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Boarding school

In this tiny and dark space, Xiao Chen peeked at the mop that had just hit the door and made a sound. 


His face was extremely pale, and cold. Sweat kept flowing from his forehead. 


He tightly covered his mouth, he tried to make as little noise as possible. 


He tried to make his presence as little as possible. But he knew it was useless.


The footsteps from the outside paused for seconds as if listening to some movements then they walked hurriedly in his direction. 


He was not expecting anyone to come to save him.


Nor did he expect anything from pig teammate Bai Wenxia. 


Who was an unreliable teammate? It’s good not to be scared to pee.


The abrupt footsteps were already close at hand.


Xiao Chen’s hands and feet started to go numb.


He was unable to support his body. 


Just when he was about to faint from terror, there was a loud noise in the next compartment!


It sounded like the next door was suddenly shoved open.


And at the same time, there was an anxious voice of  Bai Wen, 


” Hey! You Ghost come here if you dare!”


During this period, Xiao Chen was so shocked he felt an indescribable emotion emerge in his heart. 


He turned his head to look at the cubicle next to him as if he could see the picture of Bai Wen Xia.


Who was desperately trying to save him, and his eyes immediately became wet!


When he thought about how he loathed the other party like that before, the other party didn’t mind at all.


Xiao Chen unexpectedly felt that his mind was too narrow-minded.


How could he let a good person like Bai Wen Xia die alone? 


Xiao Chen gritted his teeth and immediately pushed open the door of the compartment.


Although a power outage and little light were coming from the outside, the bad boy stood outside, whom Bai Wen Xia just confronted.


Xiao Chen: “?”


Bai Wen Xia also felt very at a loss. 


Just now, he suddenly opened the door, for fear that the ghost would run away.


But it turns out, he was a classmate. 


It was a waste today.  


“What’s the matter with you?” The delinquent boy looked impatient. 


“He came out so suddenly, and even tried to scare me off. What if something went wrong?” 


He grabbed Xiao Chen’s collar who was next to him and said with a grinning smile.


“Shouldn’t you both compensate me for the psychological damage?”


The two quickly understood that the bad boy probably came over to blackmail them. 


Xiao Chen was scared to death at first, but he was relieved to see that the other party wanted to extort money.


Fortunately, after entering the copy, everyone still has some cash. 


After Xiao Chen took out the money, the delinquent borrowed money and said proudly: 


“I was worried about what to do when I ran out of money recently, but I didn’t expect a transfer student to give me money. If that guy was honest like you, that kind of thing won’t have happened.”




Bai Wen Xia and Xiao Chen, both understood that what the bad boy said should be related to the essence of the dungeon.


It was very likely to be related to the previous ghost, which was a major event related to the career of his pig teammate.


So he immediately asked him:


 ” Who was that guy you’re talking about?”


Only then did the delinquent boy realize that he had made a blunder and immediately he became frantic. 


He lifted his fists at Bai Wen Xia, ​​


“What’s the matter with you? You haven’t given me your money yet, do you not want to live anymore?”


Although Bai Wen Xia was tall,  he looked like he couldn’t fight.


Due to this, he used to get in a lot of trouble.  


In short, he was quite handy when dealing with such problems.  


And dealing with the bad guy was quite an easy task for him. 


But what Bai Wen Xia was afraid of was that if he dealt with another party and somehow this caused a  problem, then the ghost wouldn’t come out!


Xiao Chen hurriedly persuaded Bai Wen Xia  in a low voice: 


“Don’t worry too much about NPCs, have you forgotten what Brother Zheng said? 


These NPCs’ favorability was very important.”


” If the favorability was too low, bad things may happen, and it would cause our lives to be in danger!”


Hearing what Xiao Chen said, Bai Wenxia nodded and looked up.


“Thanks for your reminder.” 


That’s right if the NPC’s favorability is low. There’s always a downside! And this is a golden opportunity for him. 


Xiao Chen breathed a sigh of relief, now that his affection for Bai Wen Xia has greatly increased.


Of course, he was anxious about the danger to the other party’s life.


However, when he saw Bai Wen Xia rolling up his sleeves he could his fists tightly. 


Slowly he watched Bai Wen Xia walk towards the delinquent boy opposite and murmured.


“Then I can rest assured.”


Xiao Chen: “??


What are you assured about? What the hell are you doing? 


Just as Xiao Chen was about to say something to stop Bai Wen Xia.


His eyes fell on the mirror behind the bad boy, and his eyes widened.


In the very normal mirrors which just had the reflection of this bad boy.


But now there was also a very strange black shadow that appeared beside the bad boy and Bai Wen Xia.


Xiao Chen only felt that cold sweat broke out all over his body, and he suddenly understood that the footsteps just now were indeed made by this ghost.


But the other party came from the other side of the mirror, and the other party wanted to kill the bad guy in front of him. 




Xiao Chen wanted to remind Bai Wen Xia​​ about this. however, he found that he was unable to move or even utter a word. 


Looking into the mirror, he doesn’t know when his mouth has been pressed by a pale hand!


The audience watching the broadcast noticed this scene and became nervous.


