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THBANISLBS Chapter 1.1

Beauty in painting

The castle was very old and gloomy.

Roses and Ivy cover the entire exterior wall. On the upper corner of the studio, there was a delicate, pale boy sitting.

With snow-white skin. He was wearing a shirt that fit his almost transparent body which was slender and beautiful.

The supreme beauty weakens the horror of the teenager as a ghost and adds a little bit of elusiveness and love.

The boy’s hands are soft and relaxed. The tips of his fingers hang down slightly. His dazzling almond eyes were curved and his rosy lips moved slightly: “Is the painting done?”

The slumped calf swayed impatiently, and the exposed toes gradually turned white, as if they would disappear at any time.

He was so delicate and soft that he wouldn’t walk unless he had no other choice but to walk. He let the other person reach out to hug him to sleep.

The other party’s face was hidden in a black mist, and his faintly pale lips curved upwards. He hugged the boy and placed him on the cushioned bed.

At that time, a thunderstorm exploded, and the man pulled out a knife and stabbed the young man’s heart quickly and fiercely.

The boy’s abnormal pain sensation spread, and he couldn’t even utter a scream. Physiological tears overflowed from the corners of his eyes, and blood foam mixed with a squeaking voice: “It hurts. I am hurt…”

The man hugged him fiercely, his rough big hands brushed the corners of his eyes, the man was helpless, rubbing the boy’s soft hair with his palms: “It will not hurt, soon… it wouldn’t hurt, it wouldn’t hurt… Soon, you will belong only to me completely…”

“Di – Host has been detected. A wish is being generated based on your future, and the wish has been submitted.”

“Ding Dong, the special NPC system is successfully bound.”

“It hurts… it hurts!”

Su Nanzhi curled his eyelashes and trembled, and suddenly opened his eyes with a “swoosh”.

The light scattered from the window coffin made his eyes widen.

How long has it been since he died and how long has it been since he saw the sun?

The painful aftertaste in the dream gradually dissipated. Su Nanzhi looked at his body in disbelief, then cupped his face, his almond eyes sparkling in surprise, “I… I’m alive?”

“No, you are indeed dead. You have been dead for many years. Reincarnated children can play with soy sauce!” The voice rings in his mind. “Hello, host, I am a special NPC system. When you were half conscious. I found you and gave you a glimpse of the future through advanced technology.”

(Note – play with soy sauce meaning – “I’m just passing by, minding my own business” or “I have no comment or opinion”)

“Will I be stabbed to death again in the future?” Su Nanzhi touched his heart. Although it had stopped beating, the pain of being stabbed was quite real.

The system comforted: “Yes. But don’t worry, host. After you bind with me, you can create a terrifying atmosphere and scare players to gain points. With the accumulation of points, you will be immune to all damage, and you can also change your future.”

The system added: “Of course, the host can also obtain gold coins by selling system items, and purchase items with gold coins.”

“Then can I buy a body with gold coins?” Su Nanzhi counted how many gold coins a body needed.

The system said: “Yes! A temporary body has been generated for you now. After the points are enough, you can customize an exclusive body for you.”

Due to analgesia before his death, Su Nanzhi always wanted to be a normal person.

Thinking of this, he vowed to work hard.

The system said: “The higher the like index is in the live broadcast room, the more points the host will get in the end.”

“Okay” Sunanzhi sorted out the situation and went downstairs slowly.

This is the nth year after Su. Nanzhi’s death.

After being killed by his adoptive father, the soul which survived was in a state of unrest for a long time, and it was not until two days ago that he had a soul body from the state of chaos. Ghosts don’t dream, but yesterday he saw the future as a ghost.

In the dream, he was brutally murdered by “people”.

Su Nanzhi didn’t want to experience this kind of pain at all. He was born with abnormal pain sensation, and the slightest pain could make him roll all over the floor. In addition, he was pampered before his death, and he couldn’t stand a little bit of scolding.

Slowly descending from the upstairs, the door of the ancient castle opened with a creak, and a white mist came out.

At the same time, a clear voice entered his ears.

[Task: Find the beauty in the painting.】

[Time: Unlimited. 】

Su Nanzhi was startled and screamed.

[The countdown will start in three seconds. After the countdown, the castle will load automatically】

With the update of the task panel, a group of people appeared in front of the castle accompanied by the white fog.

This was a European-style castle, with dark green plants shrouded in brilliance and it was airtight, making people panic.

Before entering the castle, the quest panel was updated. 

[Task: Find the beauty in the painting]

【Time: Unlimited】

While discussing the content of the ancient castle, a group of people pushed open the old and grayed-out door, and suddenly they heard a scream, and they were shocked.



“Fuck, what is it? We meet a ghost as soon as we enter?”

“It’s not a ghost, it’s a player, see clearly!”

Accompanied by screams, a group of people suddenly appeared outside the door. They were startled by Su Nanzhi as soon as they arrived, and some of the little girls almost cried.

Seeing that it was a player, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“It turned out to be a player. Since it is a player, don’t be so scared!”

Several people complained. Carefully in the light, they saw the teenager on the main staircase.

The teenager was wearing an accordion-pleated shirt and black trousers. His skin was white and delicate, like a frightened small animal. He was pulling at the railing. His dark pupils were watery, but it was just one look that made the dozen or so players in the room stunned.

Outside the game, there are exclamation marks in the live broadcast room.

