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TPTOTTGAOED Chapter 1 part 2

Boarding School

If it was an ordinary situation, Bai Wen Xia would have warmly greeted everyone with a usual smile. But how can it be so sufficient if it is in line with the identity of a pig teammate?

Not to mention that the people around here, even the viewers watching this live broadcast room can’t help but feel sorry.

[He looks so good, but he is a vase? 】

[Before entering the dungeon, There is new people’s guidance, But still, there were some people who didn’t know what was going on. And he doesn’t look like he is pretending… Is it a lack of IQ? 】

[This is also a waste of face value! I think this person will not survive the first copy! 】

Zheng Huan reacted quickly. Although he has never seen such a pig teammate, it is not too strange to have such a person, not to mention that such a newcomer is sometimes easier to fool. Of course, if it wasn’t for Bai Wen Xia’s good looks, he would be too lazy to pay attention to this newcomer and let him die on his own.

“Don’t be nervous, we have no ill will towards you.” Zheng Huan was contemptuous in his heart, but he had a pleasing look on his face, assuring him that he never meant to hurt him, Bai Wen Xia calmed down and said he believed his words.

Zheng Huan maintains a good temper and suggests that Bai Wen Xia should follow him and inform him immediately if something happened.

As for the others, Bai Wen Xia was already dead in their eyes. After all, in a system mall, Appearance can be adjusted by spending huge points, as long as the host has a good-looking face. But if you want to adjust your IQ… Although it is difficult, it is not impossible, but it is calculated that he will have died in the copy before getting so many points.

Zheng Huan took out his mobile phone and mentioned to everyone: “There is still a signal in this place, I have checked in, there are too many weird stories about this school, and it is said that this school was built on a cemetery before. This also says that it is evolving into a graveyard. Before, this place was already a well-known haunted place… It is difficult to evaluate which stories are specifically related to the dungeon, and only a few detailed ones can be selected based on subsequent clues.”

“What if they were all true?” Bai Wen Xia asked, he was curious, the background of this place was like a stack of buffs! If there is only one boss, it feels like something is missing.

Zheng Huan’s smile carried a sense of superiority: “This is impossible, we are only entering the rookie-level dungeon, usually there will only be one boss, and the methods of solving puzzles and surviving are also very good. Simple, otherwise if the difficulty is too high then no one can pass the level at all.”

Everyone nodded their heads, secretly all thoughts were on the same point saying thinking this senior is reliable. They have also seen those weird stories, and now they feel that there are ghosts everywhere! If all the weird stories in this school are true if all the ghosts in the toilet and the dormitory come out, will they be able to live a day as a newcomer?

[ Please enter the school as soon as possible. 】

Probably because they stayed at the door for too long, the sound of the system suddenly sounded, and everyone hurriedly entered the school.

There was only one old man in the security room who was looking down at the newspaper. After verifying the identities of several people, he let them into the school. It’s just that when everyone left, they could vaguely hear the sad voice of the old man from behind, “…Why can’t I think about it so much…”

At this time, the sky was still very dark, and the mountain continued to be filled with fog. After entering the door, the visibility was even very low, and only the general condition of the school could be seen clearly.

The school is old and covers a small area. There is a four-story teaching building in the middle and a five-story dormitory next to it. It seems to be newly created. The teaching building is still lit, and it seems that there are students in class. Because of this, it doesn’t look too scary.

Across the playground, there seems to be a dark shadow in the fog, and They don’t know what building it is, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

Bai Wen Xia also observed the surroundings very seriously. After all, although he didn’t have to worry about how to live, he had to know where to do it if he wanted to die! At this time, he suddenly felt a sudden cold all over his body, and he heard a panicked voice from the person beside him, “Look up!”

Everyone just raised their heads, and their eyes widened, only to see a student-like person who seemed to be chased by someone. In the end, there was no way to retreat, and he jumped from above with gritted teeth—

With a loud bang, the opponent’s body fell to the ground in a twisted manner. It was in such a posture that no normal person could be able to live with, but strangely there was no blood around.

This man also stretched out his hand, which was supposed to be broken, to everyone. His face was pale to blue, and his dark eyes seemed to be filled with resentment, “Save… help me…”

Everyone took a step back with a pale face, how could they save people in such a situation, no matter how they looked at this, they were no longer alive!

Zheng Huan hurriedly said: “You one must go there, you will have an accident if you touch it rashly!”

But before he could finish his words, Bai Wen Xia rushed out and went to the man at a very fast speed, holding the man’s hand, and asked with concern, “Classmate, are you alright?”

Bai Wen Xia still thought that if something happened, he could call an ambulance or something. If it was a ghost… Wouldn’t it be better?!

The one held in his palm didn’t look like a human hand at all, not only was it extremely hard, but it also had a tinge of coldness.

This made Bai Wen Xia even more excited! After more than 20 years of bad luck, is he going to be transferred today? With the operation of such a pig teammate, if you encounter a Ghost and then die,  Wouldn’t you be able to get all the reward points of the system?

The ghost himself may not have thought that such a person would suddenly appear, why is this fellow not going according to the script? It was stunned for a while after feeling the heat of Bai Wen Xia’s hands, but then it remembered the identity and mission of its host, with a ferocious face on its blue and white face, and he twisted his body with claws as if it was going to get Bai Wen Xia directly. 


