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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“Lovesickness.” Still, in a light tone, Qu Yang looked at her calmly.

As expected, he was as cold as the moon and arrogant, ignoring her subtle teasing.

The more cold the man is, the more interesting it is.

A hint of slyness flashed through her beautiful eyes, Yu Xinruo blinked her big beautiful eyes and then handed the bunch of flowers to Qu Yang, her brows were slightly wrinkled, her cherry lips were slightly pouted, and there was a trace of being trapped in love on her face: “Since the young master knows the little girl’s intentions, why doesn’t he accept the little girl’s flowers? Do you look down on the little girl?” After she said that, she bowed her head slightly, and the shyness and softness of a girl were truly touching.

Qu Yang looked at the girl in front of him who seemed to be infatuated. The corners of his lips curved slightly, and that alluring smile suddenly made Yu Xinruo feel a sense of surprise in her heart: “A sword matches a hero, and flowers to a beauty. Unfortunately, I am not a beauty, So please take this bunch of flowers back.”

What an incomprehensible kid, if in modern times, if she was rejected like this, she would definitely throw the flower in his face. Yu Xinruo curled her lips secretly, still standing there very lady-like and dignified, with a more charming smile on her face: “In my eyes, you are all heroes and beauties, so this little girl also hopes that the young master will not reject me.”

Xiaoli and Xing’er didn’t dare to bother them, and hid secretly within the flowers bushes and watched them.

Xiaoli asked with some doubts: “Xing’er, why do you think the Queen sent flowers to Master Qu?”

Xing’er gave her a roll of eyes and said, “Stupid, can’t you see it? Our queen has a crush on this young master Qu, otherwise, what would you give him flowers for no reason.”

“Really?” Xiaoli was taken aback, frowned, and said, “She is still a queen now. If the emperor sees this, it would be serious troubles.”

“Right now she is still the queen. But when the Empress Dowager comes back, the queen will request to relinquish her position.” Xing’er held her red cheeks in both hands, looked at Qu Yang, and smiled ecstatically, “Actually, I think the Empress and Master Qu are very compatible. The empress is only fifteen years old this year. She is at the time of her great youth, and she is beautiful. Master Qu seems to be seventeen years old this year. They are a natural match. If the empress were to marry Master Qu, we can see Master Qu every day, don’t you think?”

Xiaoli didn’t have any of her wishful thinking: “It’s okay, Xing’er, you can save it. Master Qu’s arrogance is well known. He didn’t even consider women like Cui Linger, the most beautiful woman in the capital. What’s more a woman like our empress who has been married once. Besides, the empress’s reputation has been messed up by the rumors of the concubines in the palace, no matter which man he is, he will not marry her again after hearing those rumors. Hey, the poor lady is only a fifteen-year-old girl.”

The two silently felt sorry for Yu Xinruo in their hearts and looked at the young men and women in their prime.

Qu Yang saw the stubbornness in the eyes of the girl in front of him, and he no longer refused her and reached out to take the bouquet of flowers.

Yu Xinruo was secretly happy, but the next second, the smile froze on her face, because—

After Qu Yang took the flower, he threw it on the ground without looking at it, glanced at her lightly, and left with a guqin in his arms. Before leaving, he casually left a sentence: “Flowers are only suitable for sticking in cow dung. I can’t accept the girl’s wishes.”

What? Do flowers only fit on cow dung? Damn brat! How dare he insult her that she is only fit for cow dung!

Yu Xinruo looked at the white figure that gradually disappeared at the corner of the flower bush, her pretty face gradually turning green. Xiaoli and Xing’er hurried out and saw that she was so angry that she was gnashing her teeth and looking like she was about to kill someone, they couldn’t help shrinking, and cautiously comforted her: “Niangniang, don’t be angry, Master Qu has always been like this. There were so many girls and young ladies being treated that way before, it’s not worth it for you to get angry about it.”

“What does that stinky boy mean! Is this young lady so bad! This young lady is at her prime and beautiful, and he said that I can only be fit for cow dung, which is really pissing me off! Ahhhhh! “Yu Xinruo became angrier as she spoke, clenching her fists and screaming like a child, her ladylike demeanor was gone.

Xiaoli quickly grabbed her, looked around in panic, and persuaded her: “Niangniang, this is the Imperial Garden, you must not lose your image!”

The image of Niangniang has long been lost. Xing’er secretly said in her heart.

“Image! I’m about to explode, who needs to keep her image? This defiant guy! If I meet this guy again, I will surely make him pay for what he did to me!”

In modern times, Yu Xinruo has always been the darling of the family. She had never be so humiliated by a man before! this blow is too great! What a shame! If that stinky brat dared to appear in front of her again, she swore that she would rush over and crush him to death!

“The queen is really in good spirits. After she finished teaching my concubines a lesson, she is now in the imperial garden to enjoy the flowers.” A handsome man with a magnetic and pleasant voice suddenly came from not far away, sounding a light mockery.

Yu Xinruo was stunned for a moment, and she saw Xiaoli and Xing’er were so frightened that their faces turned pale, and they knelt down together: “Our respect to the emperor!”

It turned out that the stupid emperor had also came. Yu Xinruo pouted, quickly put on a smiling face, and blessed Jun Yilie’s whereabouts: “My respect to the emperor.”

Jun Yilie has a handsome face with a mocking smile, a golden dragon crown on his head, and a golden robe wrapped around a bright yellow dragon robe, which is dazzling in the sun, and makes him looks majestic.

He slowly walked over from the corner of the flower bush, glanced at Yu Xinruo with a pair of beautiful eyes, and the corner of his lips drew an indifferent and mocking arc, and said, “Rise. Qu Yang is right, flowers are only suitable for sticking in cow dung. On the feces, and I have never regarded you as my woman, so the queen will not call herself a concubine in front of me in the future, so as not to stain my ears.” Seeing the smile on Yu Xinruo’s face gradually became stiff, a triumphant smile appeared in his eyes, and he continued, “The queen is really unwilling to be lonely, and she already started to seduce other men even before she leaves the palace. When you are out of the palace, what’s going to happen? It seems that when the queen mother returns, I’ll have to talk to her and let her discipline you properly.”


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