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Chapter 24 – Beg Tearfully for a Letter of Divorce

Beg Tearfully for a Letter

Frankly speaking, Servant Li, who is used to seeing high officials and noble lords never has stage fright, felt a little trembling in her heart when she was thrown down by the bowl and yelled at by the young lady. She just thought that the gentle young lady on ordinary days could also be so fierce…


Now that the words are out, the rest is easy to handle. Adhering to the idea of “early death can be rebirth early”, Servant Li went on forcefully: “Madam, you had made friends with him for some time before losing your memory. Did you ever recall something?”


Miantang was feeling like being pressed on an acupoint. She thought of her previous dream and was speechless. But she didn’t believe that before she lost her memory, she was lacking in womanhood. She did not remain loyal to her good and handsome husband, but was fooling around with that young master who looks emaciated and weak!


This… This, did she hurt her brain before, and really couldn’t distinguish the jade tiles?


So she couldn’t help murmuring, “How… How? Does he, does my husband know?”


Miantang’s absent-minded appearance was too pitiful. Servant Li’s forced intention had expended most of it, so she softened her words and said with comfort: “Don’t worry. The Master knows about it and he told me that he will forgive you.”


This is true.


The Prince once told her that when the Yangshan rebel’s affairs are settled, the house on North Street would give as a reward to this lonely and helpless woman who loses her chastity. It can be seen that The Prince is a magnanimous man in the end. Seeing that Liu Miantang is virtuous and a hard-earned woman, he gave her a place to return, which is also a turning point for her ill-fated fate.


But when Liu Miantang heard what Cui Jiu had said, she entirely fell on the chair.


She suddenly fully understood why when she first woke up, Servant Li always looked at her with a black face and a look of disgust. And her husband is always polite but has a sense of unfamiliarity with herself. Even if they sleep in the same bed, he will never step over the boundary of a married couple.


It turned out that… It was their relationship that had a rift a long time ago, and she even turn her back on one lover and go with another one which gave her husband a big cuckold!


Miantang was so depressed at the thought of her ignorance of things before she lost her memory. She wanted to catch herself at that time and hardly slap herself a few hands in the face.


Is it because her husband has been studying and visiting friends outside for a long time and is not at home that she has a lonely mind and has been provoked by frivolous men, which resulted in her not having a determined heart for a moment and having made a big mistake?


Miantang was so ashamed and angry when she thought that the man named Ziyu dared to appear in front of her husband and openly provoked him by giving her the bloody grand prize!


Which family’s dissolute young master is he from? This is to ride on her husband’s head to shit!


Miantang then went on to ask Servant Li the details of her mistake. Servant Li was asked again that her eyes are straightened. She now felt that after her death, she might be thrown into hell where the tongue is pulled out as the punishment for oral sin because she lied too much…


She had no choice but to scoop another bowl of dessert for Miantang and said with a black face, “How do I know about the betrayal details? You will need to think it over yourself… Think about it carefully. Remember to tell Master what you think of.”


Miantang thinks that Servant Li is confused. Even if she recalls her own mistakes, how can she tell her husband? Does she want her to sprinkle a handful of coarse salt on her husband’s wound?


Now, all she thinks is that she is sorry for her husband!


As for the past with the sick young master, because of guilt, she doesn’t even bother to think about it.


Although Servant Li and her husband treated her as usual and covered up the scandal for so long because of her illness of losing her memory, how could she pretend to be calm and continue to act as if nothing had happened?


So when Cui Jiu finished his dinner in the dining room and entered the bedroom again. He saw the young lady who should have stayed in bed, picked up the principles of the married couple again, bent her knees deeply, placed her hands properly, and asked respectfully, “Husband must be tired today from all the walking. Do you want me to massage your legs and loosen your muscles and bones?”


Cui Xingzhou slightly raised his eyebrows. It’s been a long time since the etiquette of Lady Liu has been so comprehensive.


Perhaps after arriving at Lingquan Town, he came to North Street too often, which made the young lady feel close to him. As time went on, she became more friendly, and also slackened her courtesy.


He doesn’t know what happened to Lady Liu today. She once again brings back the act of husband and wife treating each other with courtesy and putting her husband as the priority.


“It’s okay, I have a friend’s invitation tonight. I’m going to play chess by candlelight. You can go to bed first. I’ll go out in a minute.”


But just after he declined, Young Lady Liu was worried that her rim of the eyes had turned red: “Husband, if you dislike me, throw me a letter of divorce. I will never bother you. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you and me if you were to do things this slowly as it will never settle a dispute!”


Although Cui Xingzhou ordered Servant Li to test her, he didn’t know what Servant Li had just said. Looking at Miantang’s swollen eyes, he frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “What are you talking about?”


Liu Miantang bit her teeth and said what Servant Li had told her.


Her temperament is always cheerful. Although her husband is rare and desirable, she felt sorry for him at first. Why should her husband look at her unhappily and avoid her all day long so that he can’t return home?


If it was her fault, it’s natural for him to divorce her!


After hearing this, Cui Xingzhou frowned slightly, but he could not point out anything wrong with Servant Li’s words.


To arouse the young lady’s memory of Lu Wen, Servant Li described Lu Wen as her lover, which was not much different from the fact.


However, when Cui Jiu wanted to speak, he paused slightly and then changed his speech: “It was he who tried to seduce you several times, but you didn’t have an affair with him…”


Although Servant Li’s words are true, they are too awful! If the woman is unable to bear or endure something and suddenly hears that she has done such a disgraceful thing, wouldn’t she be ashamed and resentful and die hitting the pole?


