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The Queen’s Husband Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Niang Niang, my goodness.” Xiaoli and Xing’er sighed heavily with a headache and quickly looked around the garden. Fortunately, there was no one else in the imperial garden now, otherwise, seeing the empress madly picking flowers and grass in such a wild way, it is estimated that all the images of the empress were ruined.

At this moment, an elegant and melodious musical sound suddenly came from the east along with the warm summer wind, adding a poetic and picturesqueness to this early summer.

Yu Xinruo immediately stopped, pricked up her ears, and listened carefully. After a while, the corners of her lips rose slightly and she asked, “Do you know who is this person that is playing the guqin?”

But no one answered.

When Yu Xinruo looked back, she couldn’t help but be stunned. She saw Xiaoli and Xing’er blushing for some reason, their hands twisting the corners of their skirts, and their eyes staring in the direction of the sound of the guqin without blinking. That ecstatic look was just like a girl falling in love.

A narrow smile floated from her lips, she reached out and patted each of them, and shouted in a funny voice: “Soul to return, Soul to return! If your soul doesn’t return, you will die!” She was suddenly curious about the person who is playing the music.

Only then did Xiaoli and Xing’er come to their senses, and seeing Yu Xinruo looking at them with a sinister smile, their delicate faces were even more blushed. Xing’er stuck out her tongue embarrassedly and said with a smile, “Niangniang, you are so bad, making fun of people like this.”

Yu Xinruo said with a smile: “If I don’t do this, how can you two girls notice my existence.”

“Niangniang…” Xiaoli hurriedly interrupted her words with a long voice, diverting the embarrassing topic, “What did you ask us?”

“I want to ask you girls, who this person playing the guqin is, the sound is so beautiful, I’ve never heard it before.”

Yu Xinruo felt very relaxed when around these two girls, and intuitively regarded them as her inner circle personnel. So she changed the unfamiliar self-address “Ben Gong” to “I”.

The two girls had reminded her before not to do this but she insisted, and they gave up and no longer advised her. Instead, they felt that the empress had become closer to them.

Xing’er shyly looked in the direction where the sound of the qin came from, and smiled, “Reporting to the lady, it is the young master of Zuo Xiang Quyan’s family, Qu Yang.”

“Oh. The sound of the qin is so beautiful, I just don’t know what the person looks like. Why don’t we go and have a look? Let me see what the sweetheart of the two of you looks like.” Yu Xinruo was very curious and couldn’t help but wanted to see what the young master of Xiangfu, Qu Yang, looked like, but she didn’t forget to tease Xiaoli and Xing’er.

Xiao Li feigns anger coquettishly, “Oh, Nian Nian, what nonsense are you talking about? we are only a little palace maid, how dare we have any thoughts on the young master of the Xiangfu.”

“Haha, I don’t care if you have any thoughts about others, it’s enough to know that the two of you are infatuated.”

Yu Xinruo laughed and ran briskly towards the source of the qin sound. Xiaoli and Xing’er blushed, but they couldn’t help chasing after her. Although they said that they are not infatuated with him, they still wanted to meet the young master of the Xiangfu, even if they could only look at him.

The sound of the qin was getting closer and closer, Yu Xinruo slowed down and walked over slowly. She picked off some conspicuous flowers where she passed, and her heartbeat gradually accelerated by the gentle sound of the qin.

The moment she saw the young man with his head bowed and focused on playing the qin, she suddenly felt suffocated, as if the brightest sunlight in the world had gathered in front of her eyes in an instant, the ray slowly drifted in the air like the ripples on the lake surface. rippling, spreading…

Under a green osmanthus tree, dressed in a white robe that is as elegant as snow, sitting cross-legged on the ground, with a purple guqin embroidered with intricate patterns on his legs. His hands gently strumming and plucking the strings, the elegant and gentle melody was as white as his hand. The sound of the qin drifted into the air, as if it had a fragrant aroma.

After being stunned for a moment, Yu Xinruo came back to her senses, the corners of her lips curled slightly, revealing a sly smile. After thinking for a short while, she chose some elegant flowers from her hand, and threw the rest of the flowers on the ground. She then walked towards the young man playing the qin with leisurely steps and read out a poem.

This poem is Xin Qiji’s “Sapphire Case”. Within the poem, there were sentences that have the meaning of lovesickness. She wanted to see how he reacts.

Qu Yang was in a calm state and was concentrating on playing the qin. When he heard a clear and delicate female voice lingering, his relaxed thoughts were suddenly pulled back. His eyes looked at the beautiful girl who came with a smile.

Dressed in a pale yellow plain and elegant palace dress dragging on the ground, her face is beautiful and delicate, her skin frosty and snowy. A pair of slender and bright eyes are looking at him with a smile, and she is holding a bouquet of elegant and fragrant flowers in her right hand.

The sound of the qin stopped, and the elegant and romantic verse recited by the crisp and delicate voice continued the sound of the piano gently, and even the air seemed to become elegant and dusty.

A look of surprise flashed across his eyebrows, and he regained his calm in an instant, quietly watching her approach, thoughtfully.

After reading the verse, Yu Xinruo just stopped in front of him, smiled brightly at him, bent her waist slightly, handed the splendid bouquet of flowers in her hand to him, smiled at him, and said, “A sword goes with a hero, flowers to Beauty. This bouquet of flowers, I hope you will accept it with a smile.”

The calm gaze moved from her face to the bunch of flowers, and then from the flowers to her face. After a moment’s pause, Qu Yang held up the qin and stood up gracefully and smoothly. He looked into Yu Xinruo’s eyes, and said lightly, “Miss, your poem is good, but it is only suitable for the Lantern Festival, and it is not suitable for this situation.”

Yu Xinruo was very close to him, the moment he got up, Yu Xinruo could smell a fresh manly smell coming from him, and her heart collided within her chest a few times for no reason. After calming her mind, Yu Xinruo straightened her waist and stood facing him, smiling slightly, with a hint of ridicule in her tone, and said, “Young Master is right, but, Master, can you still understand the other meaning of this poem? ”


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