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THBANISLBS Chapter 1.2

Beauty in painting


[I slowly type out the word “Niubi”. 】

[Use the softest voice and put the harshest words. 】

[However, my generation has no morals, and a word lying through will go around the world. 】

[Hahaha, I want to apologize to my brother, I looked down on my brother! ! Brother awesome Klass! 】

[To tell the truth, am I the only one who doesn’t like their robbery behavior? 】

[It’s okay to look through things, but when I  saw that someone stole the things in the room…]

[If anyone treats my house like this, I’ll bite him to death! 】

Su Nanzhi was a little embarrassed when he said harsh words for a while.

Hey, I’m a ghost, how can I teach people to be human?

He scratched his fluffy hair, a little helpless.

However, Wang Xingzhi seemed to have heard some serious words and woodshed out loud, his black pupils locked tightly on the young man, and his shady expression was frightening.

Thinking about Wang Xingzhi’s horror live game for many years, no one has dared to speak to him like this, except when he was pointed at his nose when he was Mengxin. He was like a vicious snake in the game. Those who provoke him are either killed or injured. With those secret methods, players fear him and call him “brother”. He is not as good as Gu Jingshuang, but he is also the king of the world.

And this delicate, not afraid of death guy told him to teach him to be a man?

What a big joke!

“You teach me to be a man? It’s funny, I want to see how you teach me to be a man!”

He stared straight at Su Nanzhi, and there was a cluster of fire in his pupils.

The person in front of him does have good skin, the porcelain white skin has no flaws at all, the almond eyes are all kinds of styles, and the end of the eye is hooked. Along with the sparse eyelashes, it shows a frown and a smile.

Now, there is a thin layer of water in the pupils of that face.

Like being bullied alive and crying.

Su Nanzhi swallowed his saliva, although his cheeks were hot, his heart feel cold.

Just became an NPC, and in less than an hour, the identity was seen through.

He must be the most embarrassing NPC ever.

Su Nanzhi took a step back, tears gathered in Xing’s eyes, and asked in a hoarse tone, “Are you an old player?”

Is it not something that has changed in the ghost mirror?

With his unspeakable expression and undisguised sadness in his eyes, Wang Xingzhi was puzzled.

What does he mean?

Is he reminding something?

The people around took a deep breath, trying to figure out the meaning of this sentence.

What qualities do veteran players need?

It must be not afraid of danger. If you come to a new environment, the first thing is…

[Stupid – idiots! In a new environment, the first thing to do is to analyze the situation! 】

[Without knowing the rules, is it not easy to fall into the trap of ghosts by casually touching the interior decoration? 】

【Yes! How did I not think of it! Brother Wang is a veteran. Did you notice that when he entered the house, Although he don’t move through things but Brother Wang didn’t stop his teammates! ! 】

[Thinking deeply, why didn’t Brother Wang stop his teammates…]


What the players thought of outside the game naturally also thought of it.

The more you think about it, the more frightening it becomes, especially the connection between Su Nanzhi’s words before and after.

Doesn’t that mean something?

– Don’t move, you will die.

The rookie player suddenly felt nervous, his upper and lower teeth chattering.

“He’s right… The things in the haunted house, we just move around, what if the trap of ghost murder is triggered?”

“As expected of the first person here, he must be better than us!”

“Ah, but why didn’t Brother Wang stop us?”

“I have a bad idea…”

With the discussion of the people around, Su Nanzhi’s image gradually changed from a sickly and beautiful boy to an enthusiastic and alert little angel, and for this group of immature newcomers, he even sacrificed himself and Wang Xingzhi’s voice!

What a kind man!

How can there be such a kind and beautiful person?

Su Nanzhi still didn’t understand this change, and he didn’t know why the eyes of the people around him became respectful.

Wang Xingzhi’s face was ugly. In the questioning eyes of his teammates around him, he coughed lightly and explained, “I’m not so experienced, so I’m sorry. I thought it was just a simple copy, and I ignored this one, thanks to this senior’s guidance. Everyone be careful, don’t touch things randomly, even if you do, you must remember to return to your place!”

Wang Xingzhi is a man who can stretch and bend rules. When he was talking he look very thoughtful and sincere.

“Hey—you didn’t recognize me?” Su Nanzhi’s almond eyes widened in disbelief.

His heart cheered, and his identity was preserved.

Wang Xingzhi looked him up and down carefully and was more convinced that the other party must be someone’s trumpet, otherwise, why would he deliberately test? He had a lot of hatred on the road, and he didn’t remember for a while which force the other party was, so he simply acted with Su Nanzhi.

He said, “No.”

Su Nanzhi was relieved in his heart, and his face was full of happiness: “That’s good.”

Wang Xingzhi snorted coldly, it is a big guy!

