but he actually wanted to see Yu Xinruo. From a dignified queen to a small princess, he couldn’t believe that she was really happy.


However, when he listened carefully to their conversation, his handsome face that was originally smiling changed color.


“Brother Qu Yang, go a little deeper, yes, a little deeper, um… ah…” Yu Xinruo’s voice was particularly harsh and ecstasy in Jun Yilie’s ears.


“My princess, it’s already very clean, there is no need to scoop anymore.” Qu Yang said with a gentle voice.


Jun Yilie was furious when he heard their conversation. He usually sees Qu Yang as a person that is very cold to women. He didn’t expect him to get involved with his queen! During his inexplicable anger, he temporarily forgot that Yu Xinruo was already his ex-woman.


“No, you made me very comfortable, let’s continue.” Yu Xinruo’s voice became more and more alluring and seductive, by now Jun Yilie was trembling with anger. He really misread her, this shameless woman!


The girl next to him kept peeking at him, and when she saw his sudden expression of anger, she couldn’t help but be startled, and smiled softly, “Your Majesty, what’s the matter with you?”


Jun Yilie’s face was ashen, and without answering her words, he let go of her hand and strode toward the courtyard, shouting, “Yu Xinruo, get out of here!”


The two of them in the courtyard turned around in astonishment. Seeing Jun Yilie’s angry appearance, both of them were shocked. Qu Yang hurriedly got up and came over to give Jun Yilie a kneeling salute: “My respects to the emperor!”


Jun Yilie didn’t speak, his pair of handsome eyes stared at Yu Xinruo viciously. Qu Yang didn’t dare to get up, so he had to maintain the posture of kneeling and saluting.


After the initial shock, Yu Xinruo has calmed down, still lying on the back of the chair, not moving, her bright eyes flowing, looking at Jun Yilie and smiling sweetly: “It’s only been a few days since I’ve seen you, the emperor is still so temperamental, telling his sister to get out. May I know how what did I do that make the emperor so angry?”


Seeing that their clothes were intact, they weren’t like what he imagined at all, Jun Yilie’s heart was relieved, and he asked with a cold face: “What were you doing just now?”


Yu Xinruo blinked her eyes in confusion, “What did we do? Why did the emperor ask this?” She suddenly understood, looked at Jun Yilie, and smiled slyly, “Oh, yes, I have a little injury, I am not able to move as usual. So I asked brother Qu Yang to help me clean my ears. Does the emperor think that the princess and brother Qu Yang were having an affair in broad daylight?”


Jun Yilie’s handsome face couldn’t help but turn red, but the anger in his heart was inexplicably dissipated because of her words. He had to admit that this girl was indeed very smart and could guess his mind so accurately. However, how could he be willing to lose face in front of her?


“Hmph, I do not doubt Qu Yang! I believe that he is a decent gentleman and would not do such a rude thing. Qu Yang, do you agree?” He stretched out his hand and pulled Qu Yang up affectionately. He looked at Yu Xinruo with a sneer on his face, “It’s you that I don’t trust. Who knows when would you put a green hat on me.”


Yu Xinruo was a little annoyed when she heard the words, she sat up straight, looked at Jun Yilie coldly, and sneered: “Your Majesty, have you forgotten that I am no longer your queen, so I am not your woman anymore. I can be with whoever I want to be with, it has nothing to do with you!”


“Yu Xinruo! You, you, you, how dare you rebuff me?” Jun Yilie was shocked and angry. No woman dared to speak to him with such an attitude.


“I wouldn’t dare!” Yu Xinruo left the chair and walked slowly over, standing in front of him, the sneer on her face changed to a sly smile, “I would like to kindly remind the emperor, don’t get jealous over a woman who is no longer yours.”


“You, you, what are you talking about! Me, jealous over you?” Jun Yilie laughed instead of being angry, “Even if I were to be jealous, it wouldn’t be for you, but her!” With that, he pulls the beautiful girl behind her forward.


The girl’s eyes seemed to be a little flattered, she raised her head and glanced at Yu Xinruo, a red cloud appeared on her pretty face, and she quietly lowered her head again, but there was a hint of hatred in those lowered eyes.


Yu Xinruo glanced at the girl and smiled even sweeter: “Who is this girl? Hope she is not someone that the emperor deliberately brought to show me. If that’s the emperor’s real intention, I am afraid you will be disappointed. Because instead of being jealous, I feel very happy, because finally someone can take over my place in the emperor’s heart, and I can move out of the way, even if I were to remarry, I have no worries.”


The beautiful girl couldn’t help but clenched her pink fist in anger when she heard the words. She wanted to follow the emperor to see how bad the former queen is doing, in return, she was being made a laughing stock instead. What was even more annoyed was that the emperor is also using her as a shield!


Although she has already been abolished from the post, she can still make the emperor care about her. It seems that the former queen is more cunning and difficult to deal with than she imagined. In any case, no matter how much the emperor cares about Yu Xinruo, she will not let her climb to her seat!


Jun Yilie was so angry. It was he that decided not to want her. But she make it sound as though it was her that didn’t want him! This arrogant girl!


“Shut up! Let me tell you, No one is to marry the woman I don’t want! If anyone dares to marry her, I will pluck his head! Seal his family property! And then destroy his nine clans!”


The people around were so frightened that they didn’t even dare to breathe out loud.



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