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Boarding school


In the dungeon, this favorability reminder cannot be seen by other anchors, and can only be seen by viewers who follow Bai Wen Xia’s side.

Of course, other people can guess just by looking at the teacher’s attitude.

【Is this reasonable? ? 】

[Merely relying on the face to get the NPC’s favor. Even the NPCs in horror movies are face control, this hateful world of face-seeing! 】

[It is estimated that all the points of this newcomer are put into his appearance…]

[No, Did he do it on purpose? I think he might be able to do something amazing in the future. 】

“Don’t think too much. Just don’t stay with those bad boys. These students are outrageous.” The teacher shook her head, probably because she had a high degree of favorability, and she couldn’t help revealing some details.

“There is also one old school building, don’t go there, it is really dangerous.”

When the others listened to the words, they couldn’t mind about the teacher’s double standard, and they were all shocked. After all, the teacher’s words mentioned those delinquent teenagers, combined with the delinquent boy who appeared in the CG movie at the beginning… Is there a connection? After that, she directly mentioned the old school building. The amount of information brought out by these few words is too great!

Especially the ghost that just jumped off the building. It was so creepy and it was terrifying.

Unexpectedly, this vase had been asked, by accident. Which made everyone feel complicated.

“Senior, is this NPC’s favorability level so easy to brush?” The person whose favorability level dropped just now couldn’t help asking Zheng Huan, with a bit of grief in his tone.

Bai Wen Xia also really wanted to know the answer to this question, he was about to doubt his life! He has taken the risk of social death to directly copy other people’s operations, how come he has also increased his favorability? Is the world trying to trick him at all?

Zheng Huan just said that everyone should not touch the NPC rashly. Now that he was slapped in the face on the spot, he could only speak awkwardly.

“Maybe this NPC is more… Face control.”

Bai Wen Xia: “…”? such an unscrupulous NPC?

Zheng Huan felt more and more uneasy when he saw Bai Wen Xia like this, and even after seeing the attention of his live broadcast room plummeting, he wanted to know whose live broadcast these people went to watch!

This newcomer is really beyond his control, and he cannot be allowed to continue like this.

While there are uncontrolled newcomers, there are also diligent newcomers. Zheng Huan hinted at a person beside him a little and told him to monitor Bai Wen Xia during this period, not to let the other party make any more fools, and then he said that it was for everyone’s safety. Of course, the others nodded.

The person who was called to monitor Bai Wen Xia was called Xiao Chen. He looked at Bai Wen Xia with contempt and snorted coldly, “I’m not as kind as Brother Zheng, I tell you that you’d better be honest. Otherwise, no one can control your life or death.”

Bai Wen Xia could only nod honestly and decided to keep a low profile. After all, he also knew that his actions just now were too intense. The point is that it doesn’t die! Sure enough, it’s because the beginning of the rookie dungeon is too easy, it’s not that he is too wrong!

When the group went upstairs, everyone noticed that although each classroom was brightly lit, it was empty. Although the table was full of things, some exam papers were evenly spread out on the table. But it is no longer there, and it looks very strange.

“What’s the matter, there is no one at all.”

“No wonder it’s so quiet…”

The female teacher ignored these whispers and led everyone around the corner with an expressionless face.

On every floor of this school, huge mirrors are occupying one wall at the corners of the stairs. After a few glances, everyone could not see anything unusual, so they temporarily put them aside.

Bai Wen Xia Duo looked at it for a while and didn’t know if it was his luck. The mirror made him feel something was wrong.

Xiao Chen didn’t notice anything at first until he followed Bai Wen Xia’s eyes to look over – the female teacher in the mirror turned her head 180 degrees contrary to common sense, and the corners of her mouth were almost cracked to her ears, covered with The bloody eyeballs were still staring straight at him!


Bai Wen Xia didn’t feel it when he looked in the mirror and was almost startled by his scream!

Mainly… He was so unlucky before. Very tragic things happened several times. When he went to the haunted house in elementary school, it happened that all the props suddenly failed. At that time, all the staff of the haunted house were terrified and thought they were haunted. . He had already practiced his courage long ago, and at this time, he didn’t see much fluctuation when he saw this kind of picture.

Of course, other people also noticed this strange picture, and immediately took a few steps back subconsciously.

Zheng Huan, who was closest to the teacher, froze, almost taking out the life-saving thing he had exchanged for all the points before entering the dungeon.

“Shit isn’t this teacher human?!”

“Can you run now!”

Different from the one in the mirror, the teacher, in reality, looks like an ordinary person, just frowning and looking at everyone.

“What are you doing, hurry up and follow.”

The warning sound of the copy suddenly sounded, [Please act as the transfer students. 】

The crowd did not dare to do anything else, so they could only bite the bullet and follow.

Only then did Xiao Chen realize that he almost hid behind Bai Wen Xia just now, but it was the first person who noticed the difference that the other party didn’t respond, and he couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed.

Is he not as good as this pig teammate?!

[It’s such a plot again, and every time the newcomer will be so scared. 】

[However, the anchor is still quite calm now, is he scared stupid? 】

[I don’t think it looks like it! Maybe he has some special tricks! 】

Zheng Huan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead just now and followed. He told everyone,

“According to the experience my seniors told me, there are truly in some dungeons… but they are all we’re rarely going to get our true power over time, and we’re rarely stuck in a corner in the first place, and we just have to watch carefully.”

However, Zheng Huan was also a little puzzled. He exchanged items such as one-time Yin-Yang Eyes before entering the dungeon. But just now, I didn’t see any Yin Qi in this teacher.

Otherwise, how could he have the courage to be so close to the other party?

