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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“Princess, are you alright?” Qu Yang’s eyes were filled with distress, and he called Yu Xinruo twice. Seeing that she was still unconscious, he stretched out his hand to take her pulse, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. There was no time to wear his clothes, he carried her and walked out the door.


Yu Xinruo was actually just pretending to be dazed. She comfortably lay in Qu Yang’s arms, raised her eyelids quietly, looked at the worried look on his face, and revealed a sly smile that was difficult to detect.


Two whips in exchange for Qu Yang’s tender embrace, it’s worth it. However, she, Yu Xinruo, will definitely not suffer just like that, that **** lady whipped her twice, and she will take revenge back on her!


Qian’er’s room.


“What? You said that you saw the young master come out of the bathroom with the lowly princess naked?” A sharp female voice rose sharply, and Qian’er, who was lying on the bed, listened to the girl Yan’er, who had always been friends with her, telling her about the incident in the bathroom. She grabbed Yan’er’s shoulder and asked excitedly.


Seeing Yan’er nodding her head, her beautiful eyes could not help revealing resentment, and she cursed bitterly: “Damn bitch, she made me suffer ten strokes of the cane, and now she has robbed the young master heart, what a shameful bitch!”


Yan’er helped her sit down, patted her shoulder, and smiled comfortingly: “Qian’er, I know that you entered the Qufu as a maid for the young master, but you also know that our young master is cold-hearted and will not take the initiative to approach women. Child, if you want to win the favor of the young master, you have to take the initiative to attack, otherwise, he will be taken away by others. Look at the former queen, her means are much better than yours, she was here  in this mansion only for three days and she has already captured the young master.”


Qian’er bit her lip and pouted angrily: “I did announce to the young master my liking for him before, but he rejected me. I do not want to be embarrassed again. And that Lei Yuqiu is really stupid. Now, she said that if she can marry the young master, she will let the young master take me as a concubine. I helped her sneak into the young master’s bathroom, but she didn’t succeed but let that bitch Yu Xinruo got hold of the young master! Miss Right Prime Minister, she is as stupid as a pig!”


Yan’er couldn’t help laughing when she heard the words, suddenly a flash of light flashed in her mind. She leaned into Qian’er’s ear and smiled mysteriously: “I suddenly thought of a plan that could help you get the young master’s heart quickly, but if it doesn’t work, don’t say that I’m involved.”


Qian’er’s eyes lit up, “Say it.”


Yan’er whispered a few words in her ear, and Qian’er’s pretty face suddenly turned red, “You asked me to drug the young master secretly? Will this work? If the young master knows that it was me, Not sure how he will treat me.”


Yan’er smiled and said: “The most effective way is to attack directly. If you continue to wait like this, you wouldn’t win the young master’s heart even when your hair turned white, and he may be taken by other women. The young master has the same principles as the old master, If he had a skin-to-skin relationship with you, he would definitely marry you.”


Hearing these words, Qian’er nodded nonstopped, thinking to herself when to implement this plan.


Xinlan Garden.


“Oh, it hurts me to death, Xiaoli, take it easy. The last medicine was so powerful that you wanted to kill me, your master.”


“Ah… It’s so painful, Xiaoli, lighter. Are you trying to kill me?”

In a delicate and elegant room, Yu Xinruo’s pained voice could be heard from time to time, as if being punished by someone.


“Miss, how dare I kill you, I’m already applying the medicine very lightly. Look at the sound of your scream, others might think you’re killing a pig.” Xiaoli sighed. With a look of grievance. She continued to put medicine on Yu Xinruo’s back. That Miss Right Prime Minister was really ruthless. With the two whips, the princess’s snow-white back was horribly beaten. When she returned to the palace, she had to report to the Empress Dowager and punish her well! She has a prime minister father to support her, and our master also has an Empress Dowager to support her!


Xing’er jokingly said while applying the medicine for her: “Miss, isn’t there a saying called, if you die under the peony flowers bushes, then you will turn into a romantic ghost? It’s just 2 whips. Don’t be so troublesome next time, just tell Master Qu that you want to take a bath together with him.”


“Damn girl, I’m already so miserable, how dare you make fun of me!” Yu Xinruo gave her a roll of eyes, but she couldn’t help laughing. It’s a good idea to take a bath together with that kid. After she gets the kid, hey, she is so excited when she thinks of that scene, and temporarily forgets the pain.


“My goddaughter, I heard that you were injured, your godmother is really worried to death.”


Madam Qu’s voice suddenly came from outside the room. Before anyone arrived, the voice came first. The door of the room was pushed open at this moment, and Madam Qu hurried over, her beautiful face full of worry.


“Hello, Madam.” Xiaoli and Xing’er hurriedly stood aside to salute her.


“We are family, so there’s no need to salute.” Mrs. Qu waved her hand casually and came to Yu Xinruo’s bedside. She was startled when she saw the two crisscrossing ferocious whip wounds on her back. Immediately, his eyebrows were drawn together in distress, “What kind of bad guy did this, to hurt a good daughter like this for no reason? It’s really abominable.”


Seeing the sincerity and concern that appeared on Mrs. Qu’s face, Yu Xinruo couldn’t help but wet her eyes and choked up, “Godmother, hum, my back hurts so much.”


“Daughter, don’t cry, don’t cry, the pain will be gone soon, your godmother brought a good ointment, which has a miraculous effect on pain relief and scar removal, it will definitely not leave scars on your back.” Mrs. Qu hugged her head in her arms and comforted her softly.


Mrs. Qu’s embrace was really warm, Yu Xinruo felt a burst of warmth in her heart, and rubbed her face into her embrace even tighter.


“Stinky boy, why don’t you come in! You caused Xin Ruo to be like this, and you didn’t even apologize. What did your father teach you before!” Madam Qu turned around again, looking at the door, and scolded.


A slender and handsome figure appeared at the door of the room. Qu Yang glanced at Yu Xinruo with an embarrassed look on his face. After seeing her snow-white back exposed in the air, his handsome face couldn’t help but shy away. He said gloomily, “Mother, her clothes haven’t been put on yet, how can I get in?”


It turns out that Xiaoli and Xing’er took off Yu Xinruo clothes to facilitate the application of medicine.



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