[So the younger brother is not a younger brother, maybe it is your father? ! 】

[Why haven’t I seen this brother before? 】

[Will it is the trumpet on the leaderboard? 】

[Impossible, changing the skin can change the face that is so earth-shattering and crying ghosts and spirits, that my nose bleeds two feet down? 】

[Curiosity +1, I’m a fan! The milk group brother rushed forward! ! 】


It took a lot of time for the group to return everything to their place. The worst thing was that they didn’t pay attention to the order when they took it, and it was difficult to return it. Fortunately, Sunan Zhi has lived for more than ten years and is very clear about the decorations. If the players are unclear, he will guide them one by one.

After the placement was over, several players around looked at him with fiery eyes.

Su Nanzhi:?

“Wow, the beautiful senior is amazing! It’s just a few minutes early, and he memorized the order of the books! Does he never forget it!!”

“When I came here, I saw the unevenness of the world. Some people are not only good-looking, but the key is that their brains are good!! Woohoo, tears came out of the ass.”

“Damn, you’re not wrong!”

After another half hour, the last batch of new players arrived.

The new players just wanted to touch the things on the shelf, and they were immediately stopped by a group of people: “Don’t touch!!”


The new players were frightened and kneeled, and when they were still in shock, they couldn’t help but sigh, “Is this mission so terrifying??”

“Terror atmosphere +++15…”

The system looked at the rising atmosphere value and exclaimed, “You’re amazing my host, you are a genius!”

After all, players arrive, and the small world was temporarily closed.

The door of the entire ancient castle closed with a bang, and the room suddenly became dark. Only Su Nanzhi was holding a small lily lamp. The moment the light went down, the lamp shone on his face. Also a little scary.

A few timid girls were startled, and when they saw that it was Su Nanzhi, they laughed instantly: “Little senior, are you training us to be courageous?”

“Hahaha, the junior is still fully prepared!”

Su Nanzhi:?

Why can’t I understand what they are saying?

He just leaned over to see which one of the group was easier to bully.

After a brief acquaintance, he already had a candidate in mind.

His eyes passed through the crowd and fell on Gu Jingshuang, who was the prettiest and most silent person.

After his brief observation, Gu Jingshuang didn’t like to talk, had no friends, was very weak, coughed twice from time to time, and wore a casual white lining with a thin body, which made it easy to bully at first glance.

Aware of Su Nanzhi’s gaze, Gu Jingshuang turned his head and gave him a cold look.

When the eyes collided, Sunan Zhi Xing’s eyes curved into a beautiful arc, and he laughed.

The curvature of the almond eyes changed, and it happened to take the hook at the end of the eye to walk softly at night, with a variety of styles, like a little fox in the pre-adult years.

At this moment, the light of the lamp on Su Nanzhi’s hand “clicked” off, and the surroundings were instantly pitch black. 

The crowd was startled and moved. Su Nanzhi was squeezed around and bumped into Gu Jingshuang’s arms.

In an instant, the lights were restored, and the light from the table lamp illuminated Gu Jingshuang’s face.

Up close, the contours are clearer, and the lip color is whiter than when viewed from a distance.

Before he could react, the pain after being hit spread, and Su Nanzhi’s pupils were wet with water, and he whispered “pain”.

After Gu Jingshuang stabilized him, he snorted softly “Squeamish.”

Just as Su Nanzhi was about to defend himself, he suddenly heard a scream from the side—


Su Nanzhi looked at the center. On the wall of the fireplace, lines of words were written with wet blood.

[In the past, His Royal Highness lived in the castle, with gorgeous clothes, treasures, thousands of pets, and a beating curiosity. His father told him he can have everything, but never open the studio door. That day, when his father was not at home, His Royal Highness finally couldn’t help but open the door of the studio, but he didn’t expect that what was waiting for him was…]

Others were talking:

“Huh—what could it be?”

“Is this the clue? Does it have anything to do with the beauty in the painting?”

“I know, it must be the prince who couldn’t help but look at it, but his father was waiting for him inside and stabbed him to death!”

New players make random guesses, and no one at the big-big level has a rhythm.

Liu Moli’s fans couldn’t help but ask her: “Jasmine, what do you think?”

Jasmine looked at Gu Jingshuang affectionately, bit her lip, and asked him, “Gu… Gu Jingshuang, what do you think?”

Gu Jingshuang ignored her directly. Liu Moli was unwilling, smiled awkwardly, and tried to attract the attention of the other party with her guess: “Perhaps, the little prince found out that he was already dead.”

“Why is there no text?”

Wang Xingzhi said inscrutably: “Maybe we can see it after we unlock the next taskbar.”

Su Nanzhi sighed, and everyone looked over.

At the same time, because of this tone, there was another gloomy wind around.

“It’s so cold, woo woo, yin here is so heavy!” The newcomers were so frightened that they couldn’t stand up, but when they saw Su Nanzhi, who was weaker than them, standing calmly and so composed. It seemed like he had so much backbone. , “We have to learn from this junior!”

Wang Xingzhi was worried that he had no place to test the other party, and asked, “What do you think of the junior?”

Su Nanzhi helplessly looked at the ****ing words on the whole surface and was very distressed: “Obviously, the wall is too small, and the characters are too large to be written down.”

The problem is, how long will it take for him to wipe the blood on such a large wall?

How can you scribble in other people’s houses?


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