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The Destiny of the Rainbow – Chapter 9

The reply of the letter came late at night. The King delivered it in person. This was the first since he imprisoned her here. She was far from relaxed. At the front of the door, Iris dipped her head and kept gulping down her dry saliva. The corset that was hugging her chest and waist was unusually suffocating. She was light-headed; she couldn’t even tell if she was breathing or not.

The heavy door slowly closed, only Rogen’s footsteps echoed inside the silent room. Step, step. She thought, ‘Wouldn’t it sound like hell approaching me?’ As the footsteps got closer, Iris’ body stiffened. If she had known Rogen was coming here by himself, she would have prepared thoroughly.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The glum voice that had been stuck in her mind reached her ears. It was ironic that the King remained the same while she got ruined like this. Then, she let out the tense and lifted her head. Rogen raised one eyebrow at the sight of Iris. She looked different from his first impression of Iris, delicate and weak. However, it didn’t last long as he was back to his usually grim face and looked down at Iris.

“So, you’ll banish the Princess into the woods.”

“You’ve clearly stated that I could take her matter into my own hands, however… I don’t have the authority to do that.”

“No can do.”

“…Banish her. You told me that I could do anything.”

Rogen’s eyebrows shoot up once again at the firm tone of Iris’ voice. Something unreadable and also fascinating emotion flickered across his drab face. Iris, horrified by the sight, instinctively took a few steps back. She could hear a trumpet sound announcing the beginning of the hunt. The shrill, ear-splitting, never ending noises. A dark smile formed on Rogen’s face. The smile was so well drawn that it was more dangerous and foreign.



“Why don’t you kill Cadere? That’s good for me and for Cadere.”

“I don’t like that idea.”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Instead, I’ll make sure she doesn’t come here.”

Iris opened her mouth to express her argument, but she quickly shut it again. She had no choice as Rogen’s big hand grasped her neck. She didn’t feel suffocating, but Rogen’s black eyes, which held a different kind of darkness from Cadere, seemed to tear her apart at any moment.

Her body froze while her eyes widened. As if time stopped in this place, as if only Rogen had the liberty, he moved with a smile and spoke in a low tone.

“Iris A Eckebrecht. You were such a fearless woman. I’m well aware I entrusted you with Cadere’s matter, however you shouldn’t request more than that. Live as if you’re dead, don’t go near my sight. Don’t ever write a letter to me again. Anais is the only woman who can write a letter to me.”

As Iris couldn’t answer, he clicked his tongue, didn’t like her behavior. He then squeezed her neck harder than before, the tighter it became, the harder she breathed. Her white face turned red, then to ghostly pale. Not until her lips turned blue did Rogen loosened his grip.

Iris slumped to the floor the moment Rogen’s hand retreated from her neck. She gasped for some air, but no matter how much she inhaled, she couldn’t breathe properly. She still felt her airway was choked. Her mind, which was in daze, filled with fear. Just a while ago she had witnessed death. She saw darkness devoured every source of light, muffled out the crackle sound from the burning woods, then loomed onto her legs.

“I don’t want to hurt your face. I couldn’t imagine how sad Cadere would be.”


“Well then, have a good night.”

Afterwards she heard the sound of footsteps briefly, with a rattling bell the door opened, and lastly a serious voice coming from a knight before her door closed.

Iris raised her hand, which had been trembling for quite some time, and swept across her neck. She bit her lower lip. ‘How come there is no normal person in this place?’ She suppressed her frustration and lowered her head. That moment, her fancy stomacher caught her attention. The stomacher was embroidered with special jewels and gold threads, it was too magnificent and dazzling, unlike her. She wasn’t quite fond of it, so she grabbed the jewels and plucked it out.

The thrown little jewels bounced and stopped with a small thud. Nevertheless, jewel was jewel, its brilliance couldn’t be erased easily. Rather, the jewel that fell alone looked more majestic. Her tears began to pour down. Sobs was the only sound she could muster from her lips, but no one listened to her woe.

Her door burst open again, now with the head maid and other maids came in and forced Iris to stand up. They didn’t care a dime whether Iris was going crazy or weeping like she was going to die, they simply abided by the orders from above to suit their duty. At the hands of those people, Iris was dragged like baggage or a donkey.

Under the direction of the head maid, the other maids undressed and washed Iris. Her tears from humiliation and bitterness couldn’t stop. She just wanted to be alone. She was tired, being forcibly stripped, washed, and wiped by someone else. Iris forced herself to stifle her tears and commanded them to stop in a choked voice.

“Stop. I’ll do it myself so get out of here.”

But no one listened.

Iris was a light sleeper. That’s why, when she heard a large glass door open from the side of the garden, the sound of the glass shaking a bit, the sound of cold wind blew in, and the sound of a bird on the terrace flapping its wings, Iris woke up from her sleep.

Her eyelids opened as her blue eyes met with the light. Iris rubbed her eyes and raised her upper body up. She wondered who it was as no one showed up unless she rang the bell. Iris who was still drowsy suddenly froze at the clear, innocent voice.

“Did you have a good dream, mother?”

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