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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 20

Chapter 20

   The warm feeling of the soft kiss touching his face made Qu Yang’s body freeze. He stared blankly at the jumping figure that was running away. It was until she disappeared before he came back to his senses. He could feel a slight blush on his cold face.


However, when he thought of the erotic palace picture she read, his eyes sank again. The mansion has very strict rules, but someone dared to tease her with such a book. He must take action on it.


After some consideration, he called a servant and instructed him to inform Qian’er to go to the punishment room to receive ten strokes of canes.


“Master, where are we going to have fun?”


“Xiao Li, all you think of is play, the Master must be thinking of returning to the mansion to check on it. Since leaving the palace, he had been assigned to the prime minister’s mansion, and he didn’t even have the chance to go to his own house.”


“Hey, Xing’er, you are so smart, I have exactly the same thought. Empress Dowager and the emperor have assigned me with so many palace maids and guards. Since I don’t have an official position, so I have no income at all. How could I afford to feed them? I have to calculate carefully and make good use of these idlers.”


There were many people on the street. Yu Xinruo, Xiaoli, and Xing’er were all dressed in men’s clothes, chatting and laughing while walking.


Yu Xinruo was wearing a moon-white brocade robe with a light pattern on the bottom. She looks like a handsome and graceful young man, which attracted many secret stares from young girls and young women.


Xiaoli and Xing’er were dressed as servants, with precise eyebrows and good looks. As they talked and laughed, they looked extremely energetic.


“How is master going to use these idlers?” Xiaoli asked curiously.


Xing’er was also very curious, and asked with a frown, “Those palace maids only knows how to serve people, and the guards could only guard the mansion and protect their master. How do you plan to use them?”


Yu Xinruo smiled and didn’t answer, she just said: “I have my own plan, you shall wait and see. Even if they are totally useless, I will make money out of them.”


In modern times, her father Lantian is the Golden Eagle Group president and is involved in various business fields. She has also learned many advanced business concepts under her immersion. Moreover, she is the only daughter of Lantian, and she is talented and intelligent, so Lantian attaches great importance to her, and intends to train her to be his successor. He let her study at a professional aristocratic business university to learn the most advanced business knowledge. She was particularly interested in the hotel business, so during the two days she stayed in Qufu, she seemed to be idle, but she was going through the idea of starting a advanced hotel in this era.


Just as the three of them were talking and laughing, a beautiful young girl suddenly walked over from the opposite side, she blinked at Yu Xinruo and smiled sweetly. Yu Xinruo immediately stared blankly, looked at her stupidly, and exclaimed in her heart, OMG, how could there be such beautiful women in this world!


Her eyes are as bright as spring water, her eyebrows are as dark and delicate as mountains, her lips are as attractive as cherries, and her skin is as lustrous as ice and snow.


The people around were also dumbfounded. Whether it was a man or a woman, whether it was a centenarian or a three-year-old child, they all stopped and stared obsessively at the fairy who had just walked down from a painting. The whole street suddenly fell silent, so quiet that you could hear a needle falling to the ground. The breathing seems to have stopped, the air seems to have frozen, the flowers have lost their color, and the sun has lost its luster, all because of that stunning girl. All the colors and all the luster seemed to be concentrated on her at once.


When passing by Yu Xinruo, the stunning girl gave her a charming smile, Yu Xinruo was stunned again, and when she came back to her senses, the girl had disappeared.


As soon as the girl left, the solidified air seemed to melt at once, and the people around Yu Xinruo immediately talked and asked each other who was the fairy-like young lady.


“Master, the girl just now was really beautiful, she was even more beautiful than the fairies in the sky.” Xiaoli sighed absently.


“That’s right, she’s beautiful.” Yu Xinruo nodded in agreement. 


“Young Master, she kept smiling at you, is she interested in you?” Xing’er was the first to come back to her senses and joked with Yu Xinruo.


“It would be great if she has a crush on me, and you will have a lady from heaven.” Yu Xinruo smiled casually, but she felt something was wrong because when the pretty girl passed by her side, There seemed to be a hint of cunning in her beautiful smile.


Subconsciously, she touched her waist, and her pretty face suddenly changed color: “Damn it! That girl is a thief! The jade card that Jun Yilie gave me is stolen by her!”


Xiaoli said in surprise: “Master, is what you said true? How can such a beautiful woman be a thief?”


Before she could finish her words, Yu Xinruo had already chased after the enchanting girl like an arrow from a string. Xing’er hurriedly pulled her along, and the two of them chased after her.


The girl was not walking fast, Yu Xinruo quickly caught up with her and grabbed her arm from behind.


The girl turned around in astonishment. Seeing that it was her, she was not afraid. She asked with a smile, “Master, the male, and female are not allowed to touch each other. What are you doing?”


Yu Xinruo stretched her hand towards her, bent over, and panted, “Give me back my jade pendant!”


This ancient body is really delicate and exhausted after walking just a few steps. Back in modern times, she could finish a 1,000-meter run casually every morning, without panting.


The girl blinked her beautiful feathered eyelashes and asked inexplicably, “Young master, what are you talking about? What kind of jade pendant? We don’t even know each other, so how can there be a jade pendant from you? You must be joking.” After that, she smiled sweetly, “If you want to talk to me, you can use other methods. Why use such a tacky excuse?”


Breathing calmly, Yu Xinruo straightened up, but still held her arm tightly, looked at her sly eyes, and said with a smile: “My beauty, why do you want to be a thief? You know what I am talking about. If you don’t want me to search your body, you should just hand over the jade pendant, and I will let the matter go.”



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