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THBANISLBS Chapter 1.3

Beauty in painting

Afraid that the people around him would not understand. Su Nanzhi took elegant steps and stepped forward slowly to point toward the line of characters that became smaller and smaller, and said, “Look, it’s trying very hard to write here because the walls are not enough. “


Wang Xingzhi: “I suspect you are making fun of me.”


Liu Moli: “Gu Jingshuang, what do you think?”


There is also a “???” outside the game.


[Stupid woman, God Gu doesn’t want to pay attention to you! 】


[Making shrimps, did I enter the wrong field? Is this a comedy game? 】


[ How about making fun of us? 】


[If you want to laugh, you have to hold back and make up the appearance of the evil ghost hiding in the corner and trying to write, which is very interesting. 】



The new people around are also at a loss, and they look like they are in a circle.


“No, should we find the answer ourselves?”




“The junior senior’s words should probably be true, right?”


“But I talking nonsense!”


Su Nanzhi was discussed for a long time, and the silent man on the side suddenly said, “Why don’t you try it.”


As soon as he opened his mouth, the surrounding voices stopped instantly, as if the pause button was pressed, and no one dared to speak.


Su Nanzhi looked at him sideways and rolled his eyes.


Look, he messed up so badly.


There was no one to speak to him.


As soon as Gu Jingshuang finished speaking, Su Nanzhi clapped her hands and let the two newcomers clean the walls with brushes.


Immediately after washing, dense words appeared on the wall—


die, die, die…


“Ah, ah.” The new people made a blister, shouting.


Liu Moli even murmured and passed out.


【AAaa!An intensive phobia is about to be committed! 】


[Mom it is too scary! 】


[The younger brother of the milk group is indeed the boss of the milk group! 】


[To tell the truth… If my brother doesn’t tell me, maybe we would have not known this kind of shock…]


[Upstairs you are right. If only we believe in our younger brother earlier. 】


[I have become a fan, from now on, I will be my brother’s licking dog! 】





Su Nanzhi was also startled, and habitually pulled the sleeve of the person next to him, Gu Jingshuang glace at him with a cold face. Finding that his movements were not very good, he withdrew his hand and sincerely apologized: “Sorry, I was a little scared.”




Gu Jingshuang watched as the little hand retracted, the young man’s slender eyelashes left a little light and shadow on his delicate porcelain-white cheeks.


He looked away and landed on the word “death” on the wall.


He let a sigh in his heart.


Very brave.


Wang Xingzhi and others did not expect this to be the case. All of them looked ugly for a while. They didn’t even pass the first day, and their faces were almost swollen because of shame.


“Sure… it’s hidden…”


Wang Xingzhi looked at Su Nanzhi with a three-point fear, and at the same time, it was more exploration.


After confirming that there will be no more information on the wall, everyone divided the room. Gu Jingshuang went to the fourth floor, and Su Nanzhi asked for his room which also happened to be with Gu Jingshuang.


Liu Moli woke up ten minutes after fainting and brought a few people to cook. Everything was empty. Everyone put their things back in their allocated room and came down to eat.


There was no one in the living room for a while.


Su Nanzhi breathed a sigh of relief. The house had not been cleaned for a long time, and a thick layer of ash had fallen.


As a host, it would be rude to greet guests in a dirty room.


So, Su Nanzhi hid in the dark and gently hooked with his hand.


In an instant, brooms, mops, rags, and buckets flew.


The two new players finished putting their things back as soon as they went out, they saw the bucket flying over. They were so frightened that they slammed around like flies without their heads. As a result, they knocked over the bucket, and the water in the bucket poured down with a clatter.




Su Nanzhi was startled and halted his cleaning. He saw the bucket firmly covered on the newcomer’s head. The newcomer was frightened that he couldn’t see the road clearly and bumped everywhere.


Hearing the sound, Wang Xingzhi, who was going to come out to see, was startled by a crazy bucket. The new player finally found the leading teacher and rushed over.


As a result, his foot slipped, and he slammed into Wang Xingzhi firmly, and the nosebleed was knocked out.


Wang Xingzhi: “…”


[Hahahaha, is this a comedy? 】


【The newcomer is so silly! 】


[Hahahaha what a  ghost, I haven’t seen such type of thing! 】



Looking at the group over there, Su Nanzhi swallowed and sneaked back to the room. He just wanted to clean up.


But now looking at the sense. He didn’t dare to do it.


After about two hours, Liu Moli finished the meal. The kitchen was surprisingly stocked with freshly cooked vegetables.


There were about ten people in total and the long table was full.


When the tableware collided with the knife and fork, the temperature in the living room was very low, the candles on the table were blown due to wind, and the “swoosh” sound can be heard leaving only the crystal lamps in the living room.


Under the lamp, the newcomers looked ugly.


“Woooooo, so scary!”


“Is this a dungeon of average difficulty? I’m worried now that Team Wang can not get out alive…”



The system is puzzled: “Host, why do you want to blow out the candles?”


Su Nanzhi explained silently, “Why do you light a candle when the light is on? And the furniture is old and antique. What should I do if it is lit?”


