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TPTOTTGAOED Chapter 1 part 1

Boarding school



Black fog encircled the entire mountain, and when if someone was in it, they would not even see the surrounding greenery. At this moment, a dilapidated bus drove steadily into the road halfway up to the mountain.

The most bizarre thing was that the driver’s seat of this car is empty.

Seven or eight people were sitting on the bus. Some looked out of the window with serious expressions, while others kept talking to themselves with ugly faces. In the chaotic atmosphere, it seemed that they were about to step into Avici Hell.

(In Buddhism Avīci or Avici is the lowest level of the Naraka or “hell” realm)

It’s not wrong for them to say it’s hell. The people in this bus were pulled into an infinite streaming world called the Thriller Live Room for various reasons.

And what they have to face next is a very difficult dungeon, and how to survive is a challenge for everyone.

In the restless environment, no one noticed a young man sitting on the corner of the bus.

He wore a cap in a low-key manner, covering his overly delicate smile. Unlike the fearful expressions of others, his eyes were full of blankness.

“What is this place?”

Bai Wen Xia recalled a little, he seemed to have had an unfortunate car accident not long ago, he thought he should have died directly, but it turned out he was dragged to this place.

【Congratulations on your lucky selection to become the anchor of our thriller game live broadcast room. 】

[All you have to do is enter the copy and survive! 】

Faced with such a sudden voice that appeared in his mind, Bai Wen Xia, based on his rich reading experience, scanned the various rules that suddenly appeared in his mind, and quickly comprehended the current problem.

“I entered the Infinite Stream dungeon!”

Suddenly encountering this kind of thing, Bai Wen Xia’s mood was a little complicated, but he is not very surprised, because as an ordinary person, in addition to his superior appearance… The only thing he is different from ordinary people is…

His bad luck.

He has seen too many tragic accidents in his past 20 years, and every time things unfolded exactly the opposite of what he wanted, making life suspicious.

Bai Wen Xia felt that he would not be surprised even if something bizarre happened to him. If this was an infinite-flow novel, then he would be like cannon fodder—

If he had any regrets before he died, then he felt that he was sad one thing that he had never drawn five stars in mobile games that were not guaranteed in his life and that he had finally received a job in film and television dramas, because of this unfortunate luck. He hasn’t had the chance to show my acting skills yet.

[Finally, let me introduce myself. For some unexpected reason, you are now additionally bound to the pig teammate system, which is only one in the whole live room. 】

Bai Wen Xia: “?”

[Your task is to become a pig teammate in the game. 】

Bai Wen Xia asked: “Wait, I think I need to explain.”

It’s a survival game where you have to rack your brains to survive the copy, why do you need any pig teammates?

[Considering that there are more and more players now, many people are likely to get through the game copy without any disturbance. Even some ordinary players are very cautious because of their rich experience so the content of our live broadcast room is not at all. Wonderful, Now it has become the plane with the least number of audiences. If this goes on, there is even a risk of downgrading!

Without the background of pig teammates, how can other players appear to be particularly witty? So to save the number of viewers in our live broadcast room, we specially selected one person from the ordinary people who were about to die to bind this system, that is, you, the host, to become this pig teammate. 】

Bai Wen Xia is even sadder. If you come here in as a different person, you won’t be able to get the Dragon Aotian System or the Heartthrob System and become a winner in life right away. What is the pig teammate system of my own? He feels very disheartened as he listens to it.

“What’s the benefit of binding this system?”

[The faster and more exciting way the host dies, the more points you can get! 】

Bai Wen Xia asked the system: “…Oh.”

[These points can be exchanged for various items in the mall, and some items can also be brought to the real world for use. 】

Wen Yanbai immediately browsed the system mall in his mind, and soon saw all kinds of props that made him stunned, ‘lucky capsule’, ‘luck conversion pendant’, ‘European air spray’, this The names of the props are extremely tempting. Of course, the points they need are not cheap. Each one starts at four or five thousand points, which is not something that newcomers can touch.

“Isn’t it a pig teammate! I do it!” Bai Wen Xia asked the system suddenly, this is a picture that only appeared in his dream, “But what exactly is this pig teammate going to do?”

