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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Xiaoli and Xing’er couldn’t help snickering secretly and they heard Madam Qu scolding: “You have already hugged each other, and you already have skin-to-skin contact. What is there to be embarrassed about anymore? Dear daughter, don’t you think so!”


Yu Xinruo couldn’t help but be overjoyed when she heard these words, Mrs. Qu’s words seemed to mean something else, but she still wants to test it out. Her pair of eyes turned slyly, and nodded again and again: “What Godmother said is true, brother Qu Yang, don’t be shy, come in quickly, anyway, we will be a family from now on, there is nothing between us to be embarrassed about.”


Mrs. Qu nodded with satisfaction, rubbed Xinruo’s head, and smiled: “Xinruo, Godmother is afraid that you will look down on this silly boy, it seems that I am overthinking it. When your injury is healed, I will get his father to ask the emperor to award you the marriage, and then hold a grand wedding to make the Prime Minister’s mansion lively.”


Did she hear it right? Madam Qu actually offered to let her son marry her. Yu Xinruo couldn’t believe her ears, she quickly pulled Madam Qu’s sleeve, and asked excitedly, “Godmother, is what you are saying true? Don’t you mind that I have been married to someone else before? Besides, my reputation doesn’t sound good.”


Xiaoli and Xing’er were both surprised and happy, but they didn’t expect that the young lady would be blessed by misfortune.


But Mrs. Qu disapproved: “What’s wrong with you being married before? Before I married Yang’er’s father, I was also married to someone else, but his father was very kind to me, so I have always felt very happy.” When Mrs. Qu thinks about her past, her beautiful face showed a warm and happy smile, “So, it’s nothing wrong for a woman to marry again, as long as she meets the right person, she will also find happiness. I have heard about your rumors, it’s not a big deal. Seeing is believing. I have been with you for the past two days. I think you are a good girl who is well-behaved and obedient. You are not as described as rumored outside. Qu Yang takes after his father. He doesn’t take the initiative to approach a woman, and you are the first woman he is willing to approach, so if he likes you, and you like him, that’s enough for me.”


If Yu Xin didn’t expect to get the consent of her parents so quickly, she couldn’t help being overjoyed, she almost wanted to dance with excitement, Madam Qu, you are really considerate, gentle, and considerate, and you deserve to be the first model godmother in ancient times! She grabbed Mrs. Qu’s hand with tears in her eyes and said gratefully, “Godmother, you are really kind to me! Actually, I have long been in love with him, but he has always been cold to me and doesn’t let me know what he thinks.” When she said the last two sentences, her cheeks couldn’t help blushing, but her eyes flashed with joy.


Mrs. Qu smiled knowingly and said, “Then it’s settled. When his father returns in the evening, I’ll tell him.”


“Mother…” Qu Yang heard his mother selling him from outside the door, his eyes twitched for a while, and he finally couldn’t help but come in, “Marriage is not child’s play, how can you make such a rash decision.”


When Mrs. Qu heard the words, she immediately stared at him fiercely: “What do you mean by that? You hugged and looked at her. Do you want to just pat your butt and leave?”


She didn’t want her sweet little girl to fly away because of his words. She is alone in this huge Mansion. The prime minister and his son are both non-talkative people. She has always felt bored with nobody to talk to the whole day. Fortunately, she came and she is a lively and lovely princess. The little girl is very considerate, even if she nags, this girl will not interrupt, she will only listen with a smile, what a well-behaved girl! Unlike the stinky boy Qu Yang, he would frown when he heard her nagging. Anyway, she will not let this boiled duck fly away.


She looked at Yu Xinruo again, and the more she looked at her, the more pleasing she felt. Not only did she look upright and pleasing, but she also looked like she depended on her and trusted her. What she wanted was this feeling of being trusted and being depended on, this will make her feel that she is not a useless person.


However, Yu Xinruo laughed in her heart. If she wanted to chase a man, she had to get her mother first. This move was really good. The scarifies she made listening to the old lady nagging about those trivial things really made a difference.


“Mother, that’s not what I meant.” Qu Yang reluctantly explained, but after coming into contact with Yu Xinruo’s resentful eyes that were about to burst into tears, he unconsciously stopped talking, and the scene of himself and her being so ambiguous appeared in his mind. His handsome face couldn’t help but flushed up slightly, he sighed, stopped talking, handed a bottle of ointment to Xiaoli, and turned away.


Madam Qu didn’t expect her son to be so disrespectful, so she reprimanded a little angrily: “Damn brat, Xinruo was hurt because of you, you left without a word of comfort, let’s see how I deal with you later!”


Yu Xinruo looked at his disappearing back at the door, she couldn’t help feeling a little sad, she calmed down, and smiled comfortingly to Mrs. Qu: “It’s okay, godmother, I think brother Qu Yang is just shy, he will get used to it in the future.”


Damn boy, we already have skin-to-skin contact, but you are still acting so cold, I don’t believe I can’t handle you! Yu Xinruo thought bitterly.


On the second day, just after lunch, the emperor Jun Yilie suddenly came to visit. Prime Minister Qu was not at home, Mrs. Qu heard the notice from the concierge, and before she could inform Yu Xinruo and Qu Yang, she hurried out to greet him.


Jun Yilie, who was wearing a brocade robe and a jade crown, was of high spirit and even more graceful. Beside him was a beautiful girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, like a hibiscus shining in the water, gorgeous and moving. The two laughed softly from time to time, and they looked intimate and tight.


After scanning the entire hall at the people who came out to greet him, Jun Yilie frowned slightly, looked at Madam Qu, and said with a smile: “Madam, excuse me, where is Qu Yang? Isn’t he at home today? Why haven’t I seen him here? What about Princess Changting? She doesn’t even come to greet me when I am here, she really is becoming more and more ignorant of etiquette.”


Mrs. Qu thanked her, stood up, smiled, and replied respectfully: “Your Majesty, forgives my sins. In fact, it’s not the princess’s fault, it’s I who heard that the emperor is here, and hasn’t had time to inform her. Yesterday, she was accidentally injured, and Yang’er is in Xinlan Garden to accompany her to relax. Your Majesty, please have a cup of tea first, and I will order someone to get them.”


Yu Xinruo, that girl is injured? Jun Yilie raised his brows and waved his hands: “No need, I’m free anyway, so I’ll go see the princess in person.” After that, he took the woman’s slender hand, smiled gently at her, and walked towards the backyard together.


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