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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Yu Xinruo waved her hand and smiled disapprovingly: “Don’t worry, I have already asked Empress Dowager for instructions before leaving the palace. Empress Dowager said that I can do whatever I like, as long as It’s not something that will hurt people.”


Zhong Shuwen kept quiet after hearing these words.


Yu Xinruo began to instruct them concerning the transformation of the county master’s mansion into the Queen’s Hotel. She also went on to instill advanced knowledge of business concepts to them


Everybody listened to Yu Xinruo’s eloquence. She spoke in a well-organized manner and many things were something they had never heard of before. They were surprised and admired her at the same time. The little women who have never been out of the palace actually understand these things that they find incredible. Furthermore, Yu Xinruo was smiling, gentle and amiable to them, unlike the concubines in the palace who put on airs and disdain the common people. They can’t help but feel awe and admiration for this former queen with a bad reputation.


Zhong Shuwen was the chief executive in Empress Dowager’s Palace. He was witty, smart, and capable. Empress Dowager was worried that Yu Xin wouldn’t know how to deal with the tedious matters within the house, so he was specially assigned to the county master’s mansion to assist her. He was originally from a merchant family and was proficient in the way of running a business. Because of the decline of his family, he had to go to the palace as an official. Now hearing Yu Xinruo’s exquisite words, he can’t help but felt it’s an eye opener. Originally, he disapproved of Yu Xinruo, but now he greatly admires her.


After Yu Xinruo had arranged all matters, she looked at Zhong Shuwen and said with a smile: “Director Zhong, I have to live in Prime Minister Qu’s mansion, for the time being, so all matters related to the Queen’s Hotel will be handed over to you. You are free to mobilize the funds of this county. As I trust you so much, I hope you will not disappoint me.”


Zhong Shuwen was digesting Yu Xinruo’s words when suddenly he heard her entrusting him with the important task of this project. He was immediately excited, stepped out of line, and knelt in front of Yu Xinruo.


Although he is in the palace, he had been looking forward to the day when he would be able to excel in the business world. Today, he suddenly got what he wanted. It was a surprise, and he was very grateful for Yu Xinruo’s idea.


Yu Xinruo smiled and nodded, and said: “Since you are contributing your effort to me, I will not treat you badly. From now on, your monthly salary will be doubled. After the establishment of the hotel, if it is profitable, In addition to the monthly salary, at the end of the year, I will give you one hundred taels of silver as a bonus, regardless of grade, to reward you.”


For these palace maids and guards, the lower-level ones usually only get one or two taels of silver a month, and the higher-level ones are only four or five taels per month. , Now that they heard the new master say that not only will the monthly salary be doubled, but there will be one hundred taels of silver at the end of the year. Everyone can’t help but show ecstasy and excitement.


After explaining to Zhong Shuwen, Yu Xinruo took Xiaoli and Xing’er on the carriage of the county master’s mansion back to Qu mansion. Only then did she realize that it was almost evening, more than four hours had passed before she knew it.


When they arrived at Qu Mansion, Yu Xinruo sent the carriage back, and then slowly paced in with Xiaoli and Xing’er. Xiaoli and Xing’er were still excited, chatting about the end-of-year capital commission, while Yu Xinruo was thinking about the omissions in the discussion just now.


As they passed by the front yard, she suddenly saw a maid in Qu Mansion walking by holding a set of clothes, Yu Xinruo’s eyes were sharp, and at a glance, she could see that the clothes belonged to Qu Yang. Immediately, she stopped the maid, greeted her with a smile, and asked, “Who are you giving these clothes to?”


Seeing that she was the county master, the maid hurriedly gave her a salute and said timidly: “Master Qu is taking a shower in the bathroom, and Qian’er who is serving the young master is ill, so the madam had asked me to serve the young master for the time being. These are for Master Qu.”


Thinking of the scene of that cool and beautiful young man having his clothes off and taking a bath, Yu Xinruo couldn’t help swallowing her saliva. She took the clothes and said with a smile, “I just happened to be looking for brother Qu Yang, so why don’t you let me drop the clothes over there?”


The maid did not dare to resist, so she nodded in agreement, pointed her in the direction of the bathroom, and then retreated.


As soon as she left, Xing’er quickly grabbed Yu Xinruo, with a nervous look on her face, and whispered: “Miss, what do you want to do? You used to be the queen of a country, and now you are the prince of the county, don’t do something stupid.”


Yu Xinruo blinked at them, smiled slyly, and said, “Didn’t I tell you, I like Qu Yang. Anyway, I’m single now and have the right to pursue happiness, even if the emperor comes, he can’t control me. Don’t make a fuss.” After saying that, she sent them off, and walked quickly towards the bathroom.


Xing’er and Xiaoli looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly. The change in their master was truly astonishing. She used to be timid and fearful, and she didn’t even dare to say anything when the palace maid bullied her. Now she dares to do anything. Since she wants to pursue her own happiness, let her be, they just hope that her dream will come true.


With a sigh, the two walked slowly towards their courtyard hand in hand. Thinking of their own future happiness, the two of them couldn’t help being a little at a loss, and couldn’t help but secretly fantasize.


At the door of the bathroom, there was a slight sound of water splashing from the inside, which made Yu Xinruo’s heart itch. She held her breath, gently pushed open the bathroom door, and crept in. The bathroom was filled with a faint scent of soap, and the milky white steam was dense in the room. The indoor atmosphere was beautiful and ambiguous due to the fantasy in Yu Xinruo’s mind.


The boy who was as cold as the moon was bathing behind a screen with snow and trees painted on it. The slightly transparent screen outlined the sexy outline of his body. She was very excited and felt that she might be bleeding from the nose.


She hurriedly touched her nose. It was okay, the nosebleed didn’t come out. At this moment, Qu Yang’s cold voice came over: “Is it Haitang? Just put the clothes there.”


“Yes.” Yu Xinruo squeezed her throat and said, imitating the voice of the maid just now, she put the clothes on the stool beside the screen but did not leave. Instead, she hid behind the screen, sticking out her little head to peep. It’s hard to seize this opportunity, how can she not take a peek at the beautiful man coming out of the bath?



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