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Chapter 16 – Her Husband is Injured

Her Husband is Injured

However, Miantang couldn’t remember the heroic appearance of her husband. She only remembered that she had just burned her husband in the arm.


So when Cui Xingzhou ordered Mo Ru to tie up the people and ask the officers to take them, she hurried to pull the sleeves of her husband.


Cui Jiu saw that she came up to him. The step he initially wanted to take back to avoid was stunned by himself and then decided to stand still.


Miantang unfolded his sleeves and saw that Cui Jiu’s arm was red as if it were slightly blistering.


“Husband, it’s all my fault…” Liu Miantang only said half of the sentences and was choking with sobs. Maybe it was because she had just inhaled some smoke. As she spoke, her legs became weak and she knelt on the ground,


To be honest, Miantang looks good. Her red and tearful eyes now can make people feel sorry for her. But there was a lecher in the house who was rolling in pain. In addition, his red hot arm had made the beauty less appealing.


Cui Xingzhou glanced at her and gently helped her up after hearing her words. He instructed Servant Li to bring in a tub of cold water for him to rinse his injuries a few times. After that, he applied a thin layer of oil.


He doesn’t know where Mo Ru manages to find these officials. They came very quickly and didn’t say much after they came in. The officials just dragged the three thieves who had been gagged and bound out to the door.


There was a carriage outside the door. The officials threw the three people into the carriage like potato bags and disappeared into the dark. They even saved the process of recording confessions and questioning.


Miantang didn’t care about this but was busy blowing air and fanning beside her injured husband, hoping to relieve his pain.


When the light was on earlier, she recognized that it was the lecherous guy who had blocked her at the alley a few days ago who sneaked into her boudoir.


She is the reason why their mansion was entered by thieves today!


Miantang felt guilty. When the yard was clean, the two returned to the room. She sat down next to Cui Xingzhou. Looking at his always light expression and his swollen arm, she wept: “Husband, it’s all my fault. You… You can scold me!”


Cui Xingzhou didn’t care much about the injury on his arm. After all, when he joined the army as a young man, he also experienced injuries from saber and sword in the military camp.


However, he thought that if he jumped over the wall a little earlier and replaced the lecherous guy in the house, he would be scalded with a face full of blood blisters… He couldn’t help twitching his eyebrows and said lightly: “It’s not you that wanted to do the dishonest act. Why should I scold you? I was afraid that you were wronged, but I didn’t expect you would be ready…”


Miantang was also afraid after the event and say, “Thank goodness that I slept late, I heard from Servant Li that you love to drink hot tea. I was afraid that you would bother the servants to deliver water when you came back at night, so I asked the servants to prepare a small charcoal stove to warm water. Otherwise, no one can take advantage of it… I will have to die to prove my innocence… At that time, only you, my husband, will be left…”


Speaking of the sad part, her tears could not stop flowing down.


Cui Xingzhou sighed slightly, looked up at the newly hung spider web on the beam for a while, and finally bowed his head and said kindly, “What are you talking about?”


Thinking of the remorse part, Miantang could not help complaining about the thief who sneaked in: “I think the neighbors in Lingquan town are all simple and unsophisticated people. It should be a happy and healthy place to live in. How can there be such naughty villains? They even break into other people’s homes in the middle of the night… They say that Prince Huaiyang here is virtuous. Now it seems like a piece of bullshit. He even let the relatives of a local official act willfully!”


Before she finished, she looked at her husband’s handsome eyes staring at her slightly, as if he were unhappy. He dragged his voice and said: “Your house got in a thief. What does that gotta do with Prince Huaiyang? ”


Miantang knew that she said something wrong. She accidentally slipped rude things in front of her husband out of her tongue. She hurriedly straightened up her expression: “Don’t blame me for making an indiscreet remark, husband. The officials here are so annoying! You handed the complaint paper to them, but there was no reply. It shows that The Prince’s men are all neglecting their duties and shielding each other. Now that the lecherous guy sneaked into our house again, and he obviously wants to get revenge… If the bastard is released again…”


After Miantang said this, Cui Xingzhou remembered that she had written a complaint paper to sue the lecherous guy, but he didn’t take it to heart at that time. When he left the door, he threw the paper into the moat river. Later, when Mrs. Liu asked, he was perfunctory and said that he had presented it to the government


From a certain point of view, he is indeed neglecting his duty and conniving with that lecherous man… But it is ridiculous to admit his mistake and apologize to a rebel wife.


For a moment, Cui Jiu fell silent, and his handsome face was covered with frost.


Although he was usually very gentle, he was like a cloud at the top of a mountain. Although he was in front of her, she could not reach him when she stretch out her hand and could only look up at him.


Normally, when Prince Huaiyang and the nobility had a feast, it is inevitable that there will be dancer prostitutes working in official brothels mixed in the banquet. However, when those women play and laugh with others, no one dares to approach Prince Huaiyang.


There is no other reason. Women in the entertainment industry are the best at acting on people’s faces.


In the gentle smile of Prince Huaiyang, there was no temperature at all, nor was there any confusion when he watches the singing and dancing of the dancer prostitutes. Even if such a man is handsome and noble, a glance from him with a fierce look in his eyes, will make people feel inferior and timid and dare not move forward rashly.


