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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 24

Chapter 24

However, there was no one on the other side of the screen! She was shocked, what happened? Could it be that it was just her hallucination?


“Does the princess wants to peek at me taking a bath?” A slightly mocking and pleasant voice came from behind her.


Yu Xinruo’s heart skipped a beat, and she quickly turned around, only to see Qu Yang with her arms crossed around his chest, looking at her in a relaxed manner, his handsome face displaying half a smile.


His jet-black long hair was shawl down, a few strands of it were wetted by steam, slightly messy on the forehead, wrapped in a white bath towel, the upper body was exposed, the skin was as white as jade, with a hint of pink tenderness. , that look was simply sexy and charming.


Yu Xinruo blinked her beautiful big eyes, stood there blankly looking at Qu Yang’s seductive curves, and secretly swallowed her saliva.


Seeing that she didn’t scream or avoid him, but instead squinting at him, looking like she was going to swallow him. No matter how calm Qu Yang was, he couldn’t help but shuddered and said: ” Princess, I don’t like people watching when I take a bath…”


Before he could finish speaking, Yu Xinruo suddenly grabbed the clothes on the stool and rushed towards him: “Hey, has brother Qu Yang finished bathing? Then let me serve you and get dressed.”


A string of black lines fell from Qu Yang’s forehead, and just as he was about to refuse, a whip suddenly flew in the air and hit Yu Xinruo’s back hard, followed by a feminine voice: “How can a princess sneaked into the bathroom and watch a man take a bath, how shameless!”


Yu Xinruo was caught off guard, she was hit straight and felt a burning pain in her back. She scream in pain and fell forward into the arms of Qu Yang. The bath towel around his waist was accidentally torn off. If it wasn’t for Yu Xinruo’s shielding at the front, he would have exposed his genitals.


“You, you…” Qu Yang has always maintained clean and pure, he has never been involved in such a situation. His face was flushing with shame, and he was staring at Yu Xinruo with astonished and embarrassed eyes, and even had the urge to strangle her. 


Yu Xinruo was so frightened that she tried to quickly get up from him, and apologized repeatedly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to! I really didn’t mean to knock you down!”


Unexpectedly, Qu Yang desperately grabbed her and prevented her from getting up. He whispered and growled, “Don’t get up! There are still other people in this room!”


Yu Xinruo was stunned at first, looking at his blushing handsome face and the strange feeling in her abdomen, she suddenly came over, and her pretty face immediately blushed.


Such an ambiguous posture, such an intimate contact, could not help but make the two of them feel excited. It was the first time that Qu Yang had such a close skin-to-skin relationship with a woman, and when he smelled the faint fragrance of virginity from Yu Xinruo’s body, he couldn’t help but feel a little ecstatic and a strange feeling rose from the bottom of his heart.


In Yu Xinruo’s eyes, the shy and young Qu Yang is undoubtedly a delicious apple, and she can’t wait to take a bite.


But the girl with the whip on the roof saw them in the affection position, and she couldn’t help but feel jealous, opened her mouth, and scolded: “Bitch!” Another whip was thrown down.


With a crackling sound, Yu Xinruo received a heavy whip on her back, causing her to groan in pain. Her body softened, and she lay on Qu Yang’s body weakly, opening her mouth and spitting out blood on Qu Yang’s shoulders.


Qu Yang turned Yu Xinruo over, grabbed the bath towel, and wrapped it around his waist. His narrowed his eyes and pointed toward the roof with his fingers. Then there were two “dong dong” sounds, and the two women rolled down from the beams in embarrassment.


“I didn’t expect Qu Yang to know martial arts. I, Jian Qiqi, made a mistake. I should have brought along some  enchanting powder.” The woman in black with bright eyes climbed up from the ground and patted the hem of her clothes. While muttering to herself.


Another woman got up from the ground with a leather whip, rubbed her shoulders, and cried out in pain. When she saw the black-clothed girl, she raised the leather whip in her hand, and her big beautiful eyes were immediately full of hostility: “Stinky girl, who are you!”


The black-clothed girl glanced at her and smiled triumphantly: “I am Jian Qiqi, who is well-known in the arena, who are you then? Calling others shameless, you yourself are also shameless and peeking at people taking a bath. !”


The girl holding the whip blushed and was about to refute, when Qu Yang’s cold voice came coldly: “I heard that there is a sex fiend girl named Jian Qiqi who has recently appeared in Jianghu, especially interested in men with outstanding appearance. Is that you?”


Jian Qiqi’s pair of beautiful eyes immediately looked at Qu Yang, pouted, and said aggrievedly: “Who are you calling a sex fiend, your words are too shocking. I just have a preference for beautiful things, I am not as filthy as you imagined. Well, I’ve finished watching the show, so I won’t bother you anymore.” After saying that, she got out of a small hole in the roof and disappeared.


Qu Yang’s face sank, his stern gaze shifted to the girl holding the whip, and he said coldly, “I didn’t expect that the eldest lady of the Prime Minister Right’s family also has a hobby of peeping at people taking a bath. It really took me by surprise.”


It turned out that the girl holding the whip turned out to be Lei Yuqiu. Looking at Qu Yang’s cold stare, she shrank timidly and said with a dry smile: “Well, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Qu, I was just worried that the princess might do something bad to you, so I slipped in here with the intention to protect you. Since you’re fine, I still have something to do, I won’t disturb Mr. Qu’s bath, I’ll take my leave.” After saying that, Fei rushed out of the door.


There were actually three women peeping in the shower, Qu Yang sighed helplessly, he was really careless this time, and he didn’t realize that there were still two other people hiding in the room.


Looking down at Yu Xinruo in his arms, it is estimated that her delicate body could not bear the two whips, and she had fainted. Somewhere in his heart felt as if it had been stabbed hard by something, His handsome face became terrifying dark, and he said loudly to the door: “Miss Lei, don’t come to Qu Resident in the future, you’ll not be welcome.”


Lei Yuqiu, who had not walked far outside the door, heard these words, and couldn’t help biting her lip. Remembering the appearance of Yu Xinruo lying in Qu Yang’s arms, a trace of hatred showed in her beautiful eyes, she stretched out her hand and whipped the flowers beside her.


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