After he pacified the rebels in Yangshan, Liu Miantang will need to continue living as a woman. If she could recall the memory by herself, it would be the best. But if she really couldn’t get back her memory, he didn’t want to directly say that she was kidnapped by the mountain bandits, humiliated, and lost her innocence.


Prince Huaiyang was seldom being so considerate. However, seeing that the woman’s nature was not bad and she was sincere, He gave her the dignity to live on in the future.


Liu Miantang had already made preparations to divorce peacefully with her husband. Unexpectedly, from her husband’s mouth, she got the truth that she was still innocent.


For a moment, she breathed a sigh of relief and stopped her grief. With a heavy nasal voice, she said: “Husband, are you deceiving me so that I can feel at ease?”


Miantang’s eyes are the most provocative. They are usually bright and charming. Now, under the candlelight, her peach-like eyes are crying till it’s pinkish. Even the most hard-hearted men will soften in the whirling tears.


Cui Xingzhou looked down at her, slowly raised his hand, wiped her tears with his long finger, and said half truly and half falsely, “If you did associate yourself with that undesirable man, how will I endure you until now?”


This is also the truth. She was just a woman robbed by bandits and forced to be humiliated. Naturally, he would not do things too difficult for her. But if she married the anti-bandit, she would be an anti-bandit accomplice. He has all kinds of ways to punish her…


Cui Xingzhou’s words are like the sun splitting the dark clouds away and dispelling the sadness of Miantang.


Servant Li was old-fashioned. Seeing that she had spoken with the scholar named Ziyu several times, she suspected that she was unfaithful. Fortunately, her husband knew the truth about her innocence.


It is conceivable that her husband Cui Jiu was jealous and angry at that time. Later, he gave her a cold shoulder, probably because he felt wronged and acted rashly.


No wonder he didn’t like her to have another verbal conversation with Doctor Zhao and the others. It is really because once they are hurt, they are afraid of similar things or events that might happen again!


In any case, it was because she was not cautious enough that Ziyu, Doctor Zhao, and the others almost had an opportunity to take advantage of her. From then on, she only had her husband in her heart and will only look at him. She won’t look at other men!


It’s just that Cui Jiu coaxed his wife for a long time, and sees that he could not make it for his “chess appointment” longer.


There is a night curfew in the State of Qing. Under the name of “Merchant Cui Jiu”, he could not get out of the Inn and wander in the street. Naturally, he had to sleep with Lady Liu again.


Because the knot in her heart was untied between the “husband and wife”. That night, Miantang was so clingy that she had to hug his neck to sleep at ease.


When they got up in the morning, Miantang was particularly reluctant to part with Cui Jiu when she sent him out. It was just that her husband didn’t seem to sleep well. His eyes were full of bloodshot and he didn’t talk much. He just drank his porridge in silence and didn’t even look at her!


Although her husband still treats her with respect, it is not as intimate as an ordinary couple.


But Miantang felt that their days are still long, just like the thick snow in the mountains. There was always a time when the warm spring flowers would bloom and turn into a trickle.


Thinking of this, Miantang has a new beginning to look forward to in her days. Even if her husband doesn’t like to talk to people because he gets up angry, she virtuously pretends not to see his face, just tidies up his clothes and wipes his face with a handkerchief.


However, when she was close to him, she could always hear her husband inhale slightly and then sigh. She didn’t know what kind of nourishing skills he was practicing.


Her husband is good-looking. Even if he purses his mouth and sulks, she can’t take her eyes off him.


Nevertheless, she would never ask for the prize presented by that Young Master Ziyu yesterday. Although the threshold of the Calligraphy and Painting Tea Party is very high, it is difficult for her husband to accept the gift from the young master?


Hearing that she decided to give up the admission quota, Cui Xingzhou was very satisfied. After getting up, his tight face finally smiled and told her that Mo Ru had already paid money for the booth in the State of Qing market. She could set up the booth for business to watch and see if there’s any Bole who appreciated their family’s porcelain wares.


Miantang nodded convincingly and decided to work hard for their family’s porcelain.


After arranging all this, Cui Xingzhou went out at ease and got on the carriage. He then can sit on the cushion of the chair and relax his nerves that have been tense all night.


After all, if she went to the Official’s Tea Party, wouldn’t it be a mess and break his long-planned arrangement?


Now that Miantang has a business, she won’t run around. Only when she sits openly in the downtown area, can she attract Lu Wen to show up.


The rebel is hiding in an Inn guarded by officers and soldiers. Cui Xingzhou is naturally not good to do anything, but once he shows up in the downtown area and happens to fight with a barbarian and got killed with a knife in the corner, it will be logical… Isn’t Commander Shi trying to win the reputation of virtue? Let’s see what the consequences would be if the leader of the bandit who was offered the amnesty and enlistment to rebels died on his territory… The Emperor has a good plot. He wants to weaken his authority and power of the State of Zhen, let’s see if it’s easy…


That Lady Liu really has bad sleeping posture. She’s as clingy as a child. He doesn’t know what fragrance she used, it even has a sweet scent of peach…


Somehow, It urged Xingzhou to think all the way, but gradually the thought was off to something else…


After being absorbed in his thought for a while, he suddenly realized he was too immersed and he forget about himself. He could not help but frown a little. He stopped thinking and close his eyes, resting to attain mental tranquility…

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