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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 17

Chapter 17

    Yu Xinruo was both surprised and happy. She was afraid that Empress Dowager would love her too much and not let her go, and she would have to use a lot of talking to convince her.


    Instead, she heard Empress Dowager say in her ear: “Ruo’er, I am really reluctant to let you leave, but I am even more reluctant to let you suffer in this palace.  if you feel that there is no happiness in this palace, then I will grant you your wish and let you go. However, I don’t want you to live without a proper home outside the palace. Let’s do it this way, I have a good relationship with Prime Minister Qu Yan, I will get him to take you in as his goddaughter, and you will live in Prime Minister’s mansion from now on.”


    Qu Yan? Isn’t that Qu Yang’s father? This news made Yu Xinruo even more pleasantly surprised.


    When she thought of Qu Yang’s cold, arrogant and handsome appearance, her heart couldn’t help pounding. For the past two days, Qu Yang’s appearance had been circling in her mind, and she admitted that she liked him. She must get justice back from him this time for ridiculing her, 


    “Ruo’er thank her aunt for her kindness.” Suppressing her inner joy, Yu Xinruo smiled and thanked Empress Dowager.


    Empress Dowager fondly stroked her head and said, “Aunt still feels sorry for you. I will give you the county palace to the east of the capital, and give you 10,000 taels of gold and 1,000 pieces of silk. I will also give you a thousand palace guards and maids. I’ll get really worried if no one is looking after you.” Then she said with a sullen face to Jun Yilie, who was stunned at the side, “Your Majesty, don’t you have anything to say to Ruo’er? After she gave up the queen’s position, If she doesn’t have any titles, she will be bullied outside the palace.”


    Jun Yilie glared at Yu Xinruo angrily and then said reluctantly, “Okay, I will confer her the title of Princess Changting, and award her with 100 mu of land. I will also double the rewards given by you. “


    Empress Dowager nodded in satisfaction, and smiled at Yu Xinruo: “Ruo’er, do you have any other requirements? As long as you say it, I will definitely grant it to you.”


    More requirements? The number of rewards given could already flatten you! Jun Yilie cursed in his heart.


    Yu Xinruo frowned and thought for a while, then raised her eyes to look at the concubines below, then she said smilingly: “These sisters and Ruo’er have been together for so long, now that we have to part, I really feel very sad. I would like my sisters to give me their old clothes, so I will have something to think about them outside the palace.”


    The concubines were surprised and did not expect that she would suddenly ask them for their old clothes. They thought to themselves, she already has such generous gifts, why did she want their old clothes for?


    Empress Dowager also found it strange and asked, “Ruo’er, what do you want their old clothes for? If you want their things to think about them, it would be better to ask them to send you some beautiful jewelry.”


    Yu Xinruo smiled and said, “My sisters’ jewelry is precious. I don’t want to take it away from them. Aunty, please grant me my request.”


    Empress Dowager did not think further and nodded in agreement.


    Concubine Yan didn’t know what she was up to, so she didn’t dare to give her her old clothes casually. She planned to give away her maid’s clothing instead.


    Jun Yilie snorted coldly, this girl must have ulterior motives for asking for other people’s old clothes. But he couldn’t help but wonder, what was the use of her old clothes? He looked at her with probing eyes, carefully scrutinized her frown and smile, and suddenly found that he didn’t understand the girl in front of him who had been his queen for a year.


Inside Qu Resident.


    “Spring is early on the 12th floor. The three halls are full of songs, and the scenery of Jiu Mo is good. The embankment and willow banks are full of flowers. The jade ladder is opposite Kai Peng Island. To be blessed the day after tomorrow will never grow old.”


    Lei Yuqiu, the eldest lady of the Right Prime Minister’s Mansion, came to look for Qu Yang, and before entering the backyard of Qu Mansion, she heard a female voice as crisp and sweet as a yellow warbler coming from inside. She frowned slightly, walked in, and heard another woman’s voice laughing: “Miss, did you misunderstand the poem? The sentence ‘Spring is early on the 12th floor’? It’s summer now, how can there be any spring?”


    The woman who read the poem earlier smiled and said, “Little girl, why are you so bold. You dare to pick on me. Of course, I know it’s summer now, but that’s not what I mean when I say spring.”


    “What does that mean?”


    The woman smiled slyly and said: “Spring in this case, refers to the beauty of a beautiful person. Oh, it’s a pity, the beauty is not in the mansion, I don’t know what he is busy with all day? I have been in this mansion for the last two days, and I didn’t even get to see his shadow!”


    The other woman burst out laughing and said, “Is the beauty in spring that Miss is talking about referring to Young Master Qu Yang?”


    “Of course, besides him, who else in this manor can afford the title of beauty.”


    Lei Yuqiu’s pretty face sank, and her eyes turned towards the verdant flower bushes. She only saw the silhouette of the girl under the green tree. The upper body was covered with a white veil, and the lower body was in a warm yellow and green lotus flower bed skirt. She was lying lazily on a Taishi chair in the courtyard, Her legs were swaying from side to side, and a pair of slender feet as smooth as jade was exposed in the air.


    Another 13 or 14-year-old maid in a palace outfit was standing behind her, teasing and laughing with her while combing her black jade-like hair.


    A woman, barefooted and combing her hair in public, is simply shameless and immoral! Lei Yuqiu cursed inwardly. But the woman’s casual, lazy, comfortable, and spontaneous dignity and elegance made her jealous.


    Who is this woman who suddenly appeared in Qu’s Resident? She was thinking to herself when she heard a woman’s delicate voice behind her and asked, “Miss, May I ask who are you?”


    When Lei Yuqiu turned around, it turned out that it was Qian’er, the maid serving Qu Yang, who was walking over with a plate of fruit. A bright smile suddenly appeared on her face, and she said with a smile, “Qian’er, it’s me.”


    When Qian’er saw her, it turned out to be the eldest lady of the Right Prime Minister’s family. She hurried over to salute and smiled, “Miss Lei is here, is she here to see my young master?”


    Lei Yuqiu nodded with a shy face. Ever since she met Qu Yang when she was ten years old, she has been fascinated by his beautiful appearance and cold temperament. She would come to Qu Redident to find Qu Yang whenever she can. Even if he will always be cold to her, It didn’t matter to her, she was satisfied just to be able to look at him.




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