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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Jun Yilie smiled and nodded to her.


“Ruo’er, is what you said true? Did Lie’er and you reconcile?” Empress Dowager saw that Jun Yilie was no longer indifferent to Yu Xinruo as before, and nodded meekly, she couldn’t help but be overjoyed and relieved. She smiled, “That’s good, that’s good, the only concern in my heart can finally be let to rest.”


She felt that Ruo’er had changed, she could speak, she could laugh, and she smiled so cutely, it was like a different person, but the Ruo’er like this made her even more gratified.


When the concubines below saw the emperor and the queen looking at each other affectionately and smiling softly, they were surprised at first, and then became very jealous. Especially Lan Fei, who was beaten by Yu Xinruo, could not wait to rush up and tear Yu Xinruo’s pretty face to pieces.


Concubine Yan looked at the three people in the hall with a calm and dignified smile, but she was also madly jealous of Yu Xinruo, who was doted so much by Empress Dowager. Isn’t she going to tell Empress Dowager that she is going to give up the queen’s seat? Why didn’t she say it out! What a crafty woman!


“By the way, aunt, I have something I want to tell you, and I hope aunt will allow me.” Empress Dowager was enjoying the family affection when she heard Yu Xinruo.


“If you have anything to say, just say it, I will give you my approval.” Empress Dowager smiled while stroking her little hand.


“Really?” Yu Xinruo’s eyes lit up and she said with a smile, “Aunt is so nice, then Ruo’er would like to thank my aunt in advance.”


She didn’t expect that Empress Dowager was so easy to speak to, the chance of her leaving the palace would be higher now. This palace is a cage made of gold wire, and she doesn’t want to be trapped in this place for the rest of her life and grow old alone.


“Of course, I always keep my promise. However, you’ll have to tell me what it is first, otherwise, it will be bad if aunt can’t do it.” Empress Dowager is really shrewd, she leave a way out for herself even as she speaks.


Jun Yilie suddenly coughed lightly and said, “Ruo’er, just tell me if you have any request. You don’t need to trouble mother for little things. You are not well. I’ll take you back to the bedroom to rest.” As he speaks, he reaches out to hold Yu Xinruo.


Looking at him, don’t know what’s on his mind this time around. Maybe he didn’t want to let her out of the palace this time. However, she, Yu Xinruo, would not want to be at his mercy, she would stay if she wanted to and go away if she wanted to. Does he really think that Yu Xinruo is a well-behaved kitten.


Yu Xinruo curled her lips in disdain, shook off his hand, and said bluntly to Empress Dowager: “Ruo’er wants to beg Empress Dowager to abolish Ruo’er’s queen position, and deport Ruo’er out of the palace.”


Her voice was not loud, but everyone present could hear it clearly, and the hall suddenly became quiet, so quiet that even the heartbeat of a person could be heard.


Jun Yilie couldn’t help frowning at the beautiful girl in front of him. He couldn’t understand her at all. Didn’t she want to stay in the palace? Why did she refuse him? He finally started to feel sympathy for her and wanted her to continue to be her queen and serve his mother, so as to save her from suffering alone, why did she refuse?


Concubine Yan remained calm, Concubine Lan sneered, and the other concubines either surprised, gloated, ridiculed, or rejoiced, but most were hoping for Yu Xinruo to succeed in giving away her seat so that they would have a chance to get the highest pinnacle of women’s power in the harem.


“Why, Ruo’er? Your position is firmly seated, why did you want your aunt to abolish it? You also want me to deport you out of the palace?” Empress Dowager asked in shock.


“Because, because…” Yu Xinruo’s eyes drooped slightly, a look of grievance, but she hesitated.


Jun Yilie suddenly felt that something was wrong.


Sure enough, Empress Dowager immediately turned her eyes to him and asked sharply, “Lie’er, did you bully Ruo’er? Empress Dowager knows that you have always hated Ruo’er, so today are you acting for me?”


“No, I didn’t bully Xinruo’s cousin, if you don’t believe me, you can ask her.” Jun Yilie quickly denied it and asked Yu Xinruo for help. If Empress Dowager knew how he treated Yu Xinruo, she would definitely scold him to death.


Yu Xinruo snickered inwardly, ignoring his distress signal, and said with a mournful face: “What aunt said is not wrong at all, during the month that you were not in the palace, he came to laugh at me every day, mock at me, and also, And…” She stopped, and she was about to cry. Brat, if you have the guts to bully me, you must have the guts to bear the consequences.


“And what?” Empress Dowager said angrily.


I’m dead now. Jun Yilie wailed in his heart. He glared at Yu Xinruo viciously, he really underestimated her, he didn’t expect that she would do such a trick on him.


“And openly brought Concubine Ling to my bedroom, so as to insult Ruo’er, wail wail, aunt, if Ruo’er is insulted like this, I really can’t be an empress who is oppressed and bullied, and I do not have the face to stay in the palace. Please abolish Ruo’er’s queen status.” Yu Xinruo covered her face and wept bitterly, but she was secretly happy because of Jun Yilie’s stinky handsome face.


“Jun Yilie! What did I tell you when I left the palace!” Empress Dowager trembled with anger when she heard the words, and she became furious, pointing at Jun Yilie and scolding angrily, “You stinky brat, how dare you ignore what I said? Turn toward a deaf ear! Do you want me to die of anger!”


“I know I’m wrong, please punish me.” Jun Yilie quickly knelt down, apologized to Empress Dowager in a low voice, and glanced at Yu Xinruo with eyes full of hatred.


Yu Xinruo stuck out her tongue at him, looked at him innocently, and smiled cutely and charmingly. Jun Yilie’s lungs almost exploded in anger.


“Punishment! How dare I punish you! You are now the king of a country, even if I am your mother, I have no courage to punish you!” Empress Dowager sneered coldly.


“Mother, calm down, I really know that I am wrong, and I will definitely love the queen well in the future, and not let her suffer a little bit of grievance at all.” Jun Yilie gritted his teeth secretly when he said the word “love”. He was dissatisfied, why did Empress Dowager dote on Yu Xinruo more than herself, when he was clearly her biological child!


“Enough! I don’t want to hear anything from you anymore, and I don’t want to see you again! If the emperor really feels guilty, when Ruo’er leaves the palace, make sure to give her something extra.”


Everyone was shocked when they heard the words. Did Empress Dowager just agree to the queen’s abdication request?


Concubine Yan and Concubine Lan couldn’t help being excited, and the other concubines were also very happy. After Yu Xinruo leaves, they will have the chance to take the queen’s position.



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