However, Bai Wen Xia insisted on not letting go and looked at the other party’s eyes even more warmly. He felt that now was the best time to eat his bento, and he even had a faint smile on his face.

That ghost:? Why did it see the meaning of encouragement in the eyes of the other party? Does he want to encourage him to hurry up?

Even the audience who watched the live broadcast from Bai Wen Xia’s perspective was stunned! Of course, if they switched to the ghost perspective and saw Bai Wen Xia’s expression, they might feel even more shocked.

[This is the first time I have seen a close-up of a ghost from a living anchor at such a close distance, and now I feel that I have earned it! 】

[But this is too deadly! This is a monster! Even big bosses don’t dare to come into close contact without means of self-protection. 】

[If the anchor is not dead after this time, I will pay attention to him. 】

But at this moment, the sound of hurried footsteps sounded, and the ghost in front of Bai Wen Xia disappeared like this after hearing the sound.

The other people behind them were dumbfounded after watching Bai Wen Xia’s smooth operation, and they broke out in a cold sweat! But at the same time, They also felt… this ghost doesn’t seem to be that fierce.

Zheng Huan was also stunned, he didn’t expect Bai Wen Xia to go to this extent! Thanks to this guy’s luck, the NPC arrived in time, otherwise, he must be dead by now.

But seeing Bai Wen Xia shivering in place, he seemed to be so scared that he almost cried. Everyone felt that he was quite pitiful, and he was frightened by ghosts. Maybe he was not intended to be a pig teammate…

Bai Wen Xia’s hands were trembling, and he couldn’t believe that the ghost he was holding had just now disappeared like this. What about his big luck? All talks but no action?

Has he gotten back to his bad luck?

“Don’t worry, it’s all right now. Although your behavior is a little… Regardless of that, in short, you have come into close contact with ghosts and brought us more information, which is still very valuable.” Zheng Huan comforted him. But in his heart, he was vaguely aware that this newcomer was not under his control at all, maybe his previous idea was wrong.

At this time, a female teacher came hurriedly, frowning when she saw everyone, “You are the new transfer students, why are you here so late!” Zheng Huan explained to her with a smile, “I’m sorry, we took a little time on the way…”

The female teacher just nodded, “Anyway, come with me first. The dormitory has been arranged, and you can go there by yourself after the evening self-study is over.”

Everyone quickly followed each other. Bai Wen Xia also cheered up, but it was a failure, and he will have more chances to die in the future. This time we are only one step away from success!

“Teacher, I want to ask if anything has happened in the school recently?” Someone tried to find out some news from the female teacher and came forward with a cautious tone.

The female teacher’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, as if thinking of something bad, she said impatiently: “Don’t worry about those stories. As long as you study well in this school, there will be no problem. Don’t be thinking about something messy.”

The man then said to the crowd in extreme frustration: “Just now, the teacher’s favorability rating for me has decreased by 5.”

The rest of the people have lingering fears, but fortunately, they didn’t say anything, otherwise, they are the ones whose favorability has decreased now.

“It’s best not to have any conflicts with NPCs in the dungeon, and don’t rashly communicate without knowing it.” Zheng Huan whispered and warned everyone, “After all, no one knows what will happen. Generally speaking, the higher the NPC’s favorability. The more information they will tell us. But it is also very difficult to gain the favorability of NPCs, and it is still too difficult for newcomers like you to try.”

“If the NPC’s favorability is too low, it may even be life-threatening sometimes!”

Of course, Zheng Huan said this to persuade other people. After all, with the favorability of the NPC he has brushed the most, he can have more opportunities to show himself.

Bai Wen Xia listened to what Zheng Huan said, and couldn’t help but have a bold idea in his heart.

” He can’t kill him, but if he learns other people’s killing techniques…”

[That little brother is unlucky, some NPCs are very tricky, and rashly mentioning things related to the main story will be degraded. 】

[Zheng Huan did a really good job! This attitude is estimated to brush the favorability of NPCs soon. 】

[Although Bai Wen Xia has a high face value, it is too much of a vase! What role can it play in such a copy? 】

However, everyone suddenly saw Bai Wen Xia step forward and walk to the female teacher’s side, and even the lines did not change much from what the previous person asked – he was afraid that too many changes would affect the effect, “Teacher, yes, Has something happened recently?”

Everyone threw up, this newcomer is too pig teammate, is there such a person deliberately asking for death, isn’t it enough to have close contact with a ghost just now? Zheng Huan even felt a strange feeling, how could he feel that Bai Wen Xia seemed to be targeting himself at all?

The female teacher was still a little angry and wanted to scold him, but she was stunned when she saw Bai Wen Xia’s face that was so close at hand, and then noticed the pitiful appearance of the other party, he was extremely scared at first sight. She had an irresistible urge to protect the other party in her heart, and her irritable tone softened just now, and she said almost gently: “What happened recently, there are some…”

[The teacher has +15 favorability to you. 】

Bai Wen Xia: “???”

other people:”?”

audience:【? ? ? 】



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