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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 22

Chapter 22

“Go, go, go, I got a lot of things to do, I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you, you stinky thief!”


Du Qiulan gave him a roll of his eyes, and regardless of the loud laughter behind him, he turned around and left, but in his heart, the woman appeared dumbfounded when she knew that he was a man.


He has seen a lot of different beauties but no one like her. It is the first time he has met such a simple, bold, yet silly and cute girl. She aroused his curiosity.


He doesn’t know where is she from. Du Qiulan pondered secretly, and there was a hint of interest in his eyes with an evil smile.


“Hey, Master! Slow down, we can’t keep up with you!” Xiaoli and Xing’er shouted towards Yu Xinruo who was walking fast in front.


Yu Xinruo saw that she was now far enough from the place where she was embarrassed just now before she stopped, and while waiting for the two girls, she used her wide sleeves as a fan. The weather was a little hot today, and she was already sweating profusely as she walked in a hurry.


“Master… Master, you haven’t got back your jade pendant yet. Why did you leave after touching her? It made everyone think that you are a hooligan and molested that girl.” Xiaoli and Xing’er finally caught up with her. Both of them bent down and panted.


“Damn girl!” Yu Xinruo said indignantly, “That’s a fake woman! If I were to meet him again, I will surely make him suffer!” Damn monster, she clearly told him that she was a woman, but he continued to let her touch him, deliberately wanting her to make a fool of herself in public. Now what? Not only didn’t she get back the jade pendant, but the incident also made her look bad!


“What? Such a beautiful girl is actually a man?” Xing’er was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped. This was the first time she had seen such a beautiful man. If Qu Yang was the cold moon in the sky, he would be the most beautiful and dazzling flower in the world, blooming in the brightest sunshine.


“And my lady touched him, it seems that she has touched her whole body.” Xiaoli said with a smile, looking at Yu Xinruo’s embarrassing face. Although the monarchy is not very strict, there are still boundaries between men and women. Women are allowed to go out on the street, but they are not allowed to have skin-to-skin contact with men, it is considered immoral. Like Yu Xinruo’s behavior today, if it were known to others, it would be enough to carry the charge of immorality.


“Okay, okay, Damn Xiaoli, stop making fun of me. I’m also being wronged, it’s all because of that stinky man. I told him I was a woman, but he didn’t say a word and made me lose face!” Yu Xinruo said aggrievedly, touching her nose.


“It’s alright, Miss, anyway, the man dressed as a woman doesn’t know who Miss is. And the people around don’t know that Miss is a woman, hehe, Miss, don’t frown anymore.” Xing’er comforted.


Yu Xinruo nodded, and followed them forward in a dull manner. After walking for another half hour, a vast, majestic, and beautiful mansion appeared in front of them.


At a glance, Yu Xinruo saw the three big characters on the horizontal plaque on the gate of the mansion – “Changting Mansion”, she immediately smile brightly, and the displeasure earlier on was swept away.


Xiaoli and Xing’er were already cheering: “Miss, in front of you is the Mansion that the Empress Dowager gave you! Let’s hurry up!” After saying that, the two of them dragged Yu Xinruo and trotted over excitedly.


The four guards guarding the gate were all from the Empress Dowager’s Ci’an Palace. They knew Yu Xinruo, the former queen, as well as Xiaoli and Xing’er. When they saw the three of them, one of the guards rushed inside to announce their arrival, and the other three quickly came over and kneel down for Yu Xinruo.


Yu Xinruo waved her hand, said “you may rise” and rushed in.


This mansion has the atmosphere of the royal family; Carved beams and painted buildings walls, pavilions after pavilions, all were beautiful and magnificent. As Yu Xinruo walked, she was secretly amazed. Although it was not comparable to the palace, it was already very imposing.


At this time, a handsome brocade man in his thirties and four beautiful women in palace attire came hurriedly, bowed his body, and said respectfully, “My lady, I am the chief officer from the county master’s office, Zhong Shuwen, greetings to you!”


Yu Xinruo glanced at them and said with a smile, “Please rise.” After a little questioning, Yu Xinruo followed Zhong Shuwen to the Qianguang Hall, the main hall. The palace maids and guards in the house were already waiting in the queue and saluted. After that, Yu Xinruo sat down in the main hall, glanced at everyone, and said with a smile: “I will temporarily live in Prime Minister Qu’s mansion, so I wouldn’t be able to take care of the affairs of the mansion for the time being. I will need to trouble Chief Zhong to be in charge.”


Zhong Shuwen said politely: “Yes my lady, your request is our command. I will definitely lead everyone to serve the princess.”


Yu Xinruo smiled and nodded, and added: “I have had a strange idea recently. Such a large mansion has many wing rooms, and I cannot live in it temporarily, it is a pity that it is vacant. So I have decided to turn this mansion into a hotel temporarily to make money. I wonder if you have any objections?”


The subordinates would definitely not dare to object to the princess’s decision, but Zhong Shuwen asked, “May I ask the princess, what is a hotel?”


“Hotel means inn.”


“Does the princess wants to change this dignified county lord’s mansion into an inn that anyone can stay in?” Zhong Shuwen opened his mouth in surprise, and everyone below looked at each other in surprise.


“That’s right.” Yu Xinruo said with a smile, “After this, please ordered someone to take off the plaque of the Changting Mansion and make a new one. However, the name of the mansion needs to be changed, let’s change it to Queen’s Hotel.”


“Queen’s Hotel?” Zhong Shuwen was so surprised that his eyes were bigger than eggs. He had never heard of such a bizarre thing. The dignified princess is turning her mansion into an inn that everyone could stay in. , isn’t that tarnishing the dignity of the royal family? The former queen looked very dull previously, why did she suddenly have such a strange idea today?


“Princess.” Zhong Shuwen stared blankly at Yu Xinruo and said, “This is the county master’s mansion bestowed by Empress Dowager. If it is converted into an inn, it will lose the royal family’s decency, and it will even humiliate the royal family’s reputation. If the emperor found out about it, he would definitely be very angry.



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