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Boarding school

At this time, in the dark toilet, only a little light from the outside gleamed the place.


The whole toilet was eerily quiet.


In the mirror, the ghost was already standing beside Bai Wen Xia.


The ghost’s face was horrible, his eyes were full of hostility, and his twisted and stiff hand was slowly approaching Bai Wen Xia’s neck.


After the bad boy was knocked unconscious by Bai Wen Xia. 


Li Gui (Ghost) came to deal with Bai Wen Xia.


Bai Wen Xia saw Xiao Chen’s extremely pale face.


He thought that Xia Chen was frightened by him.


So please his fear. He embarrassingly said: 


“I just don’t like others coercing me, so I can’t help but retaliate. You don’t have to worry, although his injuries look serious, still, it’s a minor wound.”


Xiao Chen:- “!!” 


Xiao Chen was completely speechless and frightened by the ghost. 


He could only use his own eyes to signal Bai Wen Xia, ​​hoping that the other party would quickly realize the critical situation.


“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Or did you just knock your eye?” 


Bai Wen Xia didn’t understand Xiao Chen’s hard work at all. 


He walked over a few steps, just avoiding Li Gui’s (ghost) increasingly approaching fingers.


Bai Wen Xia reached out to touch Xiao Chen’s forehead and ask him about the problem.


Xiao Chen forced himself to calm down. When he saw that the ghost in the mirror appeared beside the two again. 


The ghost still didn’t give up on killing Bai Wen Xia!



“Oh, I haven’t washed my hands yet.” Bai Wenxia suddenly realized and was about to turn around to wash his hands again. 


His eyes were about to glance at the mirror.


Xiao Chen’s heart was so afraid. He felt that at any second his heart would jump out of his throat.


At this moment, the delinquent boy on the ground suddenly moved his body and he just happened to touch Bai Wen Xia’s leg. 


Bai Wenxia frowned and turned around, “What’s the matter, are you awake? It seems that I have to tie the rope tighter.”


Xiao Chen felt that his fragile heart could no longer bear the stimulation. 


It would be great if God could make him collapse.



Because this scene was too tense and exciting, the viewers who watched Bai Wen Xia’s perspective in the live broadcast room were all vivacious at this moment.


They were all watching the sense being unfolded attentively. not even a single person moved away from their screen. 


Mainly because it was the first time that they had encountered such a person who would be killed by Li GUI (ghost)  without realizing it. 


However, Li Gui failed to succeed two to three times. 


What kind of luck is this? Is this beginner’s luck?


Platform awareness detected that the audience retention rate in this live broadcast room was so high.


Although it was only a rookie-level copy, seeing on the top of the chart many viewers were baited to click on the broadcast. 


For a while, many viewers poured into this live broadcast room because of curiosity.


[It’s rare to see a rookie-level copy that was being recommended. Is this plot so exhilarating? 】


[Wow, this anchor is so good-looking. What was the matter with the ghost next to him? Will my beautiful little brother die as soon as I came?】


[Not necessarily, the anchor has just had a little shit luck and just avoided the attack of the ghost. I want to see how long he can hold on. If he doesn’t die, I will reward him! 】



Li Gui was starting to get anxious. 


The blood vessels on his outstretched arms were bulging, and his fingertips also stretched out black claws. 


When it was time to grab Bai Wenxia, ​he was going to kill Bai Wen Xia directly at this minute!


But at this instant, because of Bai Wen Xia’s bending over, a diary fell from his arms. 


Bai Wen Xia grabbed the dairy quickly. He breathed a sigh of relief and carefully put away the diary.


“That was a close call, fortunately, the diary was all right.”


This was the diary Bai Wen Xia founded before he came to the toilet. 


Bai Wenxia wanted to read the diary in the toilet but he didn’t expect a lot of things to happen in this toilet, and he didn’t have time to open it.


But the only problem now was why the ghost was taking so long.


Li Gui’s movements stopped suddenly, and his gaze swept across the diary Bai Wen Xia was holding in his arms.


Li Gui’s emotions were complicated. 


Of course, only Xiao Chen noticed this, his eyes lit up immediately, and he thought to himself: 


“Could it be that this diary was special to Li Gui? Maybe that is the reason why he stopped attacking. If we can take advantage of this, won’t we be able to leave this room alive?”


But things didn’t end like this, Li Gui’s movements stopped for a while, but still, he didn’t give up! 