Looking at the atmosphere value up, the system sighed from the bottom of his heart: “Amazing, my host is awesome!”


After eating the potato beef gracefully and calmly, the novice players around him admired him to the extreme.


“Wow, as expected of a junior! From beginning to end, he is the perfect epitome of calmness!”


“What’s the name of the junior, can you tell us more about you?”


Su Nanzhi can not tell anything except his. name. Is it possible to tell you that I’m already dead?


That can’t be, exposing the identity of the NPC, how can he sell items? Earn points?


So Su Nanzhi said lightly, “My name is Sunanzhi. If you have anything, you can come to me.”


“It turned out to be Senior Nanzhi!”


“The name is so beautiful! How can there be such a kind-hearted senior woo woo!”


Wang Xingzhi raised his cheeks to look at him, his lips lifted: “Have you ever met any particularly terrifying ghost, Junior Nanzhi?”


As long as he knows the most terrifying ghost in the copy of the other party’s impression, he can find out whose vest he is!


Sunanzhi shook her head: “I have never met.”




He didn’t even fit!


It’s so deep!


Wang Xingzhi squeezed his fist. In order not to expose his behavior, he turned his head and asked Gu Jingshuang, “Has God Gu met any terrible ghosts?”


He thought Gu Jingshuang wouldn’t talk to him.


The other party wiped his lips gracefully with a napkin, and said slowly, “Yes.”


The newcomers were very interested: “Gu Shen, what kind of ghost was that?”


Gu Jingshuang coughed lightly, his face was extremely pale. He said in a faint voice: “That was a painted skin ghost. It will disguise itself as a wall in the middle of the night, trace your face on the wall a little bit, and then when you fall asleep or relax he would cut your skin off and go to the wall stick it on his flesh, and then would pretend to be a normal person…”


The timid newbies hugged each other and shivered they were afraid and do not want to hear more.


Liu Moli looked vulnerable, her eyes filled with tears just right, making her lovable.


Su Nanzhi swallowed twice his bright pupils widened a little and before Gu Jingshuang could finish speaking, he pushed away the chair and stood up, and walked upstairs.


As he walked he told himself, Don’t be afraid, Since he is also a ghost. 


Woo woo… Ghosts are so scary!


The people around couldn’t help but admire: “Senior Nanzhi as expected of you!”


Looking at the slender and graceful back of the young man, Gu Jingshuang squinted his eyes and smiled lightly.


Gee, coward.



Sunanzhi went upstairs and entered Gu Jingshuang’s room.


The room was clean and tidy. The mattress was taken by Gu Jingshuang, which was soft, fluffy, and clean.


“Won’t the camera catch me?” Su Nanzhi was still a little worried.


The system explained: “No. The content displayed in the live broadcast room will be selected and combined by itself and will not hinder the special NPC’s work.”


“That’s good, I’ve figured it out, Gu Jingshuang must be very easy to bully! I’m going to pretend to be a ghost to scare him!” Su Nanzhi told the system.


The system was ecstatic: “How is this host so good? He is not afraid of big bosses, and loves to challenge the players of the level of human gods! This is the noble soul that all NPCs should look up to!”


Sunanzhi didn’t know anything about this.


He chose Gu Jingshuang, mainly because of the other’s frail body, coupled with his silent personality, and he was not as sharp and scary as Wang Xingzhi.


As a good ghost who loves cleanliness, he bathed himself and sprayed a little light baby fragrance – the perfume is from the past, and he doesn’t know if it is expired.


After finishing everything, he got into Gu Jingshuang’s soft quilt.


Since he didn’t know when the other party was coming, Su Nanzhi was a little hot hiding in the bed. He lifted the quilt to reveal his blushing face. The surroundings were silent.


Above… there shouldn’t be any ghosts drawing him, right?


The more he thought about it, the more terrifying he became. He got into the quilt and pricked up his ears to listen to the sounds around him.


“Deng Deng Deng…”


Someone come upstairs.




Woohoo, the walls are making noises!



“Gu Jingshuang, I’m a little scared, can I go to your room and sit down?” Liu Moli’s voice was soft, with a pleading look on her delicate cheeks.


Seeing that the man was unmoved, she took out the family card: “You swore to my mother that you would protect me! If I die, how will you explain it to my mother? Your mother will be ashamed of you. Brother, I’m not trying to embarrass you, I’m thinking about you.”


“Oh.” Gu Jingshuang coughed lightly, “I got this disease, you go.”


How could Liu Moli not understand what he meant, so she could only leave with a sad face? As soon as Gu Jingshuang pushed the door in, she could smell the faint baby fragrance in the air, a little sweet.


It was obvious that a person had slipped into the quilt—strictly speaking, it might not be a person. He was shivering at this time. After hearing the sound of the door, he tried to calm down his body as much as possible.


Gu Jingshuang walked in slowly, a cloud of black mist condensed in his palm, and he maintained it.


“Ah-woo-woo!” Sunanzhi lifted the quilt and jumped up.







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