Although he asked this question, Bai Wen Xia’s heart was full of confidence. If it’s an ordinary clearing horror game…then he thinks he must be cannon fodder. But being a pig teammate, even if he doesn’t want to, it is estimated that this effect will be achieved. This is simply a plug-in tailored by God for him!

[As long as the host performs various death-defying methods in the dungeon, the more inexplicable and bizarre the death, the better. After completion, you can get 2000 points. If you die in the dungeon, you will have a chance to be resurrected directly in the lobby of the live broadcast room. If it achieves the effect of increasing the number of viewers in this live broadcast room to drive the ratings of our entire plane, there are other rewards. 】

[The host completes ordinary tasks in the game and can have the same points as other players. After successfully clearing the customs, the first place will have 2000 guaranteed points according to the contribution, and the others will be reduced to 500 points in turn, and the completion of various side quests and hidden quests will be counted separately. 】

Bai Wen Xia suspected that he had heard it wrong, and he racked his brains to survive and complete the normal customs clearance with only 500 points, and then the first place was only 2,000 points, but the guaranteed points of being a pig teammate who died immediately had 2,000 points! Isn’t this too much, as long as a person with a normal IQ will choose to be a pig teammate, after all, how difficult it is to be in the first place?

It seems that this time he is not unlucky, but for the first time in more than 20 years, he is so lucky, and he can quickly get rid of the current non-luck feature and embark on the peak of life.

Bai Wen Xia immediately geared up and was ready to become a pig teammate. He must show all his acting skills.

At this moment, the bus suddenly stopped. Looking out of the car window, everyone saw a school built halfway up the mountain. At this time, it was clear that it was broad daylight, but the surrounding area was filled with disturbing fog, covering most of the school it seems like evening

The school also looks a little old, and not only its look very old on the outside, but it also exudes a lifeless atmosphere, with almost no chatter of humans. If it weren’t for the lights inside, one would suspect that the school had been abandoned.

[You are currently entering the rookie-level copy “Boarding School”]

A CG appeared in everyone’s mind.

As the picture darkened, what emerged was a narrow corridor. Because the environment is too dim, one can only see that this should be the teaching building.

Rapid footsteps creaked, and a delinquent boy with dyed hair appeared on the screen. He was still holding a mobile phone in his hand, his expression was very ugly, and he seemed to be a little angry.

When his eyes fell to a corner that no one could reach, the eyes of the bad boy suddenly widened, as if he had encountered something extremely difficult for him to understand. A dark reflection appeared in his pupils, but he didn’t wait. When others saw clearly what it was, the picture went dark, and a shrill scream rang in everyone’s ears, accompanied by the sound of cracked bones breaking.

When the screen was turned on again, there was not even a figure left in this corridor, only a pool of dark stains like bloodstains left on the ground, and a mobile phone that had fallen to the side.

The screen was getting closer, and there is a message sent by someone else on the phone, and you can see the name of the person who sent the message. Then a slender hand picked up the phone. This hand can be said to be very slender and clean, but it was extremely pale, and there was not even a trace of blood… It didn’t look like the hand of a living person at all.

At this point, the whole CG is over, and the sound of the system also sounds.

[This is a closed school building in the suburbs. And of you are students who transferred here, but you never imagined what kind of terrifying sight you would see here. 】

[Trigger the main quest: leave the school alive after seven days. It is currently a rookie-level copy, and first place guarantees a maximum of 2000 points. If the number of viewers in the live room exceeds 10,000, there are other bonus points. 】

[The anchor who collects 1,000 fans can choose to enter the more advanced dungeon. 】

[Tips for side quests: Investigate the truth of what happened in the school. 】

The sound disappeared here, and it is estimated that the prompts in this live broadcast room will end here.

Bai Wen Xia was thoughtful, according to the mission statement, it seemed that he could complete the mission if he lived for seven days without doing anything. But things didn’t go so smoothly. Judging from this CG, this school is a terrifying haunted place! If you do nothing, you will probably die here before the seventh day.

The live broadcast room of each copy is separate, but the viewers who come in can choose from whose perspective they watch, and finally settle according to the viewing time. In this way, the reward will be counted on the head of the most watched anchor, that is, the person who contributed the most in this dungeon.