This time, his body began to deform slightly, the sharp claws on his hands extended again, and he was about to attack Bai Wenxia again—


At this moment, Bai Wenxia, ​​who was about to stand up, was tripped over by the body of the bad boy who suddenly woke up, and Li Gui’s life-threatening attack fell directly on the bad boy.


The blood spattered all over, and directly splashed on Bai Wenxia who was beside him.


The delinquent boy looked at Li Gui in front of him. He was frightened, and there was an extremely scared emotion in his eyes.


 “You, actually, how is it possible…”


Before he could finish speaking, the bad boy blew his last breath.


Afterward, Li Gui also seemed to have lost his attention, and his figure dissipated. 


He finally gave Bai Wenxia, ​​who was still on the ground, an unwilling look.


Xiao Chen was stunned: “…”


Bai Wenxia, ​​who was still on the ground. “?”


Audiences:【! ! ! 】


[Wait, no way, he survived like this? Just by luck?]


[I can’t believe what I saw now, the anchor didn’t even see Li Gui’s figure till the end! 】


[I am convinced, and now I will give the anchor 100 points. I swear this anchor was the luckiest person I’ve ever seen. 】


[Let me take a breath of the host’s luck energy! ! 】




On the other side of the copy, the lamp suddenly went out without warning, and the entire classroom was instantly plunged into darkness.


Not only that, but the cold air infiltrated the surroundings, which instantly made everyone get goosebumps. 


The outside of the classroom was also filled with mist, which made it impossible for anyone to see anything, but they could sense faint shadows swaying out.


“What, what’s going on?!”


“Is that a ghost?”


The crowd immediately panicked.


Zheng Huan felt that something was wrong


“How was it possible? 


“There shouldn’t be an accident here. The ghost would never be violent on the first day. 


If the ghost had killed both of them in the toilet, they should have been safe today! 


Maybe the situation in the toilet was not what he thought. 


However, they both are newcomers, how could it be possible for them to stop Li Gui’s attack?”


All sorts of Bai Wen Xia’s odd performances flashed through his mind, and suddenly he understood something!


This Bai Wen Xia was not an ordinary rookie, and all his pig teammates’ behaviors are probably faked! 


This Bai Wen Xia can act better than himself.


Zheng Huan gritted his teeth, “Damn, this Bai Wen Xia was going to be a pain in the ass, he was plotting against me! 


No, he has to get rid of this guy quickly.”


But before that, he had not been able to topple into the dugout.


Under the panic, the light suddenly turned on for a moment.


Taking advantage of this moment of light, everyone saw that the teacher was standing on the podium, while the other students in the class had become terrifyingly covered in blood.


Their bloodshot eyes were still dead. Starting with these transfer students.


The players who were near the students moved as far as possible. 


“Don’t come near me!”


The others weren’t much better either. They were all newcomers who had only experienced a dungeon once, and their mentality could not be better.


Some people even pushed open the door of the classroom in a panic and rushed out!


Then everyone only heard a shrill scream from outside, followed by the muffled sound of heavy objects falling to the ground. 


Everything was quiet again.


Immediately, the scene of Li Gui Jumping off the building came to their minds, and they were all so terrified. 


It was like a harbinger of what would next happen to them.


Zheng Huan was relieved. 


Now that a person has died, according to the rules of the copy, they should be safe for now. He didn’t want to use his trump card so soon.


Sure enough, with the death of the man outside, the lights in the classroom turned on again, and everything returned to normal.


Even the NPCs in the classroom looked like nothing had happened now. 


Only the mess on the floor reminded everyone that what just occurred was not their illusion.


The rest of the people were trembling with fear, they all felt the danger of this dungeon more than before.


They looked at Zheng Huan, who was still sensible and calm, and the idea of ​​hugging the big guy’s thigh came to everyone’s mind.


At this time, footsteps squealed outside the door again. 


Everyone had not recouped from the fear just now and looked at the door with horror in their eyes. 


They were apprehensive that the person who had just jumped down would appear outside the door again.


The next moment, the classroom door was unlocked.


The person who walked in was Bai Wen Xia, ​​who everyone thought was dead, and the other party was even covered in blood.


Under the dim light of the outside world, half of Bai Wenxia’s body was surrounded by shadows. 


He casually wiped the blood on his face, and there was a bit of melancholy between his brows. That face was simply beautiful at this moment. He doesn’t seem to be in this world at this moment.


Everyone inside the room couldn’t help holding their breath.


“Is he a human or a ghost?”














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