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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 21

Chapter 21

“Young master, you must be joking, I am innocent, when did I take your jade pendant!” The pretty girl retract her smile, her angelic face was slightly sullen, she pouted her cherry mouth, and said displeasedly. She moved her arm it easily breaks free from Yu Xinruo’s restraint.


It turned out that she knew martial arts, Yu Xinruo squinted her eyes. She had held her very hard but she broke free easily, it seemed that this woman was not so easy to deal with. However, she must take back the jade pendant, otherwise, if Empress Dowager was to look for her in the future, or if Jun Yilie is determined to stop her, she will not be able to enter the palace.


After some consideration, she smiled and said, “Facts speak louder than words. Let me check if you have my jade pendant. If you really don’t have my jade pendant on your body, I’m willing to accept any punishment from you.”


Before meeting this enchanting girl, the jade pendant was hanging around her waist, and it was only after she appeared that it disappeared, so she couldn’t believe that she didn’t take it. And her smile is too mysterious and makes people suspicious.


Seeing that there was a commotion, the people around them gathered. When Yu Xinruo insisted that the fairy-like person stole her jade pendant, someone immediately felt unjust for the girl. In their hearts, beautiful women would not do things like theft, not to mention the aggrieved state of this beautiful woman, which made those men feel pity for her.


“Stinky boy, you insult good women in public, are you tired of living?”


“That’s right, even if you like her, you can’t use such a despicable excuse. Her innocence would be ruined if you were to search her body in public.”


Everyone was talking at once, and Yu Xin was speechless. Then she whispered to the girl, “Don’t worry, miss, I’m also a woman, I’m just disguised as a man. It doesn’t matter if you were to let me search your body.”


There was a hint of surprise in the girl’s eyes, after thinking for a moment, she smiled and nodded, and there was a hint of imperceptible narrowness in the bottom of her eyes.


“Everyone can see that she nodded and agreed to my body search, so don’t spit at me.” Yu Xinruo said aloud, then stretched out her hand and began to search the girl.


She touched her waist, but nothing. Front belly, back, nothing neither. Thinking that some modern women are very clever at stealing, they will hide the stolen things in their bra, she reaches out and touches her chest.


“Shameless! Obscene!” There was a man in the crowd who couldn’t stand it any longer and cursed aloud.


Yu Xinruo smiled helplessly, but the next second, the smile froze on her face, she has a flat chest. How could such beauty have a flat chest?


She looked up at the girl in surprise, and the girl just smiled at her but said nothing.


Something is wrong, something seems way wrong. Yu Xinruo frowned, looking at this girl from a distance, she looked slender, with a slender waist, but when she touched her, it wasn’t like that. Her waist was much thicker than she thought, and her back was slightly wider.


Continuing her search, when Yu Xinruo’s hand touched the part below the girl’s waist, the onlookers were furious. Thinking that a fairy-like beauty is being touched by a man in the street, the girl must be feeling very embarrassed. There were still some men in the crowd who felt very jealous, and they hated Yu Xinruo, who is able to take advantage of the beauty, and wanted to pull her and throw her out. It’s a pity that the fairy girl didn’t say a word after being insulted by this man. All they could do were swallow their saliva and glare at Yu Xinruo.


Her legs were also thicker than normal women. Yu Xinruo’s brows furrowed even tighter, she suddenly became suspicious, she gritted her teeth secretly, stretched out her hand to touch the girl’s thighs, and then retracted her hand like an electric shock, her pretty face immediately turned blushing!


“You you you you…” She stammered as she looked at the girl whose smile became eviler. “She” is indeed a man disguised as a woman!


“Young master, you got what you wanted, what else do you want to do to me?” There was a hint of laughter in the girl’s eyes, but she deliberately lowered her head to cover it up, and it became shy in the eyes of others.


“Young Master, what’s the matter?” Xing’er couldn’t help but asked curiously when she saw that Yu Xinruo’s face changed drastically and she seemed to be shy.


“What’s the matter? Let’s go!” Yu Xinruo was ashamed and annoyed, she suddenly lowered her face, stomped her feet, and quickly got out of the crowd and ran away.


What a shame! She touched a man in public! And of all the places! What a shame this time!


“What are you doing? You took advantage of her and ran away! This girl hasn’t asked you to be responsible!”


“Stinky boy, come back and compensate this girl for her innocence!”


“The master has such a rogue virtue, and the servants must be the same!”


“If you touch this girl, you have to marry her! Brat, come back here!”


There was a lot of abuse behind them, Xiaoli and Xing’er reacted a little slower, they were attacked by the stinky shoes of those who felt injustice for the girl, and they fled in fright.


“Hahahaha, I almost laughed to death just now.” When the surrounding crowd dispersed, the girl walked to a narrow alley along the same path, and suddenly heard a burst of laughter. Her face sank suddenly.


“Stinky thief, hurry up and show me your face!” The “evil girl” scolded loudly.


“Hahaha, I am not a stinky thief, but the number one thief in the world. Master Du, don’t make a mistake.” Amidst the loud laughter, a figure came down from the roof, with a light red robe and a handsome face.


Du Qiuluan said bitterly, “It’s all your fault, you stinky boy, for what kind of a bad idea, to make my handsome and romantic Du Qiuluan disguise as a woman and become a little thief. It’s really shameful.” She threw the beautiful woman’s dress down to the ground and stepped on it with her feet.


The handsome boy in red looked at him with a smile and said, “Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect when Duke Du to dress up as a woman is to be more beautiful than a fairy. It is estimated that the men who have seen you will lose sleep tonight.” then he continued to laugh nonstop.


“Hmph.” Du Qiuluan snorted coldly and said, “Don’t be complacent, next time if you lose the bet, I will ask you to pretend to be a woman and walk around the street so that you can have a taste of it.”


The red-clothed boy smiled and said, “I would like to accept the bet and lose, as long as you win the bet next time, let you have the say.” After saying that, his handsome eyes flashed, and he approached Du Qiuluan with a narrow face, and asked with a smile, “How does it feel to be touched by a woman in the street? For Master Du, a veteran womanizer, does it feel like a different kind of enjoyment?”



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