This also makes many people choose to play their advantages in the dungeon to attract the attention of the audience so that they can get more rewards and attract the most fans, but if they are not careful in the dungeon, they may end up dead.

But he doesn’t have to work so hard to earn points, and he doesn’t have to win any audience or fans! Bai Wen Xia felt like dying sooner is better.

Then the people on the bus got out. The players here have already experienced a dungeon. They are not newcomers, but, they have no fans. It is lucky to survive, and everyone has lingering fears when they mention the previous things.

Among these people, Zheng Huan, a young man who had experienced three dungeons and even heard that he was about to reach 1,000 fans, immediately became the object of others hugging his thighs.

Zheng Huan’s appearance can be said to be a bit handsome, and he is kindly explaining some things to pay attention to in the copy with everyone. In fact, of course, he is not a good person and doesn’t care about the lives of these people at all, but as long as he has a good relationship, in some dangerous situations, he may be able to stand for multiple ghosts. What’s more, such a patient and gentle character is also the key to his ability to attract fans. He has experienced several dungeons, of course, he understands how important fans and views are. When the dungeon is settled, there will be more fans and bonus points.

As for the true identities of these viewers, it is said that some people exist on other planets, and some are the anchors of another planet in the live broadcast room. In short, there are various opinions. Of course, he doesn’t care, as long as they can pay attention to their benefits.

At this moment, Zheng Huan suddenly noticed Bai When Xia, who seemed to be absent-minded at the edge of the team. The opponent’s almost perfect appearance, tall figure, and seemed to have a bit of melancholy and mysterious temperament, made him immediately look at him. Bright.

“Reborn Financial Giants”

This person looks so handsome, it is estimated that he is a newcomer, but his appearance is not to be said. At first glance, he can attract a lot of audiences. If he can make good use of it and create a CP atmosphere with the other party… Maybe he can step on this newcomer to gain another wave of fans, and even sell this newcomer and others will help him count the money.

At this time, the live broadcast room of this dungeon appeared for a few seconds in a good position on the homepage because of the newly launched broadcast. That is to say, in this short period, Bai When Xia’s delicate appearance appeared on the screen, many people became interested and clicked into the live broadcast room to watch.

Immediately, there were nearly a thousand viewers in the live broadcast room. This is already a good start for a rookie-level copy. Except for some who were attracted by Bai Wen Xia Yanzhi, others who were concerned about Zheng Huan saw the broadcast and clicked in by the way.

[There is still such a good-looking newcomer, and I don’t know how to perform, so let’s pay attention to support first. 】

[If this face value is a little more powerful and lucky, it might not be a problem to become the most popular newcomer of the year! 】

[This dungeon… It seems that it is still a little difficult in the rookie-level dungeon. It seems that these people are not very lucky. 】

In the dungeon, several other players also moved when they saw Bai Wen Xia. This newcomer seems to be quite reliable. If they have a good relationship now, maybe the other party will be able to get support from him in the future when he develops.

Zheng Huan even stepped forward directly, showing a polite and friendly appearance, and with his handsome appearance, he could easily make people feel good, “Hello, this is the first time you have entered. Dungeon, don’t worry, I will guide you well. Ah, by the way, my name is Zheng Huan, and I have gone through the dungeon three times…”

He can almost imagine the ecstatic look of the other party when he sees him taking the initiative to communicate. After all, he has seen too many such newcomers, even if it is Bai Wen Xia’s vigilance or something else. Zheng Huan had already prepared for various responses, which would make Bai Wen Xia feel good about himself and depend on him.

Bai Wen Xia looked up at Zheng Huan and was still very moved, but he did not forget his purpose, and at this moment, he immediately drafted the character of his pig teammates——

So in the eyes of everyone, this newcomer who seemed to be very promising suddenly retreated in panic, his eyes were full of panic, “Who are you, where are you? What kind of ghost are you talking about, how can there be ghosts in the world, you guys? Don’t lie to me!

Everyone: “…”

Zheng Huan’s smile froze on his lips, “…” The various replies he had prepared were completely useless for a while!



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