【Mom, Today I saw a stunningly handsome man!! 】

[Shit, Why didn’t I discover this live broadcast room before? Just for this player’s appearance, I have rushed here! 】

[Commenting back to upstairs brother, it seems that it was because there were not many people who viewed this channel before and this broadcast is not so popular. This time, God Gu Jingshuang was invited to revive the live broadcast room. 】

[It can be seen that in reviving the live-streaming game of Castle Wraith, a lot of money was spent, not only Gu on Jingshuang but also on people from the X organization. 】

[My husband Wang Xingzhi led the team in! For the sake of my husband, I can do it again, and lick Mr. Gu’s face along the way. 】

[The eternal **** of the king team! Bad and cute, NPC killer! Every time he kills an NPC it is so cool! 】

[Woooooo, I want the contact information of this small brother in white within three minutes! ! 】

“Ding Dong! Horror atmosphere value +5. Please do your best, host.” The system’s voice exploded in Su Nanzhi’s ear.

So easy?


 This type of work is pretty satisfactory.

Su Nanzhi cheered himself up secretly and stood up. He shrugged a little, shrank his neck, and looked at the group of people in front of him with his almond eyes, trying to pick out a soft person that would easily be frightened.

The castle’s interior decoration was exquisite and the temperature inside was extremely low due to the wind blowing.

The walls were covered with murals, and under the stairs was a book wall full of books. There were many furry dolls on the stands in the living room, which were brought back to Su Nanzhi by his adoptive father from all over the place many years ago.

As soon as players entered the house, they behaved like they were their own home, Digging through here and there.

Several players took a look at the dolls and books and threw them on the ground, and went to check the sofa and table…

Again and again, the whole living room was in chaos.

Wang Xingzhi said: “There are no clues. The game prompt told us to find the beauty in the painting, but I haven’t even seen a painting here even after  looking carefully.”

The thin man casually found some newspapers and lit them up and threw them into the fireplace: “It’s gloomy and cold here. The game time is not limited, which means that we may have to live here for a while. Who can cook here? What about the food?”

A girl raised her hand weakly and glanced at the silent man, her cheeks flushed: “I can cook, and I can take care of everyone’s diet. Gu Jingshuang, Gu Big Brother… What do you think?”

As the girl raised her voice, Su Nanzhi turned her attention to the silent and sick man.

The man’s name is Gu Jingshuang, he seems taciturn and handsome, with neat and icy facial features, deep outlines, and sunken eyes paired with thin lips with a smile, and his skin was a bit gray.

Gu Jingshuang coughed twice and didn’t even give the girl a look. She just swept over Su Nanzhi lightly, hurriedly brushed her shoulders with the eyes that Su Nanzhi was looking at, and fell out the window with a cold and arrogant look.

“Called my name?.”

Gu Jingshuang’s meaning was obvious, the girl’s face blushed twice, she held back two tears in her eyes, bit her lower lip, and said, “I didn’t mean to.”

“Don’t cry, Jasmine, Gu Jingshuang is such a person, don’t cry because of him.”

The girl was weak and beautiful, and there is no shortage of gentlemen for her.

【I Vomited. Do you want to hug Gu boss’s thigh? Go away. Our boss doesn’t need white lotus. 】

[Auntie, we won’t make an appointment, and we won’t see how many mosquitoes your nasolabial lines can kill! 】

[What a weak white lotus flower. Hehe, Big Brother Gu should have given her one word – get out! ! 】

【Learn Chinese with me, climb—】

Liu Moli’s eyes were red when she saw that she was crying, and Gu Jingshuang didn’t even have a look, she sighed secretly in her heart.

Several other players then rummaged through the boxes, and a good house now looks like a locust crossing the border. 

There were even a few players who used a special storage space to stuff a few antiques in while everyone was not paying attention.

How can you do this?

Su Nanzhi’s anger came from it. Seeing that the house was in a mess, she was angry and stopped her: “Can you stop touching things?”


Several people looked over, and the surprise in their eyes was covered up by scrutiny.

Su Nanzhi was exquisitely dressed and his face looked more slender. When he came downstairs, he held a small lamp, and a faint light shone on his face, making his white skin vivid and delicate.

Su Nanzhi said, “How can you take other people’s things indiscriminately?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, the person who stole the contents of the castle just now reacted instantly. Not only did he not feel ashamed, but he looked at Su Nanzhi with the expression of a fool.

“Are you mentally ill?”

“It’s none of your business? It’s not your family’s stuff! Can you control it?”

【Hey…these are Wang Xingzhi’s people, right? 】

[The king team is very protective of the calf… This one is afraid that the king team will mess with him. 】

[This beauty has a lot of courage.  In this world where the strong rule the weak he also has the guts to talk about morals. What a fart. 】

Sure enough, Wang Xingzhi stood up and said coldly to Su Nanzhi: “You are a new player and don’t understand the rules? In the game, unless you have ownership rights, no one has the right to control anyone!”

He took a step forward with a hint of sarcasm on his stern face, walked to Su Nanzhi and stretched out a finger, and pointed at the center of his eyebrows: “A newcomer should look like a newcomer.”

Su Nanzhi was so angry that he was beating like a drum. He didn’t care so much, this was his home, and no one could be presumptuous except him!

Su Nanzhi glared at Wang Xingzhi with almond eyes, bared her little teeth, and bit Wang Xingzhi’s finger in one bite.

“Ah!” Wang Xingzhi didn’t expect that the other party had sharp teeth and exclaimed, his handsome face distorted.

He shook off Su Nanzhi and his injured hand: “You want to fight against me?!”

[Oh no, This newborn is not afraid of tigers】

[The little rookie is about to die, it’s too bad. 】

[Brother rushes bravely, I have long disliked Wang Xingzhi’s behavior! 】

“I’m not afraid of you!” Su Nanzhi’s apricot eyes were full of sincerity. He picked up a doll in distress and put it back on the shelf.

[Laughing, misreading my brother. 】

[I thought it was a warrior, but it turned out to be a coward. 】

Su Nanzhi stroked the doll lightly, he took a breath, and said sternly, “I’m teaching you how to be human!”

As soon as the voice fell, the live broadcast room exploded.




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