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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 13

Chapter 13

God damn him! To actually insult her like that Qu Yang, it’s really abominable!

Yu Xinruo was so angry that her teeth were biting hard onto each other, and she wanted to pounce on him and tear his handsome face with a mocking smile to shreds. But finally, she had to swallow her own pride and let it go. After all, she is in the palace. The amulet queen’s mother hasn’t come back yet, so it’s not appropriate to get into a quarrel with this stupid boy who has the power to decide whether you live or die. No good to get him angry and endanger her own life.

Sighing inwardly, Yu Xinruo continued to put on a fake smile and trot toward Jun Yilie.

Oops! The Empress must be angry and wanted to do something to the emperor! Xiaoli and Xing’er were shocked, but they saw an unexpected scene——

Yu Xinruo trotted to the emperor, took his arm gently, and said coquettishly: “Cousin emperor, you are really neurotic, to insult your cousin me like this. Well, since you don’t like me calling myself a concubine, I wouldn’t do it anymore. Anyway, I also think those two words are quite awkward, and you too think the same way, right?” She smiled like a blooming flower, raised her beautiful eyes, and looked at Jun Yilie, who was stunned. With the corners of her mouth slightly pouted, she seemed extremely charming and cute.

Do you think I like to call myself a “concubine” in front of you, you must be a foolish monarch? Well, so much the better now. How dare you ridicule me, let’s see how this lady takes revenge on you!

This, this, this! what’s going on? In the past, when the emperor satirized the empress, she always bowed her head timidly and said nothing. Xiaoli and Xing’er’s eyes widened in surprise, but they sighed in their hearts that the Empress was completely different from before. However, such a strong, witty and kind, and easy-going master is more appealing to them.

Jun Yilie didn’t expect that Yu Xinruo not only wasn’t angry with his words but instead came over to grab his arm and called him cousin affectionately. He was immediately shocked on the spot. After a while, he realized what had happened and his handsome face gradually turned black. , looking at the pair of slender hands holding his arms, he said coldly with gritted teeth, “Presumptuous! Hurry up and take your dirty hands away!”

Yu Xinruo pouted her cherry-red lips in a grievance, and looked at him with sullen and beautiful eyes: “Cousin, why are you still so indifferent to me? If you think I’m not qualified to be your wife, I can make it happen. I will relinquish the queen’s position so you won’t be angry. However, even if we can’t become husband and wife, I’m still your cousin, do you also want to cut off our brother-sister relationship?”

She slowly pulled out her hand, and the sad look on her face was really touching, anyone who sees that would be touched also.

Jun Yilie was once again stunned by her remarks. In his impression, they rarely interact. Even if they did meet, she was always with a respectful look. She always regarded him as a high and mighty emperor. She is well-behaved and does not dare to go beyond the rules, which had already made him forget their cousin’s relationship. But ever since she hit the wall yesterday, she seems to be a different person.

He began to re-evaluate the girl in front of him, her jet-black hair was combed in a simple style, not full of pearls and emeralds as usual, but just a small green jade flower on her temples, but that made her look youthful. Her brows were exquisite and picturesque, and she did not apply any makeup, but it just revealed her crystal clear skin. The cherry lips are red, plump and full, sexy and seductive, making people want to kiss her.

Her eyes, which were as moving as sparkling stars, were looking at him tearfully at the moment as if tears would rain down at any time because of what he said.

Unexpectedly, Jun Yilie coughed lightly, softened his voice, and said with a little embarrassment: “Okay, cousin Xinruo, it was I who said something wrong just now, no matter what, you will always be my cousin.”

This time, he didn’t use “Zhen” (Royal address) when talking to Yu Xinruo, but “I”.

Xiaoli and Xing’er who were listening at the side felt their jaws drop. The emperor would actually apologize to the empress? Did they hear it right?

Yu Xinruo secretly rejoiced, but she didn’t expect that this arrogant little emperor would apologize to her when she just testing her luck? It seems that this trick of pretending to be a weak person is indeed working! So she quickly continue to strike the iron while it was still hot. continued to look at him resentfully, and said, “Since my cousin recognizes me as a cousin, can you treat me better in the future? My parents died when I was a child, and I have no brothers or sisters. Only aunts and you, my cousin, are the ​​two relatives I have left in this world, and I may never see you again after I leave the palace, so I hope I can get along with my cousin in the last few days of my stay in the palace, what do you think?”

Jun Yilie looked at the pitiful expression on her pretty face and the pitiful words, his heart softened, he reached out and patted her shoulder softly, coughed lightly, and said, “Don’t worry, cousin will definitely not bully you again in the future, and, after you leave the palace, if you want to come back to the palace, you can do so anytime.” After speaking, he took off a jade pendant from his waist and smiled slightly, “With this piece of Jade pendant, no one will dare to stop you when you return to the palace.”

Looking back now, he actually felt some regrets in his heart. Yu Xinruo didn’t do anything to disgrace him, the virgin mark on her arm is the proof, it’s just that his strong self-esteem is causing the problems. On the night of his wedding with Yu Xinruo, he saw Yu Xinruo lying in the arms of a masked man when he entered the bridal chamber. As the king of a country, he felt that he had lost face. Somehow the event was known to all in the palace and the masked man was not caught. So he vented his anger on her, causing her to be treated coldly and humiliated in the palace. Now he is forcing her to abdicate her position as a queen, but she not only did not complain about it, but also calls him cousin affectionately, and he is ashamed of her tolerant heart.

Thinking of this, he felt even more guilty, and secretly vowed to treat her as his own sister in the future.

Yu Xinruo took the jade pendant and glanced at it quickly, and saw a realistic jade dragon carved on it.

The jade pendant felt warm in her palm, and at a glance, it was a good piece of precious jade. Yu Xinruo snickered in her heart, with this pass token in hand, she would be able to enter and leave the palace unimpeded in the future. If you run out of money, you can still use it to defraud other people, and if it’s even worse, you can trade it for money. It’s going to be useful.


  1. jlucpitard says:

    Love a clever MC! She’s planning for her future and clearing up the original body’s resentments. Looking forward to more.

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