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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Just as she was looking at it with gusto, a hand as white as jade suddenly snatched the book from her hand.


“Don’t make trouble, return the book to me, I haven’t finish read it yet…” Yu Xinruo thought it was Xiaoli playing with her. She frowned, raised her head, and was about to take back the book, but she couldn’t help but be stunned. Then her pretty face turned red, and she stammered, “Young Master Qu, why is it you? That book, cough…”


Qu Yang stood beside her, looking at her with eyes as cold as moonlight, and there was a hint of annoyance in his eyes. But if you look carefully, you could see that his ears are slightly red.


Yu Xinruo couldn’t help but secretly scold inside her heart. Damn Xiaoli, why hasn’t she come back yet? It’s really unfortunate that her beautiful image has been ruined in front of Qu Yang.


She thought that Qu Yang would scold her aloud, but he didn’t say a word, just stared at her sternly.


Come on, I am just looking at some erotic pictures, that’s no need to be angry. Besides, I didn’t ask for this book, it was given to me by someone else.


Yu Xinruo pouted her cherry mouth and looked at him aggrieved, but soon she couldn’t resist his cold eyes, she lowered her head like a child who had made a mistake. She twisted the corners of her clothes with both hands, and said naively, “That, I didn’t read this book on purpose, I was too boring, so…”


“Where did this book come from?” Qu Yang asked coldly.


“Uh, I asked Qian’er to find a book to relieve my boredom. How could I know that she asked someone to send me such a book…” Yu Xinruo explained stumblingly.


“Books confiscated. Time for lunch, let’s go.”


Qu Yang took the book and turned to leave, but Yu Xinruo hurriedly reached out and grabbed him, “That, that…” She was about to say that she haven’t finished it yet, can you return the book to me? However, she stopped immediately after the first word. If she really asked him for the book, Qu Yang might really think of her as flirtatious.


“Does the princess want the book back?” Under the cold eyes, there was a layer of biting cold that broke through the ice.


Yes, he knows her best.


“No, no, I want to say, Brother Qu Yang, let’s go together.” Yu Xinruo’s little mind turned very fast, she stood up and took his arm, blinking her big watery eyes, smiling happily looking at him.


Qu Yang was taken aback by her action, he pulled out his arm calmly, bowed his body and gave her a salute, and said lightly: “We have a different status, Qu Yang wouldn’t dare to call himself the elder brother of the princess, please forgive me. .”


But Yu Xinruo didn’t care, she took his arm again, and said with a smile: “What different status? My identity is brother Qu Yang’s godsister, this is the decree of the Empress Dowager herself, It’s a known fact in the whole country. Brother and sister don’t have a different status. Let’s go, I am hungry, I’ll go to dinner with brother Qu Yang. “


After speaking, she drags him toward the dining room.


“Princess, there are differences between men and women, you should take your hands away.”


“What difference between men and women? we are brothers and sisters, there is no such thing!”


The corner of Qu Yang’s eyes twitched slightly, seeing her cheerful appearance, he couldn’t bear to refute her, so he just let her be.


A faint girly fragrance spread leisurely towards his nose, refreshing his heart, Qu Yang was a little absent-minded, he lowered his eyes, and look at the pretty face with a sly smile, a strange feeling faintly lingered in his heart.


When they arrived at the dining room, Qu Yang’s mother, Mrs. Qu, had already sat down at the dining table and was waiting for them.


After a few words of greeting, the three of them began to eat. Yu Xinruo sat on the left of Madam Qu, and Qu Yang sat on the right of Madam Qu.


During the dinner, Mrs. Qu was extremely enthusiastic about Yu Xinruo and kept serving her dishes. It is said that the son follows the father, so Qu Yang and Qu Yancheng are relatively close. As he is cold by nature, he never chats much with Mrs. Qu, so Mrs. Qu often feels lonely and helpless in the house. Ever since Yu Xinruo entered the mansion, her lively and enthusiastic temperament immediately made the whole Qu mansion lively, and her sweet little mouth even coaxed Madam Qu into a smile.


Sure enough, the daughter is closer to the mother, and the daughter is the mother’s caring little padded jacket. Seeing Yu Xinruo affectionately calling her godmother and serving her vegetables, Mrs. Qu was deeply moved and sighed secretly in her heart.


Yu Xinruo’s affection for this gentle and kind-hearted Mrs. Qu also doubled. The two laughed and chatted while eating, but Qu Yang was left out in the cold.


The atmosphere at the banquet was warm. Qu Yang watched his mother, who had always been unhappy, showing such a happy and bright smile for the first time, and couldn’t help but feel a burst of warmth in his heart. He had the same cold temperament as his father. . Although he spends a lot of time at home and loves his mother in his heart, he is not good at words, so he rarely communicates with his mother. Even if he saw his mother alone in the mansion, gloomy and sad, he couldn’t say any words of concern.


However, since Yu Xinruo entered the mansion, her mother seemed to have changed her personality. Her face was radiant, and she also loved to talk and laugh. His gaze towards Yu Xinruo gradually softened. Speaking of which, his mother’s change was her credit.


After the meal, seeing Qu Yang getting someone to prepare a horse cart to go out, Yu Xinruo hurriedly grabbed him and said pitifully, “Brother Qu Yang, I want to go out too, staying in this house all day will suffocate me to death.”


Qu Yang frowned, “The emperor has ordered that you are not allowed to leave the house until the end of the month deadline.”


“No, no, brother Qu Yang, I want to go out!” Yu Xinruo grabbed Qu Yang’s sleeve and acted coquettishly, “As long as you don’t tell the emperor. Don’t worry, I’m just going out for a walk. One lap and I’ll be back.”


Looking at Yu Xin’s eager eyes for freedom, the warmth brought by her mother’s happy smile has not yet dissipated, Qu Yang’s heart softened: “Okay, but you can only be on the street. After walking for an hour, you must return to the house immediately. When you go out, remember to bring two people with you to avoid any troubles.”


“Okay, hehe, thank you so much, brother Qu Yang.”


Yu Xinruo was so happy that she was like a little mouse who stole the cheese, she stood on tiptoe and kissed Qu Yang’s handsome face.



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