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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Seeing the blush on her face, Qian’er pursed her red lips and smiled, “Then Miss Lei will have to wait for a while longer. My young master went out early in the morning, and he probably won’t be back until later.”


Of course, she knows Lei Yuqiu’s thoughts. Why would a young lady from the Prime Minister’s Mansion come to look for Qu Yang every now and then? Even a blind man understood her thoughts about Qu Yang. It’s a pity that her effort is likely to be fruitless.


“By the way, who is that woman? When did your Qu residence have a female relative?” Lei Yuqiu pulled Qian’er over and asked, pointing at the girl in the courtyard.


Qian’er looked in the direction of her finger, and there was a hint of disgust in her beautiful big eyes, and she said in a disdainful tone, “Didn’t Miss Lei hear about the Empress’s staying in our Qu residence? No, she is no longer the Empress, she is now Princess Changting.”


“The  Empress?” Lei Yuqiu was taken aback, “Is she the empress who is said to be unfavorable? How could she live in your mansion? I was at my grandma’s place for the last few days, so I don’t know what happened in the capital. Please explain to me in detail.”


“I heard from someone else. I heard that the emperor couldn’t stand the empress anymore, so he abolished her post and demoted her out of the palace. Empress Dowager is very fond of this woman, and she is afraid that she will suffer outside the palace. So she made a decree, ordering our master to accept her as a goddaughter, and unless she is married, she will always live in our mansion.” Qian’er snarled, in a tone that suggests anything not wanted by the Empress Dowager’s palace will be sent to the Qu Resident.


She has a high status among the maids of the Qu Resident, and she is also beautiful, so she is a little arrogant. She usually only serves the young master alone, but who would have expected this unpopular Empress, as soon as she had arrived, starts to order her to serve tea or pour water. Although she was dissatisfied, Prime Minister Qu Yan, the master of the Qu residence, was respectful to her. Since she is only a little maid here, so she naturally would not dare to say anything, but she hated Yu Xinruo to the core.


Lei Yuqiu thought of Yu XinRuo’s words, and couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of crisis in her heart. If Empress Yu used her power to smear her young master Qu Yang, then Qu Yang would be in danger.


“Xiao Li, didn’t that girl named Qian’er suppose to bring me my ice-cold grapes? Why hasn’t she come yet? Go and look for her, I’m dying of thirst.”


Suddenly, Yu Xinruo’s voice came from the courtyard, and the two people who were thinking about it were awakened immediately. Qian’er said to Lei Yuqiu, “I’ll be back in a while”, and went over with the fruit.


“Miss, Qian’er is here.” Xiaoli, who was about to find Qian’er, saw her carrying the fruit and hurriedly said.


“I’m sorry for letting you wait for such a long time.” Qian’er smiled sweetly and came over to put the fruit bowl on the stone table beside the teacher’s chair.


If she doesn’t leave quickly, it is estimated that she will use her as her personal maid again.


“Wait.” Yu Xinruo raised her hand to stop her, sat up straight, and asked with a smile, “I want to ask you, does your young master usually stay home? Why haven’t I seen him for the last two days?”


She’s another nympho who admires the young master’s beauty, and she’s also a shameless nympho! Qian’er secretly despised her, but said with a smile on her face, “What is the princess saying, my young master, comes home every day. However, my princess, you wake up late every morning and go to bed early at night, so naturally, you don’t know when my young master went out and when he returned to the house.”


Yu Xinruo’s mouth twitched, and she pulled out an embarrassed smile: “So that’s the case, hehe. By the way, do you have any interesting books in your house? I’m very bored here, please find a book so that I could relieve my boredom.”


It’s all because of that Jun Yilie, the damn stinky boy. Before Prime Minister Qu came to pick her up from the palace, he suddenly ordered that she must stay in the Qu residence for a month and have a good relationship with the people inside Qu residence before she could leave the place. This is obvious that he is deliberately making things difficult for her. He also threatened her that if she was to be disobedient, he would punish the whole of Qu Resident. Although a month is not that long, for her active nature, it is tantamount and it feels like a year. In order not to implicate the people of Qu Resident, she could only stay there obediently, watching the flowers and the moon every day. However, Qu Yang has not shown up yet, which really depressed her to death.


“Qian’er, did she tell you to do something again?” Lei Yuqiu laughed when she saw Qian’er come back with a look of resentment.


“That’s right.” Qian’er gritted her teeth and said, “You asked me to find a book to relieve her boredom!”


Since Lei Yuqiu came often, she gave Qian’er a lot of benefits in order to be close to Qu Yang. Over time, the two became good friends who could talk about everything, and they did not hesitate to talk to each other.


“She wants to read?” Yu Yuqiu suddenly had a flash of light in her mind and whispered a few words in Qian’er’s ear.


When Qian’er heard this, her cheeks blushed immediately, and she said, “What? Do you want me to show her that kind of book? That’s not good?”


“What’s wrong, if you’re embarrassed, just wrap the book in a brocade handkerchief and ask another girl to give it to her.” Lei Yuqiu smiled slyly, waiting to watch a good show. As long as the deposed empress doesn’t let go of the book and the news spreads within Qu Resident, she would be driven away if she doesn’t want to.


“Alright then.” Qian’er knew Lei Yuqiu wanted to drive away Yu Xinruo, but she herself wanted to see Yu Xinruo gone too, so she hesitated and agreed.


After a while, the girl instructed by Qian’er came to Yu Xinruo with a book wrapped in silk.


Xiaoli took the book and handed it to Yu Xinruo, then sent the girl away, and then smiled: “Miss, are you hungry, do you want Xiaoli to bring you some cakes?”


“Alright, go ahead.”


Yu Xinruo responded lazily, shook her delicate feet, casually opened the silk cloth, opened the book, glanced at random, then glanced again, and suddenly felt that something was wrong. She then stared at the writing carefully and almost exclaimed, it turned out to be an erotic pictures book?


A touch of blush immediately rose to her cheeks. She quickly closed the book and looked around nervously. It’s okay, it’s okay, Xiaoli has gone far, and there is no one else in the yard.


She stable her heartbeat after a short while, but she didn’t expect that the so-called “interesting books” in the Qu Resident turned out to be erotic pictures, which really made her look down on them. I wonder if that kid Qu Yang has read this kind of book? She secretly guessed in her heart, an ambiguous smile appeared on the corners of her lips, her eyes were fixed on the book again, thinking of the erotic pictures she saw just now. Her heartbeat couldn’t help but start to beat faster, but she couldn’t help being curious about these ancient erotic pictures. Seeing that there was no one around, she opened the book and secretly looked at it.



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