Could the picture in this mirror be some kind of illusion?

When they got outside the classroom, they discovered that the place where Li Gui jumped off was right here, like the other party was also a student of this class before.

Unlike other empty classrooms, there are still students in this classroom, but not many, only seven people.

It was already time for evening self-study, and most of the people in the classroom were reviewing.

But the four students dressed as delinquent boys didn’t even open the book. Everyone’s expression was very indifferent, and they didn’t even mean to pay attention to the newcomers.

One of the delinquent teenagers looks the same as the character in the opening CG!

The other party was still very relaxed at this time, playing with the mobile phone in his hand.

Everyone was furious. After all, the people who watched the CG were sure that this person could never die again, so the person who appeared here must be a dead person again.

“Seven people, the copy also asked us to stay here for seven days, there must be some connection.”

Zheng Huan was shocked after a few glances. With the blessing of the Yin-Yang Eye, he quickly noticed the strangeness of the class, and suddenly understood something,


He couldn’t help but feel that his breath was a little short of breath as if he had seen the future of his fans skyrocketing.

Thinking of this, he chose a position closer to the bad boy regardless of the risk of death.

This made Bai Wen Xia, ​​who originally wanted to sit there, look disappointed, so he had to find another place to sit.

After Zheng Huan sat down, he rummaged through the table and drawers, and soon found a notebook, opened a few pages, and glanced at it, his expression became more and more excited.

“Sure enough, the truth of this copy is this…”

If ordinary people come here, they may not find it!

But when he was in the last dungeon, he happened to have a good relationship with a big guy and discovered a lot of information from the other party, which happened to be related to this dungeon.

Zheng Huan looked at other people with murderous intent, and it was no longer important to attract fans.

As long as everyone else can die, if he lives to the end of this dungeon alone, the benefits he can get are enough to make up for it all!

Bai Wen Xia also started to study decently but turned over the textbook on the table, and found a diary in a book.

This diary seems to record some things that happened in the school.

“What, isn’t this a quest item?”

For some unknown reason, Bai Wen Xia’s mind still had the appearance of the Specter that he had just met downstairs.

“Where can ordinary people still write diaries now, this should be some kind of plot reminder.”

Just before he could start looking, Xiao Chen next to him patted him on the shoulder, his face seemed a little ugly, and he seemed to hesitate.

“Can you go to the toilet with me…”

He felt that he couldn’t help it!

Although Bai Wen Xia looked like a pig teammate at first, he was quite reliable just now, so it shouldn’t be a problem to go together.


In the men’s toilet, the light was very dim, and the light seemed to be a few years old.

The mirror hanging on the side was also full of stains, perhaps because of the lighting problem, the faces of the two of them looked a little unnatural, and the stains seemed to be the black mist lingering around them.

“How did you think of going to the toilet?”

Bai Wen Xia looked at Xiao Chen who had just come out of the cubicle next to him in amazement.

He felt that he thought too much!

Why didn’t he immediately think of coming to such a dangerous place as the toilet in the background of the horror movie, he didn’t expect this little Chenren to be quite a genius.

“Do you think it’s what I want?”

Xiao Chen was washing his hands at this time, and the whole person was very frightened. If he couldn’t bear it anymore, how could he take such a risk?

If two people come to the toilet, nothing should happen.

Although this Bai Wen Xia is a pig teammate, he is quite righteous and came with him. Xiao Chen’s impression of Bai Wen Xia has changed.

At that time, Zheng Huan watched them leave and only spoke to comfort him, saying that there would be no danger on the first day, which also added a little comfort to his heart.

But at this moment, the light in the toilet flickered several times, and then went out!

The whole toilet was plunged into darkness, and even the light from the outside could not even see through.

Xiao Chen held his breath, his body froze there, why was he afraid of what would come?

But before the two of them left here, the sound of slowly approaching footsteps came from the outside world.

The footsteps were slow and slow, but they were getting closer and closer.

“No, it can’t be a ghost…”

“I think…it’s still very possible.” Bai Wen Xia’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t expect that the first time he came to the toilet, something happened. It seems that this little Chen is a lucky star!

Seeing that there was absolutely no way, Xiao Chen turned around abruptly and hid in the compartment where the sundries were placed!

Although this is an operation that can happen in horror movies, there is no other way to do it now.

Bai Wen Xia thought about it and hid in the compartment closer to the door.

Almost right after the two locked the door, footsteps appeared at the door of the toilet.

Xiao Chen was already shivering with fright. He shrunk in the compartment and didn’t dare to move at all.

He only felt that the sound of his heartbeat was too loud, for fear that it would attract the attention of the existence outside!

He has only experienced a dungeon once, and the last time he was led by the boss to lie down and won, he has no experience at all, let alone any way to deal with ghosts!

He couldn’t help thinking of all kinds of terrifying images in his mind. When his body was shaking, he accidentally bumped into a mop lying beside him.

Bai Wen Xia, ​​who was next to him, was also thinking, and the killing operations of various pig teammates appeared in his mind.

Isn’t there often such a plot, the kind of pig teammates who made a sound when they should not have made a sound and got the enemy’s attention and then were killed?

He felt that this was a plot tailored for him.

Next, just make a movement when the ghost enters the door!

Then Bai Wen Xia heard a small noise from the next compartment, but it was like a loud noise in this extremely quiet toilet!

Instantly enticed the attention of the existence outside, the footsteps suddenly hurried, and he was about to pass in front of Bai Wen Xia——

Bai Wen Xia’s eyes widened in shock


 Xiao Chen, you have big eyebrows and big eyes to steal my business. 


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