[I just had a good impression of Bai Wen Xia because of his operation of saving his teammates! So he must not die.】


[People who are willing to sacrifice themselves for others are rare. Hey, I hope he can survive. I’ll be sure to pay attention to him. If he manages to survive. 】


[However, having faced the ghost directly, the chances of surviving are still not high. 】




The classroom was quiet.


Except for the bad boy who just walked out, nothing happened here, and other NPCs continued to learn.


But seeing that Bai Wen Xia and Xiao Chen hadn’t come back from the toilet for so long.


Other people couldn’t help but feel a chill in their hearts, thinking that they probably wouldn’t be able to come back.


“Sure enough, the ghost has appeared.” 


Zheng Huan was reading slowly as if he had no idea what was going on, outside, but in fact, he knew very well.


The notes he found in this seat recorded the method of how to summon the ghost but unfortunately, it was not complete.


Otherwise, he would be able to summon the ghost. Just by exchanging for a lot of points and handing over this spell to the system.


The caster must be someone who has great resentment at the time of death, and there needs to be a powerful ghost that has been sealed around.


At least a terrifying existence that only appears in advanced dungeons.


After these conditions are met, this resentment will form an inner world. 


And the enemies hated in the caster’s heart would be pulled into this world, and these living people who are completely unaware of the strangeness around the car can borrow the ghost, and he has obtained various means of revenge. 


He needs to sacrifice seven people’s lives in seven days to complete the entire contract. 


In the end, before this inner world would disappear.  


The final ghost boss would appear. 


In reality, it would cause great harm. As for the other anchors present, there was no doubt that all of them would die.


However, this dungeon just gave seven days before the ghost completely appeared. 


And as long as any NPC’s life is kept, the contract would not be completed, and he would be forced to leave this dungeon. 


Items about the truth of the dungeon are also free. He can find it.” 


Zheng Huan thought to himself.


“It’s worthy of being a novice-level copy, as long as you don’t kill yourself, the chances of surviving are still very high.”


If it was an ordinary situation he would want to save everyone’s life to ensure that he could pass the further copies. 


But when he had heard a lot of information from the boss in the last dungeon, many of which were about the final boss of this dungeon, as well as the life-saving techniques for the opponent.


If the other party appears, he has a way to save his life and get a lot of benefits. 


As for the others, he can only say it was the fault of who made them come to this copy with him.


For example, Bai Wenxia and Xiao Chen, and the delinquent boy who just went out. 


Zheng Huan didn’t believe they would be able to come back alive anyway. 


The dungeon caster had a deep resentment towards his enemies.




Xiao Chen’s back was wet with sweat.


How can they leave here? It is so terrifying!


If he did something wrong, Li Gui can punish him instead of letting him watch two people fight in front of Li Gui!


No, it’s not so much a fight, it should be said that Bai Wenxia beat the opponent unilaterally.


He didn’t expect the bad boy to be so beaten up so badly.


Even with such a strong body, he was knocked to the ground by Bai Wen Xia in a few attacks.


Bai Wenxia looked down at the unconvinced delinquent boy and checked the other party’s favorability.


 “It’s only 5 favorability points, what’s going on? Why is it so hard?


The bad boy seemed a bit distracted when he saw Bai Wen Xia.


And he planned to fight back when he was shoved by Bai Wen Xia.


Bai Wenxia seemed to have noticed it a long time ago.


Not only did he avoid his attack, but he even grabbed the back of the bad boy and started beating him over again!


“Who the hell was this guy!” 


The bad boy already had resentment in his heart, and he just wanted to take revenge when he found an opportunity.


Bai Wen Xia also kept an eye on others’ favorability and was overjoyed when he saw the favorability drop. 


Then only he showed a gentle and encouraging smile.


But in the eyes of the bad boy, the smile on the other side’s beautiful face even made people feel mesmerized. 


He was so stunned for a minute that he forgot all the pain in his body.


“Why did the favorability level increase? Is there something wrong?” 


Bai Wen Xia asked about the system. He started to beat him again. This time was harder than ever. 


The barrage also flooded at this moment.


[I just came in, why is this anchor fighting with people next to Li Gui? And why Li Gui was watching from the side, this copy was so harmonious! 】


[It should be that this NPC was the enemy of Li Gui, he must be very happy to see the enemy be beaten like this, why should he intervene? 】


[Don’t say that, this anchor is really in good shape! These long legs, was this something you can see for free? 】



The delinquent boy had fallen into a coma.


His bruised face even had a bit of relief, as if being unconscious would make him feel more at ease than waking up.


Bai Wen Xia found that he seemed to have gone too far, and found a rope in the utility room to tie the guy up to prevent any trouble in the future.


After doing all this, Bai Wen Xia wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked at Xiao Chen who had been standing beside him before


He casually said.


 “When will the ghost appear? We’ve been waiting for so long for this to happen, so why did nothing happen?”


Xiao Chen looked at the ghost standing behind Bai Wenxia in the mirror.



Coffee please.



  1. Vitória says:

    Não acho que em algum momento o autor tenha dito o nome do fantasma, o que significa Li Gui?

  2. 🌸Kathie says:

    厉鬼 or lìguǐ (Li Gui) means malicious spirit. Thank you for the translating this novel! ❤️

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