Now, Prince Huaiyang’s gentle smile that he always put on to deceive the world, has also disappeared. The tall figure sitting there, a pair of handsome eyes staring at Miantang coldly, is very oppressive.


It was rare for him to get angry. At this time, he had no cover-up and let the stuffy feeling in his heart out.


If it was given to another woman who was in front of him, feeling a sense of his oppressive, they will be too scared that the woman won’t even dare to breathe. The woman can only remain at her place and have no idea how to ease the atmosphere.


However, Miantang felt that her husband must be angry with the local officials and worried about the future.


Thinking of this, she began to feel sorry for her husband Cui Jiu but carefully avoided his injured arm and before he know it, she hugged him on his waist, stretched out her jade palm, gently patted Cui Jiu on his back, and buried her face on his shoulder, “Don’t worry about it husband,” she said softly. “It’s him who broke into our family’s yard without permission today. Even if the garrison wants to protect him, he can’t put the blame on us. We didn’t drag him into the yard, didn’t we?”


Cui Xingzhou never thought that Liu Miantang would take the initiative to comfort himself. For a moment, he was stunned.


She was so close to himself that he could smell the sweetness of her hair. The pair of jade arms that hold onto him is also very soft.


Prince Huaiyang took a deep breath and felt that even if they were a real couple, the lady should not be so intimate… Does Liu Miantang also throw herself into the arms of the bandit Lu Wen and won his favor before she could settle down in peace?


However, after he was hugged by Miantang, his rarely out-of-control anger slowly calmed down. He made up his mind and finally raised his hand and gently patted her on her shoulder: “Don’t worry about this. I will go to the government office to take care of it…”


Miantang was relieved to hear his slightly overcast remarks. Although he was impatient with worldly affairs, he had a calm temperament that was different from that of ordinary people. Although she was the cause of the thief’s intrusion, he didn’t say any heavy word to her… Moreover, his broad and solid chest was so comfortable to hold. Miantang felt relieved when she listened to his heartbeat.


After this warm hug, they will have a rest.


Miantang thought that her husband’s arm was injured and it will be hard for him to get to sleep, so she talked with Cui Jiu at night to distract him.


What she has said is mostly about the business of his shop and the interesting stories in the neighborhood these days.


Although The Prince’s subordinates and Servant Li also reported the situations in the North Street mansion from time to time, most of the focus was on whether there were suspicious people. But never, like Miantang, talking about everyday things in the shop.


No one has ever bothered Prince Huaiyang with such trivial matters. Even when his mother is unhappy in her residence, she should also observe the dignity that women should have. She would rather complain to her confidant’s nanny or servant girl than break the heart of her son.


How can a man with high morals be fussy like a woman?


But now the woman next to his pillow has no taboos. She talks to him about everything.


“Mrs. Zhang, at the entrance of North Street, recently set up a sacrificial altar and invited a God of the dog!”


Cui Xingzhou thought that anyway he was feeling idle. Instead, he asked, “God of the dog?”


Miantang quickly nodded and said, “It’s an old dog skin opened by a Taoist priest. It’s said that the vixen women are most afraid of it. I heard from Mrs. Zhang that her family husband is entangled by fox demons and needs to dispel its evil spirits. At first, I thought that I had encountered a ghost. Later, I learned that it was her family husband who picked up a girl from Hualiu alley and asked for a concubine. So I told her since it’s a person, what’s the use of having a dog skin? A person still has to be taught by a person the lesson.”


Cui Xingzhou doesn’t feel that the men in the North Street Zhang’s family did anything wrong. It’s just that if he wants to take a concubine, he has to find a lady either from a poor or good family. Taking a prostitute home will bring down the family customs. It will indeed make the main hostess in the family a little unhappy. So he casually asked, “How can the person teaches the lesson?”


Miantang next to him said, “Mrs. Zhang was originally from a rich family, and all the rice shops in her family were subsidized by her mother’s family. Mrs. Zhang is too soft-hearted, so she lets her husband take care of it. The capable young servant girl who her mother’s family gave her was also sent away by her husband. Since she can’t take control of her husband, she should find the servant girl back, and stop listening to her husband’s soother words anymore…”


Hearing this, Cui Xingzhou suddenly opened his mouth and interrupted her: “Don’t meddle with other people’s homes affairs.”


He put Liu Miantang here to catch the rebel, so he didn’t want her to meddle with the neighborhood. If too many people are involved, will it not distract his secret sentries and Servant Li’s mind, and miss out on the real rebel?


Liu Miantang knew that she had made an indiscreet remark and lost his womanhood. She hurriedly said, “You are right. It’s someone else’s family affairs, not you who wants to have a concubine. I really shouldn’t care about it…”


Miantang suddenly stopped at this point. Since she was injured and lost her memory, her husband has never been intimate with her, although he is being considerate to her.


At first, she thought her husband was unfamiliar with each other, so she feels it was very good to treat each other with such respect. But now, she can’t help thinking that her husband might have other women to serve him, just like the husband of the Zhang family?


Thinking of this, she felt a sudden blockage in her heart and did not want to continue guessing randomly, so she suddenly asked, “Husband, do you want to take a concubine?”

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